Thursday, November 26, 2009

Saints, from sacred to profane

The Saint Patience, by Marta Oliveira

SÃO PAULO ─ In this november, 26 [2009] ─ at São Paulo state, in the cultural space House of Portugal was inagurated the Itinerate art exposition Todos os Santos, do Sagrado ao Profano [All of the saints, from sacred to profane].

The exhibition gathers paintings by 28 artists were commissioned to create figures of the saints that inhabit the popular imagination. This exhibition shows the most popular between canonic saints, Some of these canonic saints, despite they recognized by the Catholic Church are saint that belong much more to the realm of the legend than to the History, as St. Expedit, Saint George, for example.

However, beyond these "official saints" the exposition includes images of very special saints. They are the saints who inhabit the language of the people in metaphors of good-humor and, also, the very personals saints that some of the artists.

Feelings, situations that are personified as thought figures that were conceived in the context of their own lives. Among these saints that don't exist can be found: The Saint Patience, The Ignorance Saint, The Saint of the Hollow Dick, Saint Never! At São Paulo, the exposition ends in january, day 6. After this, the exhibition will go to Cintra city, Portugal. SEE MORE HERE

Source: São Paulo recebe exposição de santos do imaginário popular
In Destak publicado em 11/26/2009

The ghost of Ana Jansen

MARANHÃO ─ Ana Joaquina Jansen Pereira [1787-1889], or Mrs. Donana Jansen born and died at Sao Luis city, capital of the state of Maranhão. She was married for twice and twice stood widow. Had twelve daughters and sons, some, fruit of adulteries. Of many ways Mrs. Jansen scandalized the society of her epoch.

She was rich, a enough powerful trader to write her own law. However, she became famous because of another aspect of her biography. Lady of many slaves, she treated her servants with extreme cruelty, subjecting them to the most tortures painful. Many of his victims died during punishment. Some bones of these unfortunates were found in a pit located on the lands of the great Lady.

When she died, with 82 years, in their mansion, located at the Praia Grande [Great beach], her soul didn't found rest. On Friday nights, at midnight, she haunts the streets of São Luis, on board of a chariot pulled by a team of horses ghost, headless. The animals have the necks in flame. The charioteer is also a ghost, a slave beheaded. The chariot is "cursed". It leaves the cemetery of the Gavião to make its macabre tour followed by the sound of laments and screams of the slaves tortured and murdered.

The ghost of Ana Jansen wants prayers to save her soul that, of course, is at Hell. Who is on the streets after midnight can be approached by the lady of the cursed chariot. With her espectral voice she asks prayers. Who refuses to answer the request or try to flee certainly will receive the visit of her, at home, in his own bed. The horrible specter appears and delivers a candle to the person. Then, disappears. The next day, the candle has transformed into a human bone.

Reproduction of the chariot of Ana Jansen. Source: Perfil de Ana Jansen [book]

Monday, November 23, 2009

Anthropology and Sociology of the Spiritism in Brazil

Brazil is the largest nation in the world Spiritist. Is the country of the world with the major number of adepts of this religion.Imported from France, the spiritist school of Alan Kardec grew quickly at brazilian lands and in the brazilian minds incorporating elements of the local culture. Just as there is the Human Geography, exists a Spiritist Geography, too. The Spiritual World also have its archetypes. These archetypes are configured, according its cultural enviroment. They represent human types which are inspired in the real life. READ MORE

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Foo Fighters ─ The Mother of The Gold

MINAS GERAIS ─ Brazil Southwest. Folklore ou Technology? The misterious light that the people call Golden's Mother is a frequent phenomena registrated at Minas Gerais state. At Itauna city, folkoric tradition call the attention of the ufologists. For many generations they have been described like light balls, fire in the sky or lights, simply. The secular apparition is like a luminous sphere or a luminous globe. There are many testemonies. It has a small diameter. The sightings are common, especially in deserted areas, rural areas.

At these localities the sky is more clean than at urban zone. The color golden-yellow of this light, created the relation with the precious gold. This mineral, had a fundamental role on the cultural e politic evolution of this region of Brazil Colônia.Several researchers cogitate that the Mother of The Gold is a kind probe sent by alien civilizations that could be both intraterrestres as extraterrestrials. READ MORE

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Extraterrestrials chips at Quixadá

CEARÁ ─ May of 2004. During an UFO Symposium, that happened at Quixadá city, the academic José Agobar Peixoto [photo], professor at Universidad Federal do Ceará [Federal University of Ceará state] and researcher of UFOs for fourthy years, did a bombastic reveletion:

We discovered in our research something unprecedented in world ufology! Dozens of citizens quixadenses chips implanted in their bodies. These chips are extraterrestrial. Their technology are very advanced. The chips are used to monitor individuals and the environment around. There are another cases at the world but are isolate episodes. We haven't knowledge of a city with a so great number of people who present this peculiarity.

