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BRAZIL UFO FILES, 2011: Flying saucer explodes at São Paulo sky


Cinegrafista amador registra aparição de OVNI em Lençóis Paulista (SP) 
YOUTUBE, Uploaded on Feb 25, 2011

BRAZIL. SÃO PAULO state. ON February 2011. On a road in a stretch amid the cities of Bauru and Lençois Paulista, two guys have obtained the footage of a flying saucer doing strange maneuvers at sky. 

They were traveling on the runway when one of them noticed the object's movement between clouds and asked to his friend to stop the vehicle. He would wanted record the images. And did it.


The UFO made pirouettes and appeared to be about to make a forced landing Suddenly, occurred an explosion, visible and audible, in a vast área of the region.

Henry Barduco confirmed that posted the video but said that ignores the identity of the authors. He argues that has received the matter via email. 

At the time, the case appeared was theme of a reportage of the news program  RECORD SAO PAULO (Rede Record TV/). Witnesses said when the object fell on  the soil, the ground shook. The quake was proven by scientists and reached three cities in the state of São Paulo.

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Weird. Entities Plasma-Light are Filmed in Russia

Genrikh Silanov. The Photographs of an Invisible Reality


RUSSIA. ON 05 FEBRUARY 2014. In SYKTYVKAR city, capital of the Republic of Komi (federal unit of Russia) the security camera of a factory recorded a strange movement, a undentified thisn, a light form, a  entity - a light-plasmic being.

The anomaly was noticed by the official Panariva Tatiana (pictured below) who reported the fact to the news program TELE-3. The reportage remember that the broadcaster UFO sightings have been recorded in different locations of the city (Syktyvkar).

Tatiana Panariva, who reported the fact to the news program TELE-3



Even in Russia, on August 16, 2013, the city of Nizhny NOVOROGOD (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, provincial or federal state), on 00:25 am - again, the security camera of a building recorded the appearance of other of these plasmic and luminous beings which seem to behave intelligently, as if  they were consciously hiding themselves from passersby, for example.

The security / doorman who monitored the cameras, when perceived the strange movement, activated the mode recording the images.



ON 03 MAY 2011, 1:40 am A IN THE CITY OF ARKHANGELSK (Arkhangelsk Oblast) - In  service dependencies of a shop, like a market, the security camera caught the frantic bustle of  one of these mysterious luminous beings, whose records of appearences are being, each time more - frequent along this post-modernity

Around the world, thanks to the spread of capturing images technologies, especially the surveillance devices, they are increasingly numerous .

The cameras,  and not only security cameras, but also those installed on personal computers, hundreds of millions of cameras in many portable mobile devices - the eyes of the cameras currently present, tireless, everywhere - and they have recorded phenomena that simply can have escaped to human perception or the ability of witnesses to can prove their experiences. Sightings or even interactions with these luminous beings.

They may exist since the most remote times, pre-history, pre-Humanity, very indented times, since... ever. Perhaps only now the science advance was able to create of this artificial vision which can to penetrate a dimension of an invisible reality to ordinary men's eyes.

Genrikh Silanov. The Photographs of an Invisible Reality

TEXT SOURCE: Seres Luminosos captados con Camaras de seguridad / beings of Light Security Cameras 
YOUTUBE/tercermilenio, Published on Mar 25, 201

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UPDATE. The mystery of the suicidal executives. Now, they are 12...

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BWN 03/08/014
The Curse of Bankers: The Mystery of Eight Suicides

(+ INFO & updates) 

Kenneth Bellando. Young banker's suicide becomes twelfth in financial world this year. RT/USA, March 18, 2014

IMAGE: DAILY MAIL, 03/18/2014

RT/USA, 03/08/2014 
DAILY MAIL, 03/18/2014

ON MARCH 12, 2014. NY CITY/USA. One more investment banker  from  New York City is dead after allegedly jumping from his apartment building, continuing this so weird suicides  sequency and unexplained deaths that has descended upon the financial world.

The latest death occurred on March 12, when a 28-year-old financist, Kenneth Bellando, was found on the sidewalk outside on his apartment building, situated at Manhattan.

He threw himself from the sixth floor. Fatal fall. One more case among others. The 12º - the  twelfth dead - only this year (2014) - in similar circunstances to the previous episodes, a serial that already is turning in a terror's mysterious thriller. Yes, because, some deaths of the same kind occured also in 2013.

