Thursday, January 11, 2024


The bewitching is a homicide and a homicide so cowardly that it violates the victim's right to defense and revenge under the laws. Having established this principle, to ease our conscience and warn the weak, we fearlessly affirm that the bewitching is possible.

We go further and assert that it is not only possible, but also somehow necessary (for whom?) and fatal

It happens incessantly in the social world without the knowledge of agents and patients. Involuntary spellcasting is one of the most terrible dangers in human life.

Passionate sympathy necessarily subjects the most ardent desire to the strongest will. And the truth is that moral illnesses are more contagious than physical illnesses, and there are certain fashion trends and predilections that we could compare to leprosy or morbid cholera. 

Eliphas Levy, occultist, IN High Magic Dogma and Ritual.

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