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29th Sep 2013
IN UFODI News: Super Bright UFO Descends Upon Akureyri Iceland


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Vampire: Man Kills And Eats Flesh Of 3-Year Old Daughter

A Papua New Guinea man described as a vampire has been arrested after allegedly murdering his young daughter by biting her neck, eating her flesh and drinking her blood - See more at:
A Papua New Guinea man described as a vampire has been arrested after allegedly murdering his young daughter by biting her neck, eating her flesh and drinking her blood - See more at:
A Papua New Guinea man described as a vampire has been arrested after allegedly murdering his young daughter by biting her neck, eating her flesh and drinking her blood...

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Oceanic monster appears in shore of Spain - again



SPAIN. OCTOBER, 5 - 2013. At city of El Campello, mediterranean coast of Spain, in the reentrances of the rock walls of the L'Amerador beach a weird - and supposedly - unknown, marine creature was found by a fisher named Miguel. 

On that Saturday night, Miguel was walking at night with your dog. Was the animal called attention to the carcass. Michael, experienced sea's man, said... 

I've never seen anything like it in my life and described it: ... It had no scales or fur. It was completely white, huge, around 6 feet long had and had something similar to horns. It seemed that he had just died

It is curious because, in the same coast Spanish, there around two months (in August) a very similar creature was found in Almeria - Andalucia and, as far as is known through the media, despite the speculations at the time, even today (oct/09/2013 ) the "sea dragon of Andalusia" - has not still been identified.  

by Chris Gotshalk. California, 2002.

However, there some clues allow to some experts' (not identified in reportages) suppose that the remains can be the skeletal can belong to a basking shark or Cetorhinus maximus, species classified as vulnerable, in risk. These sharks, really, can reach 10 meter wingspan and, in their migrations, they cross long distances.  

Specifically, the animal found of the beach l'Amerador of El Campello, is being examined by the Institut d'Ecologia Litoral - Spain.

The basking shark is an usual specie at Mediterranean sea,. The basking shark is the second largest fish in the world. Can reach up to 10 meters long and four tons of weight.
Despite the size, this is an ecological shark, politically correct and very calm, he moves slowly in his water world. It feeds - simply - filtering the nutrients present in the water through its immense gills.



SOURCE: RICO, Jose Antonio. El extraño monstruo marino en El Campello.

Gargoyles at Chile e Puerto Rico - New sightings and photos


BELOW: Aqui, com +100% contrast  and +17% bright, defining a few more, the silhouette of the figure. The photo was a register of the recent episode and the fact ocurred at Chile - reported in this text.

CHILE.  On September 29 at 21:00 pm - Near the Parque Santiago Bustamante,  a strange creature was spotted flying  from tree to tree. As explained by the witnesses, the creature had  a size about 2 feet high. For its shape, the critter seemed to be like a flying stingray.

Ignacio, a young man who was a privileged witness of the sighting, reported that the mysterious entity had wings. The wings were large, enormous.

Another witness reported: My wife and I saw this creature in one of the towers of the Church of San Francisco in Santa Isabel. It was eating something, I think it was a dog. But if someone examine the church tower maybe remains of the prey - still could be found.

Known ufologist, the puerto-rican Reinaldo Rios has offered to Chile his expertise and assistance to aid in the capture of the 'gargoyle and added that  what is ocurring at Chile and the creature sighted is, in all, similar to sightings registered at Puerto Rico in this same epoch in past years.

All caracteristics are similar, from his height of over 6 feet (more that 1,83 m), huge wings, like a giant bird but, most looking like something between animal and human.

The Gargoyles sightings are reported by Reinaldo Rios and by the Guanica police, of Puerto Rico,  since 2010.

Rios commented: Many believe that the Gargoyles are like the famous Mothman, as a relative. But the Mothman sightings occur - and have occured - in cold countries. The Gargoyles could be a mutation or evolution of the specie, concludes Reinaldo Rios.


LORENZO ARAÑA, Benjamin. Reportan avistamientos de Gargolas en Chile y Puerto Rico.

