Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Curse of the Magaia ghosts

MOÇAMBIQUE, Angola Press — At Maputo, capital of the country, in the Secondary School Quisse Mavota is happening a strange phenomenon: an epidemic of fainting of students. All the victims are girls. Only in a week were more than twenty faintings. Rumors speak of ghosts. The school was built upon cemetery for a family aristocratic of a clan of the region.

They were the Magaia. But a ritual asking permission to the dead was not performed. The school was built in 2006. Just at this epoch, there was an outbreak of faintings during the months of June and July. Now, the incident is happening again. Nobody knows exactly what is waking the spirits.

Julieta Bata, 17 years old, one of the girls that fainted tells what happened to her: she was in the classroom when she heard a noise, like someone screaming and saying things. Then, she felt herself a little sick and left the classroom. First, felt shortness of breath and after it was like someone was pulling her legs. She lost consciousness and she does not remember anything else.

Psychologists and psychiatrists think that the explanation for the faintings is a collective hysteria the sociologists don't found no reason that could have triggered such a phenomenon of this nature. However, the Association of Traditional Doctors of Mozambique has no doubt that the problem is a curse. The spokesman of that institution said that all that is happening is due to a "claim of the spirits" and the blame is of the authorities who that ignore the traditions: "We must respect the places where we know there were bones. We are Africans, we have other logical".

To cancel the curse, a traditional doctor will have to make the purification of the school: For now they are just suffering faints, but the girls may start to die.

Onda de desmaios ameaça alunas de uma escola nos arredores de Maputo
IN Angola Press — published in 05/10/2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

UFO stoped for two hours at the Central brazilian sky

In may, 19, a wednesday, at the Terminal Turístico Salgadeira (Salgadeira turistic station), at Chapada dos Guimarães, far from Cuiabá (capital of Mato Grosso state) around 51 km, a strong light appeared and stood for a long time at the sky between 5:25 pm and 7:56 pm. The light had a form of a horizontal disc very bright.

Many people witnessed the fact. The object was photographed and filmed. Local residents besides scientists and technicians working in ecological projects in this region have seen similar phenomena. The strangest thing is a torch that passes quickly and seems to sibilate between the stone walls and disappears in the woods.

Images: Centro America TV

SOURCE: Luz no céu da Chapada dos Guimarães atrai curiosos e amantes de ufologia
IN O Globo Cidades — publicado em 05/28/2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Mysteries of Pedra Pintada

RORAIMA — In the state of Roraima, at the northwest of Brazil, near the border with Venezuela, the existence of pictures and inscriptions made on ancient rocks arouse the mystery on the more remote past, of this region of the globe.

The lithographs, are found over an area of 600 square meters and represent human figures in profile to the Egyptian style, horses, cars with wheels and a system of write that appears to be a unknown alphabet.

Similar inscriptions exist at a place named Pedra de Itamaracá at a region called Xingu, north of Mato Grosso state. This stone of the Xingu is visible only during the dry season when river waters level declines.

The same phenomenon occurs at Negro river, where the low water reveals the secrets of the hidden stones that pass the major part of the time far from the human eyes. These stones has paints and gravings depict men, animals, circles and another signals that resemble to semitic alphabets.

These archaeological findings are completely incompatible with the culture of indians that the settlers found in the New World of sixteenth century. This reinforces the theory that the peoples of antiquity, adventurers from the east, reached the shores of Latin America long before the Mariners-era Great Navigations.

SOURCE: SCHOEREDER, Gilberto. Brasil – 500 Anos de Mistério.
In Revista Sexto Sentido — published in 04/29/2009

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Mysteries of Little Brook City (Corguinho)

In small town Corguinho, wich name means little brook, in the hinterlands of the state Mato Grosso do Sul, in a place called Fazenda Boa Sorte (Good Luck Farm), a group of some ufologists established the headquarters of the Portal Project (Projeto Portal). Their goal is observe strange phenomenons and make contact with alien beings or creatures that inhabit other dimensions unknown to the men but that may exist in a parallel universe, right here on planet Earth. The Project is led by Mr. Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The mysteries of the "Saw of the Roncador"

At the Central Region of Brazil, south of Amazon forest, east of Mato Grosso state, located on 15º parallel, between the rivers Araguaia and Xingu, stays the Saw of the Roncador. The steep relief of the landscape formed by rugged mountains is a mystical place where the more fantastic legends are told. A place wich is associated to ancient and exotic traditions.

