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The Climate Changes ... In Solar System

The changes in Jupiter's atmosphere. 
IMAGE: NASA/IRTF/JPL-Caltech/NAOJ/A. Wesley/A. Kazemoto/C.

COSMIC SPACE. Global warming is a controversial subject and, while reality is shrouded in contradictions. Scholars divide opinions. The so-called global warming deniers, contest, specifically, the anthropogenic warming - caused by man. 

They argue that climate change is not related to human activities but with a process that is affecting the entire solar system. Among scholars, there aren't consensus nor about the warming. Some say that the temperature is increasing, others, affirm that is decreasing, in a process of cooling.

Many denounce that the theory of anthropogenic warming is a theory forged by the more developed nations of the world with the goal of implementing a global tax on carbon emissions, what would keep rising powers limited in their development by this artifice, that would be a brake for economic growth.

But the facts are indifferent to discussions. And the fact is that the astronomical data indicate climate changes throughout the solar system. Three recent examples illustrate the phenomenon.


Jupiter has suffered more impacts over the past four years than astronomers already have observed along the timeline. On the image, the impact of a meteor, on 10 September 2012. 
IMAGE: NASA / IRTF / JPL-Caltech / G. Hall / University of the Basque Country.

In 2009, astronomers observed the disappearance of a brown track south of Jupiter's equator. It reappeared in 2011. At the same time, the scientist Glenn Orton and his team, of Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA - discovered, this year (2012) - that the north equatorial belt became noticeably clearer rapidly, more than the same process occurring over a century.

At Jupiter - there are events that are happening for the first time and others which aren't seen for decades, said Orton. The scientific community has no explanation for what is happening on this planet. Some believe that the surprise is due to the fact that only recently appeared potent observation equipments, able to allow the observation of phenomena previously ignored.


PHOTO: NASA/JPL - Caltech/Space Science Institute.

One Saturn's year equals 30 Earth years. The annual storm on that planet, which has been registered since 2010 but has started in August 2009 must lasts about seven Earth years. It is monstrous. 

The image, taken by the Cassini spacecraft at the end of 2010, shows the layers of Saturn's atmosphere. The red and orange colors indicate lower clouds, closer to the surface of the globe. The tracks green and yellow are intermediate. 

White and blue are the outer levels of the atmosphere, where the storm is more intense. The rings do not appear because they are out of the atmosphere - out of the image's focus.

The evolution of the storm, and between 2010 and 2011. The "Great Storm of Saturn's Spring" has manifested itself two years ago as a giant vortex, formed by the merger of two large pockets of hot air. This vortex moves across the northern hemisphere of the planet since mid-2011.

The anticyclone vortex - which formed in the stratosphere, that is low pressure zone - has about 62,000 km of diameter, almost a quarter of the circumference of Saturn. 
IMAGE: VLT mid-infrared image of Saturn's giant vortex, em 20/07/2011. Leigh N. Fletcher, University of Oxford, UK, and ESO. IN []

On Saturn, the Cassini probe, NASA - has monitored the consequences of a rare and monstrous storm. The data revealed a record of disturbances in the planet's atmosphere. The probe's infrared spectrometer registered an increase in temperature of 150 degrees Celsius above normal.

In the same period, scientists of Goddard Spaceflight Center (NASA), Greenbelt (USA, Maryland) - detected a large increase in the amount of ethylene gas whose origin is a mystery. The release of ethylene was confirmed by Celeste infra-red spectrometer (CIRS) at the McMath-Pierce installed Solar Telescope at Kitt Peak - Arizona (USA).

Scientists at Goddard, in the edition of November 20 (2011) of the Astrophysical Journal, describe an unprecedented energy emission. According Brigette Hesman, University of Maryland - who also works in Goddard - lead author of the study:

This temperature rise is almost unbelievable, especially in this part of Saturn's atmosphere [atmosphere upper outermost] which is normally very stable. The illustration of a change in temperature on the same scale on Earth it would be like going from the intense cold in Fairbanks's winter (Alaska) to the hottest summer of the Mojave Desert.

Detected by the first time in the northern hemisphere of Saturn on December 5, 2010, the storm became so great that a similar phenomenon on Earth, could involve completly this planet, many times.


