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Mexico. City of Guanajuato. A video that was uploaded to TikTok left the platform's users surprised and some scared because in the recording they captured a strange figure in the middle of Christmas Eve mass.

This editorial identified the city of the incident by searching the image of the account holder for that application.

The young woman who shared the video claims that when reviewing the cameras she identified the figure as the former sacristan of the church who died some time ago.

December 25, 2023
Extraña figura aparece en plena misa durante la víspera de Navidad: VIDEO

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search, translations and text: Lygia Cabus
FIRST EDITION: July 12, 2012
Genrikh Silanov* (Генрих Силанов, photo above), director (now retired) of the Geophysical Laboratory in Voronezh (Russia), began his studies on metaphysical phenomena in 1967, especially interested in UFOs.

Throughout his investigations, lacking appropriate recording and analysis instruments, he designed equipment to photograph what he himself defined as "Fields of Memory". Using this equipment, Silanov led several research expeditions starting in 1978.

* Born in Riga - capital of the Republic of Latvia or, in Portuguese, Latvia - 1934. In 1947 he graduated from the Siberian Research Institute of Geology,
This technology uses special photographic materials capable of reaching a wide electromagnetic spectral range located between 190 and 800 nm (nanometers, a unit of measurement for electromagnetic waves as well as visible light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, gamma radiation) which allows the perception beyond visible light.

Research continued in the following years tracking down metaphysical evidence of different paranormal phenomena. Records that can be considered as capturing images of ghosts, because these images show beings, objects and situations that happened or existed a long time ago.

They are impressive objective documents from the Past that, for conventional science, would be completely lost because no type of retrievable memory, until then, could recover the vision of their occurrences.


The equipment developed by Silanov's team is capable of capturing scenes from a war, the presence of UFOs, aliens, poltergeists, foo-fighters (orange luminous spheres that chased or accompanied planes especially during the Second World War) or, even, the memory of archaic human creatures, ancestors of contemporary man who have been extinct for millennia.

These results were obtained in exhaustive research work: between 1983 and 1984, when scientists were in the mountains of Tajikistan (currently, the Republic of Tajikistan, Central Asia, bordering Afghanistan to the south and China to the east) and, more specifically, in the Pamir mountain range, for example. In 1985 the studies were aggregated into a systematic research action called PROJECT HOOPER (Project Хопёр).

Plasmoid Formation in an Anomalous Zone, 2010. 
Hopper Expedition (Хопёр), Voronezh region.

This technology allowed researchers to observe a reality that appears to exist in parallel to the reality normally experienced by people. One of the first among the strange things observed and photographed in this "parallel world" was a kind of clot of cold, living plasma that seemed to manifest mental information.

These "entities" were considered to be an entirely new form of intelligent life and were called Plasma Beings. Plasma Beings can be confused with Plasmoid Formations but they are different phenomena.

Plasmoid Formations are mere concentrations of ionized molecules, they are not forms of life. However, its existence indicates a state of critical tension in the electromagnetic field and its formation is an intelligent reaction from Earth - Gaia, whose main function is to reestablish the balance broken by the critical tension.

Among the Plasma Beings, there are those that Salinov refers to as the Supremes or the Superiors. In the mountains of Pamir/Tajikistan (map above), Borisoglebsk, Novochpersk, Semiluki, evidence and records of the presence of the Superiors are abundant.

Novohoprskaya Madonna. A Superior Plasma Being. Hopper Expedition (Хопёр), Voronezh region. The photograph was obtained using a film capable of capturing the ultraviolet light spectrum.

In this region, the study of anomalies (or Project Hooper/Хопёр) began in 1985, especially in the Borisoglebsk flight range. Salinov attributes the frequency of these occurrences in the region, sightings of UFOs and aliens  ̶ by earthlings (human beings), to the existence of an ancient geological fault that, reaching the Earth's surface, has become a powerful source of electromagnetic energy that facilitates transit of extraterrestrial and/or non-human beings.
Plasma Beings photographed at the Hooper/Хопёр expedition camp, on the Khoper landfill (from the Khoper river or Khopyor river in Russian: Хопёр. 1994.

The objective of the Superiors when visiting the World or dimension of human existence, would be, for the scientist, to teach people how to evolve in their life cycles on this planet. Therefore, throughout history, their appearances have been associated with messages deities and miraculous appearances, such as the appearances of the Virgin Mary (image above).