Mr. Agobar explained that there is a galactic portal of space-time opened at a place called molitics of Quixadá. Mr. Agobar explained that there is a galactic portal of space-time opened at a place known like Quixadá monoliths. This is the cause of the great number of cases.

Definitely, Quixadá is on the Ufology map. The city has records cataloged more than 300 sightings of flying saucers and aliens and can be considered the UFOs's capital of Northeast. Local administrative authorities are celebrating the visit of the flying saucers. The fame of Quixadá has attracted curious and researchers from around the country.

During the Symposium were presented lectures and videos. Nevertheless what most awaked attention was the testimony of the farmer Mr. Antero Francisco Ricardo, a resident of the city of Massapê. He was abducted several times. Antero Ricardo says that after of the abductions he acquired X-ray vision: Now, I can see broken bones and sore muscles. I can ease the suffering of people with the help of my spiritual masters.

Source: Quixadaenses podem conter ‘chips’
In Diário do Nordeste publicado em 05/28/2004

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Predator of Viamão

The video originally embebed on this page has disappeared from the Internet. That's why BRAZIL WEIRD NEWS now maintains 3 hosting channels for videos posted on the Blog. Several videos are being recovered and posted on other topics. The image above is merely illustrative.

The Military Police Brigade enters the forest of the Road Branquinha in Viamão. The men have guns, map and GPS. They are in search ofthe animal that killed two dogs and is scaring local residents.

Rodrigo dos Santos, commander of the 2nd Company Environmental ─ We have, as concrete evidences, two dogs killed, who were predated. This draws attention because they are large animals [the dogs].

We need to investigation more to know of what kind of predator we're talking. Unfortunately the ground has been very altered. It has many traces of domestic animals: dogs, horses. It is difficult to identify the specific clue of a wild animal. 

We will monitor the area more often, including during the night. We will be watching to the roars and other sounds that are scaring the population. 

There is evidence that it is a large animal, which is a wild animal. Care must be stepped up during the night, especially at dusk.

The enviromental agent advised residents to keep their domestic animals protected, imprisoned or collected close to their resiências. To keep their yards clean, avoid leaving food scraps and remains of animal carcasses exposed. 

Then, a woman owner of two dogs that were killed, Mrs. Angélica Fritz Montana, appears and says: At night, I hear strange noises and a roars that come from the backyard of my house. The dogs are nervous.

The enviromental agent asks for the people avoid the panic [this is a classic!]. Recommends not try to hunt or kill the beast. 

Mrs. Angelica turns to say: At five of afternoon I'll go home. I have care of to close the doors and the windows. Realy, sleep during the night is no more possible.

The agent, Mr. Rodrigo says, yet: Our goal is to reassure the people, protect livestock but, also, try to preserve the life of this wild animal. The florestal guard thinks that the beast can be killing to defend itself from attacks by dogs. Domestic dogs are not part of the food chain of any wild animal.

But the theory does not explain why the attacks to the herds were so violent. Why a big feline killed three sheep? The predator has a big eye! Kills more than needed. This doesn't seems a thing of the savage nature. But, maybe, could be a thing of the nature of a insane.

Brigada Militar segue sem pistas de animal misterioso em Viamão
In Zero Hora published in 10/08/2009

Mistery - The beast of the full moon's nights

Rio Grande do Sul [Brazil Southern] ─ At the Region of Branquinha, Viamão city, an animal unknown is causing fear among the population. The creature is a predator. Domestic animals and lambs began to appear dead. One belga dog pastor don't resisted. Boris had a deep and mortal wound in his body. Seemed to have been attacked with a machete.

Mrs. Angelica Montano Fritz was dog owner and lives on a little local farm 20 years ago. She was shocked.Not far from there, in Sertão Santana, a peasant, Mr. Inácio de Souza, was in alert. Eight months ago the lambs were the attacked for the first time. During the period were lost 10 sheep and many rabbits giants.

In face of the facts Inácio took his providences: more lighting. He passed to use a knife in his belt and started doing night surveillance in the company of several dogs. None of this helped. In August [2009] in the early hours of the morning, the foreman dicovered the bodies of three dead sheep.

