Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The existence of the conscious beings is only one - but the same Being lives many lives in many orbs and in different planes of the Universe in a very long time period that is called maha-avatara or one day of the physical and metaphysical manifestations of the Creator of all things; the mysterious entity to whom people call God.

From the rocks to Races of spirits, that are called monads by the occultists - even the human beings that are linked or are in the condition prisioners in dense physical bodies more or less gifted with of powers over the reality, all of these creatures are in a process of evolution.

At the Earth, despite the fine speech of the humanists philosophers, ever insisting in the equality among all human beings, in fact, this is not a reality and anyone can see this.

This blue planet is inhabited by a vast diversity of spirits that belong to distinct races and are provenient from, at least, four dimensions or metaphysical places...

Women, men, children that are incarnated and living at the Earth, they are subject of all sorts of difficulties, sufferings, physical limitations because this is the unique way of learning and purification of the Being. This purification is related to aggregates of substances of mental and emotional nature.

The so-called process of evolution is - in true - a process of purification through the redemption of mutual debts or debts with themselves. These persons are here to repair errors and crimes committed in other circumstances practiced along the existence - incarnate or not. At Earth like in other globes, people are fulfilling a law: the Law of Karma, Law of reparation, the law of action and reaction. ...

Spirits incarnate on Earth have their repair mission well defined in an unconscious level but, many, once embodied, deviate from the original purpose. They prefer resume their petty inclinations and instead of enjoy the justice, these creatures leverage the opportunity to execute their revenges. ...

However, these spirits rogue are mistaken when they think that they can violate the law of karma freely because exist a surveillance system in the most evolved spiritual spheres and whenever one of these individuals begins to deviate from the original purpose of his incarnation, is actioned an interference. An agent is designated to stop or at least minimize malevolous action of these avengers. READ MORE