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by Lygia Cabus
The mirrors are, in themselves, magical objects for a vocation that emerges from its own physical nature. Mirrors reflect light! And the light has many dimensions and meanings. The mirror that speaks awakens in the Queen of a malignant vanity, first, the envy and after, the desire for revenge against the beautiful Snow White.

Crossing the mirror, like a portal between two worlds, Alice entered in the Wonderland. The destruction of Narcissus was a water mirror. The curious fascination caused by reflection in the mirror image lures people since the remotest antiquity.

Egyptians, Greeks and Romans made mirrors of brass, silver and zinc. In medieval Italy, the ladies, already used, attached to belts, practical mirrors, small and round, in general, also made ​​of gold or silver. 

It was in the fourteenth century, in the 1300s, which Venetian craftsmen began to produce glass mirrors coated with a thin layer of an alloy of mercury and tin. In 1833 the coating began to be done in silver, as we know today.

For wizards and witches, the recognition of an object as a mirror depends only of the power of reflection of the light that the object has. According the understanding of the ancients, to the occultists, every surface polished is a mirror because all that it needs is be able to reflect light with more or less intensity.

The Initiated uses the magic mirror for different purposes. The first is the development of the will by of the look training, of the sight while like expression of the will.

This is because control of will is achieved, base of the power of the magi, the secret of magic, is reached, precisely, through the education of the human expression of this will. And the men, express of their will through of the:


The magic mirrors are used, then, for two purposes:

1. The education of the look or sight

2. with educated look, the look-oriented is possible to produce a phenomenon called Fascination, ie, submission of someone due to impression caused by concentrated light emitted by the mirror or the light, energy issued by the look of the magician himself, since the iris of the magician, the surface of eye, such as a mirror is also light reflector.

The fascination produced by the look is obtained not only because the iris reflects the light but also because condense the light of the own magician, that, by this way, by the fixed look, can send their own light (energy) through the eyes. Thus, the eyes are, in themselves, magic mirrors. The occultist Papus (Gérard Anaclet Vincent Encausse, 1865-1916), in his Traite Méthodique De La Magie Pratique (1898)  explains:

The magic mirrors are essentially organs [instruments, vehicles] of condensation of the astral light, so that coal, crystal, glass and metals can be used in their construction, in their manufacture (...) ... the simplest of magic mirrors is a crystal glass filled with pure water. It should be placed on a white napkin with a light placed behind.


It is evident that the working principle of the magic mirror is its property of reflecting light. The secret of the mirror is to produce an attractive light to the look that be able to promote the concentration of the observer in a process that aims to transition to one state of consciousness - that some have described how to alpha state.

Papus concludes that ... all these mirrors has the sole purpose to produce the of a effect concentrating in one point, in a portion of the astral light and - to put - the life od an individual, the individual conscience in a direct relation with the universal memory field conservative of all things, all facts, all forms (in the present, in the past and in the possible future).

Papus always refers to the astral light. It is inferred from this that the mirrors reflect all spectrums of light, visible and invisible to the human eye, in its normal physical state of consciousness, or wakefulness.

In occultism, appeals to the virtues of the mirror for the development and exercise of a power, a faculty called foresight (vidence), the capacity to see what is distant, either in space or in time. Now we can understand the meaning of the use of the famous crystal ball: the ball that reflects light is a magic mirror.

Thus, the mirror reflects the astral light as the same way that reflects the sunlight. If we consider the teachings of the esoteric tradition, assuming that the astral light has a kind of universal memory, registry of all things present, past and future, it results that the magician (or the witch, the sorceress), fixing his eyes on a reflection of a magic mirror or, even - by the concentration in a ordinary point of light, becomes able to perceive the astral light and to distinguish there - (or to access) - the information that wants to obtain.

The budhists, Theosophists and the masters of the High Magic call this cosmic fluid and omnipresent, astral light, the etheric energy field - Akash

The psychologist, K. G. Jung (1875-1961) could call it collective unconscious.  And - yet - more recently, the physicist and biochemist Rupert Sheldrake could identifies this phenomenon as a resonance field of memory or conscience collective.

Papus describes the exercise of the Initiate with the magic mirror:

(In the first experiences) when the practioner fix the look for a few moments in the center of the mirror, is common to feel a unconfortable sensation in the eyes, like stings that oblige, often - close temporarily the eyelids and, therefore, nullify all the efforts made ​​even then.

