Friday, June 29, 2012

Canary Islands: El Hierro island rises five centimeters in four days

Mar de Las Calmas, Canarias Islands

CANARIAS ISLANDS. The magma pressure detected in the Canary island of El Hierro has caused in the past four days on the island deformation of four to five inches vertically and horizontally three to four, as reported Thursday (28/06/2012) by the General Directorate of Security Canary Islands Government.

The energy released has reached 420,000 million joules, a fact which, together with the ground deformation, evidences the magmatic process acceleration on the Canary Island.

The General Directorate of Security (Dirección General de Seguridad del Gobierno de Canarias), which coordinates the Civil Protection Plan of Islands Volcanic Risk) (Plan de Protección Civil ante Riesgo Volcánico de Canarias), said that since the beginning, when was detected the magmatic activity, last Sunday, have occurred in El Hierro over 750 earthquakes.

The largest earthquake, with magnitude of 4.0 on the Richter scale, occurred at 18:55 hours Wednesday in Mar de las Calmas, 2 km from the coast and 20 km deep.

The seismic activity began in the sea of the Gulf (north of El Hierro) and then was propagated to the center of the island, coinciding with the point of intersection of the grooves and then - migrated to the west. At the noon of June 25, the seismicity was concentrated in an area that includes the west and the dorsal side of the El Julan, and at noon, on June 27 the focus of the earthquake begins to migrate towards to the Mar de las Calmas.

According to the esoteric geology, the Canary Islands are one of the few portions of land that remained above the sea level after the major part of the territory, that housed the mythical civilization of the Atlanteans disappearing completely, submerging in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

SOURCE: La isla de El Hierro se ha elevado cinco centímetros en sólo cuatro días.
El Mundo/Spain, published in 28/06/2012.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Unknown Small Humanoid Found in Mexico

MEXICO. In a farm near the of town of Camargo (Santa Rosalia de Camargo), in the Maizales street of the colony Infonavit Cuatro Milpas, a couple of garbage collectors recilável found the mummified body of a strange being. Small, approximately 10 cm of long - the creature has an elongated head, arms, legs - apparently suitable for to move in water and a kind of appendage that appears to be a tail .

The mummy was more or less exposed, among the trash. The president of the group ESRA UFO research, Miguel de la Torre said that his group has the register of finding of three similar creatures. Despite the bizarre appearance, the specimen has a structure clearly humanoid.

Now, the strange Being was packed and and put in an adequate place to avoid their deterioration until it can be submitted to laboratory analysis. Meanwhile, after that the news was published, there are rumors among the local population that the bizarre creature can be an offspring or, perhaps, a Chupacabras fetus (goat sucker). 

SOURCE: GONZALES, Luis Fernando. Encuentran raro espécimen momificado en Camargo.
OJINAGA HOY, published em 26/06/2012.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Portuguese Ufologists Denounce Millions of Abductions at the World

Zambujeiro - Portugal. 15/12/2011. Photo: Associação de Pesquisa OVNI.

PORTUGAL. The UFO Research Association (APO - Associação de Pesquisa OVNI) estimates that about 105 million people already have been brought from Earth by extraterrestrials. There is an increasing of abductions, explained the president, Luis Aparicio, the

According to the expert on UFOs, moreover the abductions, there are inverse cases, when babies, are generated in the spacecrafts laboratories in genetical experiences realized in earthly women. These babies are reproduced in the millions, a mix between humans and aliens, hybrids with magical powers (super human powers). "here are millions of pregnant women on earth without explanation,"he noted.

The president of the association ensures that ..The greater evidential of the veracity of the abductions in Portugal is the very intense traffic of UFOs - that has been registered. We have found many evidences. At a place called Fountain of Tile, for example, there are, along many years, records of an intense activity of the UFO phenomenon, as sightings - said Luis Aparicio.

He added: When people return abductees, ...say come to earth with a mission... and even Jesus Christ and other preachers may have been aliens who came to announce something supernatural

Fatima apparition, 1917

 About the miracle of Fatima in 1917, the APO explains the event as a extraterrestrial action. They call it a "Marian apparition" a vision of Mary. What happened at Fatima was was an alien interference... with the goal of to influence the public opinion about what was happening in the Soviet Union, where the practice of the catholic religion had been banned.

