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The Mystery of the Magnetic Imbalance of the Sun & The Conspiracy of the End of a World

  by Lygia Cabus

In the Hinode satellite image were observed in 2008 areas of  negative polarity  that, in 2011,  decreased  remarkably.  Image: JAXA / Hinode

HELIOPHYSICS. Every 11 years or so, the Sun's magnetic field reverses itself completely: the north pole goes south and the south pole, goes to the north. It's like a magnet that slowly changes its polarity.

But the Sun is not a magnet and this is a complex process, which causes are not known for astrophysics today. But scientists are already able to map the magnetic fields of the Sun. They can study the phenomenon and know when the next change will occur.

For example, this reversal coincides with a period of intense solar activity, that are solar storms. These periods are called "solar maximum".

Recently, what means, at least the last two or three years, the team's Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA, in Huntsvillie - Alabama, headed by Jonathan Cirtain, noted that the magnetic north polarity of the Sun seems to have fallen to a intensity nearly zero. However, at the south pole, only even more recently, the magnetic field only started to decrease.

Cirtain defines what is happening as an imbalance between the north and south poles: The solar north is already undergoing a transition, in a complete disagreement with the south pole and we don't understand how or why. Moreover, the changes observed in the North Pole are advanced in relation to scientific forecasts. This moment of the cycle, the revertion - was expected to happen only in 2013.

These facts make think about the image of the Sun that is circulating on the Internet, showing and saying that one or more unidentified flying objects are in the vicinity of the sun. No one knows what it is but it is speculated that such objects are pulling energy of the star, like a vehicle, capturing energy.

The two informations together (the imbalance of the magnetic field and the presence of a UFO near the star), allow to suppose that this magnetic asymmetry of the sun is not a natural phenomenon. It can be being caused by an exogenous element (not the Sun itself) - interference of intelligent beings whose goal may be very different from a simple stop to fill the fuel tank.

END OF A WORLD. The image (above) is from March 2012. While some so-called conspiracionists or conspiracy theorists call the object, in the picture, Death Star, scientists say it is just a filament, an extension of the Sun. But, the conspiracists (that are researchers but not academics or, even being academics, are unconsidered like serious academics), they have more than one line of thought about this facts.

About this image (above), for example, some see it like a celestial body. These, immediately identifie this object with Nibiru, the Planet X or Hercóbulos. Others come and show various objects, as can be, in fact, observing the videos and photos - and claim that these UFOs are acting on the Sun with the aim of provoking phenomena on Earth. Catastrophic phenomena such as the tsunamis and earthquakes of the recent years.

These latter, align themselves with the thought that believes in the existence of a dome or secret council, formed by extraterrestrials that control the evolution of mankind for millennia, or a hybrid society, composed by extraterrestrials humanoids individuals and earthlings human.

According to the planning of this suposed council (like think some of conspiracists or researchers non-academics), it is time to purge the planet, to eliminate the problems that global civilization is not able to solve; but, rather, created such problems and multiplies them each day.

The superpopulation, especially of the miserables, is at the root of all these problems. Therefore, the most urgent action is exterminate all excess this population that is hindering the progress of humanity. And the most pratical way of do it is killing them in mass.

The using of the sun as a catalyst for promote ecological disasters that result in mass mortalities is not the only resource that is being used. Other ills, including disease never before seen, degenerative corruption of human nature by means of new drugs, deadly, and other providences are also on the agenda called extermination.

The using of the sun as a catalyst for promote ecological disasters that result in mass mortalities is not the only resource that is being used. Other ills, including diseases never before seen, degenerative corruption of human nature by introducing of new drugs in the societies, deadly drugs and other providences are also on the agenda of the extermination.

All this can seem a fantasy, literary fiction or thing of cinema but, unfortunately, the headlines of newspapers, combine too much with these ideas. Moreover, in more than one case, the reveries of the books and the fiction of the movies, as the Jules Verne tales, for example, did not take long to become an astounding reality. Let's meditate ... And... as the authorities say: Let's try to avoid the panic.