These stings are due to the impulsive being [the animal in man] and are purely reflexs, so we must combat them by will, what is just a matter of time, doing a daily exercise of twenty minutes at most.

The moment you feel these stings in the eyes, we must develop a tension of will to prevent the closing of the eyelids. This will be achieved without much effort.

Once obtained this result, you will see that the mirror, soon, will take a different color than he usually has: effluvia red, then blue, something similar to the electric effluvia, and only then is that the shapes begin to appear.

This exercise, which should produce an experience of clairvoyance, contains within its procedures the requirements for the training of control and projection of the will - and power - through the eyes. 

This power allows you to produce phenomena others; not only the clairvoyance but also a simple type of telekinesis, as made run a cold engine, like a car motor or the fascination of people and animals, controling small actions that make with that they have behaviors according to the will of the magician in a kind of induction very close of hypnosis.
The power to fascinate entails great responsibility and high ethical standards. Can be used by actors in the theater, for example. You can avoid the hostility of dog but can also be used politically, to control or influence the thought of crowds. Occultists believe that this has been done throughout history by producing, in most cases, disastrous results. Then, Let's meditate...

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macabre science
Translation, research & text Lygia Cabus
RUSSIA – In April [2010], in the Kamerovo region, in the vicinity of the small town of Senzaskiye Kichi – central Siberia – professional hunter Afanasy Kiskorov, accompanied by other hunters, was fishing in an icy river when the group heard a strong noise of ice breaking. Investigating the source of the noise, they discovered a creature drowning in the cold waters: it was an uncommon being: ...a huge man covered in dark brown pelage.

He was about 10 meters away from the bank and was trying, unsuccessfully, to save himself from imminent drowning. Kiskorov ran to provide rescue him and, finding a tree branch, handed it to the Yeti. He grabbed the rod, hoisted himself to the surface and, arriving at the bank, made his way into the woods.

Senzaskiye Kichi, in fact, is a village, a village, 140 km away from civilization, a place that can only be reached by helicopter.

Authorities of the [Kamerovo] region have repeatedly received reports of Yeti sightings, currently and over the past few years.

In Russia and surrounding countries, appearances of Yetis are so frequent that there is practically no doubt these creatures actually exist.

A 2010 report, from Pravda English from 2010, talks about the miscegenation between humans and Yetis whose descendants live to this day in the village of Tkhina, in the Abkhazian or Republic of Abkhazia.

The case of Abkhazia is quite curious and consists of something more than a simple belief. There, the mixture between species is simply accepted as part of the history of the local population.

According to records, in the not so distant past, in Abkhazia there was a large colony of monkeys near the village of Sukhumi.

There was a time in wich he place more densely inhabited. At its peak, more than 70 thousand apes of different species lived there. Currently, there are only a few hundred. 

But it was not a natural colony; it was adopted and maintained by scientists at the Institute Experimental Pathology and Therapy, in Abkhaz, a still active study center that intends to begin training monkeys in simulated missions to Mars with the partnership of Russian Cosmonautics Academy.

The current 0- [2010] director of the Experimental Institute, in Abkhazia, denies that the colony was created specifically for genetic experiments on crossing humans and monkeys but, reveals archival documents dating back to the 1920s; documents that say sotheing diferent, such as a letter from professor and scientist Ilya Ivanov [1870-1932?], when he requested funds for an expedition to Africa.

Here is an excerpt from the letter: 

From the earliest stages of my scientific research I tried, in my experiments, to promote interbreeding between humans and monkeys. I assume that the Soviet government could help me in the interests of the science of natural history knowledge.
Ilya, the mad scientist and the hybrid
Ilya Ivanov was already working as a researcher on other projects, such as in the Askania reserve, where he carried out artificial insemination by mixing bull genes with those of gazelles or deer. 

However, Ivanov's golden dream has always been to cross men and monkeys [for what this editor/translator/researcher has not understood until now but it cannot be a good thing].

But Ilya Ivanov was not alone with his insane idea. Vladimir Rosanov, famous surgeon who extracted German bullets from Lenin's body, requested 50 monkeys to undergo transplantation experiments of vascular glands [thyroids, spleen, thymus which is a lymphatic organ located in the antero-superior portion of the chest, part of the immune system and adrenal capsules].

The aim was to restore [physically, even] the aging leaders of the Revolution [of 1917]; and starting with Stalin.