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YUCATAN FIREBALL - Ufo sightings Over the Mountain After Fall

MEXICO. In the region of the pueblo Ichmul,  Chikindzonot city (an area known as pueblos Maia) - on September 22 (2013), an object fell from the sky in flames scaring the population, causing a blackout, calling the attention of the authorities and researchers.

The episode, characterized by unusual details, is far from over and is having an equally strange development. Since the occurrence, there are also rumors that UFOs have been seen in the same area, flying in the vicinities of the  mountain, where the fireball fell.


SEPTEMBER, 27 - 2013. Maria Luiza Cid, jornalista mexicana, âncora de uma programa de televisão em seu país, publicou em seu WEBSITE  uma reportagem exclusiva sobre o assunto.

A resident of the pueblo Maya X-Querol, Nazario Cohuo Pech, told to Maria Luiza Cid reportage that, still on Monday, an image - a photography - of one of the UFOs, among those have been observed, prowling the Maya region - had been obtained, by a worker from the construction and expansion of the road Ichmul-Chiquindzonot, of Yucatán - using a smartphone.

Cohuo Pech talks more: That thing, we saw here in X-Querol since Sunday night and was flying about the town. Many saw it and many say that it stood stoped on the lines of high-voltage electricity. Some say that they steal energy.

Nazario Cohuo Pech also said that was reported, on Monday, to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), that have been ocurring oscilations  in electricity and eventually were without light. 

Then, the parastatal's staff went to check and found that the power lines that provide electricity to villages were broken. The CFE workers, they comment with surprising naturality, that those objects or UFOs often steal electricity.

CID, Ana Luiza. Cae objeto en Ichmul, zona maya.
ANA LUIZA CID/Investigacion OVNI en Mexico, 27/09/2013

Experts have arrived in Ichmul to analyze the fragments of the OVNI'Fireball Which Fell at Region

MEXICO. The inhabitants of the pueblo de Ichmul, Chikindzonot city, where - on Sunday September 22 - fell a weird fireball (in true, an object still not identified), received - yesterday,  1 October (2013) - among others, four investigators,  from Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán (CICY - Scientific Research Center of Yucatan). 

They were designated to analyze the fragments of the sky fallen object and were rescued by the community.

Were around 12 researchers that arrived. They toured the crash site - where they took some measures, made records and have collected samples of materials, reports the municipal commissioner, Floro Coyoc Pech.Coyoc Pech talked about the conclusions obtained with this first appreciation of the case:

They (the experts) explained us that there would be danger to people who had contact with the fragments because they aren't radioactive.

Now we knowing it's safe, we decided to continue digging the site of impact, because we can find, maybe, more fragments.

Coyoc Pech said, yet, that researchers confirmed that the fragments are not the result of an electrical problem, as have said employees of the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE - Federal Commission of Electricity). It was verified that what hit the community is, in deed, something that came from sky.  

None of the fragments was identified. They claimed they had never seen anything like this and therefore, will be need to realize analyses more accurate 

The results must be known in four days and the orientation is don't allow more people have access to the fragments.

SOURCE: GÓNGORA, Miguel Moo. Llegan científicos a Ichmul. Los fragmentos desenterrados "no son radiactivos".
DIARIO DE YUCATAN, 2 de octubre de 2013

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ALERT NEWS Mexico Fireball Falls On Mayans Is Meteorite Debris

MEXICO. September 22, 2013. Sunday, 8:30 pm. In the village of Ichmul, city of Chikindzonot, south of the Yucatan peninsula - State of Mérida, in a poor community where some remnants of the Mayans live, the fall of a fireball that came from the sky scared and is still scaring the residents of the place.

People were waiting to see a small circus show in the center of the community, when, suddenly, everyone saw a burning object falling at high speed.

The vision was very bright and shone intensely along its path until it disappeared over the horizon and touch the ground. When this happened, there was a pyrotechnic explosion and immediately, the electrical grid went into blackout.

The municipal commissioner, Floro Koyoc Pech said that...during the fall of the object, a loud bang was heard by the entire population and, immediately, everyone could observe, in the bush, a beam of light that remained shining until around 2 early morning hours.

The people were afraid because they feared that the fire might reach the city, and later they began to despair as the light, which was fading, suddenly began to grow again.

