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MEXICO. The Communion Wafer That Bleeds

MEXICO, STATE OF JALISCO. CITY OF GUADALAJARA (the state capital). Wednesday, July 24, 2012. In the parish Maria Madre de la Iglesia, colônia Jardines de la Paz, the priest José Dolores Castellanos Gudiño - known as priest Lolo - revealed a transcendental experience: being in prayer, he listened a voice that instructed him to communicate a divine message to the community .

In the words of the priest, the voice told him: My dear apostle Dolores, today is a great day. The bells must ring for for call those that will come from all corners. I will pour out blessings for those who will be present.

A blessing would have been manifested immediately, in a Eucharistic miracle:  when he opened the shrine (where communion wafers are stored), was there - inside the goblet of Consecration, a communion wafer dipped in a dark red liquid. 

As had been determined by divine command, the priest announced the fact. Of course,  quickly, the faithfuls  began to say that the liquid is the blood of the Christ, Jesus.

But still in the Wednesday (24/07/2013), when chalice and communion wafer were placed in sight of the believers, the tumult in the interior of the temple was inevitable and demanded the intervention of police and religious leaders (above).

Always cautious with all the called miraculous occurrences related to Christianity Roman Catholic, the Mexican representatives of the Church of the Vatican, or the Archdiocese of Guadalajara, on Thursday (25/07/2013), promoted the celebration of Mass, at noon.  The temple stood  filled. 

While this,  the chalice with the communion wafer were removed from public display and duly forwarded for analysis. The case also has been duly registered according local legal proceedings.

Before stating any miracle is needed make examinations to determine if the red liquid is, in fact, hematic - blood and if is human blood. This is the first step to science and religion can confirm or reject the miraculous nature (supernatural or divine) event.

Priest José Dolores Castellanos Gudino. He doesn't stood much time disposable to mass midia. Disappeared, assuming the discrete posture recommended by Church.


Wanted by the midia, priest Lolo was not found. (Another classic measure of the Church of Vatican in its strategy of discretion around alleged miracles). Another priest explained that "Lolo" was not in the the parish, but was working on other activities.

After Mass on Thursday (25/07/2013), the church of Madre María de la Iglesia was closed to the public, leaving open only the Chapel and Atrium. Also the sacristy and office of the church were closed too. Was only allowed entry of journalists publishing Semanário. Outside, many reporters and onlookers crowded the place in search of news about "the communion wafer that bleeds".

The Archdiocese of Guadalajara issued a statement in which says that Archbishop J. Francisco Robles Ortega, acquainted with the case, asked the monsignor Ramiro Valdés, Vicar General of that Diocese, to follow the investigations until they reach a conclusive result, no mistakes. The statement also highlights ... It is not impossible that Jesus manifestes up this way ...


El extraño caso de la hostia que sangra en Jalisco.
Cientos de fieles se congregan a ver la ''hostia sangrante'.
Hostia que "sangra" genera emoción en parroquia tapatía.
"Hostia sangrante" ya fue retirada.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Phaistos Disc Code

The Phaistos Disc was discovered on July 15, 1908 by the Italian archaeologist Luige Pernier in an excavation of a Minoan palace of Phaistos, Crete. Currently, the disc is under the trusteeship of the Heraklion Museum , Crete.


ANCIENT MYSTERIES. After hold hidden in itself - for decades - as an indecipherable enigma to archaeologists and scholars of ancient languages​​, the Phaistos Disc (Phaistos Disk, Phaisto) - was finally decoded.

The result of the work of researcher Barbara Gagliano is recorded in the book "The Phaistos's disc, Key of Genetic Diseases". This relic, has its origins in the -  also mysterious - Minoan nation or civilization (from Minos, the king - Crete).

Gagliano found the key code of Phaestus in the DNA structure. The discovery is remarkable given the age of the object, estimated around the year 1,400 BC (late Bronze Age). Made ​​of clay, is recorded on two sides with different symbols arranged in spiral.

There is a reason which such symbols be disposed in spirals and with opposite polarities amid its two sides. Spiral is, presumed structural form of the DNA molecule. The Phestos symbols, deciphered, correspond, according to the scientist, to the 23 female chromosomes and 23 men, which combined, carry all information needed to configura a human being. 

The called "side A" of the Disc contains the maternal information; the side B, paternal information (images above).

In the Hefaistos's code, each chromosome can be represented by one or more, two or three symbols in each division or step of the spiral. The symbols, in each section, together, compose a chromosome.