In the photo above, two of the scientists' collaborators faced the camera for some time in the designated location. Then they left and the photograph was taken. Although they were absent at the time the photo was taken, their recent presence was captured on camera. This was one of the first images obtained from what was called Field of Memory  ̶  1991.
Photo 2: Photo obtained from filming during the Hopper/Хопёр Expedition, in the Voronezh region (far-west of Russia), at the Novochopersk embankment ̶ which was a line of defense during the so-called Great Patriotic War. It shows soldiers from the Czech army from a regiment that was, in fact, stationed there between 1941 and 1942. The Great Patriotic War is the name by which the Second World War became known in far eastern Europe.


Silanov began his research seeking explanations for phenomena that are generally considered supernatural, for laypeople ̶ or inexplicable, for science. After many decades of investigations, Silanov concluded that these phenomena... in most cases, are processes related to geological and geophysical aspects of our planet.

The study that involved and involves many other researchers defined ideas, delimiting certain geographic spaces as anomalous zones, for example. These scientists also identified interactions between tectonic activities and variations in electromagnetism.

They discovered the Memory Fields, Plasma Beings and finally established the existence of what they call Geopathic Zones.

Geopathic Zones represent a danger: they negatively affect people and environments. The wavelength of electromagnetic emissions in Geopathic zones is considerably shorter than the electromagnetic wavelengths typical of living beings: people, animals, plants.

The prolonged interaction between these two energy frequencies results in a progressive disharmony that begins acting at the cellular level. This alters the normal functioning of cells, organs, and vital systems in the bodies of living creatures. The result is: illness.


At highways, these same activities produce a higher accident rate  ̶  because even a quick passage in this environment can trigger sudden disorientation, a type of stress and the consequent irregular production of certain hormones.
Plasmoid in Novochopersk, 2010.

In 2000, the Hooper/Хопёр Project requested the collaboration of authorities in Novokhopersk (still in the Voronezh region), who agreed to provide information on the number of "first aid" calls and accidents that occurred between July 17 and August 10 of that year.

The results of this monitoring showed that on ordinary or calm days, when the Helium concentration in water sources remained at normal levels, between 4 and 6 first aid calls were recorded per day. When this concentration increased, these calls multiplied, reaching numbers between 26 and 28 calls per day.

In the same period, researchers obtained and, due to the same variations, countless photographs of Plasmoid Formations and powerful bursts of magnetic energy.

The most stable PLASMOIDS resemble a fireball that aggregates excess anomalous electromagnetic energy. The time of its existence can be quite long and will always be necessary to maintain environmental balance.

The excess anomalous energy that a Plasmoid concentrates will be gradually dispersed, when it will then cease to exist. Its size can vary: from a few centimeters in diameter to several meters.

In rural areas, Geopathy (in other words, as we define it here - negative telluric anomaly) generates economic losses, causing a drop in productivity in the fields and loss of weight and vigor in the herds.

Based on this premise, the existence of Geopathic Zones, researchers from the Hooper/Хопёр Project established a method of measuring or detecting telluric anomalies by monitoring Helium in water sources.

Helium was chosen because the main chemical-physical activity that occurs in the thermonuclear fusion processes that are constantly ongoing deep within the Earth is the conversion of Hydrogen into Helium.

This conversion intensifies according to variations in the intensity of heat and electromagnetic energy that is generated as a result of these variations; an energy whose emission transcends the underground and reaches the surface of the planet.

As the cause of these variations at a significant level, scientists considered the hypothesis that solar activity and eruptions on the surface of the Sun are ... a kind of trigger for terrestrial disasters, which is reflected in the well-being of people and their health (SILANOV, 2000).


But Plasmoids do not only form in the open field. Anomalous Zones can occur even in urban environments and, in this case, it is not uncommon for one of these energetic aggregates to manifest itself in a house or apartment. G. Silanov believes that, under these circumstances, a Plasmoid behaves exactly as the Poltergeist phenomenon became known.

One of the most common types of poltergeist manifestations is the self-ignition (self-combustion) of objects. This is because the water molecules surrounding a Plasmoid's electric field can dissociate hydrogen from oxygen. The increase in oxygen content in the environment means that any source of heat can trigger a fire.

It is possible that many of the fires that occur each year in the forests of West Siberia are caused by Plasmoids that form in active tectonic zones (zones with seismic activity).