Many among the ufologists believe - even being a thinking of the human perception of the noetic reality - the religion, specially the christian religion - has been used by aliens as an instrument to control the Humanity.

He added: When the abductees return, They begin to say that they are at the Earth with a mission and even Jesus Christ and other preacher may have been aliens who came to announce something supernatural. About the miracle of Fatima in 1917, the Association has its own explanation that are share with other researchers of the world. 

Religious persons, they really believe that this episode was a "Marian apparition", a vision of Mary. But: What happened at Fatima was the utilization of resource of aliens to influence the public opinion... specially about the russian politic situation of the epoch. The message of Fatima had a strong emphasis in the fact of the catholic religion to have had their public practice prohibited in that country - or better - in the Federation, in the Soviet Union. And the church appropriated of the event.

The president of the Association portuguese of ufology emphasizes - yet - the increase, recent, of cases of cattle mutilation. He comments: They are abducting the animals too and extracting their organs; then they throw the bodies back on Earth.


This image was obtained in a video posted on Youtube on 03/10/2011. The legend speculates: Is it a miracle? Is it the second coming of Jesus? Or something else? Bluebeam? HAARP? FAKE? Hoax? []

About this subject, extraterrestrials and religious manipulation, since 1994, conspiracy theorists have been warning about a strange project: the Blue Beam Project, whose purpose is to establish a new world order. The project includes the extermination of what is considered a useless surplus of the world population on the planet through different artifices: epidemics, manipulation of the ecosystem, wars, for example.

Among the actions planned in this project there is - supposedly - a religious in nature:  providence the long-awaited return of Jesus by technological means. This miracle would be accomplished by projecting holographic image of the Messiah, in the sky - the emission of his voice, announcing the Last Judgment and the inevitable mass mortality of human beings. An extermination that everyone should accept as the fulfillment of God's will.

There are many texts in the Internet that talk about this project with details. In one of them is written:

Project Blue Beam is a program prepared to project religious images in the sky in a hologramatic presentation... With new super-computer technologies, it will be possible for super-computers and satellites, the interaction with your brain (with your believes,your faith) - from space and using a voice that all will think that is the voice "God"...  while will be seeing "Jesus" in the sky! 

Another text, with many detail is this: More on Project Blue Beam: Jesus is Coming-Kill the Enemies of God. MONAST, Serge.
[]. IN Project Blue Beam. 

This author, Serge Monast (1945-1996) published his text in 1994. He was a journalist. According to the Conspiracy theories, Monast was murdered because of their denounces. In the introduction to the text, is said, too: Prior to his death, the Canadian government has abducted Serge's daughter in an attempt to dissuade him from pursuing his research into Project Blue Beam.

SOURCE: PEREIRA, Catarina. Há «cada vez mais» pessoas a serem levadas por extraterrestres.
TVI-24, Portugal, published in 24/06/2012.
Complementary text: LygiaCabus

Sunday, June 24, 2012

UFO at Turkey

TURKEY. In the city of Konya, one of the seven most populous of Turkey, photographs of a UFO hovering over Mount Cybele (or Kibele), were sent by the editor of a local newspaper to the SIRIUS Research Centre for Space Science, an instute of research of the country. 

The director of the Center, Haktan Akdogan said that the images will be submited to analysis to verify whether they are authentic, without tricks of photomontage of any kind. The images were obtained by a team of scientists who were working on site.

Konya'da çekilen fotoğraf üzerine inceleme yapılacak.
HABER TURK, published in 24/06/2012.
İşte Gerçek UFO Fotoğrafı.
HARBELER, published in 24/06/2012.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nibiru & The End of the World in Spiritist Doctrine: Separating the Tares from the Wheat

by Lygia Cabus []

NIBIRU/BRAZILIAN SPIRITISM. The end of the world ─ end of this civilization ─ according to the spiritist doctrine, has as central ideia on the occurence of ​​a global catastrophe that will be caused by the arising of an apocalyptic planet. An giant orb, much larger than Earth.

