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Transcendental Communication with the Beyond

Shortly after death, the Spirit of most human creatures experiences a hazy state of consciousness. Rare are those who immediately realize what is happening.

In general, the sensation is of being immersed "in chaotic dreams or in a totally dreamless sleep, similar to annihilation"

This situation of mental confusion corresponds to a state of consciousness that leads the disembodied Spirit to the existential dimension of Kama-Loka, a place of purification, where posthumous mental disturbances are dissipated and where the remains of earthly matter or animal soul are dispersed.

Kama-Rupa, as an earthly soul, tends to remain attached to the spirit, as if refusing its inevitable fate, which is disintegration.

The purification process takes more or less as the Spirit becomes more or less identified and deceived with the reality of life on Earth, attached to things, people and emotions from that period of existence in mundane conditions.

Dissatisfied, such Spirits use the Animal Soul (or Instinctive) as a last resort to access the terrestrial “plane”, because only this Soul can still manifest itself in that plane, driven by the desire that dominates the mind, which is the Spirit itself. .

Animated by the capture of prana, food of the instinctive soul of the deceased personality-man, the Animal Soul - Kama-Rupa, can remain on the planet seeking the satisfaction of sensual and sensorial desires - food, drink, drugs, sex, desire for revenge, sorrows unresolved, guilt, etc.

While wandering the Earth, the "husk" of Rupa's body is connected (by psychotronic or mental energy) to the Spirit, which empowers him while he, the spirit itself, is dissatisfied with its change of ontological state.


The Kama-Rupican phantom [is a being] deprived of its thinking principle, [it doesn't even have] animal intelligence and... without a physical brain to be able to manifest itself, it disappears.

...It is a true non-entity, as far as the reasoning and meditating faculties are concerned; however, it is an entity, albeit astral and fluidic.

... In some cases, attracted magnetically and unconsciously by a medium, [lives] for some time, survives [through the medium] by proxy.

...The Kama-rupa lives in the medium's aura a kind of fictitious life; it reasons and speaks through the medium's brain or that of other people present.

KAMA-RUPA is an "ethereal personality relic". Subject to earthly attractions, it rushes into Kama-Loka. Their annihilation is never instantaneous, and sometimes the process can take centuries.

The personality, which remains there with residues of other personal egos, "becomes a shell or an elemental. These shells and the elementals are the protagonists of the "apparitions and manifestations" in spiritist sessions:

"All these communications with the dead are necromancy and very dangerous practices... [the so-called] "spirits" do not know what they are saying, repeating like parrots what they find in the medium's and other people's brains..."

We can conclude that a spirit will only suffer in its post-mortem if it remains psychologically attached to the sensation of denser physical life because its astral body, in general, will in fact be suffering disaggregation on the astral plane, just like the physical body. disintegrates in the grave or by cremation.

This is the only hell admitted by theosophists, a hell, by nature, temporary. Another pleasant existential dimension is reserved for the Superior Spirit, where everyone can rest from the planetary sufferig. The theosophical heaven is called Devakan or 'Abode of Devas. But that's a topic for another text.

BLAVATSKY, H.P.. A Chave da teosofia
Ed três: São Paulo. Brasil, 1983.

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The Nistarim Zadikim or Lamed Vav Zadikim (ל"ו צדיקים) - are the 36 Just - or Sanctified People, a notion rooted in the most mystical aspect of Judaism. 

In gematria, Hebrew esoteric science, Lamed is the letter that represents the number 30 and, Vav, represents the number 6.
Also, 36, means "double life", being double of 18, which represents "life". 

Zadikim is the plural of "Righteous One". Thus, the "Sanctified Persons" are called "The Thirty-Six". 

They are also called Zadikim Nistarim: "Hidden Righteous Ones" or "Hidden Saints". 

According to the Jewish tradition of mystical Hasidic Judaism, there are 36 righteous men [human beings] whose role in life is to validate the existence of the human race under the eyes of God.

The identity of these people is unknown and when one of them has fully accomplished his mission in this world, he dies—and his place is immediately taken over by someone else.

