Saturday, October 24, 2009

Globalized Halloween

Santo André, São Paulo ─ The Halloween, a european tradition celebrated on October 31, migrated from the old world to the globalized world. At the countries of portuguese language the date is marked by thematic parties. At Brazil, the Witche House Holistic Free University prepared an special event for the happening. The invitations are accompanied by a kit magic and the unique recomendation is wear black clothes, what supposedly offers energetic protection.

The editor of this blog doesn't agree with this idea. According studies and evidences, the black favors the silhouette because it gives the impression that the person is thin. However, in terms of magical protection, the black, which is known to absorb light, also picks up vibrations obscure. In fact, there aren't witches as in ancient times, no more. Let's meditate.

Meanwhile, at Lisboa, Portugal, the space of events Santiago Alquimista, near of São Jorge castle promises a creepy night. The feast is a invitation for strange creatures: vampires, ghosts, fairies, elves and witches, of course.


Casa de Bruxa celebra Halloween
In Reporter Diário ─ published in 10/13/2009

Festa das Bruxas no Santiago Alquimista
In Musica Total ─ published in 10/14/2009

UFO Observed in The Amazon Region

Rio Branco, ACRE ─ Friday, october 24. The TV Gazeta's team observed and filmed a UFO at the km 40 of the Transacreana road. The team of the TV was returning to the station after make a story for television news when the object was sighted in the sky. The object had an oval shape and stayed visible on the horizon about half an hour. Jailson Fernandes, cameraman, recorded images.

The UFO moved itself toward to the TV team and passed almost near 100 meters. After, it swerved in direction of the forest. The acreano ufologist, academic Marcos José de Souza, 27 years, examined and talked about the images: These are the best images obtained of this type of phenomenon here, at Acre state. Maybe, some of the best UFO images of the world.

Source: TV captura imagem de OVNI em Rodovia do Acre
In Agencia Amazonia published in 23/10/2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ice Formation Appears on a Tropical Tree

Mrs. Erundina Félix shows the tree

Arês, Rio Grande do Norte ─ At Arez, small city with 12 thousands of inhabitants, located at 58 km from the capital state, Natal city ─ a strange phonomenon happened: in a tropical zone, a Sucupira tree [Pterodon emarginatus] began to exude ice. The ice formations appeared during a week. After, they stopped; but not completely. The tree passed to exude cold water. The Sucupira doesn't produce fruits but among its leaves, sprout purple flowers.

The population of the town is impressed. Many people belives that is a miracle; others say it's spell. However, the news about the phenomenon have attracted waves of pilgrims and the people are destroying another trees and crops livelihood of the little farm. Mrs. Erundina Felix dos Santos, proprietress of the grange where the tree is located tells that her husband wanted to cut the tree. She did not let because loves the Sucupira tree.

Source: Árvore em Arês aguça imaginação dos moradores
In Tribuna do Norte ─ published em 06/10/2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vanilda, the dancer, santa of São Paulo

Devotees attribute more than 200 graces to the girl Vanilda

Santo André city, Sãp Paulo ─ The Diocese of Santo André, São Paulo, is colecting informations about Vanilda, dancer and dance professor who died in 1958. The girl have a fame of holiness. Vanilda was dancer and dance teacher. The investigation, first step in the beatification process, is under the responsibility of Bishop Nelson Westrupp. When the process finished it will be sent to the Vatican.

The history: Vanildas's mother, Mrs. Eunice, [89 years] remember that her daugther was a inteligent child. Sheever like to play with images of Saintsinstead of the dolls. Studied dance, especially tap, with her grandmother, who was Spanish. Precocious, at the age 14 she married and became teacher of dance. Also was seamstress, spoke Spanish and knew a little English. She Became famous appearing on television shows of the epoch.

The wedding and her life did not lasted for long much time. The Destiny is imprevisible: at 15, she was dead. vanilda not resisted a preoce pregnancy; at the third month of gestation, suffered a miscarriage and died five days after.

During the time on that she spent in hospital, Vanilda said that had seen the heaven:an that Jesus was dressed in white. During the time on that she spent in hospital, Vanilda said that had seen the heaven and that Jesus was dressed in white. Her tomb is located at the Jardim da Saudade cemetery, in Vila Assunção neighborhood.