One of the young people in the community said that the dogs barked all the time. The strong brightness of the object can be observed in neighboring cities, such as Saban, Quintana Roo, San Francisco, Peto Chikindzonot.

Curious, the police tried to fit the pieces together to make some sense of these objects, but what they got with their efforts is very strange. The fragments form a humanoid figure, which caused astonishment and commotion among local inhabitants and visitors.


The researcher at the Technological Institute of Mérida, Eddie Salazar Gamboa, said that the fragments are probably parts of a meteorite or space debris (space debris, now falling on Humanity's head) attracted by Earth's gravity - and warned that contact Direct contact with this material can be dangerous to humans.

In an interview, Salazar Gamboa commented that this type of meteorite generally falls at the poles or in the oceans and, in some cases, on land.

The researcher explained that, generally, these pieces of cosmic rock have a hole in the center, which is a result of the incandescence generated by friction, when the bolide enters the Earth's atmosphere. Meteorites, according to him, help to fertilize the soil where they are deposited.

Salazar Gamboa emphasized that this fact (the fall of these things) should not cause alarm among the population, since it has been proven that, on average, ten or more tons of these fragments fall daily on our planet. (That - really... did not console this editor...)

However, he urged people to avoid contact with these objects because they may contain radioactive material and eventually cause certain types of cancer.

CABRERA, Eduardo (text and photos). Ball of fire that falls from the sky frightens the Yucatán Maya.

Fireball of Yucatan causes nausea and headache in rescuers

YUCATAN FIREBALL Experts have arrive to Ichmul to analyze 'UFO fragments, Oct/03/2013 NEWS TODAY

Place of the Fall. Eight men who rescued the fragments of the Yucatan Fireball felt nausea and headaches.

MEXICO. The fragments of unidentified object that, on Sunday night (september 22) lit up the nightly sky falling with a great noise, in the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) - besides causing a blackout in the region, because it struck power cables of CFE (Comision federal de Electricidad) - a posteriori (after), caused unease in the men who went to the crash site in order to investigate the occurrence.

Among them, Juan Coyoc Chí, Juan Alfredo Moo Pool. Cecilio Couoh Heredia, municipal police officer in Ichmul also went to the local. 

Still in those Sunday night, the group went up the mountain in search of the object. On Monday morning - September 23 - they found the fragments there  300 meters from a small maya village located near the city of Ichmul - scattered around the perimeter of 10 meters.

Cecilio Couoh Heredia reported: Still was hot. We do not know what actually went down but we are almost certain that that thing is not a meteorite.  

Coyoc Chí Juan and Juan Alfredo Moo also commented that, arriving in place of the impact, they saw that large chunks of the material was consumed in the heat but without burn anything around you.

In Ichmul area, people are still scared. Fear that the object has brought some kind of bacteria or virus. This possibility is being considered because - according to witnesses - after the fall of the fireball, a strange odor, unpleasant, was felt in the region.

Some people, like the commissioner Cecilio Cohuo Heredia (quoted above), who came into direct contact with the fragments, complained of malaise, nausea and headache.

However, the Fireball can become something positive. The Police Department has determined that Ichmul has custody of the fragments and these may only be removed from the town with special authorization. Some come in these pieces commercial potential: its public display can stimulate tourism, warming the poor economy of the place.

YUCATAN FIREBALL Experts have arrive to Ichmul to analyze 'UFO fragments, Oct/03/2013 NEWS TODAY

MOO GONGORA, Miguel Angelo. Más testigos de un fenómeno.
Explosión de enorme bola de fuego provoca Apagón en Yucatán, México 
INDAGADORES, sep/30/2013

The Yucatan Fireball in TV

Reportage of a Mexico television channel with more images of the fragments of the mysterious object that fallen from the sky in Yucatan.

Cae bola de fuego en el Sur de Yucatán/Titulares de la mañana program
YOUTUBE, Published on Sep 30, 2013
(audio in spanish) 

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Coal stains of unknown origin cover the beaches at Asturias

Salinas Beach.  Notable stains of coal that came nobody knows from where, dirtying the  sands. Tourism prejudiced. Photo: Ricardo Sólis.