The difference amid the spiritualist thinking and others, which are based on data astrophysicists, is that the fatality is attributed to a divine plan, a karmic determination. A classic work of Spiritist literature: Os Exilados da Capela (Brazil. Edgard Armond, 1894-1982. The Exiles of Chapel, 1949 - being that "Chapel" is the name of another planet), describes the situation:

Periodically, the humanity reaches a moment, a situation in which, a purification process is necessary. These periods are always preceded by a planetary purge... We are now [since 1950], living a period like this, again, and the higher spiritual planes, the divine court already was stablished. Their work is to promote the separation of the well from the evil, among the compatible and incompatible because is arrived the hour in which new conditions of life shall reign on the Earth in a future that is too near.

The purge already began and it will be consummated with the interference of this planet that is 3,200 times larger than Earth [including in this dimension its ethereal aura]. Now, this purgatory planet is very close. It is approaching - quickly - and their influence is already being experienced by the earthlings.

Because its orbit is oblique in relation to the axis of the Earth, when it arrives even more closer, by its magnetic force, its capacity of attraction of the masses, will promote the verticalization of the Earthly axis with all the terrible consequences that this phenomenon can to produce. 

This purgatory planet will suck from the Earth's aura... all the souls that have affinities of character with it, all that are in the same low level of vibration

Nobody in this conditions will resist to the tremendous force of its magnetic vitality; be from the earthly crust, be from the Darkness sublunar zone, the called Umbral (or as in the Bible, The Death Valley, where remain the disembodied spirits tormented by their sins) - none of these spirits will find salvation, none of them will escape from the tremendous attraction and they will be captured by this planet of the karmic fatality.

With the verticalization of the Earth axis, deep changes will occur - geological, climatic, environmental.Tsunamis, earthquakes, sinking of lands; the arising of other lands that today are submerged, volcanic eruptions, floods and thawing of glaciers. Fire and ashes, terror and death will be at everywhere. 

The Humanity - nowadays smashed with the ills of overpopulation, will tend to decrease with the revolutions of the nature. Many will die. At the final moment of the purge, only a third of mankind will be still incarnate. Only a third of living persons. Billions of souls, beings distressed, frightened, they will suffer the deadly action of the cosmic giant.

Thus, according the spiritists, the great disaster will be - therefore - the consequence of the iniquities practiced by humanity. The purgatory planet, will be a kind of agent of cleansing of the earthly aura. 

In its passage, causing the death or disincarnation of two thirds of the world population, this planet will be removing from the earth all the spirits who not evolved enough to continue to inhabit the earth which, in this historical moment, is in a transition stage.

This globe, which so far has been a Valley of Tears, a planet of atonement, redemption of heavy karmas, is poised to become a planet of regeneration, one step that precedes the final stage, in future, when the Earth, finally - will be a place of happiness.

ABOUT THE BOOK: ARMOND, Edgard. Os exilados da Capela: síntese da evolução espiritual do mundo. São Paulo: Editora Aliança, 2006 - 3ª Ed. [First edition:1949].

The Scientific name of Nibiru

NIBIRU. The apocalyptical headlines, both on natural disasters as about unimaginable atrocities - being perpetrated by people worldwide have has made rise the collective idea of the imminence of an end of the World. Many are speculating about what might be the determining cause of final disaster. On the Internet, multiply speculations: of religious arguments even astrophysicists.

The activities of the earthly crust and the earthquakes that are happening and, that already are been considered as an "anomalous wave" by many scholars, have provoked a frenetic search to discover the origin of this facts. Amid the causes that are been cogitated - one of the most suspicious agents, is the popular and now-famous Planet X or Nibiru which has even a scientific name defined: he is the celestial body 2003-UB-313.

In east-central Turkey, an earthquake that reached 6 degrees on Richter, propagated itself - hitting the southern of Greece. In Italy, the region of Emilia Roamagna, the earth still not stopped shaking. Amid all this, dead, injured, pain, homelessness.

The scientists, especially geologists and astrophysicists are on alert. Equipment are scrutinizing the underground and the cosmic space. Eyes fixed on Earth and sky.

In 1983, The Infrared Astronomical Satellite (Infrared Astronomical Satellite - IRAS), a joint project of the Space Agency, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration / USA) - NVIR (Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programmes or, in Dutch, Nederlands Instituut voor en Vliegtuigontwikkeling Ruimtevaart ) and SERC (Science and Engineering Research Council / UK) - during a mission that lasted ten months, discovered traces of infrared rays with origins at different points of the universe. 