When she died, there was a great popular commotion. Soon, miracles begun to be atributed to her. The stories began around the seventh day after the death. Many people said they had dreamed with the girl and, after, have obtained Graces for intervention of Vanilda. The grave of the girl begun to receive a large number of devotees who gather at the site to make prayers and requests.

On her funeral wake, a unknowed woman appeared using a blue clothe. She went to see Vanilda. At the forward coffin, she passed her hand throughout the body of Vanilda. She also passed her hand on a cross that was beside the coffin. Never more the woman was found. She wasn't from Santo Andre. Some people think that woman was Our Lady, the Virgin Mary.

GALVANO, Júlia, GOUSSINSKU, Eugenio e QUEIROZ, Elieuda.
Mãe de Jovem Considerada Santa celebra o centenário do Cemitério da Saudade
Fotos: Beto Carvalho
In Prefeitura Municipal de Santo André ─ published in 02/19/2009

Igreja investiga se dançarina pode se tornar santa
[Church investigates whether can be canonize a ballerina]
In Estadão, São Paulo ─ published em 10/11/2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Indigenous Tourism: Walk, Look, Listen, Eat If You Have Courage, Sleep Badly and Don't Call Me!

Pataxós for postcard

Bahia, Brazil ─ At Porto Seguro historic city of Bahia state and Brazil, indigenous tribes are offering tours for visitors that want to experience the life and the culture of natives. The package, of the Pataxó Turismo Agency, which costs $ 460, includes four days and four nights in groups of 12 people. Among the activities planned, during the day, hiking, body painting, participating in a ritual of fellowship. To eat. indigenous food, of course. Corn! Much corn, and manioc. And very possibly fish as a main dish. At night, around the campfire, palestra about indigenous traditions and legends. At bedtime, the cabin [called the oca] is the room and the bed, is the network [rede] or straw mat. [It is a horror!]

The Indigenous also profit from the sale of handicrafts. A headdress [called cocar] can cost up to $ 290; a whistle, $ 6, a necklace $ 8,00. However, in Brazil, the artistic production in the villages is not equal. In some, as in Porto Seguro, the Indians present themselves appropriately characterized, with their slap sex thong, face and body painted, braceletes, tornozeliras and, with some lucky, even a bamboo flut or, who knows, a rattle, a reco-reco [percussion instrument made of wood and bamboo which the sound produced by a bat that is rubbed into slots, it makes a noise that sounds reco-reco]. It is the Indigenous with feathers.

In other villages, however, the scene is sad. In Parelheiros, Sao Paulo state, in the village of Krukutus, who are of ethnic group of the Guaranis, the natives haven't any notion of what is add value to the product. Create a beard and mustache, wearing shorts, shirt football team and slippers Hawaiian. They smoke Hollywood, wear sunglasses and headphones to listen the macarena on the I-pod. [A disgrace!]

In the village Krukutu, tickets cost $ 2,8. The program offers lecture on the history of the Indians, visits the village, a walk, and paying additional $ 1,15, people can listen a indigenous children's choir singing a indigenous song in guarani indigenous language. [Please, forget me. I want to stay at the hotel]

Source: Turistas pagam R$ 800 para viver em aldeia indígena na BA
In A Tribuna News ─ publicado em 09/28/2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Manaus ─ Amazonas: The archeological site Hatahara, located at Iranduba city, 25 km of Manaus, state capital, will be the first archaeological museum at the roofless of the country.
The project aims to get people to the site of excavations através de uma trilha de 600 metros de extensão. Situated at Iranduba's urban zone, at the confluence of the rivers Negro and Solimões, In Hatahara were found urns, vases and pottery ware.

Many of the objects show paintings and carvings representing the animal heads, these objects are called Caretinhas [something like small masks]. In 2006 was found the first entire skeleton of an Indian buried between the 8th century and the 12 DC. The body was in an Indian cemetery, just a meter deep.

According data of the Centro de Arqueologia dos Biomas da Amazônia, the Amazon basin [watershed] has been occupied by more than 10 thousand years. Even the fifteenth century, the region was densely populated by indigenous people.

The mapping of archaeological sites in Amazonas began in 1995 with the Central Amazon Project, created by researchers Michael Heckenberger (Departamento de Antropologia, Universidade da Florida), James Petersen (Departamento de Antropologia, Universidade de Vermont) e Eduardo Góes Neves (Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia, Universidade de São Paulo). The project includes about 150 archaeological sites in the region.