The main myth is the existence of a civilization in the undergrounds. One of their entrances is in one of the caves of the saw of the Roncador.Some think that Shamballa is the occult city while others believe that is Agharta and they put the brazilian passage in the hollow Earth map. Another version tells that the cave is the entrance to an underground road that runs from central Brazil till Machu Picchu, at Peru. There is talk of extinct volcanoes. Researchers seek Jurassic fossils and sightings of lights, suggest the transit of extraterrestrials spacecrafts. READ MORE

Friday, May 14, 2010

The mystic face of Brasilia

"Tia Neiva" at Sunrise Valley

Neiva Chaves Zelaya, widow, truck driver, believed to be the reincarnation of Cleópatra and Nefertit., In the years of 1960, she founded, in Brasília, brazilian capital, The called Vale do Amanhecer [Sunrise Valley], a kind of religious center that mixes espiritism, christianism, africans cults, mayas, spartans, gypsies and even the Moais traditions of the Easter Island. Born in "Propriá" in the state of Sergipe, "Tia Neiva" died in 1985 at age of 60, leaving a legion of followers and a son in leadership of dozens of temples around the country.

An esoteric aura hovers over Brasilia long before its foundation. In the nineteen century, one profecy of the Catholic priest Don Bosco would have predicted the construction of the city between paralelos 15 and 20. Don Bosco had dreamed with the city.

The town, planned, has the shape of a plane whose base lines are two lines that cross, a cross in herself. The architecture of Oscar Niemeyer is, until today, incredibly futuristic. Planato located in central Brazil, the monuments in the landscape of savannah seem mirages. Yuri Gagarin, Russian astronaut, the first man to orbit in outer space, when was visiting Brasilia, said that he was felt there like if had arrived in another planet.

Exist around of 2.500 mystical places there, in the city and in neighboring zones. One of this places is the Eclectic City, which has existed since 1956 in the city of Santo Antonio do Descoberto at Goiás state. Its founder, an aviator, was a spiritualist medium.

The exotic religions and sects of the central Brazil are are almost all characterized by syncretism. At the" Vale do Amanhecer" this syncretism is evident. The christian cross, The Davi star of the jews, crescent moon of the muslims, images of entities of the African pantheon, pyramid. These symbols can all be together in the same sanctuary.

The "Vale do Amanhecer" is a district located between Brasília and Planaltina, one of the satellite cities of the federal capital. There are around of 15 thousands of inhabitants in this kind of urban island of esotericism.

The men, that are called "Jaguares" (Jaguars), wear clothes like robes and capes of brown color. The capes are covered of signs. They seem like vampires of the hinterlands. Women are called nymphs and wear multicolored tunics. Among this colors, two predominate: yelow, representing wisdom and the purple, that simbolizes the cure. Women also use accessories: a spear and flower arrangements on head: a kind of wreath.

Among the spiritual lines of thinking practised at The "Vale do Amanhecer", the called "Mesa Evangélica", has a great number of adepts. In this group, spiritualists mediums are seen practing their ritual gestures, snapping his fingers, making passes, a kind of gestual signs code that usually serves to purify people. The masters and the adepts are ever repeating the phrase: Obatala, I give this moment one another sheep to Your herd.

Domingos Pereira, who lives in the neighborhood for 35 years, explains: We are intermediaries between Heaven and this land. We are working with energy. We want to save the humankind of the social tragedy. We want to calm the vengeful, the impregnated with hatred for save the world of the darkness. On a metaphysical level, the master of the religion of "Tia Neiva" is the Indian "Seta Branca" (White Arrow ).

The reincarnation idea is the center of doctrine. Joaquim Antonio, painter of walls, walking in the dark corridors of the Temple, gives his testimony: I have had 19 incarnations. At last, I was a plantation owner who did many evil things. I came back to redeem my debts. For this I arrived in this situation, incarnated on this planet. Because the Earth is a place of atoning, a planet of transition.

SOURCE: BERTOLLO, Rodrigo. Misticismo de Brasília cria doutrina de pirâmides, espíritos e roupas coloridas.
IN 24Horas News - UOL Notícias ̶ published in 04/20/2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tocantins state: Mysterious Gas Emanates From a Cave

At Miracema, Tocantins state, an unknown smoke is emanating from a cave for the last twenty days. Until now, the phenomenon has no explanation. In friday, 7 of may, a thecnic team from Naturatins (Instituto Natureza do Tocantins, Nature Institute of Tocantins] visited the local for the colect of materials.