FONTE: ABOUT Sun's magnetic field reverses: La extraña asimetría magnética que el Sol está experimentando.
NOTÍCIAS DE LA CIENCIA, publicado em 30/05/2012.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Afghanistan: The mysterious Faintings of Girls

AFGHANISTAN. In recent weeks, hundreds of girls have suffered fainting or dizziness at least, during the period of the day in which they are at school. In the last of these incidents, that occurred in a school situated in Takhar province, north of the country, 80 students, between 8 and 18 years, fainted or felt unwell.

The authorities, who have not yet know the cause of the phenomenon, present controversial versions. The spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry, Sediq Seddiqi attributed the problem to ... a toxic gas expelled through an aerosol ... that could be being used, intentionally, criminally, in the classrooms. Other government sources, however, provide other informations.

The spokesman of Takhar province, for example, Mustafa Rasuli, speculates that the cause of incidents is contaminated water but also raised the idea that can be occuring a psychological effect: ...with the divulgation of the first cases, the mental pressure has multiplied the occurrences.

Another hypothesis speculates that Islamic militants, the Taliban movement's radical Muslims are behind the mystery. However, representatives of the rebels published messages denying any involvement with the faintings. 

The denial did not convinced the agent of Human Rights Watch (HRW) in Afghanistan, Haether Barr, which highlights the fact that the fundamentalists continue to oppose the education of women. In 2011, the Taliban openly attacked girls' schools.

According to Barr: Half of Afghan girls and young women still not are attending school. Last month five similar cases occurred in different schools. About the psychological element argued by some authorities, Barr said that this only reflects the atmosphere of fear still surrounding the girls and their families.

By request of the Afghan government, NATO's mission has carried out several laboratory tests. The spokesman, Jimmie Cummings, said that in the material collected for testing, from students in Khost, there were no traces of poisonous or toxic organic compounds. He added: It seems unlikely that any such substance be the cause of the symptoms described.

Two weeks ago, a hundred girls fell ill. The most serious episode happened two weeks ago, when hundreds of children at a school in the eastern province of Khost got sick or fainted. The authorities considered the case as poisoning. Thus, the mistery continues.

SOURCE: El misterioso caso de cientos de niñas que se desmayan en la escuela.
HERALDO/Spain, published in 29/05/2012.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Supernatural Shadow

ARGENTINA. In the province (not to confuse with the city) of Buenos Aires, the security camera of the parking lot of a supermarket in the city of Chivilcoy recorded a strange phenomenon. The appearance of a black mist that impressed the functionaries that were monitoring the place.

The strange shadow that resembles the ethereal form of demons that appear in the television series Supernatural, moves in the yard in broad daylight.

SOURCE: Filmaron un supuesto fantasma en Chivilcoy.
EL TRIBUNO, publishe in 25/05/2012.

46 Years in the Belly of the Mother - The Parturition of the Stone Baby

Zahra. Fled from hospital with fear of parturition.

In MAROCCO, Aboitalib Zahra, 75, after remains "pregnant" by 46 years, finally gave birth to a son of stone. It all began in 1965 when Zahra felt the pain of childbirth. 

She was taken to a hospital, but after seeing a woman dying on the operating table during a caesarean section, she fled. She returned to her small village in the vicinity of Casa Blanca.

The pains were disappearing, the baby stopped moving and Zahra began to consider the baby in her womb as a "asleep baby" that, according to popular belief, are babies that live inside the belly of themother to protect her honor (of her, the mother) ...

Recently, already elderly, Zahra came back to feel pain and this time, treated at a hospital, doctors performed an ultrasound and found that the "asleep baby" - in true, was a case of entropic pregnancy.

What most surprised the doctors is that woman continued living with the dead fetus in her body as if it were just another organ. After a surgery that lasted nearly five hours, a calcified baby was removed.

Babies of stone, that are called lithopedions, are an extremely rare phenomenon according with medical records. The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine informs that only 290 of these cases were reported in all the world.

SOURCE: Mujer dio a luz a un “bebé de piedra” luego de estar 46 años embarazada.
PUBLIMETRO/CHILE, published in 24/05/2012

Two Suns... and Something More in The Skies of Brazil & in All the World

search: Lygia Cabus

BRAZIL. While academic experts (who are those who fear ridicule or to have their seriousness questioned) keep saying that the phenomenon of sightings of two suns is just an optical illusion, the second sun continues appearing in different places in the world. Brazil is no exception. 