Therefore, Poltergeist Plasmoids can be extremely dangerous. It is possible that Plasmoid Formations are related to the CHERNOBYL tragedy. According to some witnesses, the destruction of the reactor was preceded by the appearance of luminous spheres. (SILANOV, 2006)


Active since the early 1970s, SETI projects - Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence - [ of-the-institute], using equipment and facilities such as the Allen Telescope Array , the radio telescopes at Arecibo, Parkes, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, the Hubble Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope, has been working for more than three decades in search of extraterrestrial intelligence.

In all this time of monitoring cosmic space, nothing was found. Meanwhile, on Earth, UFO sightings and even encounters with alien beings and reports of abductions are multiplying. Why, then, has human science never obtained objective results?

For Silanov: The search for extraterrestrial intelligence through radio has always been doomed to failure. He believes that advanced civilizations have long since surpassed or never used radio waves in the context of communication.

Instead, it is more likely that more advanced intelligences use telepathy to establish contacts. A system that, among other advantages, completely eliminates difficulties such as language differences.

On the other hand, the human species - and this includes scientists - has its thinking conditioned to the idea that non-humans must necessarily be similar to humans, either anatomically, defining them almost always as humanoids, or psychologically, believing that they must be interested in contacts as many as we are.

However, there is no objective reason for these assumptions. The reasons that lead humans to seek these contacts are extremely futile: from almost childish curiosity to the interest in taking advantage of the technological knowledge of these alien intelligences. Most likely, none of this matters to non-humans.

It means that for extraterrestrials, aliens, inhabitants of other dimensions or parallel universes, if they are more evolved in all aspects of Being than the human species, including more evolved in the sphere of ethical behavior, open contact with Humanity is not desirable.

IMAGE: Recording a UFO. Khoper Landfill
(from the Khoper River or Khopyor River in Russian: Хопёр)

In the studies that the PROJECT HOOPER team carried out at the Khoper landfill (of the Khoper River or Khopyor River in Russian: Хопёр, tributary of the Don River) numerous proofs of the existence of UFOs, their occupants and their variety of forms were obtained.

Analyzing the material gathered, HOOPER scientists state that UFOs enter and transit the Earth using traffic routes completely unknown to human Science, such as transport between different dimensions of existence through open portals in Space-Time. These non-human intelligences do not need to travel distances over millions of earthly years to reach their starting or ending points.

On this subject, observed and photographed UFO appearances, for some reason, occur in constant coordinates, always at the same points in space. This suggests that there are, in these quadrants, cosmic-temporal passages that human science is unaware of.
In this other photograph, while children play cards in the camp, one of the members of the research team got to record this strange being, equipped with numerous tentacles. 1996.

Genrikh Silanov - head of the spectral laboratory of the State Unitary Geological Enterprise "Voronezhgeology", Head of the public research expedition "KHOPER".

He developed equipment that can photograph past events. Silanov believes he has discovered a previously unknown physical effect that he calls the “field memory phenomenon.” The well-known Kirlian effect is similar to the “field memory phenomenon”.

A piece of green leaf is placed in a high frequency electrical field, photographed... and in the image we see a glowing aura surrounding the leaf. Silanov discovered this effect by accident in 1992, when he was trying to improve his equipment for photographing UFOs.

Photographic film is “more sensitive” than the human eye in the ultraviolet and infrared ranges of the spectrum. Much information that is inaccessible to us can be found in a narrow band of the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, close to the lower limit of the visible band...

The most important parts of an image capture camera are a special lens and a plate, or film, with virtually no layer of gelatin that blocks the passage of ultraviolet waves. So the question about the lens arose.

Everyone knows that window glass does not transmit ultraviolet radiation, so it is impossible to sunbathe in an apartment with ordinary glass in the windows. To tan at home you need quartz glass.

An ordinary camera lens plays the role of a banal window glass; in the first random “photos from the past”, only a small fraction of the ultraviolet light penetrated the camera... Realizing this, Silanov began unusually meticulous work.

He selected tiny quartz crystals from coarse sand, then melted them and molded them into the shape of a very thin lens; finally, long and carefully, according to Newton's method, the blade was polished by hand. As a result of this hard work, a year later the “time lens” was ready.

Genrikh Mikhailovich inserted it into the camera and took test photos at the entrance to his laboratory. It was then that a stunning photo of a missing car appeared. 

After bringing his equipment to the required “conditions”, Silanov gathered enthusiasts and set off on an expedition to the Khoper River, where he continued his experiments.

