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😱 Strange Vampires. The Silent Invasors of Argentina

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ARGENTINA. With the voice of the little girl who was many years ago, a woman, a medical, evokes the memory of a trauma that stays hidden in the deepest level of your mind. The memory a remembrance that was recovered through hypnotic regression.

During the session, there is no doubt she's facing someone with an different anthropometry (an appearence) from an ordinary human being: it has many large eyes, wide eyes and appeared many times at his home when she was a child. They were unpleasant situations, frightening, but over all - they were real.

Parapsychologist, Liliana Flota, that search the supernatural, has accompanied these case among many, that were attributed to the visitors of dormitories (visitors of bedrooms) that are so called of this form because the bedrooms are the places where they appear more often, creatures whose origin can be extraterrestrial or a parallel dimension to this, where inhabits the earthly Humanity.

L. Flota studies these cases since the 1990s, when a series of similar episodes began to be reported in the district of Villa Devoto. She believes that the appearance of these beings is associated with ... a search for energy resources, which the source, for them - is the blood of humans.

Throughout its investigations, the researcher could, finally, to define a specific area where the attacks happened: the region at region of Florida, Olives and Martinez, north of Buenos Aires (Argentina). 

Visitors appear in bedrooms, almost ever, at night - when they find their victims alone. Then, they extract the blood without presence of witnesses.

They are the Silent Invaders. In addition to preferring the isolation of the rooms, the creatures also choose their victims by ethnicities and gender as well: white women are theirs targets.

As proof of his predatory action, leave marks and injuries on the bodies, indicating that these people suffered, indeed, some type of clinical and/or surgical intervention, what is confirmed also by tests that indicate a significant loss of calcium, iron and magnesium.


Another remarkable detail is that a high percentage of patients visited are of the same group and blood factor, Type O - HR positive and, in many cases, more than one member, of the same family, suffered the aggression.

The investigator, also  tried to discover if the extraction of the blood or the contact with these strange imply any change in the DNA of the persons addressed. Something like a possible genetic mutation. A previous mutation, of the own victim, that can be a factor of selection,as the blood type appears to be or a mutation acquired after the victim contact with the creatures.

Flota concluded that ... The houses where the episodes occurred are located in massive electromagnetic fields which are detectable in the persons who was attacked too. In these houses, still - the clocks showed irregularities, desregulations as if time had passed by some kind of alteration.

FONTE: Los dormitorios convocan la visita de extraños seres
DIÁRIO POPULAR/Argentina, published in 19/05/2012

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