The chosen one is, necessarily, someone who must possess the character for the status of Zadikim.  However, if God does not find on Earth someone good, pure, humble enough to take the place of the dead Zadikim, then, the world could end at the same moment.

The Lamed-Vav Zaddikim are called Nistarim, "the hidden ones" or, in free translation, the unknown ones. 

In folkloric accounts, the condition of Nistarim, to act anonymously, is a choice, a self-imposition of the chosen one that, even if he is not concious of his position, uses his mystical powers to prevent disasters, protect threatened or, persecuted people. 

In everyday life, they live discreetly, in condition of little prominence in the community. On rare occasions, one of them is discovered by accident. The secret must not be revealed. 

The Zadikim themselves are unaware of each other's status, and if a person claims to be one of the 36, that person is surely lying; because the main virtue of a Nistarim is anavah [humility]. 

A humility so sincere that the Nistarim cannot believe that he himself is one of the 36 Righteous Ones.

These 36 Righteous Ones, living on Earth, are a kind of guarantee of the salvation of the world before the judgment of God. 

It is because of them that the Creator allows the existence of Humanity that degenerates into barbarism of customs. 

This situation refers to the biblical episode of Sodom and Gomorrah, when God promises Abraham that he will preserve the city of Sodom if he finds at least 10 righteous men there.

The myth of the Zadikins holds the possibility that every person in this world can be one of the 36 Righteous Ones and can act like one of them, practicing mercy and prayer for salvation, for the good of all Humanity.

Tradition also says that one of these 36 Righteous Ones could potentially be the Jewish Messiah if the world is ready for his identity to be revealed. The Righteous live and die like ordinary people.

The belief in the 36 Just Ones fills, to a large extent, the cult of saints and other personalities in the Judaism. 

Man does not need heavenly intercessors since the world receives Mercy through the actions of the anonymous, unknown and never revealed Righteous Ones.

Anyone can be one of them: the author of this text; the reader or even someone whom everyone considers completely devoid of any merit.

This is the legend of the 36 righteous men. If you like the content, comment what you think: is it a legend or a hidden truth? 


There is an ancient Jewish belief concerning the Lamed Vav Tzadikim (or the 36 good people). 

They are also known as Lamed Vavniks or, in another spelling, Lamed Wufniks.

It is said, over millennia, that there are - and always have been - thirty-six men in the world whose mission is to justify human existence before God. They are the Lamed Wufniks.

They don't know each other and are ordinary people who sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others Unknowingly. The Lamed Wufniks are the secret pillars of the universe. If not for them, God would annihilate all mankind.

Unbeknownst to them, they prevent harm from happening to those around them. Without ever standing out from the crowd, without ever losing your anonymity. Without realizing it, they are our saviors.

They are the proof we offer to God that we can be good and pure and therefore deserve his love and mercy. They are the scapegoats of humanity.

If, eventually, a Lamed Wufnik realizes his importance, his death is certain: because no man can support even 1/36 of the weight of the world.

When one of them ascends to heaven his state is of total freezing and God needs to warm him for a thousand years before his soul can live in Paradise.

And it is said that some remain so inconsolable towards humanity that even God cannot warm them. So, from time to time, the Creator advances the Last Judgment clock by one minute.

In the 7th century, Jews from Andalusia (a region in Spain) venerated a teardrop-shaped rock. They believed that the rock was the soul of an unknown Lamed Wufnik petrified by grief.

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Independent journalist Adam Green has devised a command for an AI to generate an image of the Antichrist. Here is the result that Mr. Green posted on his Twitter account... without comments.

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According to Paracelsus: 

"The Elementals are not spirits because they have flesh, blood and bones; they live and reproduce; they speak, act, sleep, wake up and, consequently, cannot be called, properly, spirits. These beings occupy a place among Men and Spirits, are similar to both; they resemble men and women in their organization and form and resemble spirits in the swiftness of their locomotion
Philosophia Occulta, translated by Franz Hartman.

The occultist calls these creatures composite, referring to the composition, mixture of spirit and matter.

Nature Spirits combine spirit and matter resulting in a Being that is neither spirit nor matter. They are composed of a substance which may be called spiritual matter or the ether of occultists and philosophers.