* The original sources of this research, produced out using Russian-language material, have disappeared from the Internet. However, below we indicate new sources currently online:

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Meteoros, detritos espaciais, desentendimentos entre especialistas. O que este editor quer saber é o que é esse orbe azul seguindo a trajetória dos bólidos.

Residents of several states in the Brazilian Northeast saw and filmed the appearance of many lights similar to fireballs, at the sky, at first hours down of Saturday, December 23, 2023.

The images published in media don't come from Space Agencies. It was on social media that videos appeared recording the phenomenon that was observed in the states of Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Sergipe, Ceará and Bahia. However, there is no consensus among experts about the nature of the phenomenon.

Although the Royal Museum of Greenwich announced the appearance of meteors, called Ursids, coming from the cosmic quadrant of the star Beta Ursae Minoris (Kochab), in the constellation Ursa, after the phenomenon occurred, other experts claim that there are no meteors there: the the lights are just the result of friction from space junk entering Earth's atmosphere.

According to the Brazilian Meteor Monitoring Network (Bramon), this trash is the result of the disintegration of the module of a Chinese rocket launched in January 2018.

Physic and Astronomy professor Ednardo Rodrigues explained that in a meteor shower, the tracks "are thin" because they are made of comet dust. Furthermore, the event is very fast in its visible passage across the sky. In contrast, space junk debris is slow. Its passage can last several minutes.

About the delay in the return of space debris in relation to the launch - after all, it has been almost six years, the professor states that discarded rocket projects can remain "several years in space".


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In Astrology, the Black Moon is a celestial body that moves in an orbit invisible to official astronomy. Hebrew Kabbalists refer to this mysterious orb as Lilith, the Black Moon.

Despite being rarely noticeable to observation instruments, astronomers Riccioli, Cassini and Alischer confirmed its existence.

The Pythagoreans called this star Vulcan, classifying it as a second satellite of Earth. Some occultists call it Anti-Earth, a planet analogous to Earth that would describe an ellipse in the opposite direction to the Earth.

In the Tarot card oracle, Lilith is associated with the Moon card (XVIII) and its dark face, whose symbolic contents refer to the impulses of the unconscious, the domain of illusions, the "sleep states of the soul", the practices of spells and spells.


In Theosophy, or in the 'Old Religion", the secrets of the Black Moon belong to the profound knowledge of cosmogenesis, achieved by few among the highest Initiates. Theosophists assert that the Moon precedes the Earth; it is older.

In the evolutionary hierarchy of the cosmos, the Moon is the mother of the Earth. The "Lunar Gods", the Pitris (among the hindus), are ancestors of the human race:

The Lunar monads or Pitris, which are the ancestors of man, actually assume personality itself in a human existence. (BLAVATSKY. 2000, p 222).

In the planetary chain admitted in Theosophy, a globe that dies transfers its energy to another that is born. Aging through milenia,  the Moon became virtually a dead planet, on which rotation almost ceased, after the birth of our Globe.

The Moon is, without a doubt, the Earth's satellite; but that doesn't invalidate the theory that she gave everything to Earth except her corpse. (...) And before this [the Earth] reaches its Seventh Round, its mother, the Moon, will have dissolved in the subtle air... (BLAVATSKY. 2000, p 199-200).

In this condition of a corpse, the symbolism of the Moon adds numerous morbid attributes:

The Moon is today a cold residue, the shadow dragged by the new body into which its powers and life principles were transfused. It is now condemned to follow the Earth for long Evos (Eons), attracting it and being attracted by it. Incessantly vampirized by his daughter, he takes revenge by impregnating her with the harmful, invisible and poisonous influence that emanates from the hidden side of her nature.

Because it is a dead Body, and yet it lives. The particles of his decaying corpse are full of active and destructive life, although the body they formerly formed is soulless and lifeless. (...) Like ghosts and vampires, the Moon is a friend of sorcerers and an enemy of the reckless. (BLAVATSKY. 2000, p 200).

It is on the Moon that theosophists locate the region of Kama-Loka or the Sublunar World, where the dead migrate and where they remain to purge, from their spiritual essence, the impurities of materialism, errors and earthly crimes and where they must undress themselves. of his Kama-rupa, the astral-animal body-soul.

Lilith, representation on clay tablet, Mesopotamia. In the figure, the classic characteristics: the woman, a demon. Bird of prey claws, wings, flanked by two owls and two lions. Piece dated around 2000 years before Christ.

