Thursday, August 30, 2012

BRAZIL. Creature Not Identified - Mutilated Animals and a Man Attacked

The latest attack happened in the early hours of last Thursday, August 23 (2012). The victim was a dog that despite the injuries, survived - although be much bruised, limping. The owner of the animal - Mrs. Maria Solânea Vitorino - says that the mysterious creature continues prowling her house every night. Its snores can be heard near one of the windows of the residence. Photo: Elizangela Santos

BRAZIL. CEARA state. In the rural community of Sitio Lagoa, located there 5 km from the city of Barbalha, predation unusual by a creature not yet identified is causing panic among the locals - about 3000 inhabitants. The attacks began two months ago in June (2012. Students are afraid to leave to go to school at night.

More than 30 animals have been attacked as a pig, which no one dares eat fearing some kind of contamination. Others, had their viscera removed and even - in some - the blood was completely drained.

Professor of the Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC - Federal University of Ceará) and president of the Associação dos Ufólogos Independentes do Brasil (Association of Independent Ufologists of Brazil), José Peixoto Agobar, examining a dog exhumed.

In the third week of this month (August, 2012), some ufologists - as the professor of the Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC - Federal University of Ceará) and president of the Associação dos Ufólogos Independentes do Brasil (Association of Independent Ufologists of Brazil), José Peixoto Agobar - went to Sitio Lagoa collect images and informations about the occurrences and examine animals that were attacked. The researchers exhumed one of the dogs that died, victim of the supposed alien.

These victims have deep drillings in the neck, like a lamb belonging to farmer José Francisco Oliveira, found dead. The animal's blood was extracted (image above).

This type of attack remember to the action of the chupacabras. In Brazil, the first of such events were documented in 2000. But this is the first time it happens in that region of the state of Ceará - called Cariri.

The ufologists visited places where attacks have occurred, which happen at dawn. On the property of the farmer Cassia dos Santos, the predator attacked a cat, a chicken and a pig. Some people, who managed to glimpse the creature, even in the dark, describe it as a dog, but - with a strange way to walk.

Others said that is an anthropomorphic being with a human face and humanoid limbs, but with the body of an animal. Many also have heard its roar, similar to a roar and said they felt a bad smell nearby. 

(In the past, these inhabitants of rural areas in Brazil, no doubt would say that is a werewolf, but werewolves are not in fashion of the folklore of nowadays, unlike the chupacabras, which are folk stars of postmodernity folklore).

The situation is really alarming. Not only animals are targets of the attacks of the creature. The farmer Elisha Ferreira do Nascimento, who lives 50 years ago in Sitio Laguna, said the problem started there not there two months, but six months ago, when a man was caught by the beast in a sugarcane field. This man was found unconscious and still has not recovered from injuries: even today, he no more can to walk.

SOURCE: SANTOS. Elizangela. Ufólogos vão a Barbalha estudar ataques a bichos.
DIARIO DO NORDESTE/BRAZIL, publicado em 29/08/2012.
Ataques a animais no Sítio Lagoa continuam, estudiosos de ufologia estudam caso.
O LAGOENSE, /CEARA-BRAZIL, Publicado em 21/08/2012.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Ghost of the Road 1

Illustrative image: nobody dared to take a picture of the ghost ... yet.

ARGENTINA. The Provincial Route 1 - the Road 1 - at the area of the outskirts of the city of La Banda, province of Santiago del Estero - it is haunted. 

Since April of this year (2012), the ghost of a young woman dressed in white appears at night, and not only is sighted by motorists unaccompanied but scares them even more. She appears sitting in their vehicles - in full motion, always silent, looking for them until disappears when approaching the end of the road.

The apparitions always happen on the same stretch of highway, near an ice cream factory. The ghost is so constant that many people began to choose alternative routes, avoiding going through the Route 1.

The scariest episode happened to a young man who, upon hearing the comments about the "woman in white" of Route 1, decided to check the history in local. Coming in the fatal point of road his car - inexplicably, stoped. 

The young man left the vehicle to check the problem but was surprised by a fluorescent light that was approaching him. Immediately, and - confessed - with fear, took refuge in the car. The light disappeared but, looking in the rearview mirror, the boy saw the woman - sitting in the backseat.