This record was made on April 24, 2012, in Santa Catarina at 16:30 pm 

SAO PAULO. 11/05/2012, 4:57 pm. Photo: Fernando Ciocchetti. IN SEGUNDO SOL. 

AMAZONAS, Manaus - capital of state. 16/03/2012. 
Photo: Josiane Oliveira. IN SEGUNDO SOL. 

In fact, this strange phenomenon is something other than two suns. In many of the videos that have been posted on the Internet, is possible to anyone, see that something more is happening in the sky. In some films, there seems to be more than one object brighter than the second sun. Often, a small sphere appears moving quickly in the same sequence, as a spaceship, accompanying the mysterious orb that has sharing the sky with king star.


BRAZIL, Santa Catarina state

On Sunday morning (06/05/2012), a resident of the Road Mildau in the city of Pirabeiraba filmed a strange phenomenon in the sky. 

Sydney Gill, 39, was walking through the center of the city when he saw a huge beam of light that appeared to be a fire column the in the sky. 

At the same weekend the Civil Defense of Joinville (a one of the largest city of the state) confirmed that there were at least nine earthquakes in the region of Pirabeiraba, the northern area of Joinville, between the 21 hours of Saturday and Sunday morning.

Morador do Distrito de Pirabeiraba, Norte de SC, registra fenômeno estranho no céu.
HORA DE SANTA CATARINA, published in 06/05/2012.

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👽 An Alien at Amazonas

BRAZIL WEIRD NEWS. In 2011, november 7, the newspaper EL Heraldo/Hn, published: "Turistas británicos aseguran haber capturado a un extraterrestre en Brasil" (British tourists claim to have captured (in images) an alien in Brazil.

It happened at a region in the vicinity of Manaus city, capital of Amazonas state. Two British tourists that were on tour in Manaus, Brazil, say they have captured, with their camera, an alien. The video has caused a stir on the Internet.

The images show a strange creature beside a tree and what is even stranger, there was a ball of a blue light that appears to be floating few meters behind him.

The creature not made any moves during recording and this detail arose suspicions that the scene is a fake. But this is not accurate. At one point of the footage, for a moment, the strange being, made a moviment , flexing his back. 

The intention of the tourists, according themselves, was to make a footage of a native youngs group and nobody noticed the alien until see the images obtained.
Michael Cohen

The video has been tested and been certified as authentic by the researcher Michael Cohen that after checking the tape with the help of his team, Cohen concluded that the recording was not altered at any time. 

The rain forest of Brazil is known for other cases involving aliens that weren't even investigated by the government. Many believe that this place is very attractive to the aliens for their great diversity of plants and animals.

Turistas británicos aseguran haber capturado a un extraterrestre en Brasil.
EL HERALDO/Hn, published in 11/11/2012
Michael Cohen

Two suns in the UK sky

UK. This is posted in You Tube. Was filmed in may, 12 of 2012. At UK, two suns divided the space in the sky. The sun of every day, surrounded in clouds, appeared to be accompanied by another orb, of which emanates a red very bright light. One more of the heavenly mysteries that become more frequent and, increasingly, are registered by the cameras of this Third Millennium AD.

Almost always, numerous people who consider this kind of image mere photographic trick though, the Time of the two suns was predicted by many prophets and, today, researchers from emerging sciences such as archeology and history of the extraterrestrial are not suprise with this phenomenon.

As the precursor of these studies, the philologist of ancient languages​​, Zecharia Sitchin (expert in cuneiform, form of writing, Ancient Mesopotamia), many scholars and other stakeholders believe that the phenomenon of two suns are confirmation of the cyclic rapprochement of Nibiru, the mysterious planet which supposedly in the remote past, promoted the development of human species and the colonization of Earth.

Video: date of posting - 12/05/2012

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The Miracle of the Cross of Blessed Water

ARGENTINA. Saturday, May 18, 2012. In the church of Carmo de Villa Carlos Paz, municipality of the province of Cordoba (or Cordova, Argentina, not must be confused with Códova, Spain), a newborn, Octavio Angelo Arnoldt Bay or Angelito - was baptized by Pastor Mario Barnabe.

