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The Radioactive and Explosive Stones That Come From Sea

Juan Carlos Bézon, 78 years (in 2013) in exclusive interview for the weekly La Prensa.
Piedra misteriosa en Piriápolis
Entrevista IN YOUTUBE, Posted in 19/JUNE/2013

URUGUAI. At Piriapolis city, in Punta Negra's beach, the retired military, fisherman in his spare time, 78 years - Juan Carlos Bézon, was walking on the seaside when he noticed a small stone, just over 3 inches wide. He noted that it had a strong color in a fluorescent green hue, flecked with dark spots, brownish.

He picked up the object. It had a rough texture - and placed it in his pants pocket. In about five minutes, the man began to feel a warming sensation in the thigh.

It was the stone that - apparently - started a spontaneous reaction, radiating heat. Immediately Bézon began to undress and, luckily, as was wearing two pairs of pants, apart from underwear, escaped a more serious injury in the leg.

However, he could not avoid second-degree burns, severe in one hand and small lesions in the other. And before anyone could observe the strange material, the thing - simply exploded, disintegrating itself.

The remains of the victim's clothing were sent to Montevideo (country's capital) where will be submitted to scientific expertise. Given these facts, the authorities of Piriapolis city have determined a careful patrolling of coastal area in search of similar objects.

Extraña piedra misteriosa em Piriapolis. Enhanced video interview of deputy mayor of Piriapolis, Mauricio Mendez.
IN YOUTUBE, posted in 14/JUNE/2013. [http://youtu.be/c07kE3KkoSI]

A netizen - identified as arompani2007 -  after watching a one version of the video about the case posted in YOUTUBE, commented, two weeks ago (from 07/02/2013) - remembering that this isn't an isolated case:

Mi esposa es medica aca em Chile y me dijo que a ela le toco ver um paciente le passo ecxatamente lo mismo y qye hasta hoy se le siguen haciendo llagas em el lugar. Efectivamente es por desechos radiactivos y debe haber llegado a Piriapolis por el mar.

TRANSLATION: My wife is doctor here in Chile and told me that once, she had a patient with who had happened the same thing and the wounds still remain without never heal completely. Effectively there are radioactive waste that are coming (at the beaches) of Pirianopolis (Uruguay) deposited there by the tides.

YOUTUBE, Extraña piedra brillante produjeron quemaduras a un hombre.
Postrd in 14/JUNE/2013. [http://youtu.be/dSok2L51OE0]

The bolders of California, 2012.

Indeed, is not the first time that this kind of strange incident occurs. Stones that go into thermal ignition on contact with the human body, even when protected by clothing have appeared in some beachs of the world.

And in these cases, of these strange boulders that burn and explode, the material was collected, always, on beaches - in the sands near the sea. In 2012, an episode in California-USA, made ​​international headlines (see below the Related Link).

Woman suffers severe burns after rocks
collected during beach visit IGNITE in her pocket

DAILY MAIL, 17/05/2012

Mistério - As Pedras Radiotivas Explosivas que Vêm do Mar

Enigmas de la madre piedra.
Piedra misteriosa en Piriápoli.
Entrevista IN YOUTUBE, Posted in 19/JUNE/2013


  1. Could be nuclear contaminated rocks from Japan. We know waste from there is turning up all over the world. Or maybe seismic activity on the ocean floor is pushing up pieces of the lost Atlantis, these stones are part of there super technology in which they harnessed super energy.

  2. Doubtful. It's much more likely that the "stones" are phosphorus. A similar problem exists in (or around) the baltic sea. Phosphorus from WW II bombs which didn't detonate can still be set free and people collect it since it looks kind of like amber. The problem is that phosphorus once the phosphorus gets dry, it will light itself up, which usually happens after people put the "amber" into their pockets.

  3. I surprised to see that a stone having so much radio active intensity and having impact on health in the way that people could never be imagine.Does it have a quality things inside or not?


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