Then, he turned the key in the ignition and the engine functioned normally. He accelerated observing her - his passenger without invite, who remained silent and motionless looking to the road side. When he came near the Paraiso neighborhood, the specter disappeared. Exactly how has happened with the other drivers

There is already a version for the presence of this ghost on the road: a few years ago, would have occurred an accident on that stretch of highway, and of course, a young woman died. Some speculate that the ghost is benign. 

The woman died because her companion, driving at night, fell asleep at the wheel and this was the cause of the accident in which she lost her life. Now she accompanies motorists to avoid the repetition of the tragedy. 

Others think the opposite. The spirit, revolted, aims to be a presence that blames the motorists for their early death.

The case is a national ​​headlines and subject of debates on television programs such as the electronic magazine Alejandro Fantino, which devoted several minutes to the haunting.

Reapareció la imagen fantasmal de una mujer en una ruta santiagueña.
LA GACETA, published in 24/08/2012.
DIARIO PANORAMA, published in 24/08/2012 (c/video do programa Alejandro Fantino sobre o assunto).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BRAZIL. Plasmic UFO appears regularly at the Ceara state

The plasmic UFO of Pentecoste city, Ceara state (northeast region of Brazil). The video shows the reportage of the local channel, affiliate of the Bandeirantes network of Television and midia. 
Posted in YOUTUBE in 20/08/2012. 

BRAZIL. CEARÁ state. At the city of Pentecoste, situated there 70 km from Fortaleza, capital of the state, the population is frightened with an luminous plasmic UFO that has appeared in sky of the city already for some nights. The object moves quickly, while change its shape, color, passing from a red ball to a silver disc or a bright yellow beam.

The frequency of sightings is so regular that, having knowing the ocurrences, a team of reportage, traveling to the city, had no difficulty in register the phenomenon. Really, in night fall, as the city's residents have reported, the fireball - as it is being called the object in the newspapers headlines, appeared in the sky allowing to make a footage of several minutes.

* Yes, at Brazil - we have - not only bananas but also plasmic ufos. Oh Yeah...

SOURCE: Mistério: bola de fogo aparece no céu de Pentecoste.
JANGADEIRO, published in 20/08/2012.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chile - The Ghosts of Humberstone

The video of the reportage, vehicled by MEGANOTÍCIAS/CHILE - was posted on the channel TV TERRA/CHILE, on 12/07/2012. 


In YOUTUBE [ postado em 21/08/2012]

CHILE. It happened in March. Appeared on Chilean television in July. It was disclosed in a virtual newspaper in August (2012). 

In a plant of Salt - in Humberstone* -  a historical monument located 48 km from the port city of Iquique, capital of the homonymous province of Chile, a group of students who were in a tour on site - they captured an image of a ghost in a photo by chance. Was a young woman, wearing a white camisole (night-robe), at the entrance of an old house in ruins.

The photo was analyzed by imaging experts. They discovered details such as particularities of light and shadows that prove the authenticity of the record.

* The plants of salt in Santiago Humberstone and Santa Laura, nowadays - are historic sites administered by the Corporation Museo del Salitre. In 2005, the architetonic conjoints were recognized as National Monuments and Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


The presence of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena occurring are common in Humberstone. In the old chambers of refrigerating of a abadoned market, often - is reported the apparition of a spirit who frequents the place, dressed in a white coat. In the same place, there are testimonies of people who felt a strong odor of meat, although the place be abandoned more already there more than 70 years.

In the theater of Humberstone, a building built in 1882, paranormal researchers succeeded records of sounds from beyond or EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

The legend of Humberstone also includes the ghost of the old railway station, the spirit of a woman who committed suicide by jumping on the train tracks. A variation of the story says that she threw herself in front of the locomotive to save his son's life was about to be hit. There is also the ghost of the church yard, which appears sitting in the ruins of a terrace in one of the neighboring houses.