Sítio Hatahara, no Amazonas, poderá ser primeiro museu arqueológico a céu aberto do país
In O Globo publicado em 07/10/2009
[ 192.asp#]

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Strange Apparition In The Rain Forest

Porto Velho ─ Rondônia: A video posted in Youtube this month [october, 6 2009] shows two guys at Porto Velho Rondonia state capital. they were enjoying themselves in a stream [a igarapé]. A third boy, who was recording the scene saw something pass behind his mates, between the trees. This something appears twice on the images. This something appears twice on the images. At first, only the filmaker saw the thing moving in the bush; a second time, an another guy perceived the moving too. Scared, he gone out running and screaming. What was that? A shadow, an animal, a being enchanted forest? Nobody will ever know.

Source: FANTASMA? - Jovens próximos de igarapé registram em vídeo "algo" estranho atrás deles
In Rondonia ao Vivo ─ published 10/07/2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Killer Bees

Mato Grosso do Sul ─ Sunday, october 04 [2009], on the road, km 080. Near Rochedo town, at sunset, a swarm of bees caused a car accident. A man died. The insects entered through de car's window. The driver lost the direction control and flipped the vehicle. At the time of the disaster a group of ten motorcyclists that passed there stoped to help victims. As motorcyclists were wearing helmets, gloves and jackets made of leather, they managed to remove the occupants of the car.

When police arrives, the driver, still alive, was covered with bees. Later on, he succumbed to injuries and died. The bees were angry. Without protection against insects, the police could not even get near the car. They returned to Rochedo town to wear appropriate clothing. The situation was resolved only with the arrival of the Fire Department.

Source: Abelhas entram por janela de carro e causam acidente e morte no Mato Grosso do Sul
In O Globo ─ publicado em 05/10/2009
[ 767911867.asp#]


Goiânia [State of Goiás - capital] At Baliza, city on the border between the states of Mato Grosso and Goiás another case of furious bees resulted in the deaths of two people. José Antonio Dias dos Santos, 43 years and the boy Elves Felipe Vicente, 5 years, were with friends attending a picnic on the banks of the Araguaia river when the swarm attacked. Another six people were bitten. According Aragaças's fireman Khenyo Barbosa, who participated in the rescue of victims, Elves e Felipe jumped into the river trying to escape bees.

Unfortunately, dragged through the water, they drowned, the man and boy. The victims's corpses were rescued at about 18h30pm and taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute (IML ─ Instituto Médico Legal) of Aragarças. The other six people attacked were taken to the São Lucas Hospital, at the city of Toxixoréu, Mato Grosso.

Source: GUANDELINE, Leonardo. Homem e menino de 5 anos morrem afogados ao fugir de ataque de abelhas no Rio Araguaia, em Goiás
In O Globo ─ publicado em 05/10/2009
[ as-767911588.asp]

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mystery in Recordings: Chico Xavier, The Movie

Recordings of the Chico Xavier ─ The Movie, were marked by a supernatural atmosphere. Chico Xavier [1910-2002] was a spirit medium known and most prestigious in Brazil and in the world. Xavier psycographed more than 40 books and his name is a reference in the Spiritualism literature in portuguese language. Renata Imbriani, actress of the film, adept of Alan Kardec's spiritism, tells that, in certains scenes, the medium was really close to the protagonist, the actor Nelson Xavier.

I was waiting for my turn to go on stage and Nelson was recording. Suddenly, I saw an open door. A strong light went out through the opening. It was Chico. He supported the right arm of the Nelson and was all the time energizing him. The amazing thing is that when he touches the Nelson, he, Nelson, seemed to take the features of Chico ─ said Miss Imbriani. In another scene, which reproduced a spiritualist meeting, an extra, a woman, incorporated an entity. The director, Daniel Filho, remember: We stopped filming and waited the lady reset, back to herself.

The actor Nelson Xavier, himself commented: I felt his presence all the time. He was the single personage that I asked to do, and today, I believe in everything he said and lived. Every time I think of him I am very touched. The movie should be released on April 2, 2010, when Chico would have completed 100 years of life.

Source: DE PAULA, Patricia. Mistérios durante as gravações do filme sobre a vida de Chico Xavier
In Extra-Globo Online ─ publicado em 27/09/2009

Paranormal Phenomena Scare Families in Belém

Mrs. Gonçalves: Ghosts messed up the house. Reprimand solves the problem.