None of them had the astrophysical conditions that would be necessary - (frequency, speed, distance, intensity) to define their procedence as being from Planet X or any other orb outside this solar system.

However, today - none scientist, denies - completly the possibility that ...there may be something out there... Some, are hazarding make few uncertain predictions: as to say that this something can not be bigger than the Moon or Pluto. But that must to be too far, no less than 6.4 billion miles from Earth. 

The astronomer / astrophysicist Gerald Neugebauer (Germany, 1932), of IRAS - says that there is no information about the constitution, size or trajectory of this something. Nobody actually knows what it is.

It is curious - and funny - the language of the scientists in their attempts cautious to not to compromise themselves. They say - if something like Nibiru is approaching, this can affect the Earth. Hell! As could to say the good and old Isaac (Newton): Matter attracts matter in the direct proportion to the masses and in the inverse proportion of the square of the distances

(Or would be better: Something attracts something in the direct proportion to the masses and in the inverse proportion of the square of the distances. This - already is obvious and a well known nature law! Will be that the scientists think that everyone fled of the school?

SOURCE: Terremoti - Pianeta X: scienza o fantascienza?
OGGI NOTIZIE/Italy, published in 20/06/2012.

Ghost - Woman in White Photographed in Brazilian Road

RONDONIA state. In the brazilian road BR 364, in the dawn of Tuesday (6/19/2012), between the cities of Porto Velho (state capital) and Jacy Parana - a group of young people photographed the ghostly specter of a woman wearing what looks like a wedding dress - white.

The ghost, that has no head, was sliding in the darkness, crossing the lane of the highway. Two photos of the apparition were posted of the social network Facebook on Tuesday morning.

SOURCE: BAZIK, Fabio. Fotos com suposto fantasma na BR 364 bomba no Facebook.
RONDONIA AO VIVO, published in 19/06/2012.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Right Information: About the cloud-mushroom and the yellow fog of China

CHINA. This blog published this morning: In the last weekend (june, 16 to 17 - 2012), a strong ray storm, appeared on the Beijing sky (The mushroom cloud over Beijing). Then, a giant cloud began to take form. 

A strange shape, similar to a fungus, of mushroom type, like what that is produced after a nuclear explosion. The panic spread among many of the people that were afraid the phenomenon could be the begin of something of worst but, how ever, officials said it was a natural phenomenon and did not pose any risk to the population. BUT...

This informaton is not correct. Later, the midia of the world informed with more precision what really is this cloud, when appeared, where and the circumstances.

What happened is documented. The cloud appeared in the sky but not in Beijing. This cloud is part of the phenomenon of the strange yellow fog that involved the city of Wuhan and seven other nearby cities, all located in Hubei province - in June, 11 (2012) scaring the population. 

The news of the yellow fog was published this Blog: The Yellow Fog of China. Therefore, the record of the cloud with a shape of a mushroom is an additional information on that subject.

And even - must be said that, if the region's population stood really worried, because - if the yellow fog raised fears of a serious outbreak of chemical pollution, the vision of the cloud was more terrifying, because he did persons think in a possibility of a nuclear explosion in the territory Chinese. Now, there is a video in our RUMBLE CHANEL.

And about the cause of the phenomenon, the fact is that this cause is still unknown by the government of China and all that is known - even now - are mere speculations.

And... NOT. This Blog is a serious channel of serious news. Here, the publisher do not hesitates to correct, to correct itself or complete information. We aren't here to write foolishness. And to think that a journalist, at Brazil does not need a college degree to work in impressed or electronic newspapers!

Nuvola a forma di fungo in Cina: esplosione chimica? [FOTO e VIDEO].
ECCO/Italy, published in 19/06/2012.

The Return of Nibiru

Nibiru visible - above the rising Sun


Horizons of the End of World

NIBIRU. Among the Russians, even scientists, many no longer deny the existence and approximation of Planeta X or Nibiru. And this approximation can be catastrophic. Worst, will be, in astrophysical terms - a catastrophic thing.

Nibiru in a Russian TV news. And this video was posted on Youtube in 06/09/2011. The Nibiru hypothesis may not be as absurd how many we may to desire.

Those who claim this fact allege that: there is a new orb in the sky, a red stain that, if previously - it only could be observed by astronomers and astrophysicists but, after May 1012, began to be notable to the naked eye.

