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The Miystery of Inga's Stone

  by Lygia Cabus

Panoramic view of the great wall of Ingá. 
Foto: J. P. Juarez, 2006. 


PARAIBA state. BRAZIL. At the northeast region of Brazil, distant 87 km from de Joao Pessoa, capital of the state of Paraiba, nearby the city of Ingá, in Sierra Borborema, on the banks of the river Inga, (ancient river Bacamarte) - exists a great archaelogical site. There, is found a one of the most mysterious monuments of the Humanity history. It is the Inga Stone.

The grest wall of gneiss's rock, dating of 6,000 years, with 46 meters of long by 3,8 meter of height, is covered with figures and signs which meaning is unknown by the archaeologists and anthropologists that examined them.

Some of these singns are astonishing, like a cross, a skull, a rose and a strange form that seems an aircraft.

Details of the inscriptions

The origins of this rock engravings are controversial: some belive that they can has been made by unknown natives of the primitive South America but, the elaborated forms and their ordenation has sugested that the sequence can be a kind of document, like a hieroglyphical scripture.

By this, has been cogitated the presence, in a remote past, of ancient navigators nations that, eventualy, arrived to the continental coast and explored the lands of the region. This hipothesis, postulates the Phoenicians, for example, like being the authors of the panel. But the symbols are not phoenicians, that possessed their own alphabet.
Some signs of Inga's Stone resemble to ancient runes, the writing method of the culture of the called - northern barbarians.

No one knows how, by whom or for what motives were made the inscriptions on the rock. Various sources have been identified, and there are many who argue that the Stone of Inga has Phoenician origin. Fr Ignatius Rolim, for example, professor of Theology, Greek and Latin, who lived in the nineteenth century, was one of the first defenders and promoters of these theses, making analogies between the symbols written on the stone of Inga and characters from Phoenician writing.

The austrian researcher, Ludwig Schwennhagen, in the early twentieth century, toured various parts of the Northeast' hinterlands [of Brazil] - studying traces of the supposed presence of Phoenicians in this region. Besides numerous articles, he came to write the book "Ancient History of Brazil," not only associating the inscriptions of Inga with the Phoenicians, but also with the demotic writing of Egypt.

There is also a stream that holds that the signs of Inga were extraterrestrial engineering work. The president of the Centro Paraibano de Ufologia, Claudio Quintans, suggested that an alien spacecraft landed in the region of the Inga Stone. Another researcher, Gilvan de Brito, in the book "Viagem ao Desconhecido" ("Journey to the Unknown"), says that in the Inga's Stone exist formulas of the production of quantum energy and even mathematical including equations that might indicate the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

However, until today it was not possible to say, conclusively - who were the authors of the signs and what are and what the meaning - of the sequence of signs of the monument. Researchers connected to the branch of archeology, as DENNIS MOTA and VANDERLEY DE BRITO * - argue that the inscriptions have been made by primitive communities inhabiting the region, using stone chisels to carve the signs in the rock, about 6000 years ago. (PROUS, 2006)

OBS.: Corrected by the reader Leonardo Chaves in the comment below. Thanks.


However, no reportage about the Inga's Stone can be complete without mentioning the work of independent archaeologist and scholar of ancient languages, the italian Gabriele D'Annunzio Baraldi (1938-2002).

Baraldi is, possibly, the only researcher who has reached a robust conclusion about the origin of the subscriptions in the Inga panel. Plus, he produced one - and this is the unique known - translation of the sequence using a science called Epigraphy ¹, combining methods from three experts ² in a compared study.

(1) Epigraphy (from the Greek: literally "on-writing", "inscription") is the study of inscriptions or epigraphs as writing; it is the science of identifying graphemes, clarifying their meanings, classifying their uses according to dates and cultural contexts, and drawing conclusions about the writing and the writers. Specifically excluded from epigraphy are the historical significance of an epigraph as a document and the artistic value of a literary composition. []

(2) Emmanuel Laroche - french, expert of ancient Anatolian languages - 1914-1991. Piero Meriggi italian, 1899-1982. Hans Gustav Güterbock, German-American Hittitologist, 1908-2000.