RT/USA, 03/08/2014 
DAILY MAIL, 03/18/2014

KENEALY, Meghan. Banker, 28, kills himself in ELEVENTH finance suicide this year.
DAILY MAIL, 03/18/2014
Young banker's suicide becomes twelfth in financial world this year.
RT/USA, March 18, 2014


  + INFO. Brazil is the largest Spirit nation of the world 

Mina "Margery" Crandon (1888–1941, more commonly known as Margery) is, perhaps, the most controversial medium in the history of Spiritualism. In her heyday, in the 1920’s, she spurred comments from some of the most noted Spiritualists and parapsychologists. n this photo, Ectoplasm is clearly seen emanating from Margery’s right ear.

About Spiritual Possession

Started by lisaloveslilia, Mar 25 2014

I am understanding that the members of this forum are from around the world.  I would like to hear, if possible, first hand accounts of this phenomena.  Or else I would like to hear your educated opinions of whether possession is possible or not. ... A coworker of mine, recently, told me a story about a fella he had known in his native country Yemen, [someone] that was showing all the "signs"...

Examples in my friend's tale...

1.  The "possessed" fella spoke English and never had before.
2.  He asked that a cigarette be placed on the window sill (unlit).  The cigarette allegedely ignited and this guy (across the room) blew smoke out of his mouth.
3.  The possessed fella loosened the lug nuts of a semi trailer truck with his bare hands and removed said tire and threw it across the yard.
4.  The possessed fella was acting out of sorts...particularly nasty and mean, when ,before he had never been.
5.  Flies swarmed around him and he smelled like rotting flesh.

The case you reports here seems to be a genuine case of possession or, in kardecist spiritist terms, mediunity, a case of  "to receive" a spirit, incorporate a one (spirit). In the context of this douctrine, there isn't demons bot, only human or humanoid spirits of disembodied spirits of individuals, units of beings endowed with self-conscience. Or be - there isn't possession without mediunity and this means a psychological open door.

The signs of behavior that are cited are indeed typical of a situation of possession:

1. Talk in unusual language or foreign language.

2. Desire for cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and other substances, drugs - that alter the state of consciousness well howcan occurs libido alterations.
An 'invasor spirit does not occupy the physical body, doesn't wears the meat but controls the possessed consciousness and its physical resources.

The 'magic of the lighted cigarette and the smoke being expelled by the medium/the possessed is possible because tehe possession don't consists, in fact that the invasor spirit enters in the body of someone but means, a bond, an involvement of auras. 

The involvement allows ignite the cigarette and expel the smoke that cannot be really a smoke, but a tiny cloud of ectoplasm.

3. Increased physical strength and violent senseless behavior, as a pure expression of hatred. Remember that spirits thatpractice possession are dominated by negative feelings and are suffering of mental disturbs which include hallucinations.
* The 'Physical Strength of those spirits does not come from muscle energy. It is a powerful development of psychokinesiscapacity. Be a troubled spirit does not imply having metaphysical faculties (or powers) anemic. 

In Nature there isn't a moral by deserving - in relation to the physical and metaphysical power of a spirit, a person, an individual. 

A spirit can be at the same time, dangerously disturbed and powerful in relation to spirits that, many times, are 'good persons butare also weak Egos, with their self-control (auto-possesion) in low development level - embodied or disembodied.

4. The smell of rotting flesh and the consequent result - the flies - is a strong sign of the presence - on-site - a disembodied in a low ethical level (or more than one) of Knowledge.  

Also according to the Kardecism (and other traditions) - many disembodied spirits remain attached to the consumption of earthly substances, food, especially meat and by extension, the blood -.beverages, cigarettes etc. - this attachment, this desires can be the hell of many spirits.

Because in their spiritual bodies they don't have tactile conditions for directly consume of their passions, to eat, to smoke, to drink, to make sex. 

They depends from the embodied to consume what they still can to consume. The essences, the smells, the emanations of objects and persons, tastes, smells, the physical sensations. 
Just as, according to tradition of Spiritist douctrine, the spiritual presence of the good, of the saints, is felt by the scent of flowers in a closed room (and no flowers, of course), unpleasant odors, especially blood and rotten meat are emited exalad by troubled spirits, tormented souls. 