Fast winds and swirling clouds in the atmosphere of Uranus form a dark vortex large enough to swallow two thirds of the United States. Astronomers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison used the Hubble telescope, NASA - on August 23, 2006 - for obtain the first images of the dark stain of Uranus which measures 1.700 km wide by 3.000 km in length. 

IMAGE: NASA, ESA, L. Sromovsky and P. Fry / University of Wisconsin.

About Uranus, a study of an international team of scientists has revealed that currently the planet is swept by wind gusts reaching speeds exceeding 900 miles per hour. The finding surprised because when the Voyager probe passed by Uranus in 1986 showed a quiet landscape, without major changes. 

The result of the research about the "celestial planet" (Uranus is the deity who personifies the sky in Greek mythology, father of Saturn or Chronos, the Time) - presented at the American Astronomical Society, showed new images obtained by a new technology implemented in the Keck Observatory, Hawaii.

These images revealed that the planet has a dense atmosphere, similar to the neighbor - Neptune, made mostly of hydrogen, helium and methane. The temperatures are low enough to freeze the methane, about 180° negative Celsius. The fast winds, which blow with orientation east-west, are an enigma for the researchers because they don't understand where does the energy required to produce them.

Heidi Hammel (American Astronomical Society) - explained that ... These images reveal an incredible complexity in the atmosphere of Uranus. We knew that the planet was active but not in this level.

Another scientist, Larry Scromovsky observed: Uranus is changing. There, the meteorological profile is showing a different behavior than had been detected until recently. The fundamental difference is the instability - what never was observed before.

On Earth changes are also globals. Glenn Orton (quoted above, in the begin of this article) - warns that ...these changes may end his life in this world or, at least, radically alter the ecosystem as it is configured now. One of the things that has sustained life at the Earth is its stable environment.


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Monday, October 29, 2012

Men in Black: Apparition in Concordia's Airport

ARGENTINA. It happened on a Sunday, around 10 am on June 24, 2012. In the vicinity of the town of San Antonio de Padua de la Concordia - department of Concordia, Entre Rios province, in the Aeropuerto Comodoro Pierrestegui (airport Concordia), a couple who usually will go to the site in weekends witnessed a strange episode.

The woman, who fears to be ridiculed and therefore is identified only by first name, Claudia - says she and the husband had observed a "man in black" and a small plane. The man drew attention not just for his clothes, completly black in a sunny day, but also because it was extremely tall, measuring over two meters of hight.

He had a thin and elongate face, legs and arms very long, short hair and strangely red - that was visible because he wasn't using hat, pale skin, wore dark glasses with round lenses and their movements were mechanized, walking in slow steps, like a robot.

In the words of the witness ... he did not come in any car: walked in direction of the aircraft, carrying two suitcases, one in each hand. Approaching the plane, did put inside it the suitcases and then the whole scene - simply - disappeared.

The ufologist and owner of the Museo OVNI (UFO Museum) in the city of Victoria (also located in the province of Entre Rios, department of Victoria), Silvia Perez Simondini, who heard the witnesses, investigated the fact: according with the operator of the flights control tower, which also prefers to remain anonymous (everyone has fear of ridicule), the airport radar only recorded a takeoff in that day.

The ascertainment of the activities at the airport on the day of the event noted: there were two aircrafts stopped - one, the plane of the governorate and another of a certain Mr Moron, from the province of Buenos Aires, who arrived in Concordia on Friday, June 22 and took off at 12:30 pm, on Sunday, long after the observation of the witnesses (10 of the morning). Only around 1 pm, some airplanes - of a flying school of Santa Fe - landed.

The operator confirmed the information to the police, who was notified about the incident by Matías Hojman, broadcaster who presents the program 5-La Pata, the Oíd Mortales radio, 88.9 Mhz - Concordia's city. In an interview for another radio station, El Entrerios ( Simondini commented:

In 1998, we had a case similar to this, with the same kind of man, in downtown Victoria ... This is happening worldwide. These people [men in black] who do not maintain contact with humans and are distinguished by appearance and way to walk. 

