Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unprecedented photographs of amazonian natives are publicized

More photos: [http://noticias.uol.com.br/ultnot/cienciaesaude/ultimas-noticias/2012/01/31/ong-divulga-fotos-ineditas-de-tribo-isolada-na-amazonia-do-peru.jhtm]

PERU. The (non-governmental organization) NGO Survival International publicized unprecedented photographs oround of 100 tribes isolated of the world, like the Mascho-Piro, a indigenous nation that lives in the Parque Nacional de Manú (Manú National Park), on the peruvian amazonia, south east of Peru.

These photos are the more detailed and nearby to the tribe whose sighting is occuring, each time more often in the Park. Manybelieve that the deforestation makes that they leave their natural habitat.

The contact with these tribes can be dangerous. Recently, at the Manú Park - an indigene acculturated, a man, Nicolás Shaco Flores was killed by a arrow of a native belonging to an isolated tribe. During the last 20 years, Flores did put, in marked places of the forest, food and gifts for a small group of the Mashco-Piro. Access to tourists at the site was closed after videos show they were offering clothes for the Indians on the banks of rivers.

FONTE: ONG divulga fotos inéditas de tribo isolada na Amazônia do Peru
UOL Notícias, published in 31/01/2012

The sons of the Sun

CHINA. The video from China was posted in YouTube in january, 31 of 2012. In the footage four little bright spheres appear beside the Sun. Although stranger or even something apocalyptic (as a metaphor for Christ and the four horsemen of the end times), the phenomenon already has its scientific explanation. It would be an optical effect (as always), an illusion called Parahelio, solar reflections - produced by the combination of certain atmospheric conditions.

According Master Wiki...pedia: the Parahelios are spots of colored light. They are seen on the left and right of the Sun at a distance of approximately 22 ° between them - and can occur anywhere in the world and at any season (in this Chinese video, it was winter). The spheres are not always visible or as bright as in this case and the best times to observe the phenomenon are at dusk or at dawn, when the sun is low on the horizon.

SOURCE: Extraño efecto: 5 soles en el firmamento
IN Urgente24, publicado em 31/01/2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Solar mystery at Argentina sky

SALTA/Argentina. January, 28 of 2012. Around 11:30 pm, in the city of Metán, province of Salta - Argentina, a strange phenomenon ocurred at the sky calling the attention of the area residents. A citizen, Pablo Navarro filmed the happening that was more than a simple formation of solar halo. Look you self..

SOURCE: Misterioso fenómeno en los cielos de Metán
IN El Intransigente, publicado em 29/01/2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

The small mummy alien of Peru

Riquelme and the mummies

PERU. November, 2011. In South America, newspapers published in their headlines: Descubren momia con características no humanas en la ciudad peruana de Cusco (Discovery mummy with not-human characteristics in the Peruvian city of Cusco IN Tribuna Latina); and - Cusco: estudian osamenta de momia con características "no humanas" (IN La Republica).

The news were about the of two small mummies discovered in the district of Andahuaylillas, Quispicanchi province, Cuzco region [or Cuzco], Peru. It happened two years ago. The mummies were in a "Apu", that is a mountain sacred belonging to a deity, at a place located more than two thousand meters above sea level. In this case, the mountain, a domain of the god Viracocha, is scenery of frequent UFO sightings.

Recently, the finding was publicized to the press by the director of the museu Ritos Andinos (Andean Rites Museum), Renato Davila Riquelme which, on occasion - described one of the mummies as having characteristics of non-human. He said that: The bones of the ribs and lower limbs are very thin, delicate. It (one of the mummies) has an opening at the top of the forehead and the molars are of an adult

A spanish doctor and two russian scientists* examined the mummy and they observed that 'it is not a human being.' A definitive proof or at least, significant, would be a DNA analysis of mummified remains. * (Mrs. Andrianova and Mrs. Popova)

The other specimen is even smaller and strange, with only 30 cm in length and features similar to first mummy. However, this other has no face and his body is covered by a thin membrane similar to a placenta.