Based on these studies, Baraldi, that studied the Inga's Stone since 1988, developed his theory presented in the book The American Hittites which, as the name suggests, postulates the presence of the Hittites in Brazilian lands in a historical period very remote.

The key of the translation, made ​​by Baraldi, was the identification of the Tupy-Guarany, the native language by the Brazilian natives with a language called proto-hittita. According to the researcher, the proto-hittita was spoken and written in the mythical civilization of the Atlanteans, there about 50,000 years.

Reprudution of the a set of inscriptions of the Inga' Stone.

Many symbols of the Inga's monolith are similar to those found in Turkey, in ancient Anatolia of the Hittites. A series of inscriptions speak of a "borders war" between two sovereigns of mesopotamic origin. Another story tells about a terrible volcanic eruption. The ashes covered a stone city on the Atlantic coast, similar to what happened in Pompeii and Herculaneum. (BARALDI, 2009 - Reproduction of interview)

The similarities between the characters of rongorongo, writing system of Easter Island, with the signs of the Inga Stone.

Baraldi explains that the Hittites - that inhabited in the highlands of Anatolia (now Turkey) since 2.500 BC - developed a very advanced civilization technically, but also mentally and spiritually. In his chronicles - they registered the occurrence of a catastrophe very old: annihilation of a large archipelago situated in the middle of the Atlantic ocean current. 

Descendants of the inhabitants of these islands, including, Poseidonis, the seat of the Atlantis kingdom, took refuge in various parts of the world, as in Mesopotamia. However, the dispersion arrived to many other places, as the east and west coasts of South America.

The hieroglyphs of Inga's Stone that - according the researcher, can be dated between 1.374 and 1.332 BC, resemble with inscriptions found in the Canary Islands, in the Easter island (the writing system Rongo Rongo-) or in the slopes and mosaics of Heraklion (or Candia on the island of Crete)

Mosaic in Heraklion.

Another controversial point about inscriptions of the panel of Inga is the method used to produce them. While archaeologists Orthodox insist that in the use of chisels made ​​of stone by natives, G. Baraldi presents another hypothesis: the Hittites... dominating the use of geothermal energy, produced the hieroglyphics, using molds and mechanical pressure on layers of lava (or stone) semi melted - (in liquefied state), natural or artificially. 

Baraldi based this idea on the fact that the signs of Inga are traced with precise contours - very well made​​ and they are preserved despite the ravages of time and natural forces, like the waters of the Ingá river that, periodically, rise up, submerging part of the monument. In fact, during the rainy season the great monolith is partially covered by water. (FONSECA, 2008).

The Ingá's astronomical table
RIGHT: The Ingá version of Orion constellation.

Petroglyphs in the dry river bed.

But the inscriptions are not only found in the great wall of rock. During the drought, the riverbed - dry - reveals numerous petroglyphs equally enigmatic. Among these, there are small depressions forming a group that, by its configuration, was called astronomical board. The marks are capsular points and signs that seem to be related to each other representing a constellation. Some scholars associate this set to the Orion constellation.


Gabriele D'Annunzio Baraldi nasceu em San Próspero - Modena, Itália em 1938. Em 1950, mudou-se com a família para a Argentina onde, em Buenos Aires, formou-se bacharel em Filosofia e Letras. Posteriormente, fixou residência definitiva em São Paulo, Brasil.

Independent researcher, interested archaeological mysteries, deepened this field of research. He studied ancient languages ​​and visited many archaeological sites in the world. Wrote two books that have become references in the study of fundamental puzzles of antiquity History of Latin America: The Discovery Doc 512 and The Hittites Americans, both published in 1997.

His work is recorded on video in a series of four episodes on YOUTUBE, (posted on 05/24/2012). Audio original in Portuguese: OS AMERO-HITITAS

1 - []
2 - []
3 - []
4 - []

To get the documentary in its entirety, DVD format - contact:

OBS.: Corrected by the reader Leonardo Chaves in the comment below. Thanks.


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2012 in the Prophecies... of the Chineses

 translation, search & final text: Lygia Cabus

2012 - The board of Liu Bowen: A future of hope. However, this period will be preceded by a great disaster

PROPHECIES. The "Mayan Prophecy" is a bestseller. The mass media have found in this page of history a extraordinary source of sales. 