We do not know much about them ... but they are related to something of extraterrestrial. Their presence is often associated with the appearance of UFOs. We suspect that they use holograms to create an illusion of reality to hide what actually is happening.


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Huge Cloud in Shape of Tsunami Appears in Santos's beach

PHOTO: Marcela Pierotti/Tv Tribuna

SÃO PAULO. BRAZIL. Sunday, October 28 (2012). Despite the intense heat that led thousands of residents and tourists to the beach Gonzaga, in the city of Santos, around 2:30 pm, occured an unusual phenomenon: a huge cloud, in low altitude, in the form of Tsunami, approached the strip of sand drawing the attention of people who gathered to observe the vaporous colossus.

SOURCE: Nuvem em formato de 'tsunami' muda o visual de praia em Santos.
G1, published in 28/10/2012.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

UFO - Strange and bright, a Huge Cylinder Penetrates in the Popocatepetl Volcano

The object is precipitated as a huge light stick inside the crater. 

THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE, posted on 27/10/2012. 


MEXICO. On Friday, October 26 (2012), the camera that Televisa maintains permanently monitoring the activity of the volcano Popocatepetl, registered the moment when a strange light came down from heaven and, apparently - entered in the giant's crater.

According to experts (and how is saw in the video), it was a bright object. Its sized was of approximately 1 km long and 200 meters wide with cylindrical shape (in the longitudinal direction, the object is precipitated as a light stick inside the crater.) The direction from which came could not be determined because its speed is much higher than that of a plane.

The astronomer in UNAM, Margarita Rosado, a member of the International Astronomical Union, who observed in details luminous objects seen in the area for 15 days of April (2012) - when the volcano showed increased activity commented: It's an interesting thing. If it was something that emerges, would be possible to think in natural causes but an object that falls on the crater is really unusual.

Rosado ruled out the possibility of object be released by the volcano like glowing material or - even that it would be a meteorite. The scientists consider the characteristics of the object as something strange: its shape well defined in which is possible to distinguish the edges, bright colors and their variants and no-interaction with the gases from the volcano.

SOURCE: Fenómeno de luz en el Popocatépetl.
NOTICIEROS TELEVISA, publicado em 27/10/2012.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Curiosity: Life at Mars?


In the sequence of images, the "being" ... located after an intense ocular effort. PHOTO: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS. []

Click on the lens or on the link below to view the enlarged photo and the thing marked:


Oh, Yeah! Finally we can see sometihing.

MARS. The photo is on the NASA site. It was obtained by the camera mast (Mastcam) during the Martian day 52 or 52th of sun of the mission Curiosity Mars Rover, or be in 28/09/2012. This place of the red planet is called Rocknest. The real dimension of the frame is 1.5 m wide by 5 m high.

At first glance, does not exist, in this landscape, nothing remarkable, much less a way of life. But once again, the eagle eye of an internaut that certainly would want so much to find something extraordinary in this orb apparently dead, discovered or at least can seem that discovered a living being amid the rocks. Whatever, its shape and appearance is similar to a Guinea pig.

Find this creature in the environment is extremely difficult. It requires a huge degree of magnification of the photo and manipulation of the picture in terms of focus and definition to give some clarity to the picture. 

But, discarding the hypothesis of an optical illusion, pareidolia phenomenon, one can concede that, finally, there is the possibility that the "object" is even an animal, with eye, coat and paws.

* At the website of origin of this news thus like in the page of the NASA is almost impossible to find the "animal". BMW, had to squeeze the eyes to offer to its readers the exact location of the ... creature? ... Object? ... Enfin ... of the thing.


SOURCE: ABOVE TOP SECRET/FORUM, posted in 26/10/2012.
Accessed in 27/10/2012.

Supernatural Phenomenon Expelled Family from Home

The haunted house: residents expelled. The video about the case, in Spanish: on Youtube - posted on 25/10/2012. []

ARGENTINA. In the municipality of La Merced, province of Salta, a humble family claims to be the victim of attacks by evil spirits whose spectrums, that are manifested as shadows, are visibles. They believe that the purpose of harassment is to make the persons abandon the house, located in the neighborhood "40 Viviendas".