Fotografían a fantasma en oficina salitrera de Humberstone.
GUIOTECA, published in 17/08/2012.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Strange Formation of Luminous Plasma Appears in a House of Argentina city

The occurrence appeared in a program of journalism of TV of the network "Informate Salta". The video was posted in the YOUTUBE in 03/08/2012. []

ARGENTINA. On the night of July 31 (2012), a family, residing in the neighborhood Intersindical, in the city of Salta (one of the most important in the Northwest region of the country) - was surprised by the strange apparition of a luminous cross that projected on the glass a door of the house. The image was recorded by a phone camera.

In the moment of the register, that was made ​​for other purposes, nothing has been perceived. Only after checking the result, the phenomenon was discovered. The cross, which at the beginning of the sequence, appears well defined, gradually changes shape to become the image of something like a mushroom or the silhouette of the head and neck of a humanoid being.

SOURCE: Una cruz iluminada apareció en la ventana de una casa.
INFAMETE SALTA, published in 02/08/2012.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Puerto Rico - Goatsuckers, Gargoyles & Vampires

Goat sucker, photo without reference.

PUERTO RICO. The problem and the mystery are ancient. It goes back to the 1970s. In different locations at the island of Puerto Rico (which is U.S. territory and one of the vertices of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle) periodically occur outbreaks of strange deaths of animals that are found with intact bodies whose blood was completely drained. In some cases, but not all, occur mutilation and removal of organs.

The absence of blood on the corpses and the fact that most victimized animals are ruminant mammals gave rise to the denomination: chupacabras (goatsuckers), to designate the unknown agent responsible for the deaths. During all these years, many people hinted that the occurrences were just cases of attack by coyotes or others carnivorous predators similar.

But this never was confirmed. Is a rational explanation but can not be applied to all cases. Unlike the common predators not could be identified in most episodes. At maximum, eventually - were captured - some dead animals similar to the canines or wolf species, but they were bizarre creatures, suggesting miscegenation or mutation of the animals, such as in the photo above, a register of 2007.

This year - 2012, attacks resumed. In mid-June, the chupacabras came back to the headlines. The first attack happened on the island of Vieques or Isla Nena (something like Child island), an small portion of enisle land and municipality that is part of the territory of what is called Isla Madre, that is Puerto Rico.

There, not only horses and ruminants, rabbits and birds were found dead as the 30 hens and roosters of the resident Jose Martinez, 26 years (in 2012) and his wife, Jeami Peralta. Martinez tells: I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to feed the fowls. It was dark then used a flashlight. When I saw the chickens were dead in their cage. They were pale, with holes in the back. There had no blood in their bodies. It looked like a battlefield.

One of the chickens of Mr. Martinez attacked by a mysterious being. The birds were found dead, without blood.


The newspaper El Nuevo Dia made ​​a reportage at the island and recorded the footsteps of an animal near the site of the deaths. The population was frightened. There were rumors that there was a panther on the loose on the island. The animal would be owned by an American tourist whose yacht docked at the shore, in the beach of Punta Arenas - had fled and entangled in the forest.

The police commissioner of the city of Vieques Jose Belardo, who reported the facts to the Civil Defence and Emergency Management - did not confirm the hypothesis of the Panther: There is no physical evidence. Just rumors. But we can not deny that people are afraid. *

* In addition, Panthers rip their victims to eat; they don't make holes to feed with little tubes. Unless that be an ingenious panther toothless.

The chickens of Mr. Martinez were not the only victims. In the neighborhood of Martineau, another birds were found dead, without blood, with a hole in the body. The same happened with some horses, that roam freely in the city streets.

Supposed mummy of Goat sucker. Photo without reference.

A fact to be considered in the possible existence of these strange creatures, especially at Isla Nena, is that - in the past, the islanders would have had problems with the U.S. Navy and there were rumors that in Vieques were performed genetic experiments. Therefore, many residents of the place believe that chupacabras (and the gargoyles, which are something like chupacabras winged) are mutant animals that escaped from military laboratories.


In late June, the puerto-rican ufologist Reinaldo Rios announced a visit to Vieques to hunt the chupacabras with the support of local authorities, including the mayor of the city, Evelyn Delerme - and the help of snipers and veterinarians. 