Some of these representations indicates the  fragility of a chromosome. the possibility of a rupture. An accident that results in genetic abnormalities.

The Disk of Phaistos is like a map that shows , yet, the possibility of malformations caused by the dispersal of genetic material. Barbara Gagliano commented:

How much more I have dived into the code, more surprised and shocked I stood - about how our ancestors could might represent so accurately even genes, cell particles and molecules.

With this key of the extraordinary message of the Code, Barbara was able to study, in a new light, in a novel approach, genetic diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Down syndrome, achondrogenesis, chronic myeloid leukemia, Burkitt's lymphoma, Tay-Sachs and many others.

Here is another one of those mysteries of the Ancient's Knowledge that Orthodox science will go have trouble to explain.

O Código do Disco de Phestos


Waterspout in Yuriria

MEXICO. At the vicinity the city of Leon, in the state of Guanajuato, a huge waterspout emerged from Yuriria lagoon, on Saturday afternoon - July 20 (2013).

The phenomenon, natural, popularly called "water snake, surprised the inhabitants of the region. Numerous people recorded the event using the cameras of their mobile phones.

Five decades already passed since the last time that a waterspout like this was saw at that place. This time, the training remained in the air for 35 minutes, beginning at 7:30 pm.

A waterspout has similar characteristics to tornado because both phenomena are associated with a strong wind moving itself in a  upward spiral that was formed, in this case, on the surface of lagoon's waters.

SOURCE: SANDOVAL, Irma. Asusta tromba en Yuriria.
EL SOL DE LEON, publishe in 22/JULY/2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Radioactive and Explosive Stones That Come From Sea

Juan Carlos Bézon, 78 years (in 2013) in exclusive interview for the weekly La Prensa.
Piedra misteriosa en Piriápolis
Entrevista IN YOUTUBE, Posted in 19/JUNE/2013
URUGUAI. At Piriapolis city, in Punta Negra's beach, the retired military, fisherman in his spare time, 78 years - Juan Carlos Bézon, was walking along the seaside when he saw a small stone, just over 3 inches wide. 

He noted that it had a strong color in a fluorescent green hue, flecked with dark spots, brownish.

He picked up the object. It had a rough texture - and placed it in his pants pocket. In about five minutes, the man began to feel a warming sensation in the thigh.

It was the stone that - apparently - started a spontaneous reaction, radiating heat. Immediately Bézon began to undress and, luckily, as was wearing two pairs of pants, apart from underwear, escaped a more serious injury in the leg.

However, he could not avoid second-degree burns, severe in one hand and small lesions in the other. And before anyone could observe the strange material, the thing - simply exploded, disintegrating itself.

The remains of the victim's clothing were sent to Montevideo (country's capital) where will be submitted to scientific expertise. Given these facts, the authorities of Piriapolis city have determined a careful patrolling of coastal area in search of similar objects.

Extraña piedra misteriosa em Piriapolis. Enhanced video interview of deputy mayor of Piriapolis, Mauricio Mendez.
IN YOUTUBE, posted in 14/JUNE/2013. []

A netizen - identified as arompani2007 -  after watching a one version of the video about the case posted in YOUTUBE, commented, two weeks ago (from 07/02/2013) - remembering that this isn't an isolated case:

Mi esposa es medica aca em Chile y me dijo que a ela le toco ver um paciente le passo ecxatamente lo mismo y qye hasta hoy se le siguen haciendo llagas em el lugar. Efectivamente es por desechos radiactivos y debe haber llegado a Piriapolis por el mar.

TRANSLATION: My wife is doctor here in Chile and told me that once, she had a patient with who had happened the same thing and the wounds still remain without never heal completely. Effectively there are radioactive waste that are coming (at the beaches) of Pirianopolis (Uruguay) deposited there by the tides.

Extraña piedra brillante produjeron quemaduras a un hombre.
Posted in 14/JUNE/2013. []

The bolders of California, 2012.

Indeed, is not the first time that this kind of strange incident occurs. Stones that go into thermal ignition on contact with the human body, even when protected by clothing have appeared in some beachs of the world.

And in these cases, of these strange boulders that burn and explode, the material was collected, always, on beaches - in the sands near the sea. In 2012, an episode in California-USA, made ​​international headlines (see below the Related Link).

Woman suffers severe burns after rocks
collected during beach visit IGNITE in her pocket

DAILY MAIL, 17/05/2012


Enigmas de la madre piedra.
published in 14/APRIL/2013
Piedra misteriosa en Piriápoli.
Entrevista IN YOUTUBE, Posted in 19/JUNE/2013