SPAIN. ASTURIA province/PRINCIPADO DE ASTURIA. At Castrillón city (a consejo - costal zona of Principado de Asturias - Principality of Asturias, province of Asturias), in the parish of Salinas and in a hamlet (a village) named San Juan de Nieva - the beachs are suffering a phenomenon of degeneration.

There some time, has been observed a significative miss of sand, miss of the amount of sand in those beachs. Or be, if this continue, in this way, soon, the beaches of that region will disappear.  

Now, recently, specifically on saturday - september 28 - 2013, the situation worsened. Large black stains have covered the shores of Salinas, San Juan and El espartal.  

For residents of the waterfront, the mystery is the origin of the pollution, from where it's coming this mineral. The Castrillón's Lifeguard service, Ignacio Flores, commented: It's weird because the tides has been soft and no gales. We have not found a cause to explain the deposit of this amount of coal, so quickly, on the sand.  

The City of Castrillón should claim to the Ministry of Environment the analysis of deposits from the beach to rule out any environmental problem - say the neighbors. It should be checked if these deposits on beaches are not from ships, that stay waiting to enter the port, highlighted a resident.

The possibility that of material have coming from the ships anchored off the coast castrillonense was rejected by the lifeguard's coordinator. Ignacio Flores ensured that despite dirty ... the beaches are... they are perfectly clean [!?!?]

SOURCE: MONTES, Inés. Manchas de carbón de origen desconocido cubren las playas de Salinas y San Juan.

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Weird fireball falls from the sky at Yucatan



Experts have arrive in Ichmul to analyze 'UFO fragments, Oct/03/2013 NEWS TODAY

Fireball of Yucatan causes nausea and headache in rescuers , Oct/01/2013
The Yucatan Fireball in TV

MEXICO. September, 22 - 2013. SUNDAY, 8:30 pm. At Ichmul, Chikindzonot city, south of Yucatan peninsula - Merida's state, in a poor community where live some remnants of mayas, the fall of a fireball that came from the sky, scared and still is scaring the dwellers of the place.

The locals were waiting to see a show of small circus in the center of the community, when he suddenly, all saw an object in flames falling in high speed.

The vision was much bright. The persons stood  fascinated  the glow when it began to decrease, about to touch the soil.

When it happened, was like a pyrotechnics blast. At this moment occurred an electric blackout  and, in the zone of the fall, was observed a twinkling blue luminosity.

The municipal commissioner, Floro Koyoc Pech said that, ...during the fall of the object, a loud roar was heard by entire population and, immediately, all could observe, in the bush, a beam of light that remained shining until about 2:00 am

People stood frightened because feared that the fire could reach to town, and later, they began to despair because the light that was fading and, suddenly, began to grow again.

One of the young of the community told that the dogs barked all the time. The strong shine of the object could be observed at the neighboring towns, like Saban, Quintana Roo, San Francisco, Peto Chikindzonot. 


On the first hours of Monday [september 23, 2013], some people went into the forest to try to find the object that caused the blackout, and great was their surprise when they found strange fragments, of diferent sizes,  almost buried in the ground.

In its fall, the strange object crashed with two power lines, damaging them. Despite to be a sturdy material, even thus, parts of the cables were melted and broken into several pieces.

Even with some fear, the some persons resolved to rescue fragments of the object and carried them to the municipal police station There, the material will stay waiting some authority that could examine it and determine their origin. 

Curious,  policemen tried  fit the pieces, trying to give some sense to these objects but, what they obtained with their efforts, is very strange. The fragments form a humanoid figure, what have caused wonder and comotion among locals and foreigners.     

The researcher of the Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida, Eddie Salazar Gamboa said the object are meteorite fragments or debris (human trash) attracted by the gravity of Earth and warned that direct contact with them may be dangerous to humans. 

In an interview, Salazar Gamboa commented that this type of meteorites, usually, fall at the poles or in oceans and in some cases, on land.

The researcher explained that, usually, these pieces of cosmic rock have a hole in the center, which is result of the incandescence generated by friction, when the bolide enters in earth atmosphere. These fragments, he said, help to fertilize the soil where they are deposited.