Because they have the smell that they absorb at places that they frequent; places like cemeteries or, even - the deep of their own sepultures - yes, but also the animals's slaughter houses. 
  by Lygia Cabus 

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Brazil. Anthropology. 3,500 years Skeletons found at Piauí state

Photo/UOL notícias: André Pessoa 
NEW YORK TIMES, 03/27/2014 
Discoveries Challenge Beliefs on Humans’ Arrival in the Americas 

BRAZIL. STATE OF PIAUÍ. ARCHAEOLOGY/ANTHROPOLOGY.  Researchers from the Museu do Homem Americano (Fumdham, Museum of American Man) found a cemetery with 12 human skeletons with approximately 3,500 years each one. The discovery  occured in one of about 800 archaeological sites of the Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara, distant 540 km from Teresina city, state capital.

The first discoveries were made in March,  2013-  when a team of archaeologists was preparing another 10 sites for visitation when they perceived the evidence of a skeleton: was boy and could to have about a year, when he was buried (photos).

The bodies were buried in simple graves and funerary urns, and most of the bones belong to children, according to archaeologist Tania Santana.

Photo/UOL notícias: André Pessoa

More precisely, the cemetery is located at a place known as 'Toca do Gongo, a place that - since the year of 1970 - already has a history of harboring ancient tombs. So far, there are seven skeletons found in 12 graves. 

While the boy's bones has being scrutinized, the other six exemplars, that still are in into urns - will be worked out in laboratory.

The discovery of this cemetery is important  because there are few records of graves at Serra da Capivara. This complicates the study of nations who demonstrably occupied the area along tens of thousands of year.

The new material collected will allow researchers to stablish comparative studies about the different cultures that lived in the park and by this way begin to identify and recognize them.

Material was found in the Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara. The archaeologist, Tanya Santana  said most of bones belong to children. Foto: Pedro Santiago/G1 

Beside the skeletons, also were found various lithic materials, rocks and minerals that may to have been used in various ways, which were collected and cataloged in the Fumdham's  laboratory.

The Parque Nacional da Capivara is an area which reachs the municipalities of Canto do Buriti, Coronel José Dias, São João do Piauí and, especially, the the territories around São Raimundo Nonato city.  

Since the 1970s, studies have confirmed that the man's presence in Serra da Capivara dates of 50,000 years, the oldest records discovered in America even now.

NEW YORK TIMES, 03/27/2014 
Discoveries Challenge Beliefs on Humans’ Arrival in the Americas 

SANTIAGO, Pedro. Arqueólogas acham ossada de criança de 3.500 anos no Piauí.
G1 PIAUÍ/BRASIL, 03/28/2014
NOTÍCIAS UOL, 04/03/2014

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Colombian occultist analyzes the case of Flight MH370

RODRIGO RODRIGUEZ ARDILA  (photo above) became internationally known after having made correct predictions about the death of Michael Jackson in 2009 and also in the case of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston.

However, it seems that the seer was sighted in at least one case of death of celebrities: in January 2014 he predicted the death of Lady Gaga for that same year. But Gaga survived the auspice of the Colombian although it has had some health problems - she operated the bowl's bone in February of that year.

This is even understandable, in this case, because the very Lady Gaga is an expression of complex symbolisms, left open the possibility of misunderstanding: I saw her fans (of Lady Gaga) wrapped in something that seemed to be roses and tears. Do not want to alarm anyone, because death can be an artistic representation or something that will happen.

COLOMBIA. The occultist - tarot reader and astrologer - the Colombian Rodrigo Rodriguez predicted the place where would be found the wreckage of flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines.

After analyzing the astral map of the target aircraft, Rodriguez said: I would like to look further south in the ocean, indicating almost precisely that searches should be directed to the Indian Ocean, where - later, the remains of the aircraft were found.

Rodriguez said this when search efforts were still concentrated in the China Sea. On the other hand, reading the mystic of the Tarot cards in a 'game - combination of three blades revealed:

CHART XVI THE HOUSE OF GOD or CATASTROPHE death of all passengers;

CHART XV THE DEVIL: the hidden evil, a dark question, action perpetrated by clandestine agents, shadows agents, action which, almost certainly - will stay unpunished.

CHART XIII THE DEATH: A broader context for renewal of a reality, a complete change related to the specific reason that led the perpetrators to plan the attack. 