The religious ceremony was recorded in photos. In the moments in which the images were taken, among the photographer, family and friends present in the event, nobody observed nothing different in the scenes.

But late on Monday (May 19), the baby's parents, Gaston and Gabriela, looking the photos, saw, with surprise, that the holy water which the priest poured over the head of the child, in a fleeting moment that was captured through the lens of camera, had assumed the shape of a cross.

The boy, who has been called "Angel" or "Angelito," was born on December 26, premature, with only six months, weighing 1.100 kg, in the Sanatorium Allende (Cordoba) after a problematic pregnancy that threatened the life of the infant and mother.

The Meaning of extreme unction

After birth, the state's health care nasciturno inspired a stringent care. In the first few weeks he received the holy water, a christian catholic providence, to aid to save the baby or, in case of death, for that he would not die pagan.

This procedure is an extreme unction that, contrary to popular belief, isn't a final blessing given to those who are condemned to certain death, isn't the end of hope, instead, is an affirmation of hope. The extreme blessing aims to rescue the health, the life that fades, avoid death, if this is the Will of God.

The boy resisted and - in February 22, was discharged from the hospital. This fact was then already regarded as a miracle. Now, with the record of the cross of holy water in the photography, the idea of ​​the miracle, of a prodigy of faith acting in the life of Angelito became a certainty for the family.

SOURCE: Milagro: se formó una cruz con el agua bendita con la que bautizaron a un niño.
26-NOTÍCIAS/Argentina, published in 25/05/2012.

Child mutilated in Satanic Ritual to "avoid" the End of the World

The house: the crime scene. 
The end of the world is the fear of the end of the world.

MEXICO. It happened in San Agustin Atlapulco (city of the metropolitan area of Mexico City, the capital of the country), in the colony of Nezahualcóyotl founded 25 years ago by immigrants from Oxaca, Puebla and Guerrero. 

In a house, located on a street in the neighborhood Graciano Sanchez, in Monday (5/21/2012), a group of ten people, including four children, were fasting and "praying" waiting for the end of the world.

They believed in the supposed imminence of a devastating earthquake, that would go happen in 28th day (this month) at 1 o'clock pm. An earthquake able to exterminate all life on Earth. Pretended religious authorities were leading the cult. A satanic cult.

The candles were lit. Among the instructions that were determined everyone should pray with eyes closed. But a child, Ferdinand - stood tired of mantain his eyes closed. And opened them. (And, it seems, he was not alone). 

His mother, identified as Carmen, 23, perceived the disobedience (means that she also was with her eyes opened) and ordered sternly: Close your eyes! The boy refused: I will not close. Then she sentenced that eyes of the boy would be gouged out.

And were. With an aid of one of her sisters, this mother pulled the child's eyes with her own hands. A teenager of 17 years (identified as Maciel), uncle of Ferdinand, and his girlfriend, Ruth, horrified by what was happening, the two ran out of the house screaming: They are killing my nephew! They are plucking his eyes!

The neighbors heard the screams. A man called the police. Some people invaded the residence to rescue the boy. They found him in the arms of mother. She was hysterical with the child in her arms, bloody and unconscious. Inside the house, there was no religious images.

But in front of the house, on top of the gate, there is hanging a pentagram, a symbol that the ignorant, like these fanatics, believe be a an element of evocations of black magic.

The prosecutor, Jesus Acevedo Isaac Romano, who initiated the investigation, confirmed the presence of the ten persons and identified the children - which have between 9 months, 8, 5 and 17 years of age. The mother of Ferdinand, Carmen, and the aunt of the boy, Lizbeth, were indicted along with the others members of the sect.

The woman, Carmen, when was questioned, in the police station, was calm. Not asked by his son and not showed none remorse. The neighbors, that stood horrified. They said that the persons of the neighbor family, during more of twenty years, they appeared to be normals.

Isaac Romano also said that preliminary investigation found that the family really belongs to a cult and, about the reason for the mutilation of the child, the fanatics claimed that it was necessary avoid end of the world. Only four of the eight prisoners were brought to testify. The others were in psychotic state, being submited to psychiatric and psychological avaliations. 