Fairies. Fascinating creatures... For most people, fairies are characters from ancient tales, nothing but fantasy. However, as the science of myths teaches, the imagination is not exalted by anything and not infrequently, at the origin of the fable, there is the fantastic reality of long-forgotten memories.

For millennia, in cultures all over the world, Occultists have taught: Just as visible Nature is inhabited by an infinite number of living beings, also in the Invisible, in the astral and spiritual plane of this World, unsuspected creatures live - called Elementals.

There are four categories of these beings who identify themselves with the essence of the four physical elements of all things - EARTH, FIRE, WATER AND AIR.

The Gnomes dominate the earth, the Salamanders, the fire, the Undines or Naiads - the waters and the Sylphs - are the lords and ladies of Ares. Sylphs, these are the arcane entities that are at the origin of the fairy myth.

There is some disagreement among masters of the occult sciences about the physiology of Elementals.

Paracelsus says that they are not spirits because they have flesh, blood and bones, reproduce, speak, act, sleep, wake up, LIVE AND DIE. 

DESPITE THE ELEMENTAL SIMILARIES they are not human beings BUT they are not spirits either.

They are similar to men and women in their anatomical and metabolic aspect - on the other hand, like spirits, they are invisible to the standard reach of the human optic nerve and extremely fast in their locomotion.

This line of thought considers that Elementals, like fairies, are basically made of a substance called ether.

It is not a question here of pharmaceutical ether, of chemical substance. The ether mentioned here is a reality so complex that it would take a book or an entire documentary just to talk about it.
The idea of the alchemical ether that constitutes the World of Elementals is something like the structure of a morphogenic field - of life, forms and beings that, due to its peculiar wave frequency - or vibration - propitiates the genesis of bodies that are much more subtle, less dense in relation to the predominant matter in the Kingdom of nature inhabited by Humanity.

That said, the Elementals would then be - ethereal beings in all their fullness. It means that they do not suffer conflicts between different support bodies to maintain their existence in the earthly environment - as occurs with the human being.

In fact, the human creatures, sons of Adam, often lives divided between the requests of the physical body, the passions of the astral body, the reasons of the mind and the Truth of the Spirit or of the Higher Self.

In practice, the UNITARY ontological complexion - that is, the state of being ONE in itself - guarantees little physical decadence to Elementals over time. 

Therefore, they live so much. The average life expectancy of elementals is between 300 and a thousand years and the longest lived are precisely the Sylphs, the elementals of Air, the Fairies.

The Elemental has only one principle or body, the etheric body, made of ether, in which it lives. 

The ether, in occultism, is a spiritual essence; in the four Elements, ether is the essence. There are many ethers just as there are different families of Nature Spirits of the Elements.

Being made of a single substance, the ether, the Elementals do not suffer from friction and do not suffer from conflict, dialectic... between vehicles; therefore, in practical terms, Elementals suffer little wear and tear on their bodies day by day; their biological functions have little chance to suffer harms; therefore, they live a long time, reaching advanced ages.

Finally, if a human being - a Mage - wants to dominate the elementals, if he wants to have access to such creatures and command them, putting them at his service, this human being must prove that he has complete control of the elements to which these belong those entities. Teaches the master Eliphas Levy:

Who wants to discover the treasures of the Earth, 
cannot fear the caves.
If he wants the powers of fire, 
he doesn't back down from the flames.
Seekers of sea secrets are not afraid of ocean storms.
And the powers that inhabit the Air,  
only respect those who seek the heights.

HALL, Manly P. Elementais, os Espíritos da Natureza, 1928
Trad. Lygia Cabus
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Trad. Rosabis Camayasar. São Paulo: Pensamento, 1995
vol II, cap IV A Conjuração dos Quatro
Script and Text: Lygia Cabus ED @adrianfaraj

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HALL, Manly P. Elementais, os Espíritos da Natureza, 1928
Trad. Lygia Cabus
LEVI, Eliphas. Dogma e ritual da Alta Magia
Trad. Rosabis Camayasar. São Paulo: Pensamento, 1995
vol II, cap IV A Conjuração dos Quatro
Roteiro & Texto: Lygia Cabus ED @adrianfaraj

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Is there a limited number of souls that will be born into this world? A brief foray into the forgotten myth of the Guff, now revisited by researchers who investigate the question of the pre-existence of souls.