Lilith is one of those mythological figures whose origins are lost in a nebulous past. Her biography accounts are contradictory, after millennia of mixing between the beliefs of various peoples. The best-known syncretism is the combination of Mesopotamian and Israelite legends. The oldest narratives are found in the culture of Sumer.

In the Babylonian epic Gilgamesh (2000 BC) she appears as a sterile prostitute with a zoomorphic appearance, beautiful and young, with owl's feet and bat wings.

The attributes of nocturnal beings are signs of Lilith's affinity with the nocturnal hours and, by extension, with darkness, darkness.

Her evil, demonic nature, with a violent and tempestuous spirit, migrated from the Chaldeans to the Jews. In the sacred books of Judaism, the myth of Lilith is included in an unofficial version of anthropogenesis.

There are references in the Talmud, the Zohar and the Tora. Confusing plots surround the character: she sometimes appears as the unsubmissive woman, who preceded Eve but, due to her rebellion, was expelled from Paradise; Now, she is a personification that refers to a kind of "untold story" of Eve.

Apocryphal tradition states that God failed to create the first woman. Making the creature out of clay and breath, just as she had done with her firstborn, Adam, He made she equal to him. This was Lilith: arrogant, she claimed her substantial equality to refuse subjection to her husband.

Cursed by God, she abandoned paradise and went to live in the desert, in the region of the Red Sea: There where demons and evil spirits live (...) a cursed place.

Another version presents a different reason for Lilith's revolt. Adam's first wife, the traditional Eve, would have had children. However, the angels, jealous because of God's attention to man, vengeful, mercilessly killed the children.

Brutalized by supreme misfortune, Eve transforms into Lilith and leaves the Garden of Delights. There was nothing left for her but to go to the underground worlds where, allying herself with the demons, she learned the magical arts and the practice of vampirism, ultimately becoming, herself, one of the most powerful demons on the face of the Earth.


It was there, in Hades (Greek) or Hell (Catholic-Christian), that Lilith met Samael, the Lord of the Evil Forces of the Sitra Achra (on the other side). 

They became lovers. Lilith is called "the bride of Samael". Together, they reign over all the evils that afflict humanity.

This union resulted in demonic offspring: Lilith gave birth (or rather, to the darkness) to one hundred demons a day, offspring known as Liliotes or Linilins.

Meanwhile, in Eden, God provided a second wife for the lonely Adam. In order to avoid feminist pretensions, the Lord decided to produce this other from a part of Adam's own body. 

He chose the rib, which wouldn't be diference, and fill that local with a few more flesh. The new Eve was born as a byproduct of Adam.

However, once again, although reasonably submissive, it was curious Eve, who, succumbing to her desire for the apple of knowledge, dragging her husband along in her dareness, caused the definitive expulsion of the human race which, outside of God's domain, would suffer all the difficulties and tragedies that have made and continue to make the history of humanity.

Since then, the eternal conflict has been established that torments man, always divided between impulses, for good and for evil.

Just like the Devil, the Serpent and Satan, Lilith represents evil in its feminine side, inspiring everything from the misfortunes of fortune to the most perfidious actions of individuals.

Some of Lilith's "titles" are: Queen of Evil, Queen of the Night, Mother of Succubus, Mother of Demons, Black Moon (the latter, a relationship with astrological symbolism).

Due to her dark resume, Lilith's origins were colored with stronger details. Once a demon, she would have been created, "in truth", from dust and excrement or even from saliva and blood (Hebrew tradition).

Samael is a polygamous demon. He has three more wives, in addition to Lilith, and she also has relationships with other demons.

They are the other three wives of the Lord of Evil: Aggarath, Mochlath and Nehemah. The latter is considered as powerful as Lilith.

The analysis of syncretism allows us to interpret Lilith and Nehemah as different aspects of the same force. In HISTORY OF MAGIC, Eliphas Levi comments on the attributes of Lilith and Nehemah:

'There are in hell – say the Kabbalists – two queens of vampires; one Lilith, mother of miscarriages, the other Nehema, the fatal and murderous beauty. 

When a man is unfaithful to the wife destined for him by heaven, when he gives himself over to the paths of a sterile passion, God takes his legitimate and holy wife and gives him to the kisses of Nehema.

This queen of vampires knows how to appear with all the charms of virginity and love; it takes away the hearts of parents, leads them to abandon their duties and their children; it brings widowhood to married men, it forces men devoted to God into sacrilegious marriage. (...) Nehema may be a mother, but she does not raise her children; she gives them to Lilith, her disastrous sister, to devour.