Santos Sanchez, the father of the family, says the nightmare began when the children, two teenagers of 12 and 16 years, commented about strange occurrences that happen in the house: shadows that roam through the rooms, pushing and hitting the people, unexplained cold air currents in any time of the day, even when the residence is completely closed.

In the week between the days 14 and 20 of October (2012) - the police were called. In his denounce, Sanchez reported that ... We had to leave the house because it was impossible to stay there with these spirits tormenting all us. What most impressed the police was reporting one incident when the girl, daughter of Sanchez, levitated for several seconds 50 cm above the floor.

But the police, confused by the situation, citing lack of objectivity in the occurrence, suggested the intervention of a priest.

The Catholic priest Pablo Castro, convoked to exterminate the enemy: the blame is the "Game" (Ouija).

The town's vicar, the Catholic priest Pablo Castro, was called for execute "the mission". But for safety, police resolved to accompany the priest during the blessings. The priest refused the aid. Even thus, the ritual was scheduled to be done in daylight and a police patrol was thrown to monitor the procedure.

Arriving to the place, one of the officers knocked on the front door. The mother of the family opened and, in this moment, the officer received a strong blow and, struck by this invisible force, he was threw backward several feet in plain sight of all. Perplexed, the police was to seek support at the comissionership. Meanwhile, the priest would say ...I have everything under control.

Then the vicar entered the house and proceeded to "cleaning", profering prayers and blessings for several hours. After, he said he did not feel the presence of no devil and that the property could has been influenced by a cult of the Santa Muerte, or that the phenomenon may have been caused by some demonic entity, unconsciously attracted by someone in the family that can to have practiced some kind of ritual, as the "game of cup" or used the Ouija board, very common, currently, among the adolescents of the country.

About the "Game of the Cup", the religious commented: Many negative things can result from this practice. It is a dangerous joke that, in fact - atract the enemy (Satan, the adversary). These paranormal phenomena are the work of evil, of the devil. Maybe, this house might be needing a formal ritual of exorcism.

What we can say? Let's call the Winchester brothers...



SOURCE: Un fenómeno paranormal acecha a una humilde familia.
EL TRIBUNO/ARGENTINA, published in 26/10/2012.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two UFOs illumine the night in Santa Catarina

The video, in the YOUTUBE, posted in 24/10/2012. []

SANTA CATARINA. BRAZIL. At Lauro Müller, small city of Santa Catarina state (south of Brazil), on Tuesday - 23/10/2012, the watchman Clodoaldo Batista Goulart, 39 years old, (2012) saw two bright objects in the night sky at around 9:50 h. 

Perceiving the strange movements, irregular, Goulart made pictures of the ​​sighting with the camera of his mobile phone. In August this year residents of KM 1, at the same city - also saw UFOs.

SOURCE: Suspeita de OVNI no céu de Lauro Müller.
TRIBUNA NET, published in 25/10/2012.

The Humbug of the Humbug of the Ghost of the Dragon Stadium

The photo of the old lady that supposedly has haunted the Dragon Stadium.

WORLD. ABOUT THE GHOST OF THE DRAGON STADIUM. The incident occurred on October 03. The disclosure of the fact started just over a week (between 14 and 23 October 2012). 

The headlines were reproduced in numerous newspapers in Portuguese and Spanish: a ghost celebrated the goal by Colombian James Rodríguez that decided a game of the Champions League between the teams of Porto and Paris Saint Germain in 1x0 for Porto.

The news don't called much attention in world level. So, "a Blog" ... (this one even) published the news in English. The site Fortean Times did put the headline on its list of breaking news (on 10.22.2012) and voila! The subject has become "viral" in the internet.

Many netizens claimed that the photograph, taken from the sequence of a TV camera - was a farse. Others even said they was not only fake but as it was a farce mounted deliberately to attract the public..

The photo, source of controversy.

Then, between 23 and 24 October, arises the owner of the Truth: a photographer, Eugenio Queiroz, claiming that, after an exhaustive search in his files, he discovered ALL!. A photograph taken by "another angle" would prove that the ghost was, in true, a lady of advanced age who "had trouble to get up" and celebrate the goal.

