Monday, January 31, 2011

Black Magic haunts small city in Portugal

WHERE: Salvaterra dos Magos is a village, small town of the district of Santarém. Foros de Salvaterra is a "freguesia" (something like a parish) of the town of Salvaterra of the Magi. Santarém is an administrative district (like a federation's state). There are 18 administrative districts in Portugal. The country's capital, Lisbon and the cities of Évora, Coimbra and Porto are considered judicial districts.

PORTUGAL – In the town of Salvaterra dos Magos, a village of Foros de Salvaterra, in the last nine months, the population has been haunted by black magic. First, objects of evil cults began to appear the doors's houses. They are macabre things like raw viscera of animals accompanied by lighted candles, incenses and cigarettes burned.

There are two weeks that the witchcrafts are appearing in the cemetery of the village, too. Everything indicates that certain rituals are made, realy, because the headstones and graves are being damaged. The losses reach three thousand euros, even now. The authors of vandalism and practitioners of black magic have left animal livers on graves. Closures of marble and other noble stones were broken. Books of mortuary registers and decorative vases were stolen.

The letters were written for the same hand.

But the horror of this witchcrafts don't stop only in the tradition of the cursed objects. The threats come, too, by telephone, SMS, or even handwritten notes. They are messages that talk about death. The letters are sent to different families. The houses are near one of others but the families don't have blood links. The case is being investigated by the Guarda Nacional Republicana, GNR.

SOURCE: Famílias de Foros de Salvaterra recebem estranhas ameaças satânicas.
IN O Ribatejo, PORTUGAL – published in 01/28/2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

The cultural African hell – Curse of Twins

Gladys Bulinia: She lives alone with 10 of
her children, a few miles from Lake Victoria.

KENYA, Africa – Gladys Bulinia, 35 years old (in 2011), a woman of Kenya, is a person considered cursed in her community. The reason for this: She gave birth to six pairs of twins in each one of her pregnance periods. Were six times even now. She is very poor and has twelve sons. The problem is that this woman belongs to nation or tribe of the Bukusu and according the tradition of this culture, the birth of twins is a sign of bad luck. Six double of twins is an astral danger!

When became pregnant the first time, she was a high school student. Her boyfriend was too young to marry. Then, her family ordered her to leave the babies at the hospital for adoption.

The babies were rescued by the father of the her boyfriend. The grandfather decided to take care of the two. This man hasn't the same beliefsof the Bukusu. He is a Kalejin, a different ethnic group.

Five years later she married a primary school professor.Then it happened the first pregnancy and everything resumed. Were twins. And twins continued to birth. Five times. Ten children. In the fifth pair of twins, the husband put her out of home along with ten children. All of them were considered cursed.

Now, Gladys Bulinia is an abandoned woman that fight to sustain her family. She lives alone with 10 of her 12 children, a few miles from Lake Victoria, in a thatched house that has only a one tiny gunroom.

SOURCE: Após seis pares de gêmeos, mulher é considerada amaldiçoada.
IN O Diário – Maringá city/Paraná state – published in 01/27/2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The UFOs and dead fishes

COLOMBIA – In Llanitos neighborhood, north of the city of Barrancabermeja, the collective death of two thousand fish is being attributed by the locals, to aliens. Witnesses said that saw an unidentified object that was hovering above the waters of a mangrove. The UFO emited a bright light and then, in few seconds disappeared. After that, the fish began to appear floating dead in the water. These fish showed signs of burns on the scales and gills.

A woman that is community leader from El Llanitos reported that the apparition of UFO phenomenon's lasted about 20 seconds. In the district of Puente Sogamoso, Puerto Wilches city, others people reported that they also saw the object, which was round and flew over the area with lateral movements.

The Municipal Department of Environment says the deaths are related to lack of oxygen in the waters of the swamp but the Fishermen's Association has rejected this hypothesis claiming that there was never a fish kills like was registered, now, in Barrancabermeja.

Furthermore, there is no known reason for this supposed lack of oxygen in the water. A committee headed by Environment Secretary, Isaac Lopez will inspect the marsh in order to ascertain the real causes of the phenomenon.