Lilith's evil action in the daily lives of men and women is documented in Assyrian, Babylonian and Hebrew folklore. Whether to avenge her children killed by men, or due to the curse she carries, the appearances and influences of this demon are always characterized by terror.

Like the succubus, she attacks the sleep of the unwary by imposing violent sexual relations which result in hybrid creatures, a mixture of people and demons.

She also produces nightmares, mounting the chest of sleepers and suffocating them while producing terrifying visions (here she resembles Jurupari, a demon among Brazilian Indians who acts in an identical way).

Among other evils, Lilith would be responsible for the disagreement that resulted in the murder of Abel, by Cain, for the sterility of men and women, abortions, illnesses in children (which weakens them, vampirizing them), marital discord, adulteries. In the Chronicle of Cain (JOCASTIAN, 2002), Lilith appears as the first sorceress in the world.

Lilith, A Rainha da Noite. <>
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A large "fireball" was seen in the sky of Maceió on the night of December 12, 2023. The large orange light was seen at sea at capital state and also at Praia do Francês, in Marechal Deodoro city.

The experts without names or credentials quickly presented their usual hypotheses: it could be a fireball (what anyone can see). It could be a UFO, it's fashionable or, it could be a ship flare (very strange ship flare). Maybe these experts should just say, "I don't know what it is."


The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) reported that, in Maceió, it did not receive reports from aircraft or controllers.

The Port Authority said it will send a vessel to the region to find out if any ship has sunk or makes a distress call.

The Port of Maceió said it had not received any calls and that it would have to be called by the Navy if there was anything wrong or suspicious at sea.

The Center for Astronomical Studies of Alagoas at the Federal University of Alagoas (Ufal) reported that it analyzed the images and said that the light is similar to a nautical flare, like those used by the Navy.

🤡 "These are images of the sea, some vessel launched a flare which resulted in this image. Apparently it is nothing due to meteors, or astronomical phenomena", said Romualdo Caldas.

The meteorologist from the Secretariat of Environment and Water Resources also believes in the hypothesis of a flare thrown into the sea. 

"As far as I saw, it doesn't appear to be any meteorological phenomenon. It appears to be some type of ship flare" - said Vinicius Pinho.

Anyway, how always happens, the authorities talk, they say it might be, it might not be and the conclusion is that they have no idea what it is.

December 13, 2023
FARIAS, Michelle. 'Bola de fogo' no céu de Maceió 
chama atenção de moradores; especialistas dizem 
ser sinalizador 🤡

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by @LygiaCabus Ed 2008
published 2023 @BRAZILWEIDNEWS *Youtrick
Dragons are fabulous animals, usually represented as a huge winged serpent that breathes fire through its nostrils.

Its biological type is between the reptile and the saurian (dinosaurs): head with a large crest, powerful horns, huge tusks, thick and knotted leather covering the entire body up to the tail, not infrequently provided with spurs, possibly bone or cartilaginous tissue .

Endowed with extraordinary powers, Dragons' breath is considered poisonous and their blood, when spilled in battle or at the time of death, is equally fatal for anyone hit by liquid splashes.

Reptiles by nature, dragons find comfort in cold, dark, and damp places. Therefore, caves are ideal homes for dragons, in addition to the few lightning and cool, they are easily protected and protected places to store treasures and food reserves.

Hills close to human groups or herds of mammals were the preferred locations for choosing a den.

There are dragons that live in water: seas, lakes, rivers but, preferably, in swamps, like the English “Knuckers” dragons.
( - 2005)

In the West, some of the first reports about dragons appear in the Jewish (Bibles) and Greek scriptures.

In Europe, legends about man-eating, fire-breathing or “pestilence-spiting" monsters gained ground in the popular imagination.

The stories tell of threatened cities and villages and of kidnappings of maidens who were cruelly murdered, decapitated or impaled, except when a virtuous knight opportunely intervenes in the situation armed with a magic sword.

One of the most famous heroes to rescue a city and its imprisoned maiden is Saint George, whose victory is interpreted as a victory for Christianity over the forces of Evil.

In Eastern Europe, Dragons are linked to the traditions of the Occult Secret Societies, of those who claimed to be descendants of the ancient Indian Nagas whose representation, the figure of a Dragon or a serpent, means Wisdom, whether used for good or evil. . .

The famous Vlad Tepes, or Dracula, was a member of the Secret Society of Dragons in his region and his nickname “Dracula” means, precisely, Dragon. In this tradition there is a clear association between Dragons and Wisdom, a historical relationship with roots yhay remais in the most remote antiquity.