Rozanov hoped to repeat the success of his colleague, Sergei Voronov who, immigrating to France in the 19th century, installed in a luxurious palace on the Riviera, transplanted sex glands from monkeys into humans. Voronov had a 90% success rate in rejuvenating the body. This place, at the time, was called Simios Castle.

Rosanov wanted gorillas, baboons and chimpanzees, animals that could only be found in Africa. Ilya Ivanov was appointed to personally go to the Dark Continent to oversee the acquisition of the test subjects.


The Sukhumi Institute [Institute Experimental Pathology and Therapy, mentioned above] also kept in its archives a meeting protocol for the team that prepared to go to Africa.

In the recorded document, Ilya Ivanov's co-workers warned him not to use women from French Guinea for insemination procedures with gorilla semen. Something like this, which seems so obvious today and always so obvious [i.e., inadmissible] was a topic of discussion among those scientists.

The project was awarded a sum of between 15 and 20 thousand dollars [a lot of money, at the time]. The expedition left with its first stop in Paris, in February 1926. 

From there, they went to French Guinea and set up their experimental study station in Kindia [region of that country, name of the capital of this region].

It was an arduous task to capture the chimpanzees: they were intelligent, strong and aggressive. The mmunition with tranquilizing projectiles had not yet been invented and the apes generally won the fight with the men.

The natives had a specific method for catching the animals. They hunted them with dogs, cornering them, forcing them to climb trees. Then, they put fires around the trees of the chosen ones.

Suffocated by the smoke, the animals were forced to descend from trees where a gang of hunters waited for captured them . Even so, hunters were often injured in these confrontations.

Despite the warnings, there are reports that Ilya Ivanov ignored any ethical limits. But just like catching the monkeys, it was difficult to convince women to participate in the experiment of being inseminated with simian semen.

Local tradition considered any initiative in this direction as a cursed thing. Then, was said that there were cases of women who had been kidnapped by gorillas and raped by them. Some, they said, became pregnant.

All victims came to be considered impure and, sooner or later, these women appeared dead.

It was not the first time that mutants, the science of Stalin's horrors, appeared in the newspapers:

In 2005, the newspaper the SKY news channel published:

'Secret Russian documents recently revealed that Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin ordered genetic experiments to be carried out with the aim of creating hybrid beings by crossing humans with monkeys.

Moscow archives from the mid-1920s record the orders received by the Russian expert in animal breeding, Ilya Ivanov, who was to dedicate himself to the creation of a "super-warrior".

Stalin would have told the scientist: 'I want an invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent to the quality of the food he consumes.

Workers building a playground for children found hidden laboratories and monkey skeletons in the city of Suchimi [Sukhumi], Black Sea region of Georgia. [PRAVDA, 2005]

The same report informs that Ilya Ivanov was a pioneer in his work. Still in the time of the Tsars, in 1901, he created the first artificial insemination center in the world. At that time, his guinea pigs were horses.

Regarding his activities at the research center in French Guinea, Pravda sources report that a scientist, in African lands, arrived at the crime scene, covering up the kidnapping of women to be inseminated with gorilla semen. At the same time, in the Former Soviet Union, a similar center was set up in Georgia, Stalin's homeland.

As in a horror-fiction-cinematic plot, the objective was to create a living war machine. Mutants would be used in the Armed Forces and as submissive labor.

Ape-men should be strong, dexterous, but dull, poorly endowed with intelligence. Ivanov failed in Africa and, back in the Soviet Union, in Georgia, he tried to continue his experiments with female volunteers. Again, he didn't get the expected results.

Soon, he became a useless for the Government. He was costing dearly and give no return. As punishment, Ilya Ivanov was prosecuted by the public authorities, convicted and sentenced to five years in prison. In 1931 the sentence was commuted... for the worse: exile in Kazakhstan.

Bigfoot saved from downing in icy Siberian river
In RT, Russia Today – publicado em 29/APRIL/2010
Bigfoot Appeared after Experiments to Cross Apes with Humans
In Pravda English publicado em 25/MAY/2010
Stalin's Army Of Mutant Ape-Men
In SKY News - publicado em 20/DEC/2005
complementar: SKY.COM IN
translations and supplementary research: Lygia Cabus

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In the last two or three months, some edited videos of a "religious" relic discoveries have appeared on social networks, mainly showing a scroll made of snake skin with mystical illustrations and texts engraved on it .

Those who post, are marking the videos with horrendous yellow subtitles with intention of take for themselves the images, put flashy texts but none informs what is actually the material or where and when the material was found.