Two of the lambs had the entrails devoured. Necks were cut, the skin was torn. The shoulders presented deep wounds. The skins were torn. Only the third of the lambs was simply dead.

Inácio calls the creature "bicho-fera" (something like monster beast, a language figure of redundance). And he realy tried. But never saw his enemy. 

At a one rainy night in certain moment the dogs began to stay restless. There was something close to the fence. Speaking with the leader of the dogs, Inácio ordered, Go! And Saddam, this is the name of the dog, Saddam went. And returned running, whining, full of fear, with the tail between the legs.

Finally, the beast disappeared of the region. Not for much time. Just changed of environment but was near - and began to attack in small farms, closer to the urban area. But a one thing Inacio had learned: this monster only attacks at the crescent and at the full moon.


The dog of Mrs. Amalia, the pastor Belga Boris [quoted above] was victim at the new territory of the beast at the first period of big moon. 

The terrible creature passed to attack at the at the alley Refugio do Guerreiro, near to Branquinha road, Viamão. The place is very suitable for a predator. Quiet, isolated. 

The region has many small farms connected by small roads, dirt roads - as this alley, called Refúgio do Guerreiro (Refuge Warrior). The houses and the fields are surrounded by a dense forest.

There is also a village with streets of beaten earth. The little town has their municipal school, Westphalen Weissheimer [of Germanic tradition]. This bucolic landscape, where it can be hear the singing of birds is, now, haunted by a bloodthirsty beast.

Two months after Boris death, at the same farm, the farm of Mrs. Angelica, another dog was attacked. A weeping. The Lamentations of pain. And then, the silence. Was all that Mrs. Angelica had heard. The female dog was found the next morning. She was dead. Had a cut on his head and another in the neck. Was lying in a circle of crushed vegetation.

The case of the deaths of dogs, quickly, was in the mouth of the people. People frightened begun to close the homes's doors and windows at the sunset. 

The Children are watched all the time. Rumors circulate: the neighbor of Mrs. Angelica saw the silhouette of a shadow at the shed of his backyard. But what he saw? One head ...

The region entered in alert. Theories appear. It should exist a explanation for the phenomena. Some think that the beast is a puma or an onça pintada. In the past these big cats were very common in the region. Today they are more rare but still exist there. Maybe, but the theory of the big feline does not explain everything.

The fact is that on the eve of full moon, the home of Mrs. Angelica begins to be haunted by strange noises, sounds of steps. She feels like she was being observed by a malign something. 

The terror continues. In another night of fear, realizing something undefined, the woman let out a female dog that has been trained for protection. Her name: Brisa. The female dog ran through the open door. Never came back. At sunrise she was found. The worst had happened: she was dead.

The enigma have no solution - yet. Authorities were called and are investigating. Meanwhile, the moon grows at the sky and nobody knows what kind of horrible things can happen.


Despite the emergence and strengthening of a global folklore, of the establishment of the mythology of the urban legends, most primitive beliefs are still have their place in the most remote areas of all countries in the world. 

The beast of Viamão is a classic case of mysterious predator. The story brings to the mind the legends of werewolves that are present in almost all cultures of the world.

The idea of the big feline is rational but the mode of action of this unknown creature is strange. Transcends the common animal savagery. 

Its uncontrolled aggression, the power of their prey and their claws seem to supplant the power and instinct of a puma or an onça. Would be possible an animal stand crazy? Become itself a psychopath?

Who saw the victims says the killer may have used a machete. Maybe it even a machete. The beast could be even a man animalized. A cursed that carries the stigma of the lycanthropy.

A werewolf who even transformed retains a spark of humanity. That would explain why this monster only kills animals. The beast rejects children on the menu of the dinner. Let's meditate...

Fonte: TORALLES, Mauro. O mistério das luas grandes
In Zero Hora published in 10/25/2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Ghost Canoe

PIAUÍ ─ At Poty river, at the passage that goes from Petrified waterfall to the Primavera bridge [Juscelino Kubitschek bridge], north zone of Teresina [capital of the state], a ghost canoe is scaring the population. A man, that works at night at this place, relates: I've seen the canoe three times, ever at dawn. When this boat passes, the oars move as if someone was be there, paddling but there is no one. I felt a chill in my body, felt fear.