According the geologist and chemist, Sanclever Freire Peixoto, one of the hypotheses for explain the occurence could be the increase in temperature, which together with the dry leaves and animal feces, may have caused a combustion.
The cave, a place that is not open to the public, stays 30 kilometers from the center of Miracema city. The Fire Department banned visitations after people started to pass badly with the smoke.A strong smell spreaded around the region. The people thought that the smell was sulphur but scholars say that it is smell of ammonia. Many animals was found dead near the cave. The plants around the area stayed dried and their colors changed. Let's wait the word of the science.

SOURCE: Caverna do Tocantins exala gás misterioso há 20 dias.
IN Olhar Direto ̶ published in 05/08/2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Legend of The Golden Lagoon

by Ligia Cabus

At the community of Pontinha (Minas Gerais state) exists a great lagoon which has more than 3 km of extension. The place is surrounded in legends. The local people tells that where is located the lagoon today, in the past, there was a city named The Blue Land, a city which sunk for its sins. According tradition all happened when a procession was passing. Arriving in front of a tavern, there were many people dancing. The priest requested them to interrupt the party during the passage of the holy image.

But the people refused and continued with the dance. One woman even made fun of the event and sang grotesque verses to face the priest. Without having anything else to do, the procession went ahead. In the church when the priest raised the Blessed, the waters invaded the city that submerged. Since that time, the lagoon received the name of Golden Lagoon of the enchanted waters.

The Golden Lagoon

At the center of the lagoon nobody dares to pass. People say that owners of the boats do not go there because they could run the risk that the hulls of their boats shock with the top of tower the old church. Fishermen disappear victims of a mysterious phenomena. Eddies that appear from the nothing in those seemingly calm waters.

In another occasion, two old men died entangled in their fishing net. When they were found, was found that the cause of the death wasn't drowning. They had not swallowed a single drop of water. At the edge of the lagoon, the washerwomen occupy themselves with their work. Suddenly, a pretty young appeared that offered herself take to care of the girl. When the mother finished her work, sought the woman with the girl but she was gone. The washerwoman stood desesperate. However, with the same magic which woman disappeared she appeared again in a strange situation. She emerged of the waters bringing the child in his arms safely.

About The Lagoon, also exist ocurrences of mirages, like a red calf that appears daily at the midday hour. He enters in the waters and goes ahead slowly to disappear from sight. Often, ghostly figures appear to terrorize people that wash objects such as pots, plates, glasses in the Golden Lagoon. They could use this things in their life at underwater tomb.

ANORMINO, Luciana. A lenda da Lagoa Dourada.
IN Escritório de Histórias

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Lost City of Bahia

In the Livraria Pública da Corte, actual Biblioteca Nacional, at the city of Rio de Janeiro [Public Library of the Real Court, actual National Library], in 1839, an ancient and manuscript was found by the naturalist Manuel Ferreira Lagos. The title of the document was Relação historica de uma occulta, e grande povoação antiquissima sem moradores (Historic relations of a hidden much ancient, great city and without residents). In the catalogo, it is the 512 number document.

The story begins when the expeditionaries found a very brilliant montain. Glow of cristals. The men were admired with the landscape, but they could not climb the rock formation. A man, trying to reach a white deer (albino, perhaps), found a trail, a road built at the inner of the mountain. Through there, the expedition followed its way. From the top of the mountain they saw a great village, it was a city, in true. It was empty, without residents. Apparently, there was nobody there.

The stone way was the unique access to the city. At the entrance there were three big arcs. In the middle stood the largest arch flanked by two other, smaller. On the largest arc there was a inscription. However, the signs, were being illegible and for this, they could not be copied or identified. The houses were well made and symmetric. Seeming like a only one construction, were, in true numerous individual buildings.

Exploring the interior of the housings, the expedition found no furniture or any other object. At the end of the street, there was a square. There, existed a huge black coluna on whose top there was the statue of a man. The man had his left hand on the hip while his right arm stood pointed to the North Pole. In each corner of the square had an obelisc in ancient roman style. On the main portic of the street also there was a figure made of the same stone naked from the waist up wearing a crown of laurels and a shield with inscriptions. READ MORE