Although numerous texts and videos that explore the theme, the Mayan End of the World does not mean - really, the complete annihilation of mankind but the end of an Era, of a period, changes - despite of that these changes to have a price: pain. Global catastrophes. 

At the same time, the popularity of the End of world seems to indicate that humanity suffers a kind of fever of terror and fascination, fear and desire - for their own Apocalypse. Like a very old man, that already saw and passed for many things and is tired of the existence, he feels, into himself, the division of the will, among the anxiety of to live and to die.

But the "Mayan prophecy" is more of a prediction End of the World. It is one more evidence of a fact inexplicable: the advanced knowledge of ancient peoples in the field of the sciences: the exact sciences as mathematics applied to engineering, for example, and also the astrophysics, geology, geography, chemistry, among others.

With astonishing accuracy, the Mayans were were able to anticipate events that occur once every 26,000 years, when Earth and Sun align with the center of the Milky Way.

The prophecy mentions also a heat wave that will cause the melting of the poles and the passage of an orb with a size sufficiently significative to interfere with the gravitational and environmental balance of the Earth. The message emphasizes the beginning of a new cycle and defines the disaster as a process of purification of Humanity.

However, the Mayans were not the only ones capable of conceiving "prophecies" or, perhaps be more appropriate to say, accurate scientific predictions. Other Ancient nations, wise men of other cultures, they also did it: Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and, even - the few known prophecies of the Chineses.


The Prophecies of Shao Yong: Shao Yong (or Yung, or Shao Kangjie, 1011-1077) was a philosopher, cosmologist, poet and historian of the Song Dynasty (from 960 to 1279 AD). Considered one of the most learned men of his time, Shao wrote a poem in the form of prophecy, the Huangji Jingshi or Plum Bossom Poem. He also predicted the End of a Time in 2012 AD.

The Chinese prophecies are numerous. Most of them is elaborated through metaphors, riddles (koans), paintings, legends, stories, accounts of dreams etc.. This is a characteristic of culture noetic (spiritual metafísca) of China. The Chinese believe that human life, the human being has its origins in the cosmos, in other existential spheres in which current Men were superior creatures, Enlightened.

Evidencing an idea that has been shown as part of a global cultural heritage, these superior creatures "fell" morally degraded and thus were living in the midst of confusion and illusion (Maya Indian state of) the earthly world imprisoned in fleshly bodies.

However, there is still, in the core of the fragility of the incarnated man the spark of wisdom that can be developed and cultivated. Through freedom of choose, the men can get a return to the orignal state and even elevated, thanks to the experiences of intense suffering imposed by life in planetaries conditions - similar to these, that are faced on Earth.

The Chineses say: Is need to believe without seeing and see is only possible after to believe. (Said Jesus, the Christ: Blessed are those who believe without see...)


The Chineses say - with much propriety, that the prophecies are not revealed ​​to anticipate the inevitable. Unlike this - the prophecies, which are a form of science, knowledge, conscious or unconscious, are granted to human knowledge because, certain events - unwanted, can be prevented from the observation of the signs prophesied.

Unfortunately, generations have ignored, always, this truth, surrendering to despair of the fatalistic blind thought. Among the Chinese, the prophecies are considered "ci bei" - * mercy of heaven. The heavenly or divine mercy gives men the opportunity (which has always been neglected) - to prevent the advance of corruption of morals and disasters resulting from that conduct. The misfortune isn't the inevitable: Men are choosing their destiny.

* MERCY: (Source: Latin). It is the virtue of to be sensitive to misery or misfortune of others. Derived Misere-RE, "pity, compassion", more COR, of CORDIUS, "heart". 


At Nepal and India, places where the Buddha Shakyamuni lived, there more than 2 000 and 500 years, he taught that Fa or Dharma (Law) only would continue to be transmitted to mankind for about more 500 years. 

Then it would be finished the "Age of Law" (and, here, Law has the meaning of the correct orientation). Then, despite all the education received, the global civilization would come to a stage where no more education would help save people (of the consequences of their own mistakes or violations, deviations of Law).

The "Buddha's prophecy" is coming true. The Law was eclipsed. It is being ignored in the "heart" of Men. Actual generation prefers the deviation, surrenders to the chaos and disorientation. This degradation is the end of the Age of the Law.