The peruvian mummies

Perú: Científicos confirman que momia hallada es de extraterrestres
In El Tiempo,/Bolivia, published in 26/01/2012.
Descubren momia con características no humanas en la ciudad peruana de Cusco

IN Tribuna Latina, published in 17/11/2011
Cusco: estudian osamenta de momia con características "no humanas"

IN La Republica, published in 18/11/2011
‘Apreciación sobre momia fue superficial’
IN Peru21, publicado em 17/11/2011

Brazil: Apparition. An Angel in a Church?

Photo legend: Phenomenon. Angel appears in
photograph made in evangelical church in Maringa

At Maringá city, Paraná state - Brazil - in a evangelical Pentecostal Christian church named "Igreja Batista Renovada Missão da Fé" - a shining body appeared during the sermon of the pastor Oséias Miranda. The fact happened in november, 7 of 2011 and only was publicized few days ago. The apparition was photographed by the camera of the cellular phone of a believer.

Other similar cases have been reported between religious evangelical Christians, but without repercussions in the media. However, in this case, the senior pastor of the "Igreja Batista Renovada" (Renewed Baptist Church), Apostle Celso Santos - decided to speak directly with reporters and released the photo to the public knowledge. Acording him, in this case, the person who obtained - or took - the photograph has no interest in any kind of mystification.

Acording him, in this case, the person who obtained - or shotted - the photograph has no interest in any kind of mystification. Moreover, in that day and in the days following to the event there were numerous miraculous healings in the church - without people knowing what had happened.

SOURCE: Anjo aparece em foto feita dentro de Igreja Evangélica de Maringá.
IN O Diário/Maringá, published in 15/01/2011

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brazil: Extraterrestrial signals at Paraiba hinterland

You can see the marks on the video

PARAIBA (state, Brazil) - At a place called Lagoa do Forno, on the rural zone of the city of Souza, hinterland of the Paraiba state - the paleontologist Luiz Carlos da Silva Gomes, that was in the local looking for dinosaurs steps, common ocurrence on the rocks of the region, found another thing. A strange thing. He encountered marks unexpected and astonishing that not belong to those great jurassic animals.

The marks on the soil are very diferent of dinossaurs footprints. They seem more with trails or, still - signals left there by some devices that were impossible to exist on the epoch when probaly they were made, around 120 millions of years ago, according the dating of the discovery.

Despite the region - that circulates the city of Souza - be one of the more important sites of paleontological research of Brazil, where are recorded the more numerous incidences of dinosaurs footprints, without doubt, these new discoveries are not of this type, said Silva Gomes.

Front to this mystery the researcher ponders that the marks could have been produced by the presence of aliens in very much remote times. Maybe, extraterrestrial beings. To investigated the matter will be need the colaborative presence of experts Ufologists.

SOURCE: Alienígenas? Pesquisador encontra Rastros Misteriosos em rochas em Sousa
Folha do Sertão, published In 26/01/2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Strange blue eyes of a chinese boy


CHINA. His name is Nong Youhui. He can see on darkness. His eyes shine in obscurity - like the eyes of a cat and emit a blue-green light when exposed to a lantern focus, for example. This uncommon anomaly - has puzzled the doctors. The child was born with blue eyes, a rare condition among chineses. Is true that there are chineses with blue eyes in Liquian, in the central region of the country. They belong to a lineage of roman descendents - according researchers of the matter. This is not the case.

His father tells that when Nong Youhui was a baby the doctors assured that the eyes will turn black like the eyes of the others chineses. However, it's not happend. The case has been studied for years without answer. The genetic hypothesis, according to the usual tests, has been discarded. Meanwhile, some people hinted that the boy may be an alien hybrid.


02/02/2007. Roman descendants found in China?

23/11/2010. Chinese villagers 'descended from Roman soldiers'

VIDEO: Alien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China?
IN [http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Xfs0R-7cS_s]

SOURCE: Menino chinês tem olhos que brilham no escuro
IN TVNET/Pt, published in 24/01/201

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The secrets of ancient Amazonia


18th century engraving shows the different tribes that inhabited South America. Getty Images

AMAZONIA. New archaeological studies about the Amazon has been changing the traditional idea of a virgin forest practically uninhabited in the pre-colombian times. Recent discoveries reveal a region that could been occupied for more than 20 millions of persons; indigenous, it is assumed. They lived in highly populated villages near of rivers Tapajos, Madeira and Solimoes, for example.