Dragon carved on a tomb, Liao dynasty (916–1125)

Dragons appear in the mythological traditions of almost all people in the world. In the East, Dragons are not necessarily evil. At China, they are very prominent figures. Folk festivals are dedicated to them.

Dragons even symbolize the Chinese people who call themselves "Long De Chuan Ren" (Children of the Dragon).

For the Chinese, the dragon is a mythical and divine creature related to abundance, prosperity and good fortune. Temples and pagodas are built in honor of Dragons and for them incense is burned and prayers are said.

They are the rulers of all agents of the forces of Nature. They live in the waters, fly in the skies and roam the bowels of the Earth and the Oceans; they produce tectonic movements causing earthquakes, seaquakes and tsunamis.

Chinese dragons are classified into nine categories:

1. Horned Dragon (ruler of air),

2. Celestial Dragon, which maintains and protects the abodes of the Gods;

3. Spiritual Dragon, rain generator;

4. Dragon of Hidden Treasures, Guardian of Riches;

5. Serpent Dragon, inhabitant of the waters;

6. Yellow Dragon, also aquatic, which would have presented the legendary emperor Fu Shi with the elements of writing.

The last four are the King Dragons, rulers of the four cardinal points.

"Along with the Unicorn, the Phoenix and the Turtle, it was considered one of the first four animals that helped in the creation of the world. The dragon had the wealth of wisdom and power for victory.

The emperor of China was considered to be descended from a dragon. Chinese scholars carefully categorized dragons by several criteria such as the Cosmic Tasks classification:

Celestial Dragons: These dragons protect the heavens, support the homes of deities, and defend them from decay. Only these dragons had five claws and only the Imperial insignia was allowed to describe them.

Spiritual Dragons: These controlled the climate on which life was dependent. They had to be appeased as they got angry easily. Simple negligence and disasters would follow.

Earth Dragons: These were lords of the rivers, they controlled their flows. Each river had its own dragon that ruled a palace far below the waters.

Underground Dragons: These dragons were guardians of the precious metals and jewels buried in the earth. Each had a large pearl and could multiply anything they touched.

They were also classified by color:

Blue: Omen of Summer

Red and Black: Dragons these cores were dark beasts whose fights caused storms and other natural disasters.

Yellow: These were the luckiest and most developed of the dragons. It could not be dominated, captured or even killed. They only appeared in protected places and only if there was a moral perfection in that ones whose seek him.

Chinese Dragons could take human or beast form if they wished. But, they had a bizarre collection of phobias. They feared iron even being creatures that were seen as masters of such elements and almost divine. Interestingly, they also feared other strange things like centipedes or silk threads.

Japan also had its dragons. Called Tatsu, they were closely related to Chinese Dragons.

Like them, they also had different subtypes, however, they generally only had three claws and were more snake-like."
( - 2005)

In Chinese mythology, much older than that of the Jews, there is also a Genesis, an account of Creation, and an Eden. The Chinese Paradise, called the Garden of Wisdom, was inhabited by the "Dragons of Wisdom" (Initiates, Mages).

It was located on the Pamir Plateau, among the highest peaks of the Himalayan mountain range.

There, at the culmination of Central Asia, the Lake of Dragons fed four great rivers: Oxus, Induas, Ganges and Silo; Therefore, the Lake is called "Dragon with Four Mouths".
The Buddhist movement of the Great Vehicle (Skt. Mahayana) emerged at India around the 2nd century.

This movement is based on several texts that were recorded from speeches (Sansk sutras) given by Buddha Shakyamuni himself (6th century BC) and then preserved in the kingdom of the nagas — water dragons with a serpent body and a human head — until that the disciples become able to receive them.

One of these people capable of receiving the Mahayana teachings would have been the Indian monk Nagarjuna (2nd-3rd century), whose works originate from the philosophical school of the Middle Way (Skt. Madhyamaka).

Nagarjuna did not intend to create a philosophy, but rather to elucidate the teachings of the Discourses on the Perfection of Wisdom (Skt. Prajnaparamita Sutra), a set of Mahayana texts that he would have received directly from the nagas. IN DHARMANET

"Mystics see, by intuition, in the serpent of Genesis, an animal emblem and a high spiritual essence; a cosmic source of super-intelligence, a great fallen light, a sidereal spirit, aerial and telluric at the same time, 'whose influence surrounds the globe' (qui circumambulat terram - De Mirville) ... and which only manifests itself in the physical aspect that best matches its moral and intellectual sinuosities, that is, the form of a snake. ...In all languages, at ancient ages, the word dragon had the same meaning as the Chinese word "long" or - 'the being that excels in intelligence'. In Greek, drakon is "the one who sees and watches." BLAVATSKY, 2003 - p 228

Cave painting representing a Pterodactyl, dated millennia old, belonging to the Black Dragon Wash culture, from Utah - USA.