Besides being a researcher of the UFO phenomena, Ríos is an expert not only in chupacabras, but also in other type of mythical creature, winged, also bloodsucker - he calls gargoyle.

Drawing of a gargoyle, according descriptions.

In the case of Vieques, Reinaldo Rios said that the problem needs to be investigated precisely because there are doubts as to the nature of the creature that would be perpetrating the attacks. Ríos explains: We still have no conclusions. I have to visit the area - and said that on the eve of the recent attacks on Vieques were seen strange lights in the sky in the region. We need to do the necropsy of the animals.

However, Reinaldo Rios did not had time to dedicate himself to the cases of Vieques. Before to begin this mission, in July (2012) - the attacks to animals had multiplied in other places. Sightings and new attacks were occurring in numerous localities of Puerto Rico. Moreover, among these new cases, many were witnessed by several people who described the mysterious predator as a winged being, ie - a gargoyle.


Gargoyle of the Notre Dame cathedral, Paris - France. Gargoyles are - originally - architectural structures. They are ornaments of gutters or storm water spillways. Became a common decorative element in the Middle Ages especially in cathedrals. 

They were generally conceived with the forms of monstrous figures, half animal, half man, demonic-looking, beings, often, winged. Gradually, these sculptures began to be created solely for their artistic value but continued to be installed, mainly on the rooftops. 

It's curious that the gargoyles of cathedrals and churches, despite their diabolic features - were considered guardians of the temples catholic-christians. His features, grotesque or frightening, fueled the popular imagination, and thus borned the belief that these creatures of stone transform themselves in terrible live beings during the night.

At Carolina, one of the main cities of Puerto Rico, in the end of June (2012) one of these mysterious creatures, a gargoyle, would attacked - not an animal - but a cop who had to use his gun to repel aggression.

Witnesses described the predator as a gargoyle, an humanoid animal, large, about 1.80 tall - with characteristics of bat like wings, black, red eyes and smelly smell, of something rotten - like sulfur. The policeman said the gargoyle tried to hurt him with its claws. He shot several times but, with the first shot, the monster absconded.

This photo was taken by a citizen in the town of Barranquitas, in this period recent attacks of gargoyles in Puerto Rico. An intensive search has been performed in the area. The attacks happen mainly during the dawn. The population is shocked. July, 2012.

On July 21 (2012) a citizen has achieved something rare: a photograph of a gargoyle obtained near the Centro Puertoriqueño de Leonism, an international philanthropic,an institute to rehabilitation and recreation of children in Barranquitas, a town in central Puerto Rico. The gargoyle was also seen in Guanica, Guayama, Cayey and Toa Baja.

A winged creature, a gargoyle, according Reinaldo Rios and other scholars of the subject, a "supernatural being" flying over the vicinity of the World Trade Center in September 2001.

Given these facts, Ríos says that Puerto Rico is on red alert because, sightings of these creatures, according to documented history, appear to be - somehow - related to the iminence of tragic events. For example, one of them - was seen and photographed near the World Trade Center, the twin towers before the attacks of September 9.

Reinaldo Rios: hunts gargoyles at the region of the city of Yauco with citizen volunteers - june 2012.
YOUTUBE, 16/08/2012. []

Then, another hunting was set to take place on July 26 (2012) in the areas adjacent to the river Loco [], which borns and runs along the town of Yauco and empties into the Caribbean Sea. 

Ríos said that persons that wanted to join the hunt, that flashlights, tracking and communication equipment - such as GPS, celular phones, ipads and laptops with internet access, maps and camouflage clothing would be needed.

City of Yauco, Puerto Rico. This man ensures that this is a photo of a gargoyle. 
YOUTUBE, 16/08/2012. []

Furthermore, the researcher heard testimonies from area residents who saw the monster in order to delimit the search areas to organize the teams of hunting.


All these efforts, among the months of June and July, to locate and capture or kill chupacabras gargoyles - failed. No creature was sighted by hunting teams. But Reinaldo Rios and other investigators of the supernatural do not give up, because what is killing the animals, the attacks continue in Puerto Rico.