And more - interviewed by the website of TV  NOTES of journalism, Mexico, on 20 (2014), march, when asked - Realmente, ¿qué crees that pasó con el avión? (What do you believe that realy happened with the plane) - he said:  

Look, there is a conjunction of planets (which Rodriguez relates to the episode) - Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. The effect (or meaning of these combination of astral energies) is something like pure dynamite. So I would say the plane exploded (or was blown). The explanation makes sense in terms of combination of symbols:

Uranus - The sky
Jupiter - a lightning, fire, explosion
Pluto - Hades, death, the underworld

Astrólogo colombiano predijo la aparición del vuelo de Malasia Airline.  
TABASCO HOY/MEXICO, 25/03/2014  
[] TV NOTAS/MEXICO, 20/03/2014
Predicciones del astrólogo Rodrigo Rodríguez sobre el avión desaparecido de Malasia.




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The vanishing of the flight MH370


About - the not-know-what happened to flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines, a Boeing 777. The route: on Saturday, March 8 - left Kuala Lumpur at 00:21 (local time, 16:21 GMT) bound for Beijing - where he was to arrive at 6:30 am (or 22:30 GMT). It was reported missing about 90 minutes after takeoff -  flying over the South China Sea. At that moment the plane simply vanished off radar.

The absence of physical wrecks on that stretch of ocean where the strange episode occurred, quickly,  began to raise some speculations worthy of fortean journalism and conspiracy theories - ideas that are already an institution in the realm of post -modern folkloric culture (in the sense of popular even).

On March 09, the EXAMINER, in the article - Malaysia jet hidden by Electronic Weaponry? 20 EW defense-linked passengers* (EXAMINER, 2014) - had speculated the possibility - or how the plane could be disintegrate in flight, there more than 11 thousand feet of altitude and 120 nautical miles from the coast of the city of Kota Bharu, Malaysia. 

* ELETRONIC WARFARE DEFENSE, EW System (Defense Systems and Equipment in Woodland Park, COLORADO/USA. Mfg Search/Navigation Equipment) 

Away from the trans-dimensional portals of fiction and from the most delusional hypotheses of science, the text raises the real possibility  that the airplane, in fact, has disappeared, but only for the common equipments ability to detect the big planes, at earth and specially, those used in civil airports.

Weapons such as the 'invisibility cloak for aircraft, the electronic mantle. In this case, the jet could have been taken anywhere in a high-tech hijacking. This at best because kidnapping has return but complete disintegration, explosion for collision with a teleguided missile, clever, or - implosion by a bomb inside the plane, this situation hasn't turn back.

However, it could have 'disappeared itself or made itself invisible through the use of advanced technology, being developed in several countries - into the field of the advanced armaments.

The Examiner article writer's idea is not unfounded. No. Not considering that among the 239 people on board of  that flight,  20 are (or were) people involved exactly with the called technology for aerospace defense, electronics of last generation for use on already envisioned, in the new order's war, the electronic wars.

It is, indeed, an intricate issue, crystal many faces. These 20 people now dead or missing since March, 08 - they were important in the scenario of cutting edge technologies and all of them are working (or worked) for the same company: the Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. corporation.

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc confirmed this information: twenty of the twelve resided at Malaysia and eight at China. And they were not involved only with E-Warfares  electronic Wars. In a broad aspect, those people was linked with the so called power RF - with Radiofrequency spectrum in the most wide applications.

If it's true that they worked with the aerospace and defense industry in the United States, is also a fact that they were related with the creation of solutions, advanced systems for power production for vehicles and many other devices, machines. 

Headquartered in Austin - in the state of Texas, Freescale - 50 years researching  and creating - is the global leader in advanced equipment for the automotive market, as hybrid and fully electric vehicles, wireless infrastructure, intelligent power management, portable medical devices, consumer appliances (for the mass, for everyday ) and smart mobile devices.  (BEFORE ITS NEWS, 2014)

Companies like Freescale are destined to be the end of the line for the energy generated by oil, for example and especially. These technologies are waiting a expansion permission from the petroleum industry for more than five decades.

A historical and revolutionary technological step  which is being postponed only to not 'disturb the oil industry, for example - as well as manufacturers of products such as cars, trucks, moved by this type of fuel, more than ever, a 'fossile fuel.

The disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 - on March 8 - is already being called 'an unprecedented mystery. One more ... In short time. Weird, like the Curse of the suicidal Executives  (BWN, 2014). In some way, these events seem to be connected,something like a whisper incomprehensible that says: there is a conflict here. New power sources, a multinational financial empire... Will be? The last poisoned breaths of the conventional motors.