In this sense, Jerusalem and Baghdad already were pointed out as the location of the finding. Lies, inventions of hunters of social network followers. A shame! Let's go to documented truth.

Türkiye. In Şanlıurfa or Xanleurfa, often called  Urfa, city and capital of the homonymous province located in the southeastern region of Anatolia, in a police operation undertaken by teams from the city's Gendarmeria (Department of Combating to Contraband and Organized Crime of the Provincial Command of Gendararia ), on February 2, 2021, in the central district of Haliliye, were seized:

1. A long python skin 4 meters in length covered with scriptures, pictures of figures, and hand embroidered demonic symbols with "teachings" to ward off evil spirits and make amulets. This "snake scroll" is of Egyptian origin.

2. Two "religious" texts handwritten in leather.

3. Two boxes of books.

4. A scroll (with more "religious" writings)

All available images in the video without blah blah blah. This video is not hosted on Youtrick. The images are from the Turkish police. (VIDEO LANGUAGE: PORTUGUESE BUT THE TEXT IS THE SAME THAT IS IN THIS MATTER)

During the operation, result of a two -month technical and physical persecution in search of historical artifacts, two people were arrested.

This seizure was widely publicized in Turkish media in February, 2021.

The Gendarmeria received a denouncing that the suspect, identified with the initials M E, was hidding the artifacts in a car, reported news agency Demirören (DHA).

Police were able to identify the car and, when researching, discovered the material.

Trafficking from the old Hebrew books has been common in Türkiye in recent years. Two rare copies of Torah (Old Testament) covered with  gold were found in the city of Bilecik, in the west of the country, in 2018, in another control operation.
Şanlıurfa’da, Orta Çağ'dan kalma piton derisi ele geçirildi
06 Şubat 2021
Üzerinde şeytani figürler bulunan yılan derisi ele geçirildi. Yanında Ortaçağ’dan kalma kitaplar vardı

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The bewitching is a homicide and a homicide so cowardly that it violates the victim's right to defense and revenge under the laws. Having established this principle, to ease our conscience and warn the weak, we fearlessly affirm that the bewitching is possible.

We go further and assert that it is not only possible, but also somehow necessary (for whom?) and fatal

It happens incessantly in the social world without the knowledge of agents and patients. Involuntary spellcasting is one of the most terrible dangers in human life.

Passionate sympathy necessarily subjects the most ardent desire to the strongest will. And the truth is that moral illnesses are more contagious than physical illnesses, and there are certain fashion trends and predilections that we could compare to leprosy or morbid cholera. 

Eliphas Levy, occultist, IN High Magic Dogma and Ritual.

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AMAPA STATE, BRAZIL. Sunday (7) and Monday (January 8, 2024) a cloud of beetles took over the at Amapa city's streets and residences. Amapa is a small city located in northern Brazil having around 10 thousands of inhabitants.

The phenomenon scared residents who recorded the occurrence while using shovels to remove the insects from their homes and streets.

According to the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research (Iepa), the main factor for the beetles invasion is the transition from the period of severe drought to the Amazonian winter, with a greater concentration of clouds and rain.

Iepa researcher Alexandre Jordão, entomologist, insect specialist, explains that the phenomenon is not common for this class of beetles, with there being no reports of this magnitude in the state and few records in Brazil. According to Jordão, the change in climate season altered the temperature and the incidence of light, causing the infestation.

Because they have chewing mouthparts, this species of beetle does not transmit diseases to humans. In sensitive people, there is the possibility of small allergies due but there haven't been no reports of this kind of occurrence. 

Iepa is carring out taxonomic identification of the species with sample collect and analysis.


According to Adriano Luz, a technician at the Institute of Extension, Assistance and Rural Development (Rurap), who works and lives in the municipality of Amapá, the infestation should not be considered a pest capable of causing damage to plantations.

“This incidence of beetles usually happens at the beginning of winter. This year's occurrence was greater than in previous years, but it is something that will not last long. We had no reports of losses in work areas", explains Luz.


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A strange, shadowy humanoid figure was seen and photographed by residents  at city's sky. 

The silhouette, which appeared in the hights around 6:30 pm, in local time, was witnessed and recorded by several people who published the photographs on their social networks. 

Science says... the usual, paredoilia, optical illusion...
03 Jan 2024
Aparece extraña figura en el cielo de Nuevo Leóm y es comparado com un jinete del Apocalipisis