In Black Dragon Wash, Utah, this ancient and evolved culture left on the rocks artistic representations of a Pterodactyl, the fearsome winged beast of Prehistory (antediluvian), a fact that could unequivocally attest to its immense antiquity.
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Researchers from different areas, geologists, archaeologists or theosophists, who defend the hypotheses of a more ancient origin for the human species, admit that a transition period may have occurred in which human beings lived with saurians or large reptiles.

The theosopher H.P. Blavatsky wrote, in her Secret Doctrine (2003), citing the naturalist Curvier:

"If there is something that can prove the existence of hydras and other monstrosities whose figures were so often reproduced by historians of the Middle Ages, this something is indisputably the plesiosaur." Globo Revolution. vol V - pg. 247

The existence of Dragons, as prehistoric animals, contemporary to an archaic human race, can still be contested, but their reality as a cultural element, their character as a powerful symbol present in the popular imagination and in religious allegories around the world is a undeniable fact. Rich in semiotic content, the Dragon sometimes represents good, sometimes evil.

He is the monster that terrifies mortals, he is the opponent of God and men in the book of Revelation, the ally of Black Magic, the kidnapper of medieval maidens; but it is also a symbol of wisdom, physical strength, power, protection and good fortune.

This seemingly multifaceted character of dragons is the result of millennia of syncretism between cultures around the world.

The dragon's evil appearance is most notable in the West, where it has been associated with the figure of the Devil on account of its "appearances" in Christian scriptures.

The dragon is also supposed to be the monster Leviatan, one of the most enigmatic creatures mentioned in Genesis. In the apocryphal gospels, in Bartholomew, he appears submissive and, before Christ and the apostles, confesses his evil deeds.

Other references to the diabolical dragon are the clashes with the Archangel Michael and Saint George. In the apocryphal gospel of Bartholomeu, the "enemy of men" is described thus:

Belial ascended, imprisoned by 6,064 angels and bound with chains of fire. The dragon was one thousand six hundred cubits high and forty cubits wide. His face was like burning ember and his eyes were dark. A foul-smelling smoke came out of his nose, and his mouth was like the face of a cliff...

Bartholomeu then went and stamped on his neck, which he had hidden up to his ears, saying to him: 

— Tell me who you are and what your name is... Belial replied:
— At first he called me Satanail , which means messenger of God but since I did not recognize the image of God, my name was changed to Satan, which means guardian angel of Tartar. 

[Apocryphal. AT]

The folklore involving Dragons guarding treasure is a popular adaptation for the Guardian Dragons of Eden, Guardians of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

In ancient Hebrew books, dragons may be saw the Cherubim appointed by the Creator to defend Paradise.

These angels are described in the Book of Enoch with a zoomorphic appearance, equipped with multiple wings, flaming swords and a zoomorphic face, between man and dragon.

They are, therefore, guardians of Wisdom and still harbor other meanings: they represent the creative cosmic energy, eternity and the Cosmos itself coiled upon itself, a circle of serenity that when awakened in whirlwinds, unfolds its spirals in infinity, manifesting - in all things that exist in the Universe.

The image of the Dragon associated with wisdom contains a profound message. The image says that Wisdom is not related to any type of weakness.

There is no conflict between strength, power and happiness, good fortune, compassion and common sense. The original sign, conceived at unsuspected times in human history, refers to Psychic Regeneration and Immortality.

Hermes considered the serpent the most spiritual of all beings.

Jesus admitted the Serpent as endowed with Wisdom and one of his teachings said: "Be cunning as the serpent."

Many peoples, nations, tribes symbolized the “Spirit of God” in the form of a burning serpent that hovers above - or is immersed in - the primordial waters until the day of awakening, when it expands through the verb (thought) taking the form of leminiscato, the serpent that bites its own tail, representation of the Universe, Eternity, Infinity in a spherical form (or circular, depending on the conception of the general structure of this world) of the celestial bodies. BLAVATSKY, 2001 - p. 131

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