Mortandad de Peces en Barrancabermeja es atribuida a fenómeno sobrenatural.
IN RCN Rádio – published in 25/01/2011
Muerte de peces en Colombia es atribuida a "fenómeno sobrenatural".
IN El Universal – published in 25/01/2011.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Mystery of the Stone of Dam

RIO GRANDE DO SUL – Between the towns of Pinhal Grande e Estrela Velha, for over 40 years, a rock withabout 30 pounds and 35 inches wide is in exposition in the second floor of the engine room of Hydroelectric Itaúba. Until recently, this stone was merely a reminder of the history of dam construction. She was the Stone of CEEE (State ElectricityCompany / RS). The simbols engraved on the rock were only a curiosity.

More recently, a photo of the stone arrived in the hands of Taís Vargas Lima. She is PhD in Rock Art and teaches at the University of the Campaign (URCAMP / Alegrete city). Lima Vargas came into contact with various specialists. Initial analysis has clarified that the marks on the rock are, in fact, inscriptions and the approximate age of the object is five thousand years.

The Stone of Dam is unlike any other archeological discovered of this kind on the region. The most important mark of this piece of stone is the the inscription because it is high relief.

SOURCE: DAL-RI, Emanuele. [transl. L. Cabus]. Pedra intriga arqueólogos gaúchos.
IN Gaz Notícia – published in 01/24/2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Awa-Guajá: The indigenous women who breastfeed animals

MARANHÃO – In the northwestern of Maranhao state, live the Awa-Guajá, one of the last nomadic tribes in the Americas. Its proximity to nature is so intense that the indigenous women breastfeed babies ape orphans. They tend also to adopt orphans of agoutis (Dasyprocta aguti) that are fed with the fruit of the babassu. (And, no. The Indigenous women don't have the practice of breast-feed the agoutis. This, only once a while... Photo) When animals begin to grow, when they are able to survive alone, are returned to the forest.

The danger most feared by the Awa-Guajá is contact with the white man. To find gunmen, loggers, squatters, or even a harmless white. White men, aggressive or not are synonymous with disease. So even those who live in villages spend most of their time in the woods. This is not a difficulty, since they are nomadic in their essential culture.

video in portuguese

SOURCE: Em tribo do Maranhão, índias amamentam animais.
Globo Amazônia/G1 published in 01/09/2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

The enchanter of buffalos

RIO GRANDE DO SUL – At General Câmara city, Vale do rio Pardo region, the cattle breeder Antonio Carlos Trierweiler, 47 years old (2011), owner of the Site of the Buffalos, has a poetic manner to conduce his flock. Without trumpets or horses, he uses only one violin to gather the herd.

Like the flutist of the Hamelin had the power to attract children and rats with his instrument, Mr.Trierweiler does the same with their portentous animals.

Besides being a lawyer, the cattle breeder, is also veterinarian and amateur musician. He played piano until an accident injured his right hand. After this he could not more to play the instrument. Then, learned to play guitar. Established as cattle breeder, when he were with 37 years, discovered violin.

In 1997, he was practicing on the balcony of his house when noticed the interest of the buffalos. That day, for the first time the animals begun to reunite themselves. They were atracted by the melody. Those huge animals were enchanted by the music. One song in particular: Amazing Grace, the repertoire of Elvis Presley.

SOURCE: Pecuarista usa o som do violino para atrair búfalos no Vale do Rio Pardo.
IN Zero Hora/Clirbs – published in 08/05/2010

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tornado scares the population of Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Janaina Suzano, a resident of the affected region.

RIO DE JANEIRO state – Between the evening of Wednesday, January 19 and early hours of Thursday – 20, a low intensity tornado caused strong winds. The population stood scared.

The phenomenon took off roofs of houses and suspended the supply of electricity in the western area of the city of Rio de Janeiro and Baixada fluminence, city of Niteroi. It appears that suddenly, the destroyer force of Nature remembered that Brazil exists.

SOURCE: Ventania deixa casas destelhadas e ruas sem luz no Rio e na Baixada.
IN G1 – published in 01/19/2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The changes of the brazilian climate

ITATIAIA city, Parque Nacional de Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro state.
Montains covered by snow, 1985. The event happens again in 2008.

The frozen dew in the early hours of the morning.

ALAGOAS state – It's no more possible ignore that something in Nature of Brazil is changing. The facts show that the phenomenon is global. At Brazil, the headlines that nobody never thought to read. At Brazil, the headlines that nobody never thought to read. At the country where never existed earthquakes, now, there are.