One of the Chinese prophecies that refer to the end of the "Age of Law" and to the great catastrophe decorrent is called the table of Liu Bowen of Mountain Taibai - Province of Shanxi, also called Liu Ji, someone about who is said have reached "the Dao" (or Tao - the spiritual path and the gift of be able to transmit the instruction). He was councilor and prime minister of the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). This emperor who was named Zhu Yuanzhang (or Ming Taizu), unified China.

The predictions of the table of Liu Bowen are very accurate with regard to the dates mentioned. This table was found relatively recently, 700 years after it was written, after a huge earthquake.
The message speaks of a hope future. 

However, this period will be preceded by a major disaster when major changes will occur - many of them will be terrible - but necessary for purification of Humanity. As the Mayan prophecy and forecasts of the Spiritualists, the catastrophe will not determine the absolute end. But, a providential renewal.

The text says: Among the poor, will perish thousand in ten thousand, among the rich, two or three out of ten thousand. If the rich and poor, if they do not transform their hearts (the choices that they do in their lives - according to law), death will be imminent.


In the prophecy of the Mayan calendar Cuenta Larga (of The Long Periods), it was predicted that when the solar system reach the threshold of the Great Cycle, of 5 thousand and 125 years (from 3113 BC until the winter of 2012), the sun will align with the meridian of Ecuador, marking the advent of a new humanity more evolved than the current.

The last years of the Great Cycle will be a critical time that the Mayans called "The Time of No Time", a time of great learning, of great change, when the men will enter the great hall of the mirrors, where they will can look into within themselves, analyzing their behavior and - then, they will have to make decisive choices for your own destiny.

At the other side of the world, Liu Bowen prophesied: Who survive to the year of the great catastrophe, will be a divine being on earth and will remain young forever, will become a Luohan (one Arahat, in the wisdom of ancient Indian masters). Will be difficult to overcome the years of the dragon and of the serpent.

* ARAHAT. (Sanskrit) The worthy, literally "that which deserves praise divine." The Arahat is one who penetrated in the best and highest way (the path, of individual progress) free of rebirths. 

The Arahat is the Initiate of the higher grade, which reached the 4th - and last - level of the Initiation and became adept. 

Adept, from Latin Adeptus, means "one who reached", which became a Master in esoteric science (the Mysteries). Initiated, of the Latin initiatius, is someone that was admitted to learn the Mysteries, mysteries of Being - of the expansion of consciousness, the revelation Key of Knowledge. (BLAVATSKY, 1995)


The Great Dragon, one of the names of the destroyer orb. 

The Liu Bowen's prophecies are perfectly congruent with the Mayan Prophecies. The Year of the Dragon and the Year of the Serpent, to which refers Bowen are precisely 2012 and 2013.

The Chinese culture is considered by tradition that country as being of origin semi-divine, a heritage of gods who, one day, were incarnated on the Earth. Thus, the Chinese believe that the important events in China are determined by a celestial logic or - according to the own dynamics of the cosmos that is interacting with sentient beings who inhabit the dimensions of the universe and of the globes. The celestial changes have a correspondence with the Earth changes.

The same tradition calls the China, the country - with the name - Zhong Guo, which means country of the center. Thus, many scholars believe that China will be the last and final scenary of the confrontation of this Humanity (confrontation of the Humanity with itself).


Discipline also known as Chinese Yoga. Inner Meditation - method developed through movements and exercises practiced standing to promote circulation of vital energy. 


In 1989, in China, the massacre of students in Tiananmen Square (in the West - Celestial Peace Square). Since then, to cool the resulting social tensions, the Chinese government began awarding small cultural freedoms paving the way for the resumption of practice and teaching of the cultural chinese traditions, religious and spiritual called Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung).

Qigong dates back thousands of years - to the beginning of Chinese history. Today, much of this knowledge migrated to the West as the control techniques of Qi, vital energy, with applications in cares of health. However, improving the energy field can transform Men, restoring its original higher state - a state of be, not earthly - not merely physical or fleshly.

The practice of Qigong began to intensify in China, precisely in 1992, when reappeared the discipline called Falun Dafa or Falun Gong, reaching unprecedented a popularity. Currently, is practiced by about a hundred million people. The Falun Gong is focused on three universal virtues: Truth, Compassion (benevolence) and Tolerance.