FERNANDEZ, Emilio and MONTAÑO, Teresa. Orando esperaban el “fin de los tiempos”.
EL UNIVERSAL/Mexico, published in 25/05/2012.
HUERTA, Jose. Sacrifican ojos de niño en rito para “salvar al mundo”.
EL UNIVERSAL, published in 25/05/2012.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Strange Light at Chile Sky


CHILE. May 21, 2012. This strange pillar of light descended from the sky over the mountains on the Chilean coast in the region of Cerro San Cristobal. But certainly the academic experts will say that it is only an optical phenomenon caused by refraction of sunlight into contact with atmospheric elements.

SOURCE: Curioso fenómeno en el atardecer del 21 de mayo en Santiago: columna de luz desciende del cielo. 
BIOBIOChile, published in 21/05/2012.

Benjamin Solari, The Artist-Prophet Abducted & The Terrible Prophecy For 2012 Olympics

ARGENTINA & UK.  The Argentine artist Benjamin Solari Parravicini (1898-1974), throughout his life, amassed two remarkable vocations: painting and the gift of prophecy. Often, he reunites the two abilities, writing texts in the same pages of his the prophetic drawings.

His name gained notoriety through the internet because of its mystical predictions about events that, when held, impacted public opinion. The most significant examples are: the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001, yhe Tsunami in Japan followed by radiation leak from the Fukushima Plant, and, in his country, the two presidencies of Cristina Kirchner in Argentina.

Now, is circulating on the web, a video with an analysis of a psychographic that the artist drawn in 1972. According to the interpreters, the central theme is the 2012 Olympics, which will be held in London in July this year. The text says:

Fire, famine, pestilence, death and justice are echoing in the world and the justice is coming to the world, especially to the world that does not listen and do not see. The darkness of the dragon seemed sleeping is approaching.

The terror will come from the "oso" (bear) that was disguised as love and brotherhood. Will come the humble Democrat who never been and with it comes poverty, the homeless, the lack of a refuge and all the explosions of lawlessness. Do not delay - will come the darkness, (and soon) then - will come the light, after the raising of the Southern and the Cross.

But the relationship with the Olympics is not in the text, but in the drawing. Ali, a hidden figure wearing a long tunic seems to hold a torch (which resembles the Olympic torch) under a bell. The bell has been identified as the bell of 17 tons that the organization of the games announced that will use in the opening ceremony of the event.

The design also contains the representation of a coiled serpent, which is being related to the tower, called Olympic Orbic, design of the architect Anish Kapoor to be one of the symbols of the games. The central figure of the drawing of Parravecini has a form identical to the perimeter of the Olympic Park where the games will be realized.

The dragon has been understood as a reference to China and the humble democrat, has been associated with President Barak Obama whose place of birth, shrouded in controversy and obscurity, is speculated as being, in true, the Kenia, Africa, which lies to the south in its geographic relation with the United States and Europe.

But the "South" can also:

1. be a reference to the southern United States, which has a past marked by the struggles of the slave for the freedom in American history involving the secret society of slaverers and Arianists, the Ku Kux-Clan. The Ku Kux Klan (or its ideology) can also be associated with the "dragon that seemed to be asleep" (instead of China) since it has, as one of its symbols, a variation of the swastika and a pattern uniform that consists of a white robe. 

2. be a reference to the Arab countries or people and / or Muslim communities, also located in their countries situated south of Europe and in which the typical chotes are tunics. 

3. be a reference to members of the Catholic Church or Christians in general, the robe and the hairs, tonsured, seem to resemble a figure of a Western monk.

Finally - the cross, the robe and the sickle, symbol of death, which appears in the drawing, these symbols may, for all these associations, be an indication of possible danger related to ethnic conflict, xenophobia and religious confrontations. 

And even - traditionally, el oso, in the western vocabulary of prophecies, means bear, that the western interpreters generally understand as a symbol of Russia.

However not can rule out other meanings of the word. OSO also refers to a location of Washington, where is located the Jim Creek Naval Radio Station, which is a facility of the U.S. Navy.