Now a new possibility is being considered: vampires. After several reports denouncing the alleged existence of a cult of followers of vampirism in the city of Yauco, another hunt is being organized: a hunt for vampires of Yauco.

Reinaldo Rios believes that vampirism is an evil on the rise. Many people are willing to defy human nature and try depertar the power of perception, senses, at a level comparable to that which characterizes certain animals. Obviously these people are influenced by literature and fiction about vampires in general.

Ríos explains: Some animals can see well in the dark, others have more sensitive hearing, some are extremely agile and much fast. Others have the power to hypnotize their prey, among other skills. These powers are desired by members of these sects. Then, they are interested in the consumption of the blood of certain animals: to absorb potential. We do not know yet whether there are doctors involved in this movement.

The hunt for vampires Yauco was scheduled to take place in early August, during a full moon. The hunters plan to do a vigil in a mountainous region, which location has not been revealed but Ríos said he had privileged informations about the places where vampires were seen, as some forest areas.

Ríos invited the prefect of Yauco, Abel Nazario (2012) to join the hunt. The researcher understands that, the problem is a priority of public safety. He appeals to the authorities and population cooperate in identifying these people... - practitioners of vampirism. In the moment, they are attacking only or mainly animals ...but recently, there were attacks on people from whom portions of blood were drained...

Preventive action is fundamental to ...prevent the spread of this practice... that threatens yaucanos (yaucans) and also the neighboring towns, as Guánica, Guayanilla and Ponce. Ríos also requested the support of religion: All churches of Yauco are invited to be in prayer during our vigil in order to purify the etheric energies of of the city eliminate malignant influences.


Reinaldo Rios, is Puerto Rican, first grade teacher at School Muñoz Rivera in Yauco. Math is a freelance researcher of ufology of supernatural phenomena, especially the study of mysterious creatures. It was the forerunner of the idea of building a ufo-puerto (ufo-port) at Puerto Rico. But so far, the project never got out from the files.

He became internationally known in 2010 when organized the hunting of a gargoyle in the ancient Central Açucareira of Guánica on the southwest coast of the country. In this initiative he sought evidence of animals and bloodthirsty mutants. This hunt mobilized important personalities in Puerto Rico, including the prefect of Canóvanas. However, this mission did not achieve results.

El Chupacabras. 
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Misterio en Vieques.
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Un conocido ufólogo intentará dar caza al «chupacabras» de Puerto Rico.
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Gargola de Puerto Rico ataca a la policia.
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RIVERA, Rafy. Organizarán cacería de vampiros en Yauco.
EL VOCERO/PORTO RICO,published in 12 de julho de 2012.
Cacería de vampiros en pueblo de Puerto Rico.
DIARIO POPULAR/ARGENTINA, published in 17/07/2012.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Plasma-UFO in London

The footage was made and sent by Leandro Trivisan. 
Posted in YOUTUBE in 03/08/2012. 

UK. This images were made ​​in London, at dawn on Friday, August 3 of this year (2012), by the brasilian - Leandro Trivisan, residing in the city - that he intended to shoot the moon * in a simple experiment to test your camera. However, looking at the opposite side of sky, Trivisan saw a strange bright spot. therefore, the record of the object that appears was done so - by chance.

* In fact, the moon was full in London, between days 1 and August 4, 2012. []

Using the camera zoom, it was observed that this UFO does not present the appearance of a vehicle. For its brightness and behavior may be considered a Plama-UFO.

It should be noted here that any UFO means unidentified flying object, or be - such objects may or may not be crewed, and also may or may not have the characteristics of a vehicle or spaceship made ​​of metal or solid material of any kind. Precisely for this reason, the concept of objects and - "beings-plasma" was recently introduced in the literature and UFO research.

The term "plasma" is used when the researcher or observer refers to a bright object perceived as something that provides indefinite contours, or metamorphic. The reference to the object as plasma, in this context, serves to indicate such an object can not be identified with any body that is perceived as a solid unit of any kind and recognized as having a defined classic lines and frequently used to describe UFOs, as circle, sphere, discoid, cylinder, triangle.