Another highlighted date during the Time of No Time is August 11, 1999. To this day, the Mayans prophesied the entry of the Men in the Hall of Mirrors, marked by astronomical eclipses, intense sociological turbulences and growing tensions of nature political, economic and cultural. 

The main feature of this period is the resurgence of intolerance expressions, triggering the hatred, different types of agressions on individual and collective levels, dissolution of families, violent international conflicts, wars that motivated by questions religious and ideological as pretext amid the collapse of moral and ethics.

In China in 1999, after nearly ten years of economic openness and government tolerance in relation to certain civil liberties, on July 20, the state banned the practice of the ancient spiritual disciplines including Falun Dafa (Falun Gong), the most widespread. In fact, the ban has become a veritable persecution of Falun Gong criminalized the freedom of Chineses to seek spiritual development and to conceive an individual thinking about their own lives.

These facts do not differ from those predicted by the Mayans. Humanity is in the Hall of Mirrors but many, and among these numerous that belong to cupule of the mighty of the world, they want to leave of this hall or remove people by force, lest they should see their true face and the true face of their similars, so that nobody can to distinguish the good of the evil, angels of devils.

Today, in China (but not only in China), it is difficult for a citizen disobey orders (or, in other countries, customs, fashions, patterns of behavior) that contradict his consciousness of right and wrong. It is a moment of positioning, a moment to do choices that - often will require personal sacrifice, acts of courage, a radical refusal of evil. Moments to say "no"!

Other excerpts from the great prophecy of Liu Bowen describe an apocalyptic period with the occurrence of wars, plagues, natural disasters, spread of "dark energy".


Horseman of the Apocalypse: an appropriate allegory to represent a Destroyer Planet.

The Mayan Prophecy also mentions the passage of a strange celestial body. Some call it Nibiru,another - Hercóbulos among more than a dozen names attributed to it by different cultures.

The description of this globe is an anomaly to the present human astrophysics. About Nibiru, its re-discoverer, Zecharia Sitchin, who defines it as a planet known to the ancient Sumerians, says his orbit and regular passage on Earth occurs every 3 thousand and 600 years. This information Nibiru dismiss the orb as mentioned by the Maya.

The description of this globe is an anomaly to the astrophysics of nowadays. About Nibiru - its re-discoverer, Zecharia Sitchin, who defines it as a planet known to the ancient Sumerians, says his orbit and regular passage on Earth occurs every 3 thousand and 600 years. 

This information eliminates Nibiru like being the orb mentioned by the Maya calendar Cuenta Larga. In the calendar Cuenta Larga, the Destroyer is returning to the vicinity of the earth after his last appearance, there 25,000 years ago. 

It's weird because it has a body of a comet but is not a comet. Moves like a comet but is a planet with comet tail. A formation like this is completly unknown by the astronomers of the postmodernity.

Hercóbulos (or Nibiru, or Planet X etc.) already was detected by science but this knowledge is being hidden because scientists can not explain its nature and its errant behavior. 

The esoterics, occultists - however, explain that this anomaly is due to the fact that the apparent erraticity of this globe is related to the behavior of men, with the elevation or decline of the Humanity's spirituality. The Destroyer is related with virtues and vices, love and hate.

Nemesis (or Vengeance, or Reparation - another name of this globe) keeps itself away when the positive energies predominate on earth, but begins to approach when happens the contrary. 

This is a phenomenon inconceivable to orthodox science, academic. Currently, Hercóbulos can be seen practically with the naked eye but his appearances and captured images are explained as refractions of sunlight, possible visions of other giant planets of this system, photographic tricks etc..

The chineses, as many wise men of all time, they believe that everything is alive and all beings have consciousness in varying degrees. The planets also. Hercobulus maybe not be a fatality.

Time is running out but it is still possible to reverse its trajectory. However, mankind would have to run, run far to reverse the polarity of the power, currently very negative, that emanates from the Earth. If the humanity get this, change the dark polarity of its aura, today so gloomy - perhaps, Hercóbulos can change your mind and get away from the vicinities of Men's planet.