EL OSO is also a town in Spain, located in Avila, whose name is due to a granite sculpture that stands in the doorway of the local parish church and represents, for some, a bear, for others a boar (which leads it to a symbol of Germany). It's an antique. is about 1.250 years old and their provenance is unknown.


Backing to Benjamin,the prophet, he also would had reportedly been abducted by aliens. The ufologist, parapsychologist and historian Fabio Zerpa, argentine historian (b. 1928) wrote a book about it. Title: Benjamin Solari Parravicini, the Nostradamus of America. According Zerpa, the artist, himself, told about the episode that happened when he was at the center of Buenos Aires, sitting on a bench Avenue July 9.

So two people arrived near of him. They were strangers. Their eyes were whitish. Suddenly a great light enveloped them and he found himself transported to a circular room where there were illuminated panels and a tubular structure.

Ali, Benjamin received a telepathic message. One of the aliens told him: You must spread the love. The Universe is harmony. His conduct is aggressive. We have many elected and we'll meet again. Thereafter, the artist found himself, again on the bench. Three hours had passed.

FONTE: Juegos Olímpicos 2012: La terrible profecía de Benjamín Solari Parravicini.
EL INTRANSIGENTE/Argentina, publicado em 24/05/2012
Benjamin Solari Parravicini. IN WIKIPEDIA/Spanish, accessed in 24/05/2012.
Translations, researchs and text: Lygia Cabus

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magos de Tollán - A Mayan village at Spain

According to the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012 ends a cycle of 5125 years. In the north of Cordoba, Spain - a group of people founded a village where they live according to the sacred accounts of the Mayans.

SPAIN. Charbonier is a small town north of Cordoba, where the the hot sun makes of any shadow, a blessing. There are three miles from Charbonier, traversing the road San Marcos Sierras on a barren landscape, there, is located the village "Magos de Tollán" - where live a population of few persons: Thirteen women, men and children, nine dogs and a female gray cat. Wizards Tollán is a Mayan village. Its inhabitants consider the place as a Promised Land.

Faced with a wooden gate, a house with hammocks on the door, a mill and a round pool where some children play. Around the house, plants with thorns. A woman, about fifty years old, welcomes visitors with a smile fixed on his face, as if it had been frozen for some kind of magic. She wears long pants, a purple shirt and a crystal applied between the eyebrows. She explains: It is to mark the third eye. I don't use it all time. She presents herself as Seed but his real name is Gladys Mabel.

Beside the gate, near a bell tower, there is a poster. It is written: Aldea Magos de Tollan (Village Magi of Tollán). Another poster warns, in this place is not permited to smoke, consume alcohol or eat meat.

Another woman comes out of a house made of adobe. Her name is Betty. His white hair indicate that she has a certain age. She says she is a grandmother. It is 77 years and is in the village there is three months. It shows the path that leads to a kitchen.

The kitchen, also built of adobe, clay, is a building haxagonal. It is a community space and is decorated with flags, Buddha statues, Mayan calendars. The stove is wood burning. On a counter, jars of peanuts, carrots, beets and other vegetables. And flies, many flies.

In the village, the names are not changed at random by a criterion of personal preference. A supervisor uses a compass to set the name Mayan Mayan inhabitants. The compass consists of three rotating discs. 

The reporter who made this matter has been subjected to evaluation and was determined that his name is Mayan Galactic Caminante del Cielo Rojo (Walker Galactic Purple Heaven). In this village, supposedly Mayan, know the name of a person is as vital as know your blood type. Thus, some are called: Eagle, Monkey, Warrior of the Night, Mirrors etc...

The community, which was founded by a couple who lived in Cordoba trabalhando with accounting, formally identified only as Claudia and Rodolfo, lives in their own time and has a motto: time belongs to whoever owns her own mind. They decided to adopt the Mayan calendar and leave the city life, their confort, their behavior patterns.

The Mayan year has thirteen months of 28 days each (is a lunar calendar). Each day has its energy, its color of regency and a specific goal. The names of the weekdays are also different. A Monday can be the day of the Galactic Blue Monkey.

The days are subject to patterns of tendencies, called Wavespell and cycles of thirteen days are subjected to a seal or a galactic signature, a sign astronomical. These post-moderns mayans believe they are living in harmony with the natural cycles of Earth. For them, time is art.