The authorities say that the tremors are normal and not offer danger to the population but, the true is that these tremors are extruding families of their houses that are seriously damaged. This problem is occurring at Ceará state eand others states og Northest region, for example.

Hail in brazilian hinterland

ALAGOAS state, january 2010.

More recently is the rainfall that is causing disasters of dramatic proportions. 2011 began with floods and mudslides that have killed hundreds of people in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. In the same time, at Alagoas, a state of a Brazilian northeastern region, of typical tropical climate, strong winds and rain of hail are surprising the population of Palmeira dos Índios city.

The storm toppled trees, marquees of shops and flooded streets in many districts of the city. In few minutes the rain and winds destroyed the roofs of houses. Trees were plucked by the roots. Some of the trees fell on power lines. Residents of the rural area in a community radio station reported that it rained hail.

GUARULHOS, São Paulo state, september, 2010.

There isn't the first time in recent times, that the ice falls from the sky in the states of warmer weather and dry of Brazil. In March 2010, the hail appeared in the city of Santo Domingo do Cariri in the state of Paraiba

These changes in the climate of Brazil are making itself felt with more frequently each year. The anomalies have been notable since the beginning of the second millennium. News about cyclones or snowfall in the southeast region of Brazil make think that the tropical country is no more so tropical. Someday, someone can wake at Rio de Janeiro and think that is at Norway, feeling the freezing winds on the face, looking a gray sky or, who knows, at Venice with the waters of a flood almost reaching the level of the window.
by L. Cabus

Chuva forte atinge Palmeira dos Índios e assusta moradores
IN Alagoas 24 Horas – published in 01/11/2011
Temporal que atingiu o Agreste pode se repetir no Sertão, alerta meteorologista.
IN Gazeta Web – publiseh in 01/12/2011

The gift of clairvoyance of the priest Marcelo Rossi

SANTO ANDRÉ city, SÃO PAULO – The catholic priest Marcelo Rossi is a clairvoyant! Or, better saying, a prophet. In Santo André city, in an interview to Quem magazine, the priest himself has declared that realy has this gift. It happens during autograph session for his newly released book: Agape. 

The book is already best-seller in Brazil with more than one and a half million copies sold. Another success Marcelo Rossi.

Born in São Paulo state in 1967, Marcelo Mendonça Rossi graduated himself in Physical Education with 22 years. Soon after, he decided to devote his life to the Christian Catholic priesthood. He was ordained priest in 1994, at age 27.

In his formation, he was strongly influenced by the Charismatic Renewal movement-Catholic Christian. In his masses, he adopted modern chants and dances. 

His preaching has a mystical tone and with a strong emphasis on the powers of the Holy Spirit. Thus, priest Marcelo Rossi became a phenomenon of popularity in the mass media: he appears in television, movies, in CDs, books and DVs. His personality is of someone who always stays youthful

About prophetic gift he tells: I'm not clairvoyant, God shows. He compares his gift with what occurs in a TV series: The Dead Zone. I touch the person and I begin to see the images, things that will happen.

It can arises at any time like during in a prayer. I am always loath, I try not to say anything to anyone. When I'm putting my hands (in a person), I am praying for her. I touch on people and, then, I see what will happen. If it's good that I'm seeing, I say. If it is bad I say nothing and I beg the God mercy. I always worry about pregnant women, for example.

The priest advises pregnant women not to announce the pregnancy until they complete the third month. More than 20 thousands cases of women who experienced pregnancy interrupted received the advice of the priest. The reason is to avoid the envy that Rossi belives to be a very dangerous destructive energy in this first period of pregnancy.

Padre Marcelo Rossi diz que pode prever futuro tocando pessoas.
IN Alagoas 24 Horas – published in 12/29/2010
Padre Marcelo Rossi: Toco nas pessoas e vejo o que vai acontecer.
IN Revista Quem – published in 12/30/2010

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Church prepares exorcists to help fight crime in Mexico

MEXICO – At Mexico, the Catholic Church is working spiritually to fight against the violence that is gripping in the country and killed more than 30 thousands of people in last four years.For the leaders of the institution some individuals influenced by the satanism are behind of the wave of crimes.

In trying to control the problem, the Archdiocese of Mexico City intends to instruct a major number of priests in the practice of the ritual exorcism. These priests will not go to the streets with the police. His strategy is to form prayer groups to rescue those who are being influenced by evil. Father Pedro Mendoza Pantoja, coordinator of the exorcists in the Mexican capital, explains: If you omit yourself before the actions of the devil you will be colaborates with the work of Evil.