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ARCHONS. This is the name of a people or race that appear in the headlines of blogs and websites that deal with Ufology or, more specifically, exobiology and exopolitics.

The canadian newspaper Canadian National Newspaper (initial source of this text and now extinct), in particular, published a serie of news about these beings; and the news is not at all optimistic for Humanity.

The introduction of the "evil aliens" theme starts with the old question: UFO sightings - which have become more and more frequent, with new technologies generating numerous photos and footages, extraordinary phenomenons observed at the sky in various parts of the world and, invariably, the statements by government authorities in every country, supported by traditionalist academic scientists, offering explanations that have become repetitive. They are weather balloons; are unusual but absolutely normal atmospheric phenomena.

It has always been that way, even when former government and space agency officials make contrary claims in videos or documents widely circulated in the internet.

The denials are recurrent: nothing is happening - although there are cases that involve criminal episodes such as abductions followed by the discovery of chips implanted in victims.

The reports appear on the news, in Sunday television programs but soon are forgotten.

There isn't lack of ironic comments from prestigious researchers who guarantee that they are montages, farce and, ultimately, the deponents fall into ridicule, are discredited, considered unbalanced or mere hunters of instant fame. Cases are closed, forgotten amid the flood of new headlines.

Despite this routine of rumors and the opinions of so-called serious scientists, other researchers who, precisely because they deal with UFOs and aliens are - "officially" - considered non-serious, insist that the alien phenomenon is real.

John Carpenter (American, born 1948), filmmaker and screenwriter (and this profession is enough to make him suspicious), in his film "They Live" (1988 - They Live, image above) - portrays what pagans Gnostics called "Archons". These creatures would be parasites that hide themselves possessing human bodies.

David Icke*  ̶  A well-known supporter of theories of alien reality, calls these organic "vehicles", which perfectly mimic the human physique, "robothoids".

Icke believes that these entities can dominate human consciousness through mind control.

In these cases, they choose charismatic personalities, often politicians, artists, influential sportists around the world. There are theories that include Adolf Hitler as one of those puppets of the past used to spread chaos and terror.

The researcher, Michael Salla, (Australian, born 1958) – an academic who spent time at the University of Melbourne, Mellbourne College of Advanced Education and PhD by the University of Queensland (1993) introduced the concept of Exopolitics in UFO and Exobiological in the field of research and literature.

Exopolitics deals mainly with how aliens, many already infiltrated on Earth, act in the world political environment to achieve their goals, in general, unethical. Even because, in principle, they act secretly precisely because of the harmful nature (to humans) of their projects.

Salla goes beyond in his speculations. He believes that human political leaders have been aware of the Archons' presence on this planet for several decades.

They would have made deals with these aliens. However, they have been deceived and only recently began to realize their great error that will result in the end of the existence of all Humanity. (Too late.)

The visitors (Archons, handlers) have not arrived here recently. They have been on Earth for thousands of years and, once infiltrated among us, they have created socio-economic and political instability across the world. This is a plan whose ultimate goal is the extermination of every man, woman and child on the face of the earth.

Amid the arguments of this conspiracy theory, it is impossible not to ask why such aliens, the Archons, would be so interested in the extermination of the human species.

Alex Collier, identified as a ufologist but more appropriately considered as a victim of aliens or someone who has been chosen to be contacted by them, in this case, friendly extraterrestrials, has an interesting concept about the "Archons".

A. Collier is the pseudonym of Ralph George Amigron. This North American, whose biography is practically unknown, claims that he was abducted by extraterrestrials from the constellation called Andromeda and explains that the Archons are mental-emotional parasites.

The negative energies emitted by the crowds - rage, fear, sadness - literally work as food for the maintenance of life and health of these Archons, being also fundamental for the procreation of the species.