The plasma UFOs are an enigma as to its physical nature and ontological: about of what they are made and about what they are. These UFOs are beyond the common concept of "object" why is not possible characterize them - using the optical instruments available - such as vehicles or machinery of any kind, although they may in fact be something like this, they move themselves at an extraordinary speed. However, in many records, they can be seen hovering in the sky in slow movement or immobile for several seconds or even minutes.

The zoom images, that allow a more detailed observation of these objects, increase the mystery of this plasmatic objects because, with the approaching, its appearance remains elusive, predominating an intense emission of light, color change and flexibility in the way.

Therefore, some observers who research the phenomena of UFOs have pondering the possibility that such objects, maybe - they not be conventional vehicles, machinery, spacecrafts, at least not entirely.

This suggests that there may be an organic component in these objects. It is even possible that the UFO's plasma - not be objects in any mode, on any aspect. There is no logical impediment that can prohibit definitively conceive them as living entities. Like intelligent beings able to move in space and time without the resource of any vehicle.

Nor can dismiss the hypothesis that plasma UFOs that appear as a point in the sky, either at night or even during the day - maybe they not be a unit. They can be clusters of intelligent beings made ​​of pure luminous energy moving in a complete integration.

And - considering that there must be a huge gap between the observer and the UFO-plasma observed, it is reasonable to assume that these"objects" are large. They can be - really - giants.This does not prevent that can be living beings of a specie completely unknown of the earthly biology. But - perhaps not entirely strange for the mythological universe of the humanity.

Who knows the biblical descriptions of entities called angels or the gods of Hinduism - the Devas or even the entities called Asuras - know that these creatures are far from having a humanoid appearance. Its size, also - did not match the dimentions of any human being. 

Unlike. Angels are described in the scriptures of more than one culture as inhabitants of heaven, gigantic creatures, terrible, fearsome warriors endowed with eyes and flaming swords that often act together as a Legion.

Moreover, they are shape shifters, that is - able to take human form when it suits them. In some ancient texts are identified as observers (called Watchers) of Creation, messengers of the Creator of All Things - responsible by interferences in the destiny of mankind in decisive moments of evolution. Let's meditate...

Eliminating the chance to be a drone, unmanned aircraft, military, of the last generation, designed to patrol airspace and for espionage in the country own or someone else. The Drones have, as some of its general characteristics:

1. usually have a triangular shape defined;
2. Its technology allow them to be virtually invisible to cameras and radars common, much less appear with a dot of light so bright and flashy in the night sky;
3. their lights are fixed and are not installed by mode to circumvent the vehicle, much less - lights on, what would be completely contrary to the purpose of espionage and patrol;
4. their speed, although remarkable, do not compare to the behavior of UFOs plasma;
5. are not metamorphic;
6. drones don't perform all movements and displacements possible to UFOs-plasma.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Extraterrestrial Mysteries of Ecuador

Chirige - Ecaudor. November, 2011. Photo: Francisco Paladines. 

ECUADOR. Chirije is an archaeological and historic site of Ecuador, located in the coastal region of the country distant around 25 minutes (by car) from the city of Bahía de Caráquez or simply Bahia - in the province of Manabi.

Location of Bahía de Caráquez, coast of Ecuador where it is Chirije.

Surrounded by 239 acres of tropical dry forest and miles of unspoiled beaches - there - lived different and mysterious pre-Columbian peoples. The place was re-discovered in 1950 by the Ecuadorian archeologist Emilio Estrada Victor (1926-1961) - who found the traces of the so called - culture Bahia, a people who had commercial relations with merchant sailors of Mexico and Chile. They traded gold, copper and various other products of the region for ornaments and the precious and mythical shells known like Spondylus .

* Spondylus. Served as instruments of herald, were like trumpets announcing the official passing of the noble rulers of the nations pre-Columbian. 
RELATED LINK: The Legend of Naylamp

Figurine found by archeologists in Chirije. The strange character has four fingers. Orthodox researchers - surely - will say that the people of Bahia culture - just - or did not know to count or they were not able nor even of imitate reality of the human hand with five fingers.

Moreover, its historical and archaeological importance and also because of it, Chirije - today is considered a significant point of tourism and observation by those who are interested in UFO sightings and evidence of extraterrestrial presence in antiquity.