The work of the exorcist priests in Mexico has increased so much in recent years. The church wants to have at least one of these specialists, exorcists, in every one of the parish in the country.

Rituals and witchcraft

Recently, the Archdiocese of capital has published a document with the demonic practices more common as spiritualistic rituals, occultism and witchcraft, according to Pantoja.The practices are increasingly common among drug dealers, thieves and kidnappers.

The church believes that such practices as the veneration of images pseudo-religiosas or pagans idols, lead to harm. Recently, the Archdiocese of capital has published a document with the demonic practices more common as spiritualistic rituals, occultism and witchcraft, according to Pantoja. The practices are increasingly common among drug dealers, thieves and kidnappers.

In addition, a few days ago, David Romo, leader of the National Shrine of Saint Death, was arrested by the General Attorneyship of Justice. He is accused of kidnapping.

Loss of Faith

Beheadings, multiple murder, torture and mutilation are practices that have been appearing frequently in Mexico, especially in regions where there are disputes between cartels. According to the church, this is part of a social conflict that arises from the loss of faith and family values. This creates a fertile ground for the devil influence, according to the coordinator of the exorcists.

There are people who turn away from God. They think that can obtain an easy way to solve their problems through the magic. Pantoja says: Many persons may be victims of the influence of Satan, whose can force them to commit violent acts against their own will .

According to Pantoja, the church aided in tens of cases in recent years. Ocurrences like obsessions, paranoia and others diseases caused by the influence of Evil. The work of the exorcists consist in organizing prayer groups and evangelization of the victims, only way to liberate and protect those people. And priest concludes: Promoting faith is the best remedy against violence.

LEFT: Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of death. RIGHT: Saint Death, today.

Lady of Death

At Mexico, (like in others countries of the Americas) the religious syncretism produces exotic cults. One of them is the cult to the Lady of the Death, she is the "Saint Death".
This entity has her origin in much ancient times, heritage of the pre-Colombian age. The people of region has reverence for the death and, at Mexico there is an oficial celebration: The day of the Death. The cerimonies include the exibition of the Saint, that is represented like a skeleton wearing the classic clothes of catholic saints.Her characteristic attributes are the sickle and the terrestrial globe.

During many centuries, since the spanish conquers and the evangelization of the natives, the gods associated with the death were banned by the Catholic church. An example of this is Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of death.

Until recently, the devotion of the Santa Muerte was clandestine but in the last ten years the cult became a public thing, especialy in the Mexico city. However, the Catholic Church condemn this veneration.

Sorcery rituals in the Evangelical Churches of Brazil

Is possible say that, what is happening at Mexico is very similar to de crime scenary in Brazil. This, in the spirituals aspects, of course. In the major country of Latin America, beheadings, multiple murder, torture, mutilation, are also increasing. Many times the crimes occur into the families. This kind of horror have been each time more often in the headlines of the midia. Sad news...

At the same time, the number of new churchs, evangelical denominations, there are many years, yet, are rescuing the exorcism. The religious ministers call their exorcism ritual sessions for unload ("descarrego" – something like make a download of the evil spirit). Paradoxically, the term "descarrego" was taken from the vocabulary of Brazilian-afro religions such as Candomble and Umbanda. These religions are usually publicly ostracized, by the pastors of the new evangelical churches.

In practice, the Evangelical pastors have appropriated of brazilian-afro rituals. It's a way to attract more adepts, speaking in terms that they understand but always in Christ's name!

In fact, the procedures are not rituals in themselves. They are more like sympathies. Formulas to impress the popular imagination. Recipes similars to so-called "magic of the fields".

These evangelical churches have flourished in Brazil for at least 50 years. They grew in the same proportion of the grew of the most poor and ignorant population of the country. (And nor always the ignorant are the poor.)

Today, there are evangelical churches for all social classes. The people, when they seek or are seduced by the theology of the Evangelicals, nearly all are in an existential state of desperation. A state described by the new believers, rich or poor, repeatedly, like being on the bottom of the pit. (Because there are deep wells for all social classes).

The torments are commons: love problems, financial problems, familiar problems, disturbances of the health, physical, mental or psychological, drugs, alcohol, violence, fear, depression, low self-esteem.