To obtain such energies in sufficient quantity to supply their vital needs, the Archons are interested in promoting all kinds of horrors in Humanity including, among other atrocities, the fomentation of wars, urban conflicts, famine, diseases.

At this point in history (2022), create a Third World War would be the final operation on this planet. With it, these extraterrestrials intend to obtain a fabulous amount of life force through the complete and intensely painful annihilation of the human species.

Curiously, Collier has been despised by most representants of the  community that studies the UFO phenomenon . Only a few give credence to his claims which, however, are consistent with the "Archon conspiracy" theory.

For many mystics and esoterics, we live in a matrix that is manipulated by these beings. They came from a distant Galaxy and they refuse the sovereignty of the Source - which is the term used by researchers of the subject to refer to what most people call God.

Through millennia, the archons have created synthetic, artificial races using genetic engineering to use them as slave warriors for the purpose of expanding their dark empire.

The Gnostics taught that the Archons did not create us, but they are trapped in illusion and think they are our creators.

Archons have distorted the fabric of space-time and maintain an anomaly in human perception, confusing people's minds and emotions.

* DAVID ICKE. English researcher, writer and speaker. Born in 1952, author of 18 books where he exposes his ideas among which the idea of ​​the presence of a race of reptilians living on Earth stands out. Website Editor:

The original publication of this text, in portuguese, dates from 2012. In that year, the theme "aliens" was, in fact, treated by the mass media and authorities as a ridiculous subject, the result of unbalanced minds, fantasy of people influenced by cinematographic fiction.

Ten years later, the scenario is completely different. Little by little,  rulers of countries, space technology agencies and even the highest authority of the great church based in the Vatican, began to speak of extraterrestrials naturally. Allegedly secret government reports in the recent past have begun to "surface".

On May 12, 2014Slap Bergóglio admitted to baptizing extraterrestrials. As published in the Christian Post and numerous other mass media outlets:

"Pope Francis spent some time during the Vatican Mass on Monday talking about alien life forms and suggested that if Martians should visit Earth, would also be welcome to be baptized. 

If - for example - tomorrow came a expedition of Martians, and if some of them came to us, here, and say, 'We want to be baptized!' What would happen?" theorized the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, as reported by Vatican Radio.

And answering his own question he declared: "Who are we to close the doors to the Holy Spirit?" and remembered the words of the apostle Peter: 

"If God gave them the same gift that He gave us when we came to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, who am I to dennie God to them?" Acts 11:17 (CHRISTIAN POST, 2014)

In 2021, “Former US President Barack Obama admits that there really are UFO sightings that the government cannot explain” (7NEWS-AUSTRALIA, 2021).

These are just two examples of the new "official" stance. Today, personalities from the most different areas of the public sphere, claim the need for a world government, a centralized government legislating over the entire planet, holding unlimited powers over all peoples.

To justify this policy of putting all eggs in one basket, these "leaderships" seem to be looking for a kind of common enemy, real or not, that threatens all of Humanity: it could be a ruler, a disease or, who knows, the "invasion" by a hostile alien species.

At social networks, on Youtrick's still-allowed channels, many ordinary people (at least in Brazil) comment:

"The coup is there, fall who wants".

This publisher thinks NOTHING. Just feels that something very wrong is happening and being fully aware that there is no power on Earth, there is no popular force able of stopping the evil that is already advancing on all of us, the people - limit myself to writing here what, I supose, is still allowed to me to publish and talk with the Creator of all things, GOD. To Him I ask: Give us strength to endure what has to be endured.

Finally, observing the panorama of emotions that today saturate the psychosphere of cities if, in fact, those Archons feed on fear, fury and sadness, I guess that at this moment, these such must be stuffing themselves with astral disgestive tea not to suffer of a potent archontic indigestion. Let's meditate...


Pope Francis Talks About Aliens; Says He Would Welcome Martians to Receive Baptism
CHRISTIAN POST. 13 de maio, 2014
Acessado em 27 de Abril, 2022
Barack Obama admits there are UFO sightings where ‘we don’t know exactly what they are’
7NEWS-AUSTRALIA. 18 de maio, 2021
Acessado em 27 de Abril, 2022