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Strange Winged Creature Appears on Swirl at state of Tocantins

  by Lygia Cabus

The appearance of a strange winged creature amid a strong swirl in São Bento do Tocantins - TO. On YOUTUBE, posted on 19/09/2012. [].

According to the tradition of Brazilian folklore, swirls are produced by sacis, the charmed being with one-legged, promoter romps more or less malign pranks.

It is not the case: the "entity" that appears in this whirlwind beyond biped has wings and there is no known version of winged sacis... 

Possible cogitations that it could be a bird caught by the whirlwind can be disregarded due to the size and shape of the head of this being.


TOCANTINS. This news was not published in any midia. In São Bento do Tocantins, small town in the state of Tocantins, a citizen, Renato Lemes Rabelo, filmed a whirlwind. Swirls of major proportions occur frequently, in this region (brazilian west center), this time of year.

The head of the National Institute of Meteorology in Goias, (Tocantins state neighbor), Elizabeth Alves Ferreira, told the G1 news channel, in another reportage on swirls* - that this is a normal phenomenon in this time of drought when the rains come close:

Normally - there is difference in temperature between the surface which is hotter, and an air layer more above, which is colder. This difference of temperature and pressure is what causes the whirlwind.

* RABELO, Renato Lemes. Internauta filma redemoinho de quase 35 metros em Goiás.
G1, publicado em 24/09/2012.

The news of the G1 channel, talks about a giant whirlpool, 35-feet tall, approximately that occurred in the city of Quirinópolis (state of Goias), on Monday, September 24th (2012) and that was recorded on video by a citizen, Renato Lemes Rabelo.

At 42 seconds of video of São Bento do Tocantins: another image, very quickly, shows a flying "object" on the left of the screen.

It happens that, searching for the video of the citizen of Goiás, on Youtube, the editor of this blog found a swirl much more curious. Besides being a violent spiral of dust, in this video, at 30 seconds of the 48 of the sequence, in a fleeting moment, on the screen, appears a strange winged creature that disappears quickly amid the turbulences of the wind.

The video, with few visitations - as is very common on the internet, has no additional clarification beyond the date of posting. His author, also is not identified, uses only a nickname: ricardo500ful. Probably many will say that the pictures are a trick but... maybe not be.

At 42 seconds, when the swirl is dissipating, another image, very quickly, shows an "object" flying to the left of the screen. It would be part of the "trick", perhaps ... The same object or creature appears again before the end of the video. Let's meditate ...


Fire Ball at Brazil Sky

Astronomers believe that the blaze or flash was caused by the fall of part of a satellite. 
Photo / TV Pajuçara, state of Alagoas. 
IN YOUTUBE, posted in 24/09/2012. []

BRAZIL, northeast region. Saturday, september 22 (2012). At two states of the northeast region of Brazil, Pernambuco and Alagoas (states), a strong glare, a sphere of white light, crossed the sky and fell into the sea, scaring the population.

Photo taken by a citizen, posted on Facebook.

The photos are published in the internet. Some thank that the object was an UFO; other, a meteorite but, this monday, astronomers of the Observatório Astronômico da Sé (city of Olinda, Pernambuco state), belive that the sphere was, in treu, a satellite. 

The scientist of the Observatory, Alexandre Evangelista says: Despite the observations, it is important to say that we only can know what it was when we find the object for an exam.

Even with the uncertainties, analyzing brightness, astronomers have concluded the object is metallic, probably composed of iron and nickel. Moreover, because of the distance traveled, they realized that it came from hundreds of miles of high and that it was huge. 

The astronomer and mathematician, Antonio Carlos Miranda, did researchs along with other experts of the matter and also believes there is a good chance of object be part of a satellite. The scientist tries to query the Brazilian Space Agency to find out if there were records of this type of episodes.

Parts of satellites falling as meteorites is common. There is much spatial junk and leftover materials which, sometimes, are attracted by gravity, explains Miranda. These objects do not usually cause damage because they generally fall in the oceans. In the case of asteroids, often disintegrate upon entering the atmosphere.

The object that caused the event that was saw in Pernambuco, Alagoas and even at the state of Minas Gerais probably caused no damage. If it was a meteorite, the likely size and weight could cause a great impact and how he fell into the sea, a waves increase," said the astronomer, who believes that a satellite would have less mass and therefore would result in minor damages (MIRANDA).