In their exploratory expeditions and excavations, archaeologists have found odd pieces that suggest the contact between natives and aliens at Chirije which - there, are called, cosmic brothers. One of these pieces, the best known, is a ceramic artefact that looks like a flying saucer with an astronaut on board.

The flying saucer with alien of Chirije.

In regard to UFO sightings, Chirije is considered a place where this kind of occurrences are frequent. Because of this, there is an infrastructure dedicated to the ufologic tourism, such as programed vigils at the Puerta del Sol, a place known as a landing site for spacecrafts.

The Cuban writer Julia Calzadilla Núñez, a researcher of the Spanish language and ancient cultures, post-graduated in Art History, Egyptologist - makes ​​a special study about the presence of UFOs at Chirije.

Calzadilla Núñez concluded that during the historical period called the antiquity and throughout the Middle Ages and Modern Mercantilist Age of the Western, peoples who inhabited the region had contact with aliens, what would explain the frequent sightings of spacecrafts even nowadays.

Transcendent being of Nature or an alien. Appearance of a strange being in OVNIPuerto (UFO port), Chirije. Photo: Veronica Duenas Tamariz, 18/01/2011. 

However, this creature that appeared out of nowhere in the picture and disappeared in an instant has a profile that resembles the silhouette of the priests of the ancient peoples of Pre-Hispanic America, using a ceremonial clothe. In this case, the apparation may be an echo of the past captured by the camera lens in a fleeting moment.

In addition, a meticulous investigation made by archaeologist Victor Emilio Estrada (quoted above) has established a link between the Japanese and Indian cultures and the nations that dominated the Ancient Ecuador. 

This fact raises the question of how could occur this cultural exchange in an epoch when, considering the geographical distance between these nations - any relation would have been something almost impossible.


A common UFO in Peñon of Chirije. Photo Andy Salas Macias.

But Chirije is not the only town in Ecuador where occur frequent sightings of UFOs. More strange that the spacecrafts in their classic shapes, spheres, disks, cylinders, are the "luminous bodies", very common in La Mana, for example, in the province of Cotopaxi, also at Ecuador - that are seen performing strange movements in places as diverse as plains or above the mountains.

These "light entities", which are called the Plasma Spaceships incandescent have been well documented by photographers and cameramen, be at night or in broad daylight.

Plasmatic UFO in Naranjal - city of Guayas province, Equador. 
Posted in YOUTUBE in 12/11/2011. []

The same UFO of the image above - in other moment of  the footage sequence.

Plasma space ships are mentioned in ancient Sanskrit scriptures where are described its characteristics and its ability to transdimensional movement, allowing them to instantly disappear in front of the observer. 

The apparitions of these plasmatic objects of light, moving with extreme speed,metamorphic, because can change their shape, assuming the contours of spheres, spirals or bright lines in few seconds, have been documented notonly in different places of Ecuador, but also in various countries around the world.

A "plasmatic spaceship" in Guayaquil (or Santiago de Guayaquil), the largest city in Ecuador, capital of the province of Guayas. 
Posted in YOUTUBE in 15/03/2012. []

These Spacecrafts Plasma (also called Plasma-spaceships or plasma beams) - they resemble to the "Plasma Beings" photographed by the russian geophysicist Genrikh Silanov during the researchs of the Hooper Project, which uses special cameras to document the metaphysical reality, invisible to the human optic common perception. 

RELATED LINK ABOUT HOOPER PROJECT: The Photographs of an Invisible Reality

This ability metamorphic, however, suggests that these objects emit a strong light, uniformly throughout the extension of its perimeter, from a core and that they may move in an extraordinary speed, producing the visual effect of changing form or instantaneous disappearance.

This behavior does not correspond to what has been observed for decades and recorded in the UFO literature, including photographs and footages.

The fact of that these plasmic UFOs can be clearly seen in day broad demonstrates a high intensity of light emission. Their capacity of instantaneous disappearance, displays an unusual speed, even for an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

These UFOs - perceived as pure light, when disappear from view, not seem to be moving in three dimensional space. What happens is as if, simply, they were capable of transport themselves from a visible point to somewhere not visible, as if they could move themselves between different dimensions of reality.