Malaysia jet hidden by Electronic Weaponry? 20 EW defense-linked passengers 
EXAMINER, 09/02/2014  
Did Missing Malaysia flight DISINTEGRATE at 35,000 feet? Search team find what they believe is part of plane door and tail as Interpol probes claims four people boarded using stolen passports.   
DAILY MAIL/UK, 09/03/2014 
[]Missing Malaysia Plane: 20 All-Electric Car-Linked Passengers On Board, Names Released. 
BEFORE ITS NEWS, 08/03/2014

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ARGENTINA. The horrendous worm-snake

ARGENTINA. In the city of Campo Gallo, Department of Copo, province of Santiago del Estero, dwellers are frightened by the apparition of strange creatures, invertebrates unknown that seem to combine features of worm and snake.

The first of these strange animals found in a domestic vineyard but soon others were more perceived in the same place. According to information of citizens, the animal has the body of a worm, measuring approximately 10 cm but, has a head, similar to a snake head.

IMAGEM: Pánico en Santiago del Estero por el hallazgo de "Gusanos-víbora".

Besides - on the tail, there is a formation that is been identified as an 'eye', round, emitting a weak and weird luminosity. When someone approaches one of these individuals, the little monster rises up over the body, like a viper. Exemplars of the creatures were collected for experts that will try to identify them.

SOURCE: Los “gusanos-víbora” causan temor y revuelo en Santiago del Estero.

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INDIA. The curse of the businessmen. DEAD. One more Executive of Tata Motors


Saturday, March 8, 2014 
The Curse of Bankers: The Mystery of Eight Suicides 
Thailand, Hong Kong, Washington, London... India
a fantastic criminal case in real life 

INDIA. Jamshedpur city, Jharkhand state. Brajesh Sahay (40, photo above) - assistant general manager, TML Drivelines (a subsidiary of Tata Motors) was shot dead down by unidentified assailants in front of his at Nildih under Telco police station in the night of February 22. 


Murder mystery of Tata Motors’ executive 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Huge Mystery Object Caught Next To Jupiter - 2014

Published on Feb 25, 2014

The Curse of Bankers: The Mystery of Eight Suicides

    with updates

Cursed company... or Conspiracy. Suicides and unsolved deaths. Another banker jumped from headquarters of JP Morgan in Hong Kong. With this, are already eight the executives from the financial sector who die in mysterious circunstances in a short time. There are rumors that 'the curse would be so only the harbinger of an impending global economic crisis.  

BWN UPDATE, 03/29/2014.   
The mystery of the suicidal executives. Now, they are 12... 

The latest death occurred on March 12, when a 28-year-old financist, Kenneth Bellando, was found on the sidewalk outside on his apartment building, situated at Manhattan. Photo: Kenneth BellandoFacebook personal page



HONG KONG / CHINA. 18 FEBRUARY 2014. He was identified - in discrete notes in the media  so only as Mr. Lee. He was 33 years old and was a promising executive of JP Morgan Chase Multinational - Bank and Financial.

Happened between 2 and 3 pm (local time): he threw himself from the roof of the 30 floors building, the company headquarters where he worked after  negotiations with police and firemen having failed. He died in the ambulance near the hospital at 2:30 pm.

JP Morgan published an official comunication: a sad and tragic incident ... that is being investigated by police. Out of respect for those involved, we can not yet comment further.

This case is curious in the context of being one more in a macabre list of tragic deaths, sequential and recent, all of them having personalities of the financial sector as victims and some, linked to the same company. In two weeks and half were eight deaths.

THE FIRST DEATH on January 26, 2014 - The veteran 'senior Deutsche Bank, William Broeksmit, 58 - was found dead in his apartment, in London. The cause of death was determined to be suicide.

THE SECOND VICTIM, January 27, 2014 - Karl Slym, 51, director of Tata Motors. Died  'falling from the 22nd floor of the Shangri-la Hotel room where he was staying with his wife - in Bangkok, Thailand.

Was in a Monday. He had attended a meeting of the Council of the unity of Tata Motors at the country. His body was only found on the following Wednesday, on the mezzanine floor of the fourth floor, a place above the lower floors.

The THIRD SUICIDAL, on January 28, 2014 - of this sinister sequence -  was Gabriel Magee, 39, a vice president of technology department of the bank, in the headquarters London.

On January 29, 2014, Mike Dueker, 50, chief economist at Russell Investments was also found dead. Cause: apparently - suicide. He had jumped from a  ramp, in a bridge nearby Tacoma Narrow in Whashington (USA).