The Magos de Tollán believe that the official Western calendar, with its irregular number of days, produces neuroses and compulsions consumerist. The founders of the village were inspired by the ideas of an American son of mexicans, Jose Arguelles, who began spreading his doctrine in 1987. 

Called the Law of Time, this doctrine is based in following the prophecies of Quetzacioalt. He declared himself the reincarnation of Pakal Votan and called himself Valum Votan. Arguelles died on March 23, 2011.

Claudia (one of the founders of the village) explains: We live in a civilization that disconnected us from the cycles of nature. For us, 2012 is the recovery of our galactic consciousness. It is the beginning of a new civilization, a telepathic civilization. We are - the precursors of human beings of the next cycle.

The couple (Claudia and Rodolfo) decided to change its life three years ago (in 2009) when she met the theory of Arguelles. Then live in the city became unbearable. She bought the land of 22 hectares in the middle of nowhere and moved into place with little luggage. They had no water or electricity. Today they have a community bathhouse. Feces and urine are used as fertilizer. All the resources are measured and controlled. Everything is recycled.

However, isolation is not absolute. The Mayas of Spain go to the town of Charbonier often. The children attend public schools. The leaders want that education be - also, an activity of the community but it is not still possible.


The "Magos de Tollán" meditate in the White Hour. There are no clocks in the community. The "White Hour" is determined by the color of the sun at dawn. They wake to the sound of the murmur of a pink color shell. The shell sends the call to the four cardinal points. The same signal indicates the hour of meals, the hours of work, the hours of walk in the trails, that is also a type of meditation.

A special place was prepared for a special meditation. It's called Ceremonial of the "White Hour". The land was cleared and leveled. On the floor is a large star made ​​of stones. The "new mayans" arrive in silence and bring blankets. They sit facing the mountain in the lotus position.


The community welcomes visitors. However, the "Magos de Tollán" claim that these visitors are attracted by a telepathic energy that is only perceived by the people who are prepared to receive teachings.

The visitors learn to use the Mayan calendar, natural building techniques and participate of sessions of sauna. The experience lasts 13 days. The courses and workshops have their price, which can vary from 100 pesos (Argentina, 25 euros or 32 dolares in may, 2012) to 700 pesos (176 euros or 222 dólares in may, 2012). This is one of the livelihoods of the village.

Those who can not pay are asked to leave something in exchange. Those who decide to stay are installed in tents. Gradually, they can build their own houses of clay. But, appears that these are few, many few - considering that, in three years, only 13 persons are living there.


The "Magos de Tollán" believe that dramatic events are bound to happen. They are the inevitable changes that will finalize a time for that a new time begin to the human race. A Time better. They believe they are fulfilling a planetary destiny, marked on the Mayan calendar, disregarding all predictions of the present civilization and without none commitment with the clocks of postmodern humanity.

SOURCE: ALIVERTI, Sol. Los magos de la nueva era.
LA VOZ-CIUDADX/Spain, published in 22/05/2012.

The Pioneers of the Photos of Ghosts

The photographs of ghosts began to appear in the nineteenth century, an especially important historical moment for the development and popularization of the  kardecist Spiritism.

William H. Mumler (1832-1884) was the first to  who was Credited the register of a paranormal picture. He left his job at a jewelry store to devote himself - full-time,  to the activity of do photo shoots for people who wanted to have some contact with dead relatives. He charged $ 30 per image when the normal price of a common photo was 10 times minor, more or least. 

Later in the early twentieth century, another man, William Hope (1863-1933) left his carpenter workshop to become a professional photographer of ghosts. He became famous and was much sought after by people bereaved by the loss of loved ones that had been dead in the First World War.

The recognition of his work resulted in the creation of a group called the Crewe Circle of Spiritists, who performed seances with the goal of make contact with dead people, and on these occasions, many images of ghosts have been captured.

Fotos de fantamas reales.
EL INTRANSIGENTE/Argentina, published in 14/05/2012
Fotos de fantasmas que resultaron "ser reales".
ARGENTINOS-24, published in 12/05/2012