Recently, on September 21 (2012), not just a satellite or piece of space junk fell to Earth. A rain ofthese debris occurred in the UK:  

Around 20 orange objects appear the night sky of UK at speeds in excess of 18,000 miles an hour... The bright lights were seen streaking through the sky in the North of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. They were seen as far as the Shetland Islands in Scotland as well as in Wales and Norfolk in East Anglia. Many people in Manchester, Leeds and Blackpool have also been busy posting pictures of last night's event.(SHEAD,2012) 

The image produced by computer graphics by European Space Agency [European Space Agency] shows how can to be the "around" the Earth in terms of space junk.  AP Photo/ESA.

Let's remember: Space crash called 'catastrophic,' lots of debris.IN PHYS-ORG, published in 13/02/2009. []

The matter of the space junk already was theme of discussions in 2009, when the collision of two satellites on  Feb. 10 (2009) in the quadrant of the sky in Siberia was considered a catastrophic event because because the scattered fragments in Earth orbit formed a kind of shield of trash and the concentration of  debris was considered a potentially, a danger. The orbit of the Earth seems a polluted beach!

Astrônomos acreditam que clarão foi provocado por queda de parte de satélite.
NET10, published in 24/09/2012.
SHEAD, Sam. Huge fireballs shoot across night sky in spectacular 'meteor' shower ... but turns out it was probably space junk falling back to Earth. 
DAILY MAIL, published in 22/09/2012.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


by Lygia Cabus



Nibiru, this mysterious celestial body is a reality in the headlines and in the sphere of thought and of the worries for a crowd of people, a fever of curiosity, a nightmare for many persons, in all the world.

But its truth, the truth of its existence and what it represents remains uncertain of something of obscure. Something that moves between scientific knowledge and ancient mythology reborned in postmodernity, a cosmic legend.

For millennia, long before the writer and philologist of ancient and dead languages, ​​Zecharia Sitchin have resurrected his myth, every culture on Earth has been referring to it with a different name and understood its nature cosmological in different conceptions, sometimes as a planet, sometimes as a huge comet.

In fact, this mythical orb has more than a dozen names - by which it was mentioned and / or predicted in texts that belong to the literature of various schools of thought along the History of the Humanity...


This variety of names for a mysterious celstial body that periodically approaches the Earth causing natural disasters, the antiquity of the references to this myth, indicates, at least, that there is some truth in this idea.

To proximity of this celestial body is atributed the force that triggers global catastrophes that were recorded in the chronicles of many ancient peoples. Among these, perhaps the best known are the stories of the Floods, Deluges, the World Destruction by the waters like: the Mesopotamian Gilgamesh and reproduction Hebrew, the Flood of Noah.

In Anthropogenesis of The Secret Doctrine of H. P. Blavatsky, there are several passages that speak of these global disasters that change radically the face of the Earth by changing the configuration of the continents... Other authors refer to the same episode documented in records of antiquity...


Despite all the speculations surrounding the arrival of the "Second Sun" a celestial body that could be the cause of the an End of Era, of this civilization, science, although he does not deny the advent of a planetary upheaval, also don't ensures that this event is a consequence of the approach of Nibiru or another celestial body known under any name.

However - there is a second hypothesis. The alteration or more specifically, the weakening of the magnetic field which permeates and surrounds earth. This change could indeed be the result of an approaching gigantic orb, but could also be caused by an unusual solar activity and also cyclical...


The great Globe Destroyer, the electromagnetic fury of the Sun - or both, together, these two potential nightmares that threaten the existence of mankind, these two possible "agents of the End of the World" even it's be scary, this can not be considered "man's work".

But while it is true that the Universe has its own rules and that sooner or later the earth and everything that lives in it will be destroyed anyway, there is at least a possibility that, indeed, human actions can be able to trigger the Apocalypse of current generation.

This possibility has a name: Super-weapons. Advanced military technology, or what has been called the Science Frontier ... Border between exist and not exist, between life and death. And this technology, which is a reality there, at least, a century also has a name, little known and mentioned even in textbooks common: eletrogravitational resonance - or scalar resonance... KNOW MORE, READ ALL

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