Salazar Gamboa emphasized those facts should not cause alarm among the population, as it is proven that daily fall, in average, amid ten or more tons of these fragments on our planet.

However, urged people don't must have contact with these objects because they may contain radioactive material and, eventually, can cause certain types of cancer.




Fireball of Yucatan causes nausea and headache in rescuers , Oct/01/2013
The Yucatan Fireball in TV

SOURCE: CABRERA, Eduardo (text and photos). Bola de fuego que cayó del cielo atemoriza a mayas de Yucatán.

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Mysterious Corpse - Suspect of Chupacabras at Venezuela


VENEZUELA. In the town of San Antonio de los Altos, state of Miranda - Venezuela - the population is perplexed by the finding of the corpse of a strange creature whose species was not recognized.

A few believe that the animal may be a skunk - Didelphis marsupialis (common zarigüeya) - although the decaying head and jaw look too big.

Health authorities collected tissue samples the spoils which, subjected to DNA testing - that will can reveal the identity of creature. Meanwhile, those have a hurry are already talking about chupacabras...

YOUTUBE, Criatura desconhecida, Chupacabra ou Alienígena encontrado na Venezuela
Published on Sep 28, 2013

FONTE: Polémica por hallazgo de supuesto 'Chupacabras' 
NETJOVEN/PERU, 26/09/2013

The weird mystery of the Colorado's stone

The Stone of Colorado was displayed in the Ozark UFO Conference * - Ozark mountain, between 12 and 14 April 2013, in the town of Eureka Springs - Arkansas State, USA.


IT HAPPENED IN THE UNITED STATE IN 1985. It was dawn, 3 am. Robert White or Bob, told the program Tercer Milenio (Jaime Maussan) who drove his car on the highway between the states of Utah and Colorado when was faced with a strong light on the track.  The source of light was a huge object, the size of three urban blocks.

It was a strange vehicle - alien. An aircraft flying low right, almost unmoved the air, in the middle of a highway of  U.S..

Suddenly took flight and joined the other lights that were hovering in the sky. However, White could see that something flew off or was, perhaps, thrown from one of the ufos or from one of the points of light.

The fact was that something had fallen on the ground and Bob decided to rescue that thing, even without know what it could be. Locate the thing was not difficult because it had left a track of burned vegetation.


Robert White, the man who rescued the Stone of Colorado in 1985. In the photo, attending the Ozark UFO Conference, interviewed by journalist and researcher of ufology and the paranormal phenomenons, the Mexican  Jaime Maussan.

It was an object or fragment object made ​​of some unknown metal material. Bob White sold his discovery.

The current owner of the Colorado Stone (as it will be called here), Larry Cekander, UFO researcher, says that the "piece" was subjected to nine different analyzes generating 19 awards, being recognized  as made with a kind of unknown material, composed of a alloy of metals that scientists could not explain how could be forged with the earthly technology.

The analyzes were done in reputable institutions, at university laboratories, as in Los Alamos (in the U.S. state of New Mexico), University of California (UCLA), for example.

YOUTUBE, 3013 

For over a decade, between 1985 and 2009, one fragment remained pure mystery. It was in 2009 that, thanks to the emergence of new technology research, could be detected the first evidence that, in fact, the object was made of a non-earthly matter, of an unknown substance  - or never before seen by geologists or mineralogists in the context of academic science.

When exposed to light the Stone emits a scintillating light. And more,  in the Stone - which also emanates strong electromagnetic radiation - have been identified 33 chemical elements among which, are predominant, aluminum and silver. The material was classified as a superconductor.

The team of the Tercer Milenio's reportage found that magnetic cards of hotel's rooms and locks of Electronic Safes simply cease to work with the proximity of the Stone. The fact was discovered when Bob White tried, for the first time - take out the object from inside a hotel coffer and the electronics system had failed.
Evidencia física de material extraterrestre - Larry Cekander
YOUTUBE/tercermilenio. Published on Jul 2, 2013.
T3rcer Milenio TV 
Pesquisa, tradução & texto: L. Cabus