This spot would be the mysterious Nibiru planet. The possibility of existence of this planet was only recognized by space agencies like NASA in 1982.

However, the Sumerian writings - traced in cuneiform, have postulated, for over 5000 years, this cosmic reality, which - that ancient civilization called "winged disk" and warns: its emergence in the sky is a sign of imminent catastrophic events.

The asteroid impacts on Earth have become a common thing, irrelevant. Humanity now is subject to a phenomenon much more serious. Nibiru will go pass so close that its strong gravitational influence, will cause significant environmental convulsions.

This maxim approximation is expected to take place in late 2012. The Earth's rotation will be affected, the magnetic poles - they will change - causing a new Ice Age as well as floods and the destruction of at least two thirds of all living beings on the surface of the globe.

For many theorists Hypothesis Reptilian, Nibiru is the planet of the gods of antiquity. Reptiles, whose presence in Mesopotamia the Sumerians was recorded. These beings that were described as having reptilian features will come from the sky.

For many theorists Hypothesis Reptilian, Nibiru is the planet of the gods of antiquity. Reptiles, whose presence in Mesopotamia the Sumerians was recorded. These beings that were described as having reptilian features, according the sumerians, will come from the sky, because they are cosmic travelers.

When their planet, Nibiru - arrives near the Earth, to each 3,600 years, they take the opportunity to visit this planet - because they have been here many times before, with the goal to exploited natural resources. 

Here, they created an hybrid race, through genetic experiments in which, using primate mammals gave origin to workers slaves, the human race. By this fact, they were called Gods by the ancient nations. This ideias are, for example, of reseachers as Zecharia Sitchin, that exposed this theory in numerous books.

The presence of Nibiru in the sky would be the realization of an ancient prophecy: the arising of the Second Sun, red. Coincidence or not, this event is mentioned in the Mayan calendar.

The academic denials on this Mayan "end of the world" have a logical sense. The world will not end, nor humanity will be completely wiped out. More specifically, what the Mayans knew and foresaw was the advent of the end of a cycle, the end of a certain Time, the end of this Age - only, and the beginning of a New Time, marked by the return of the "Gods".

The negative of scientists and government authorities have a motivation. Nothing can be done to stop the march of a planet. The confirmation of an event like this can only result in hysteria, panic and actions desperate that are absolutely useless. There is no escape or shelter able to save over 6 billion people. Few will survive, either in spacecrafts or as ancient people can have made: taking shelter in the undergrounds, some of them because nor all places, caves and undergrounds of the world are, really, insurance.

And - please, do not stay in panic nor leave your life to back, running, making stocks and looking for a cave or a bunker. It will not help in nothing. It will only perturb your soul. Think, everyone dies ... a day. The question is not if but when and how. Let's meditate...


Horizons of the End of World

SOURCE: Nibiru 2012: El Planeta X se acerca a la Tierra y ya es visible a simple vista.
EL INTRANSIGENTE/Argentina, publisged in 18/06/2012.

The mushroom cloud over Beijing

CHINA. In the last weekend (june, 16  to 17 - 2012), a strong ray storm, appeared on the Beijing sky. Then, a giant cloud began to take form. A strange shape, similar to a fungus, of mushroom type, like what that is produced after a nuclear explosion. 

The panic spread among many of the people that were afraid the phenomenon could be the begin of something of worst but, how ever, officials said it was a natural phenomenon and did not pose any risk to the population.

SOURCE: Una nube gigante con forma de hongo cubre Pekín.
ANTENA-3/Spain, published in 18/06/2012.

Monday, June 18, 2012

BRAZIL. Archaeologists Find Human Occupation Dated in More of 7.000 years

BRAZIL. Mato Grosso do Sul state. In the micro-region of Três Lagoas and neighborhoods of the Parana River, archaeologists from the Museu da Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul (Museum of Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul), Emilia Mariki Kashimoto and Gilson Rodolfo Martinez, found evident traces of human occupation dated in more of 7.000 years.

Três Lagoas city, located in the micro-region of Três Lagoas

In the study Arqueologia e Paleoambiente do Rio Paraná (Archaeology and palaeoenvironment of the Parana River, 2009) - researchers found objects that confirm the human presence and an established culture at the region there are 11,000 years. 