Turismo com OVNIs em Chirije.
LA HORA/EQUADOR, published in 10/08/2012.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mysterious Animal Mutilations in Argentina

ARGENTINA. There are more than a month, mysterious deaths animal deaths with mutilations and extraction of organs have been taking place in different rural areas of Argentina as departments in the fields of Victoria, Colonia Yeruá, Viale and Villaguay - all located in the province of Entre Rios. The cuts are precise and cauterized. The cases come by multiplying since the second week of July (2012).

The researcher Simondini Andrea Perez, of the organization Visão Ovni ( - commented: Veterinarians who analyzed the cases didn't found a natural explanation for the injuries.

On July 15 (2012), a horse was found dead with strange wounds on his chin. The animal appeared to have been killed on the spot where he was found. There was no trace or traces of blood in the area around or in the animal body. In the abdominal area were noted signs of natural predators, who acted in the post mortem but the cuts that produced death, were extremely accurate.

These cuts were observed in the head, where he was made ​​a semicircular incision exposing the bones of the snout in the region of the lower jaw. The ear was completely removed, as the eyes, tongue and reproductive organs. The animal owner was not identified.

Owners of a lodging near where this mammal was found - Posada de la Lechuza - identified as Mrs. Rocio and Juan, testified has saw the horse while was dying. In the days that followed, the couple, Rocio and Juan saw ...a strong and broad light, very intense orange-red near the lagoon... (del Pescado).

Meanwhile, multiply the sightings of strange lights in the sky of Argentina

Simondini Andrea Perez informs that: Since late July and early August, we (the organization Visão UFO) received dozens of complaints. In 2002, an outbreak of such mutilations occurred in the central province of La Pampa. Now, the phenomenon moved, concentrating in the province of Entre Rios.


In Lucas Norte, a city also located in the province of Entre Rios, recently, between the last week of July and early August (2012) were recorded at least three cases of cattle mutilation. The animals had the skin of the head carefully removed with a precision of a scalpel. In one of the cows, the tongue was extracted from the root and surrounding tissue was intact.

The animals were found just 50 meters from the farmhouse whose location, the owner prefers hold in secret, fearing harassment of UFO researchers and other experts. Two of the cases occurred on August 04 (2012).

In these cases, the victims were animals were with signs of poor health, were skinny. The farm was facing a problem: the pastures were drying. At first glance, the farmer thought that the killings were the work of cattle rustlers but the hypothesis was discarded because the best cuts of the animals were not removed.


Another case occurred in Nogoyá also municipality of the province of Entre Rios where a horse was found dead with heart and genital organs extracted.

The horse had a hole with a diameter of 35 cm on the chest between the two front legs and the other hole in the rear, from which, were extracted the genitals  (image above). Again, the signs of bleeding were minimal in the local and in the animal's body.

Another similar complaint appeared in June (2012) presented by a cattle breeder in the area of ​​Crucecita, distant about 50 km from the city of Nogoyá. There were several mutilated animals.

In the vicinity of the city of Viedma, Río Negro province - Department of Adolfo Alsina, Argentina - a calf that was found dead with perfect cuts in the head and other injuries on the body like the perfect extraction of the eyeballs. Were also extirpated salivary glands and tongue. In the same region, similar cases occurred in 2003 and 2005.


Given these numerous cases of mutilated animals, the rumors about the presence of chupacabras (cattle suckers) in the region has intensified. The chupacabra is a cryptic creature, a myth, a legend. 

However, the precision and regularity of the cuts in the organs makes think in the action of the unknown predator but that is an intelligent agent and not an animal using claws and fangs to wound their victims.

As regards the opinion of government health authorities, the hypothesis of the action of chupacabras or aliens must be dismissed as mere popular fancy. 

According to the official experts, their tests indicate that the lesions found were perpetrated after the death of the animals, which would explain the absence of significant bleeding and those responsible would be natural predators such as foxes and field mice. (Interestingly, the birds of prey or birds of rapine are not mentioned in the reports of health workers and government's veterinary).

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