Whatever the issue, evangelical pastors emit the same diagnosis. Evil is the result of action of external negative energies. These energies are source of the all the misfortunes. Its origin can be the devil in person or demons of the hell. They act directly on the victims or through other people who cultivate feelings like envy, greed or hate

To defeat the devil and his followers, Evangelical pastors have promoted campaigns aimed at different evils. However, the prayers currents, the sessions for unload are not enough. Therefore, to strengthen faith, the churches offer objects that are supposedly consacrated: roses that suck the evil, pet bottles with grape juice, medals of prosperity, ampoules with oil from the Holy Land (which is doubtful), and breads.

To complete the ministers claim that the power to consecrate people and objects was given to them by the same source that gave this power to the early apostles of Jesus: the Holy Spirit!The christianity of brazilians evangelicals became a reedition the old beliefs in amulets. They are marching backward toward the spiritual barbarism of the ancient and medieval pagans.

SOURCE: Igreja mexicana quer combater crime com exorcismoIN O Globo published in 01/06/2011
[]. Translation and complementary texts, L. Cabus.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Amazon, archaeological findings of a unknown history

Among the artefacts there are pots and dishes.
Photo: Andina (Official news agency of Peru)

PERUVIAN AMAZON – 140 archaeological objects objects like stone and axes diferent tools used in textil industry were found at peruvian Amazon at last months of 2010. The artefacts were discovered at High Amazon region, north of Peru. The findings are being dated about 1,200 years old. The existence of this kind of stuff indicates that, the ancient inhabitants of the rain forest had developed a culture of produtive.

The artefacts were rescued by the Instituto de Investigação da Amazônia Peruana – IIAP (Peruvian Amazon Research Institute ). According to archaeologist Santiago Rivas, the finding was revealed after a landslide caused by heavy rains in the region. The occurence brought to the light some of the material. A local resident, noting the possible importance of the pieces, reported the fact to some researchers that were there, rightly to investigating the area in search of an archaeological site.

Besides the stone axes, pots, dishes, a sculpture of a human being and others fragments were discovered. These relics are a further clue to unveil the mystery surrounding the existence of very old civilizations, which can have lived in Americas in an epoch of forgotten times.

SOURCE: Expedição na selva encontra 140 peças arqueológicas na Amazônia peruana.
IN Globo Amazônia – published in 12/31/2010.

School closed for cause of a haunting

D'Jambi – traditional ritual, but payment is even in euro

ÁFRICA, São Tomé and Príncipe – At final of the last year (2010) throughout the month of December, the Guadalupe Secondary School was closed due to disturbances caused by a haunting. Guadalupe is located for 12 km from the capital, the Sao Tome city.

The soul in torment has attacked 14 students in addition to employees. The classes became impractical. Para resolver o problema, pais de alunos querem contratar um feiticeiro porém não têm dinheiro para os honorários do bruxo. O ritual encomendado, chamado "Jambi", custa 15 milhões de "dobras" ou cerca de 610 euros.

D'Jambi is a magic ritual connected to mysticism, whose goal is to heal the sick and soothe the spirits of antepassados. This ritual is performed by a master healer and his assistant. It is a kind of white magic mixed with Christianism in order to heal people or places that are bewitched and evil eye cases in general.

SOURCE: Escola de São Tomé fechada há quatro semanas por causa de «mau espírito»
IN Diário IOL – published in 12/25/2010

Thursday, January 6, 2011

UFOs, earthquakes and mutilators

Photo: Deivyson Teixeira

CEARÁ – At Sobral city, district of Barracho, in a place called Desterro, since october, 2010, strange phenomenons have been happened. Tens of domestic animais have been found, along the last months, deads and mutilated. At the same period, the local population has registered sightings of lights at the sky at many other places of the region.

Numerous localities are suffering with the ocurrences: in places like Espinhos e Pizunha, at Cruz city more of forty animals suffered mutilations in only one night. Lambs, goats and even a donkey, all them had their eyes surgically stripped. In some cases the tongue is removed too. At Bela Cruz city the the same happened and, in a weekend, 17 lambs were sacrificed.

At Sobral city, UFO researchers are linking the mutilation and also earthquakes that have been occurred at the area with the activities of UFOs.

SOURCE: FAHEINE, Rita. Sobral – Animais encontrados sem olhos e língua; população suspeita de extraterrestres
IN O Povo – published in 12/18/2010