Possibly, in the archaeological period called Pleistocene - or the Ice Age - prehistoric communities inhabiting the region subsisted of fishing and gathering of forest resources.

Only in Três Lagoas, there are 70 archaeological sites where scientists work since 1993. But, not only the Paleolithic tools were unburied, were found more recent artifacts too, like ceramics which were dated at 1.200 years.

FONTE: Sítios arqueológicos revelam que passado humano do Estado ultrapassa 11 mil anos.
CORREIO DO ESTADO, published in 25/05/2012.

🧬 Mohenjo-Daro - The Millennial Indian Knowledge About DNA

Harappan inscriptions

INDIA. One scholar, specialist in the Vedas, established in the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Central India, Chandra Prakash Trivedi, author of several books and considered one of the most competent authorities in Jyotish, the Hindu system of astrology and one of the six disciplines of Vedanta, claims that DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid, which contains the code for all physical and psychiatric configurations of an individual) is not a discovery of contemporary Westerners. 

Rather, it is an ancient knowledge, whose records can be found in the ruins of the mysterious civilization of Mohenjo-Daro - located in the Indus Valley.

Trivedi is touting the release of his newest book: Indus. Vedic Genetics Indus Valley - Vedic Civilization

He comments: I am proud to say that the DNA was first discovered in India, more than 18,000 years ago and their representations are engraved on seals that were found in excavations in the Indus Valley.

Nowadays, the DNA is considered a discovery of the Swiss medical and scientist, Friedrich Miescher, who revealed their double helix structure 1953.

Trivedi contests the modernity of this discovery and says that not only the DNA structure, but also the processes of cell division (meiosis and mitosis) - are illustrated clearly on seals and tablets of rock, in Mohenjo-Daro.
Chandra Prakash Trivedi is one of major world authorities in Jyotish, the Hindu system of astrology. His background includes generations of outstanding scholars in Sanskrit, Ayurveda and astrologers.

Since childhood he lives surrounded by cosmological Vedic mythology. David Frawley, chairman of North-American Vedic Astrology Concil wrote about him: He is the youngest and the most insightful astrologer from India

Prakash Trivedi has studied at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi. After graduation he went to Arizona where lived among the indigenous of Hopi nation.

Are titles of books he has written: 
The Key of Life (Astrology of the Lunar Nodes)
Sun - The Cosmic Powerhouse, 
The 27 Celestial Portals (The Real Secret Behind the 12 Star - Signs Revealed)
PT's Notes. To know more, visit the researcher website: the OSFA - Orion School & Foundation of Astrology - [].

The Indian researcher explains: The DNA and was named Tvashta or Vivasvat. Its pictorial representation at the Indus Valley is undeniable

There, says Trivedi, a small set of rock seals represents the evolution of the cosmic creation and the man's evolution, in symbols That follow a chronological order.

The representations - that show the structure of DNA in details and the process of crossing of the genes, were made millennia before of modern science obtain the same discoveries.

The Indus Valley Advanced Biotechnology New Hypothesis explores a new dimension to understanding people and the brain. Life in all its forms is one, but they all have different genetic identity in the DNA. Genetic fingerprints can determined identity even after death, in their ashes. In fact, scientists know very little about the mysteries of DNA.

Genetic technology can also be dangerous, having destroyed many advanced civilizations on Earth before. Advanced Indus Valley Biotechnology has apparently made this mistake. DNA is just an instrument which control is beyond the control of scientists.

Pre-Vedic India knew about DNA: Indore scholar.
DAILY BHASKAR, published in 17/06/2012.
Advanced Biotechnology of Indus Valley New Hypothesis.
Chandra Prakash Trivedi and S.P.S. Chauhan and Aseem Trivedi, 2013.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

🐊 Evolution: Because Reptilians Can Be the Natural Origin of Man


Statue - A supposed deity of Ancient Mesopotamia, Sumerian culture. However, for many scholars, it is the representation of a humanoid and extraterrestrial being, an Anunnaki.

Dinosaurs may have evolved, may have become intelligent and even, have migrated from Earth to cosmic space where they can colonized other planets. This is the theory that the scientist Ronald Breslow of Columbia University who, in his study presents evidence of the probable origin of homoquiridade into amino acids.

The central hypothesis postulated in this study is that some molecules, including DNA molecules mirror themselves, among themselves, a phenomenon known as chirality.