However, the scenery was much diferent of the mythological Eldorado of the legends. According the researcher of the Universidade Federal do Amazonas (Amazon Federal University), Helena Lima: What we know, today, is that these populations were numerous and they had technical practices much more advanced than the primitivism that we imagined until recently.

The coordinator of the Central Amazônia project, who works in the Museu de Arqueologia e Antropologia da USP (Archaeologic and Anthropologic Museum, São Paulo University), Eduardo Neves, belives that around 5,5 million of persons lived in certain areas of the pre colombian Amazon where there were a great variation of languages and political organizations in their many villages.

The researcher of the Anthropology Department of at the University of Florida, Michael Heckenberger, studying areas of the Alto Xingu (Upper Xingu) made an estimated that 50,000 indigenous lived in an area of ​​20 square kilometers. He says: This consists of a larger population that we find in many countries of Europe today.

According the studies, the villages of the Alto Xingu was 10 or 15 times majors than that exist actually in the region. They were organized a central and circular square surrounded by tabas (huts). These huts were builded in a perfect ring along the periphery of the square, were surrounded by ditches to 2 km in length. Heckenberger still says that in the Alto Xingu, where today there is a village, there were 12.

Professor at University of Florida, Colombian researcher Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo, adds that in other regions of the Amazon, the settings were different, with linears villages, in front of the rivers. Regarding the organization, the communities were not exactly as tribes. They were more like societies in its infancy. Archaeological evidence indicates a state of expansion.

Handling of soil

One of the proofs of the existence of these bigger villages and their development on the first steps of a civilization process is the black soil. Oyuela explains: For many years it was thought that the black soil was the result of natural phenomena such as volcanic ash. The resistance to the idea that the black earth was resulted by human work came from a theory that the Amazon was largely an inhospitable place to the development of complex societies with large villages.

But the new discoveries have shown that there was the use of organic matter and coal burned at high temperatures to improve the quality of the Amazonian soil. The plantations were made in small amounts of land - spaces that were opened in the middle by large tracts of forests. Oyuela found black soil in the Alto Amazon (Upper Amazon), in 2005, near the city of Iquitos. The region, called Quistococha was a large village which occupied up to 20 hectares dated around the years 900 AD.

In regions such as the high river Madeira is found black soil dated from four thousand years. In the middle Amazon River were found pottery and evidence of agricultural occupations with over two thousand years and traces of nomadic culture of eight thousand years ago.

SOURCE: Nova teoria afirma que Amazônia pré-colombiana foi populosa.
IN Ultimo Segundo/IG, published in 20/09/2011

Friday, January 20, 2012

Italy: Chemical snow is terrorizing citizens


ITALY. Snow without clouds. Chemical snow! This strange phenomenon that has occupied in headlines of italian newspapers is terrorizing citizens of Piedmont and Lombardy. How ever, when nothing more can to be done, authorities say that there isn't motive for panic and and the situation is under control. Experts explain: the phenomenon observed in the last days (in january, 2012) is due to the arrival of cold air masses from the Arctic that reach the Pó Valey (river Pó), one of the most polluted regions of the world.

Some other scientists agree that the chemical snow isn't prejudicial for humans, animals or enviroment but, at the same time, warn thatpersons should not to ingest the substance, a greater risk to children that play on the streets and are handling this snow inadvertently. They add: the persons should avoid the contact the snow in parts of the body such as eyes and mouth. (After this warning, I would avoid to put nose out of the home).

This type of phenomenon is a combination of the fog (water vapor condensed) in cold temperatures, negative temperatures - mixed with polluted dust and other industrial waste in the atmosphere what are common in urban centers (very polluted sites) as in northern Italy. This snow, that is not really a snow - has been covering the landscape of the region. One more time, it's hour of return to read the books of the ancient prophets. Us meditate...

SOURCE: Neve chimica: ultime notizie pericolo. IMAGE: [www.meteoforum.com]
[+] IMAGES: [http://www.meteogiornale.it/notizia/22313-1-pianura-padana-grande-gelo-fra-galaverna-e-neve-chimica]
DOTTOR SALUTE, published em 19/01/2012.
IN [http://www.dottorsalute.info/2012/01/19/neve-chimica-ultime-notizie-pericolo/]