Friday, November 13, 2009

🛸 Child attacked by UFO

CEARÁ ─ This happened in 2008 but as this blog is, at the same time, a news channel and a collection of weird facts of Brazil, this is the story, published in november, 11. At Córrego Salgado and Alegre, Itarema town, a UFO caused a panic among the inhabitants of the place.

According to witnesses, during many days, the UFO appeared regularly at sunset. The population began to be afraid to leave home at night. 

The case became more serious when a boy appeared seriously injured, allegedly by the crew of the UFO. The boy, who saw the spacecraft suffered several punctures and a deep cut in the armpit. He had to undergo surgery.

The Professor of Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and engineer José Agobar, a member of the Association of Independent Ufologists Brazil considered the episode extremely serious. Agobar reveled, yet: studies indicate that these appearances occur at the region in regular periods of more ou less ten years.

The video shows the damage to the boy. The injury makes think that the goal of ET intervention could be the removal of a gland that is located in this part of the human body. The History of UFOs has similar reports.

Criança é atacada por OVNI no Ceará 
In Rondônia Dinâmica ─ published in 11/11/2008 []

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