After this, the mass midia * who published the first version of the story were offensively called liars and opportunists.                                                  

* midia (Latin) = plural of media

Occurs that the photographer Eugenio Queiroz spent more than a week unearthing files to find the photo that able to "fit itself" in his theory. A photo of an event that happened recently. After this, publishes his theory of a "granny" fanatical and even speculates that this lady "took trouble to get up" (where's the DVD? where is the real prove?).

It would be nice Mr. Queiroz, the super-investigative journalist, unveil - also - the identity of the "granny" and prove that his picture is, in fact aphoto obtained in the specific game. Because the numerous games of the Port team have been held in the Stadium of the Dragon and the clothes of many fans - supporters, are standardized, such as jacket and fringed stole. Who knows the old lady earns some money with all this... She don't seems to be rich...

But - looking well, the "ghost" that appears in the first photo, is bald and, especially, for more that the image be enlarged, the glasses - that the granny uses in the photo presented by Queiroz, not appear. 

Thus, let's speculated more: the Grandma, possessing appreciable hair, sees the game without glasses but puts her glasses - after to get up. In fact, she does not seems to has get up. Seems leaning over the back of the chair in front of her.

Opportunism by opportunism, photshop for photoshop, this photographer is not better than anyone. He don't proven anything and the photo of the woman, in "another angle" and undated, appears only in the midia in a cropped version that decontextualizes the space around and does not allow a detailed comparison.

Moreover, with his "Granny", Mr. Queiroz, "the hero of Truth" - undoubtedly, took hitchhiked on the "fake ghost", in the farce of "the liars", and gave place to think that he wanted to release his own name since that his "discovery" led to a new wave of headlines in which the journalist became the news. Considering all this, now, who will go throw the first stone?

* Note: this blog like others of this genre works mainly with the fortean journalism, strange events or curious and amazing discoveries of Sciences. They are, in majority, events Chales Roy Fort called Damned (or "cursed facts", marginals). 

So the news of the "ghost of Estadio Dragon" was published here because as a disciple of Charles Fort, this editor does not despise easily what is considered absurd. Yet this editor was observing the headlines about the football's ghost during two days before disclosing the case. 

But the news was originally published by vehicles that claim the status of be serious and orthodox, however, when this ghost story appeared in these vehicles, about a week after the game, few gave the information of the day and location of the event.


SOURCE: Se resulelve el misteri del gol "fantasma"de JamesRodrigues.
LA REPUBLICA/PERU, published in 23/10/2012.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Supernatural phenomenon threatens life of a baby

Baby: threatened by a supernatural force.

COLOMBIA. In a humble ranch in the neighborhood of Nueva Estrella, city of Santa Cruz de Lorica - Colombia, a strange phenomenon involving a baby has provoked rumors and fear among the population.

The persons say the child, that has less than a month of borned (in October 2012), son of Anne Feria dos Santos, is being possessed by an evil spirit.

A mother herself, frightened, confirms the rumors and tells that the newborn child does supernatural things: he walks with firmness, has an adult smile, sometimes begins to guffaw nonstop and his mode to look is intimidator.

The boy's grandfather shows the mattress destroyed by fire inexplicable.

The worst though is fire. The baby was taken to a clinic with burns on his legs and despite the mother's claim of innocence, the doctors suspected her and threatened to denounce her for abuse.

However, at the ranch, Anna Feria shows the marks of the fire in the mattress burned what occured while she took care of her domestic works. She says "dark hands" throw lit matchsticks on the child. And that's not all: the boy disappeared once and was found in the refrigerator closed.

Ana Feria believes that an evil spirit wants to kill his son. Among other attacks, once - the boy has been found, locked in the refrigerator.

Upon learning of the case, the Catholic Church of Lorica merely sent messages to the woman recommending that she and her family must appeal to God but, Ana and her relatives, desperates, do not hide themselves and is not afraid of the police. They fear the Devil! And ask for urgent help for the baby whom, they believe - is possessed by a demon.