On the other hand, some researchers suggest that amino acids, essential for the emergence of life as is known, came to Earth aboard a meteor, there are 4 million years. Breslow considering that this hypothesis like a truly possibility - the Panespermia like is called this hypothesis - it is likely that life on otherplanets be based on these same units of essential amino acids.

Beslow, then, conceive the logical idea that amino acids are the source of life and, by extension, to the arising of the Dinosaurs.

He says: Mammals, like us, prevailed on this planet because the dinosaurs were, supposed, have been exterminated completly by a natural cataclism. But in an Earth-like planet, this event may not have occurred (even here, is not proved that this event was, in fact, the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs earthlings). If they were not annihilated, on Earth or in any other world, the dinosaurs would have evolved and today, they could be the dominant species in this or any other planet.

If this had happened on Earth, the survival of dinosaurs, mammals could nor exist, or had never evolve. Probably, we would be easy prey of the sauros Lords of Earth, and they would have by mankind  the same consideration that humans have in relation to a herd of cattle.

The idea of ​​this scientist is one more argument for the conspiracy theories that argue for the existence of a hidden elite, of reptilian beings who, even today, controls the fate of Earth, specially, the destiny of Humanity.


Since the Archons, the belief of the Gnostics, the Predators, announced the esoteric of Carlos Castañeda (The Devil's Herb and other books) to the Anunnaki, revealed by Zecharia Sitchin - the shadow of reptilians has been present in the collective unconscious of human civilizations of mammals.

The researchers of the "Reptilian Conspiracy" already have a profile traced of this cursed race. Beings are, of course - intelligent and belong to a world almost supernatural. Very advanced technologically, belong to a family of bipeds Reptilian, as the troodonts (Troodon formosus) and laelonosauros (Leaellynasaura) and its shape is anthropomorphic or humanoid. Also called cryptids and also dinossauroids.


Troodon and its possible evolution: reptilians

Their presence on earth is lost in the darkness of ages. Would be more ancient, as a species, of that any record prehistoric can show and unlike contemporary scientists think, are survivors of the event, which - be there what it could be, presumably, wiped out the dinosaurs. But, eventually - those primitive reptiles, not were completly exterminated.

For many scholars, this event was the fall of a huge meteor in the region of the Yucatan Peninsula. The fall - in itself was not the cause of the annihilation of an entire fauna and flora, but the drastic climate changes, that reached the whole planet - this change, triggered by the disaster, would have been fatal to the life forms of the time. 

According with one version of the reptilian theory, these environmental difficulties would not have been able to exterminate all the individuals of the species of dinosaurs. (What it is an idea very possible).

Those who survived, adapted. Were collected, sought protection in caves, underground of the planet and there continued his march of evolution, physical and mental. It is absurd to suppose that the struggle against adversity has somehow stimulated the development of intelligence of those beings, as with humans.

Those who survived, adapted themselves to the adverse conditions. They can have found protection in caves, at the undergrounds of the planet and - there, they continued their evolutive march, physical and mental. It is logical to suppose that the struggle against adversity has somehow stimulated the development of intelligence of those beings. 

This happened with humans, that faced more of one glacial age - and they survived having developed devices, tools, techniques each time more advanced that made the life over the Earth, much better and more easy.

Nagas, India.

In the ambit of mythology, the reptilians are serpent-gods. Snakes are present in the legends of all peoples of the world. In general, this recurrence is interpreted as a symbology: snakes represent wisdom.

Even in the Judeo-Christian Bible, when the serpent is accused of causing the fall of man, it induced Eve to eat a particular fruit: the fruit of Knowledge of good and evil, a fruit which gives wisdom.

In the biblical account, the serpent is described as an animal that, before being "owned" by the fallen angel, (for some, Azazel, for others, Lucifer), was endowed with the locomotor and manipulative members: legs, arms and hands.

Craw on the own belly was the God's punishment, aplied to the serpent by the corruption of Eve. The devil himself has, in some representations, features of reptilians: forked tongue, body covered with scales, tail, fangs and sharp claws.

In India, these rational serpents, are called Nagas or Sarpas, who also live undergrounds and are associated with wisdom. The nagas interact with humans. In the Middle East, the reptilians are regarded as demons, or a race of djins (genies).