A housemaid that works at a tall building called Beverly Hill Towers, at Marechal Castelo Branco avenue, Eusana do Livramento, 23 years, saw the ghost boat too: I was closing the window because wind was strong at this night. Then, I saw the canoe, the oars moving itself and nobody was there. Was very strange. I couldn't explain it. Other witnesses reported the same history. One more time we don't have a japanese at the local with his hightech camera to register the phenomena, Neither a one mobile phone's camera. Let's meditate...

Source: ALENCAR, Roberto. Canoa misteriosa assombra as pessoas no rio Poty
In 180 Graus Brasil Portais/Gazetilha ─ published in 08/07/2009

UFO at João Pessoa

PARAÍBA ─ October, 22 of 2009. The Click-PB News online received from a internaut astonishing images of a supposed flying saucer. The sighting occured at Manaíra, at João Pessoa, capital of Paraíba state [Brazil, Northeast region]. More precisely, the sequence shows more that one spaceship.

As always happens the images quality is very bad as in most films of flying saucers, ghosts and other extraordinary phenomena. Why a japanese with its hightech camera never appears at this occasions? Let's meditate... and see the video...

Source: Imagens de objeto voador não identificado sobre João Pessoa
In Click-PB published in 10/22/2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

🛸 Child attacked by UFO

CEARÁ ─ This happened in 2008 but as this blog is, at the same time, a news channel and a collection of weird facts of Brazil, this is the story, published in november, 11. At Córrego Salgado and Alegre, Itarema town, a UFO caused a panic among the inhabitants of the place.

According to witnesses, during many days, the UFO appeared regularly at sunset. The population began to be afraid to leave home at night. 

The case became more serious when a boy appeared seriously injured, allegedly by the crew of the UFO. The boy, who saw the spacecraft suffered several punctures and a deep cut in the armpit. He had to undergo surgery.

The Professor of Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and engineer José Agobar, a member of the Association of Independent Ufologists Brazil considered the episode extremely serious. Agobar reveled, yet: studies indicate that these appearances occur at the region in regular periods of more ou less ten years.

The video shows the damage to the boy. The injury makes think that the goal of ET intervention could be the removal of a gland that is located in this part of the human body. The History of UFOs has similar reports.

Criança é atacada por OVNI no Ceará 
In Rondônia Dinâmica ─ published in 11/11/2008 []

Psychographed Letter: Proof on Tribunal

ITAPOÃ CITY, Rio Grande do Sul ─ In July, 2003, the notary Ercy da Silva Cardoso was murdered with shots of fire gun. Leandro Rocha Almeida and Iara Marques Barcelos, [woman], were charged of the crime. In 2006, They were tried separately. For him the veredict was culprit. She was considered innocent. A letter psychographed acquited Iara.

However, the prosecution appealed and a retrial was scheduled. This another trial happened this month, in november 11 [2009]. However, the new retrial confirmed the sentence. She is innocent. The letter was validated as evidence.

This letter was psychographed at a Center of Spiritism - Sociedade Beneficente Espírita Amor e Luz - and four lines were fundamental in influencing the jury. The message that, testemonies say, was dictated by the spirit of Mr. Ercy Cardoso da Silva confirms: that Mrs. Iara is innocent. The spirit refers to her like a female friend and says he is saddened by the injustice that she is suffering. The desincarnated was praying. He had faith and he was sure that truth will prevail.

Leandro Rocha Almeida, who worked for the victim and was sentenced to 15 years and six months in prison also confirmed the innocence of women.

Source: Carta psicografada volta aos tribunais
In Zero Hora ─ published in 11/11/2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Girl paranormal puts fire em her own home

Photo published in The Meio Norte newspaper

PIAUÍ ─ In august, 2009, The Meio Norte [Mid North] newspaper published a article about an paranormal girl that puts fire on things around herself. In the last seven months the life of the family changed entirely.

A couple of peasants, Mr. Francisco das Chagas, his wife Maria Ribeiro, also known like Maria Preta [something like Black Mary] and their daughter, who has 13 years, are being tormented by supernatural phenomena. Appliances, clothing, cereals and other objects, including the house, begin to burn out 'from nothing'.

The family has moved three times. They are very poor, then, this third home is a hut of straw and clay, what still worsening situation. Often, the neighbors have to help the family extinguish the fire.

The incidents began between february and march of this year [2009], when the first house was stoned for many times. This would hapened ever that the girl and her grandmother were alone, at home. One day, without apparent cause, the house caught fire.

Neighbors were able to rescue the girl and her grandmother of middle of the flames. That was the first of many fires. Experts, including these that work with health are considering that the cause of the phenomena can be a poltergeist.