In all this, there is at least a possibility that is not being considered: that the phenomena are produced by the baby who may be a child endowed with paranormal powers still not controlled - such as telekinesis, which can make he able to manipulate fire, for example, as with the girl who became known as the Fiery Girl of Vietnam (matters below).


SOURCE: PALOMINO TAMAYO, Deibys. Recién nacido está poseído, dicen en Lorica.
EL UNIVERSAL/COLÔMBIA, publicado EM 24/10/2012.

🔥🔥🔥 The Fiery Girl of Vietnam: New Informations

Residence of T. ..: Third floor, destroyed. The bed and the wall. 

VIETNAM. She has 11 years old, identified only as T. .. and can be, more appropriately called "radioactive girl" or "Flammable girl" (Girl Flammable), as defined in the headline of the Vietnamese newspaper, Tuoitre.

Led by researcher at the HCM City-based International Univertsity of Hong Bang, Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung, a team of scientists from different fields of science. They are examining the case and visited the girl's home, located in Tan Binh District, the city of HCM (former Saigon).

Third floor destroyed: the ceiling.

Dr. Hung has confirmed that the young girl is able to burn anything and admitted: It is a very strange case in Vietnam and the world.

Scientists eliminated the possibility that the environment could have some influence on the phenomenon. Have collected and analyzed materials as samples of soil, water and domestic objects of the house.

The father of the girl: scientists in home.

Dr. Hung after scan (digitize) the girl's brain discovered a strange line on the right side of the body, a formation that appears only in the brains of philosophers, artists and priests.

Hung explains further that: She can burn both objects that are close to her as others - distant. There is no limit given defined.

The scientist even said - that she had a red mark on the forehead of the which disappeared after she began wearing a quartz bracelet. The mark reappeared when the bracelet was removed. The use of the bracelet causes discomfort described as the passage of an electric current passing through the body, so was not possible continue to use it.

Journalists: crowded in front of the residence of "Fiery girl".

On Sunday (12/05/2012), the specialist in radionics of HCM, Dr. Du Quang Chau, told the newspaper Tuoitre that the anomaly (for common people) that was detected in the right hemisphere of the girl's brain also appears in very gifted people, endowed of great creativity and imagination.

He believes that this is the root cause of the phenomena. To control the power of the unusual patient, Chau recommended a kind of training to balance / control the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic. The practice with discipline of regular exercises can make of T. ... a "normal" person.


LAN, Mai. Girl capable of burning objects: right brain develops like priests.
VIETNAMNet, published in 16/05/2012.
Flammable girl sets house on fire.
TUOITRE/Vietnam, publicado em 11/05/2012.

🔥 X-Men, They already are among us. The fire's girl of Vietnam

Short-circuit in wiring and sockets burned. Aerator: damaged (below).

VIETNAM. In Ho Chi Minh City (also called HCM City, the former Saigon and the country's largest city), in Tan Binh district, ward No 2 - on May 02 (2012), Mr. T. .. called the firefighters to extinguish the fire that engulfed the third floor of his house. 

The fire had an unusual cause, the energy radiated by the body of the daughter of Mr. T..

The family discovered this strange power of this girl (age not reported) about a month ago (April, 2012), and the fact was published in the midia in the hope that scientists, interested in the case perhaps - could help to discover the "disease" of the girl.

The family discovered this strange power of this girl (age not reported) about a month ago (April, 2012), and recently published the fact was publishe in the midia in the hope that scientists, interested in the case perhaps - could help to discover the "disease" of the girl.

Other difficult situations happen: she burned the seat of the toilet while sitting on it, sometimes your clothes catch fire. Fearful, parents try to avoid a more serious accident, and when his daughter goes to sleep, they leave wet towels and buckets of water next to the bed to fight a possible fire.

The girl was subjected to tests in the Cho Ray Hospital, but the doctors did not find anything that could cause the phenomenon. Then the family took the case to evaluation by a scientist of Hong Bang International University, Du Quang Chau. 

After several months of testings, Quang Chau confirmed the existence of anomalies in one of the cerebral hemispheres girl but there is still no scientific conclusion that can to explain the extraordinary power of this child.



SOURCE: Young girl capable of burning objects.
VIETNAM NET, published in 14/05/2012.