In ancient Greece, Cecrops (image above - in Greek, Κέκροψ - means "face with tail"), for some, were an autochthonous, native of Attica, or be - son of Gaia - Mother Earth. Gaius Julius Hyginus (Spanish, 64 BC-17 AD), writer at Ancient Rome - said that he, Cecropes, was the son of Vulcan; Jerome Stridon (347-420 AD) or, for the Catholic christians, St. Jerome, said he was an egyptian who ruled Athens between 1558 and 1508 BC.

This legendary personage, who would have been the first king of the greek city-state was described as being half man, half snake.

In the Age of the Titans, which preceded the advent of Men, the Klyteios giants had snake tails instead of legs. As in other traditions, to this demigod, Cecrope, is attributed to the introduction of the principles of civilization: the abolition of bloody sacrifices, monogamy, and the invention of writing custom of burying the dead.

In China, Japan and Korea, the tradition speaks of ancient times in which the world was ruled by dragons-kings, who inhabited underwater kingdoms and gave origin to a human terrestrial lineage. These beings had a metamorphic ability to change its form draconian to a human appearance.

Among the Toltecs and Mayans, the Gucumatz god is called serpent of wisdom, who gave the Knowledge to Humanity. For the Aztecs, Quetzalcoatl, the master of science, is called by other pre-Columbian cultures of Kukulkan. In Colombia, Bachue, the first woman, a goddess who was turned into snake, is the Celestial Serpent.

The Hopi Indians (USA, Arizona) believe there is a reptilian race in the world, the brothers-snake, who live at the underground. This belief, keeping local differences, is also shared by other north Americans natives, like the Cherokee.

It is curious that, being the snake the central persona in these myths, the race of the hidden masters of the world is called the reptilian and not, more appropriately - Ophidian ...


Recently (April 2012), at Sri Lanka, a chicken was by viviparous mode, or be, gave birth to a chicken without an egg. The report said: The chick was born healthy and fully formed. The chicken died. But a fact like this shows that the nature of this planet is exceptionally versatile and creative.

Amid all these speculations, it is somewhat surprising that nobody among conspiracy theorists, evolutionary biologists and scholars of mythology, none researcher- never, has cogitated that some reptiles, survivors of a cataclysm, could have evolved to a life form of primate mammals.

Recently (April 2012), at Sri Lanka, a chicken took a chick by viviparous mode, or be, gave birth to a chick without an egg. The reportage says: The chick was born healthy, fully formed. The chicken died. But a fact like this shows that the nature of the life at this planet can be exceptionally versatile.

Even today, some people and not so rare as well, eventualy, born with a called malformation, a tail. Others have genetic changes that make with their skin be thicker and hairy. Nature has a law very efficient to preserve the lives of creatures: adapt to survive. 

Dinosaurs and snakes, these animals have been and are oviparous. It happens that, before a harsh environment, this form of reproduction can be a huge disadvantage. Can mean that complete extinction of the species.

Embryology studies have shown that human beings, in its stages of development, during gestation - have, during some time, the residue of a tail and the bone called coccyx, located at the lower end of the spine has the characteristic of a residual tail.

Even today, some people - and is not so rare as well, eventually, born with a so called - malformation that is, truly a tail. Others have genetic changes that make with their skin be thicker and hairy.

Nature has a law very efficient to preserve the lives of creatures: adapt to survive. We know that dinosaurs and snakes, these animals have been and are oviparous. It happens that, to face a harsh environment, this form of reproduction can be a huge disadvantage. Can mean that complete extinction of the species. 

Eggs stay exposed to the climate aggressions, hunger of predators, accidents. Require constant vigilance. The eggshell, even that a dinosaur egg be most strong than an chicken egg, even thus, it still fragile if subjected to very violent shocks and other adverse conditions.

The viviparous mode of reproduction provides to the fetus the safety of the the uterine environment. The protection of being inside the body of an adult being, gives a major possibilities of avoid a variety of aggressive agents. In addition, mammalian offspring has secured the safe food supply during the a period in which their body is still extremely fragile.

Maybe, just maybe, the homo sapiens of today - be - the unsuspected inheritor of dinosaurs, reptilians or ophidians - of a very much remote past of life on earth. And this global mythology around the reptiles can be only a memory of a nightmare, of the beings who were one day.

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