The poltergeists are disturbed and disturbing spirits. They tend to use the energy of children and adolescents to move objects or to produce spontaneous combustion. Many are violent. The girl also tells to hear a voice she recognizes as being of his maternal grandfather. The spirit says that she should kill their parents using a knife. This grandfather was murdered 12 year ago.

For the girl, the situation becomes more difficult each day. At school, her book of notes caught fire. The incident caused panic among students. School classmates has avoided contact with her and the girl doesn't no more attends classes.

Source: Menina 'paranormal' põe fogo na própria casaIn 180 Graus Brazil ─ published in 08/09/2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Santa Image appears on a Buriti Tree

PIAUÍ state ─ [Northeast region of Brazil] All began in early october [2009]. At Currais city the image of a santa appeared in the trunk of a tree called buriti, [em Inglês, Morish Palm - Mauritia flexuosa]. Since that the picture of the santa was found and disclosed, it has attracted many people: some, for mere curiosity; others, moved for faith. These consider the phenomenon as a miracle or sign of God.

Testimonies of miracles have already begun. Those who were supposed blessed are speaking on local radios. Mr. João Batista, who was physically handicapped and never was able to walk, today is walking, after he visited the Santa. He tells that after has seen the image, felt a strong sleepiness and slept. He dreamed with the Saint, with Jeovah and angels. when he waked, began to walk. Mr. Batista hasn't doubts: belives that God cured him.

Another man named Gaspar said that if the image realy was able to make miracles, he would want to fall hard. Two days after suffered a stroke. He stood immobilized and now lives on the bed.

Source: Imagem de santa em pé de buriti provoca repercussão
In 180 Graus Brazil ─ published in 11/04/2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009


At Brazil, from the south to the north there's the registration of Saci's tradition. In october, 31 ─ the day of the Saci is celebrated. 

The Saci is a folkloric figure. His myth is the results from the cultural syncretism characteristic of the country. It brings together elements Amerindians, Africans and Europeans. 

The entity is a black skin dwarf, one-legged, like some elves and gnomes of the european folklore with their dances, turning on a leg. He's a kind of demon: sometimes joker, sometimes malefic. Like identity attributes, he uses a red hat and smokes a pipe called pito [peeto].

Generally, the pito, a craftwork, is made of clay. In the days of strong wind, the Saci likes to have fun revolving around itself to create eddies. For the simple people of ancient times, residents of rural areas, the Saci is the cause of the eddies. But the little devil has others occupations, all with the goal to create daily problems in the lives of the people.

At the farms and small towns, he enters in the homes and hides small objects. In kitchens, makes the milk stay sour, spoils the eggs. In the stables, embarrasses the manes of horses, sucking her blood and bewitches the animals, which spend the night galloping madly.

The Myth Formation ─ Before the arrive of the europeans on the land of the south-american continent, the brazilians indigenous already knew their Sacis. The Saci was a ghost, an enchanted being associated with a bird whose lament was considered bad omen. This bird, also called Matita-Pereira between another names, often adopts the posture of standing, long time, leaning on one leg.

Later, with the arrival of the Portugueses and then enslaved blacks, similar beliefs of the three nations were mixed in the imaginary of the people. 

Finally, was configured the Saci anthropomorpho: the one-legged, the little black kid with his red glengarry and ever with the pipe in the mouth. 

He is tiny, one-legged and black, like the bird appears. Wears a glengarry like a european gnome. Smokes too much. Fume roller. Like a slave, poor and tired.

The Saci has a social and spiritual explanation too. He is tiny because, one day, in a time of the past, he was a mestizo child abandoned in the woods. 

A newborn who died without baptism. A pagan soul. Son of the adultery, of the abuse and violence. His mother was a slave, his father, certainly, a foreman or a plantation owner. The dead child becomes an evil ghost who has pleasure in perturb the Christians.

Weak Point ─ The Saci has his weak point. His powers of invisibility and witchcraft are on his glengarry.If someone gets the glengarry of a Saci, the demon immediately becomes slave of him who possesses the object. The difficulty is to imprison the Saci. 

You have to surprise him when he is in the midst of a whirlwind. The trick is to launch a sieve, reforced with a support cross, on the spiral of dust and leaves. 

It is the cross that holds the Saci. After, by introducing a dark bottle below the sieve, the creature, surely, will go enter there, in the bottle; because he likes the dark places. 
by Ligia Cabús, 11/01/2009