PARÁ ─ Month of may, 2009. Belém town, Pará state capital. In Icoaraci neighborhood, Batista family lives in fear. All mattresses of all beds in the house burned at the same time. They were ten people. Lived at Juvencio Sarmento street, during three years they tried resist the nightmare.

Rita Batista tells: The strange things begin at night. We were returning from church when a fire apperead. The objects burned fast, suddenly extinguished but the fire reappeared elsewhere. We spent the night trying to extinguish the flames everywhere. At about six in the morning we put all the furniture in front of the house. A guard came and said everything was burning. We lost eight mattresses that day, and all the clothes.

The phenomena began to repeat. Were at least four months during which the fire appeared 'from nowhere'. The neighbor, Raimundo Nonato, witnessed the events: The fire burned up the bricks of the house. three priests of Marituba were called to resolve the case. It did not help. Unlike this, one of the priests felt sick and fainted. Tired of the ghost of fire, the family relocated, changed address.

However, the phenomenon has not ceased completely and occasionally, the spontaneous fire comes back. This may mean, in terms of diagnosis, that the phenomenon is not due to action of a common spirit. Probably, this is a poltergeist, an complex entity that does not bind to places; but connected to people.

Novena against rain of stones

At Para state, yet, other similar phenomena have been recorded, like at Mãe do Rio [River's Mother] district with Santos' family. In the house of Leda Maria de Souza Santos [67 years in 2009], stones flew from one side to another when her husband, Edvaldo or daughter, Emily, were around. The solution was religious. Leda invited some missionaries to visit the house and promoted novena [prayers] sessions at home. There were nine nights. Stones stopped bother and not returned.

Pensioner faced ghost

In the same district, Mãe do Rio, pensioner Alzira de Melo Gonçalves [76 years, 2009] lived a similar situation: One day we wake up with things all over the floor, including money: We believe that a thief had entered, but took nothing. That thief spreads all and not steal anything?

It was only the beginning. Stones seemed hit the walls and roof. Bottles fell off the table and voices were heard. One day, Mrs. Gonçalves was visiting a friend leaving her three children at home. Not long after, the three appeared breathless and frightened saying that visagens [ghosts] were doing a carnival in the house.

Determined, Mrs. Gonçalves returned home ready to have a serious talk with ghosts: from live to dead! She said: I'm talking with you. I don't know you but I want you stop it now. I do not deserve it. If is the devil, is good that you know: I'm not afraid because I'm with God. And if it is to kill me, can kill me, but let my children out of it. After that, she had no problems anymore.

Source: CARDOSO, Octavio. Fenômenos paranormais assustam famílias em Belém
In Diario do Para ─ published in 27/september/2009

Mulungu UFO

CEARÁ ─ In the small town of Mulungu, Guritiba location ─ Maciço of Baturité, farmers and peasants reported the sighting of a UFO. The spacecraft has landing at a banana plantation. The plants were burned and suffered a cut evenly. The phenomenon would have reached a radius of approximately thirty meters. Ufology experts of the Associação dos Ufólogos Independentes do Brasil [Association of Independent Brazil Ufologists] visited the site and ensure: the region was, in fact, visited by a flying saucer. According to the report of these researchers, these episodes occur in the region every ten years.

The people were very scared and called the TV Jangadeiro's team to record what happened. There are reports of curious who visited the place of the supposed landing of the spacecraft and suffered physical injuries there. A wound appeared on the forehead of a man and a woman contracted a strange allergy in the form of red spots, having gone to the site. The local resident Carlos Eudes de Souza Miguel, watching the movements in the sky, called, by phone, the radio broadcaster Tony Siqueira who went immediately to the site Guritiba. There, they took pictures of the luminous object in the night of Mulungu.

População de Mulungu no Ceará assustada com suposto ovni
In Vooz Noticias ─ published in 28/september/2009
Portal Ufo

White Candle, Blue Wax

Piauí, BR ─ In Morada do Sol district, east zone of Teresina town, Piauí states's capital, a family was astonished with a phenomenon that no have explanation, yet. The white candle, lit during the prayers of a novena dedicated to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception was melting in blue color. The family's neighbor, entrepreneur Mr. Lenilson Souza, consider that the case is paranormal: The color of the wax is the same color of the Santa's robe. The candles' box buyed by the family will be send to the manu-facturer. The candles should be submited to technical inspection.

Source: Vela branca derrete cera azul: Família crê em milagre
In Cidade Verde ─ published in 03/september/2009