03 FEBRUARY 2014 - Ryan Henry Crane, executive director of the same company in New York,  graduated in Harvard, who had worked for 14 years at JP Morgan, died in unknown circumstances.

Besides these, completing a series of eight deaths, also left the financial scene: Richard Talley, 57, founder of American Title Services in Centennial - State of Colorado - found dead, in early February. He killed himself using an nail gun. A thing of unusual and bizarre . 

Finally, Tim Dickenson, director of communications at Swiss RE-AG (Reinsurance Company) in the UK, also dead in unclear circumstances. 


8th international banker to die in a month jumps off building in China. 
INTELLIHUB, 18/02/2014. 
37-year-old JPMorgan executive may be the latest in a series of bizarre deaths in the financial world in less than a month 
FINANCIAL POST, 14/02/2014
Second JPMorgan Banker Jumps To His Death: Said To Be 33 Year Old Hong Kong FX Trader  

ZERO EDGE, 18/02/2014  
¿Empresa 'maldita'? Empleados se suicidan desde su edificio  
SIPSE, 19/02/2014

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Humanoid flyer object at Italy's sky

YOUTUBE: Esercitazioni volo su Fondi con sorpresa
Published on Mar 5, 2014

ITALY.  At Fondi, a comune in the Lazio region, during a military air exercise, pilots observed and filmed a strange object with humanoid form, although its appearance be something unusual and indefinite.

It isn't is an aircraft of any type, not a bird, not the superman and, possibly - not even is extraterrestrial. But it can be a man, yes, wearing a costume that enables the individual to fly autonomously using an unknown technology to the general public, including experienced aeronauts.

SOURCE: Misterioso oggetto volante segnalato a Fondi: ecco il video 

SPAIN. The weird marine corpse of San Antoni

Photo: Francisco Pérez Tristán

SPAIN. ON 28 FEBRUARY 2014. In San Antoni de Portmany, coastal city, insular, the west coast of Ibiza (San Antonio Bay, part of the Spanish Balearic Islands) - a group of fishermen found the strange animal of the above photo, stranded on the rocks of the region of Calo des Moro.

Was dead and already in the process of putrefaction. The fishermen were unable to identify the specie of animal but at least one of them cogitated, by the appearance of the animal, that it can be the fetus of some cetacean.

SOURCE: Aparece un extraño animal en Caló des Moro 

Monday, March 3, 2014

HUMAN DOLL. Valeria Lukyanova. She wants to live with light and air only

IMAGE: Valeriya Lukyanovavia/Facebook

June 1, 2012

Barbie Project - An Alien Operation to Control the World
[] ✅

02/27/2014 BREATHARIANISM. Human Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova has a tiny waist but it could be due to not eating for weeks. It was recently revealed how Valeria Lukyanova intends to train herself to be able to live on just air and light alone. 

In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I'm hoping it's the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone, Valeria said.


CHILE. The demon of Porma's cliff

CHILE. In the Province of Cautín, Araucanía Region, commune Teodoro Schmidt - there, at Porma's Beach (located 12 kilometers from the city of Hualpín), was discovered by tourists, ingrown on the namesake cliff - the strange figure of something that seems to represent a chimery, humanoid and animal.

On January 28 (2014), a resident of the neighborhoods who declined to be identified, was spot on with his family when his daughter noticed the formation, similar to a fish's mouth. Curious, the girl used a small shovel to scrape around the formation.

Like an archaeologist. She  wanted to see the rest of the figure. In that location of the cliff, the stone is covered by a thick layer of clay mixed with sand. (Or be, sedimentary rock).

Then, it was revealed what appears to be the head and the front of the body of a  monster. It seems to be delineated or made with the  clay of the site but,  in a state of ceramic.

The finding soon attracted attention and many beach goers have made ​​photos. About  the nature of the object, some feel that the thing is just a freak of nature. Others believe that the sculpture or fossil may be the representation of an alien being (a being strange, unknown).

More than the deformed face of the creature is possible see two legs with animal-like appearance, with hooves. Fossil, sculpture or natural phenomenon, the figure 'rescued -  undoubtedly has a demonic appearance:  the demon of Pormas's cliff.

Given the eccentricity of the formation, the newspaper El Periodico, after sending his team to document the facts, contacted experts - as geologists - able to  determine the nature of the finding.

SOURCE: Extraña figura fue descubierta por turistas en playa de la comuna de Teodoro Schmidt