Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mysterious Corpse - Suspect of Chupacabras at Venezuela


VENEZUELA. In the town of San Antonio de los Altos, state of Miranda - Venezuela - the population is perplexed by the finding of the corpse of a strange creature whose species was not recognized.

A few believe that the animal may be a skunk - Didelphis marsupialis (common zarigüeya) - although the decaying head and jaw look too big.

Health authorities collected tissue samples the spoils which, subjected to DNA testing - that will can reveal the identity of creature. Meanwhile, those have a hurry are already talking about chupacabras...

YOUTUBE, Criatura desconhecida, Chupacabra ou Alienígena encontrado na Venezuela
Published on Sep 28, 2013

FONTE: Polémica por hallazgo de supuesto 'Chupacabras' 
NETJOVEN/PERU, 26/09/2013

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