Monday, November 26, 2012

Hundreds of fishes found dead in lakes of Brazil Central

Hundreds of fishes of various species and sizes were found dead in lakes of Brazil Central. Photo: TVCA

BRAZIL. MATO GROSSO state. In the city of Porto Alegre do Norte, distant 1,143 km from Cuiaba (capital of the state), hundreds of fishes of various species and sizes were found dead in the waters of  "Lago de Fora" (Lake of Out), situated in a environmental preservation zone at the region called Araguaia.

The opinions about the phenomenon, however, are controversial. An expert of the Secretary of State Environment (SEMA) reports that since October, the same problem is occurring in the other five lakes State Park Araguia and even thus says that it is a natural phenomenon. 

But the representative of the Pastoral Land of the Catholic Church, Luis Claudio Silva - classifies the phenomenon as environmental chaos. For Luis Claudio the fishes death is fault of pesticides used in a soybean nearby the lakes: The poison used in these crops, that is sprayed - on the fields - by airplanes, may have contaminated the water

The coordinator of the Unidade de Conservação da SEMA (Unit of Conservation of the Secretary of State for the Environment), Alexandre Batistela, raises a third possibility: an increase in the volume of organic matter that, carried by the heavy rains, can has reached rivers and lakes. 

The situation may have been exacerbated by a fire, suspicious of have be caused by human agents, that recently destroyed 80% of the park vegetation.

At Brazil, the most absurd on this type of occurrence is the slowness of the investigation of causes. Just as in that case. The death of the fishes is happening already there a month in five lakes, but, during whole this time, none laboratory analysis about the causative agent of these deaths was provided by the "experts" .

SOURCE: Peixes de várias espécies aparecem mortos em lago de Mato Grosso.
CIRCUITO MATO GROSSO/BRAZIL, published in 25/11/2012.

Friday, November 16, 2012

It gone out - The Mystery of UFO-Cylindrical in Popocatepetl Volcano

The video of the camera of the Centro Nacional de Prevenção de Desastres (Cenapred).
IMAGE obtained in the website of Cenapred .
IN YOUTUBE, posted in 15/11/2012.

MEXICO. It entered on Friday - 26/10/2012. The video camera of the Televisa channel , which constantly monitors the volcano Popocatépetl recorded the image. A large cylindrical object appears to plunge into the crater. 

In November, 8th, the same camera recorded the passage of two UFOs nearby the mountain. Now, the mysterious cylinder was seen - again, by the camera lens of the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred - Centro Nacional de Prevenção de Desastres).

Popocatepetl volcano - Izta Zoquiapan-Popo National Park, State of Mexico.

The "alien cylinder" (here, "alien" with the meaning of strange) appears going out from the steaming entry of the Popocatépetl, on Wednesday - 14/11/2012 - 03:10 of morning, minutes before the earthquake of 6.38 degrees (Richter scale) that shook southeastern Mexico with repercussions - mainly in Guerrero, Michoacán and at Federal District (capital country, Mexico City).

SOURCE: “Extraño” objeto sale del volcán Popocatépetl minutos antes del sismo.
CONEXION TOTAL/MÉXICO, published in 15/11/2012.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Popocatepetl volcano - Other Two UFOs Were Filmed Transiting Nearby of the Steamy Crater

The video of Televisa. An object clearly in transit.
IMAGE: YOUTUBE, posted on 08/11/2012, with 1:10 m of duration.
In another version, with 2:14 m of duration - in function of replays - two UFOs appear in sequence.
IN YOUTUBE, posted in 12/11/2012

MEXICO. After the cylindrical UFO that was spotted, apparently, diving into the crater of the volcano Popocatepetl - Friday - 26/10/2012 - by the Televisa camera that constantly monitors the activity of the steamy mountain, another occurrence of two transit Unidentified Flying Objects was registered on Thursday, November 8 (2012) - in image taken at 5:45 pm.

Although some have doubts about the nature of the objects that the video shows, crossing the sky near the volcano and even, while others are mocking the Televisa channel for reporting the fact in their tele-journals, the sequence actually captured the passage of two luminous objects in the space around the Popocatépetl, an area completely and officially banned the transit of any earthly aircraft.


in the Popocatepetl Volcano, 28/October/2012

SOURCE: ROJAS, Osvaldo Macuil. Otro ovni es captado en el Popocatépetl.
LA QUINTA COLUMNA/MÉXICO, published in 12/11/2012.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Mystery of UFOs Squadron at China-India's Border

INDIA/CHINA. Soldiers of the Indian Army and the ITBP - Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force, based in Thakung, next to Pangong Lake have reported and are reporting hundreds of UFO sighting at Ladakh, in Jammu-Kashimir Region. 

The massive presence of this objects, that have been seen during the day and night, occurred specifically and respectively, in the days August 01 and October 15. 

According to the India Times newspaper, witnesses describe UFOs as yellow spheres that appear on the horizon of the Chinese side and moving slowly, crossing the sky for periods between 3 to 5 hours. Suddenly, they disappear.

The information is from reports sent by Indian Border Police (ITBP) to its headquarters in Delhi and also directly to the office of the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh.

Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) in the region of the sightings.
IMAGE: [] 

Several agencies have attempted to identify the nature of objects - without success. In September, the Indian Army has deployed a mobile radar but the spheres appear to be invisible to the equipment. 

Also is been used a spectrum analyzer but this also failed to detect any signs that they might be being emitted by UFOs. Reconnaissance flights don't had unsuccessful. UFOs simply disappear before any approximation or approach.

Images analyzed by the Indian Astronomical Observatory.

All that the army was able to determine what these yellow spheres AREN'T. They aren't drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). 

In addition, a team of Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle in - studied the phenomenon for three days and ensures: are not celestial bodies of any kind, such as meteors or planets. What they know with certainty so far is that the objects are not metallic.

In 2004, this flying object with the appearance of a humanoid robot was photographed in Samutra Tapu.

The perplexity of Indians is justified. They are familiar with spy drones. only between August and January of this year (2012) were detected 99 of these flying vehicles unmanned: 62 in the western sector in Ladakh and 37 in the eastern sector in Arunachal Pradesh. 

Three of them were in territory claimed by Índia along the border of 365 km with China. But given the enigma that surrounds these sightings, these orbs are being called Unidentified Luminous Objects undentifyed - or ULO.

Ladakh is an uninhabited region of 86,000 km ², heavily militarized, situated between an area of Kashmir occupied by Pakistan - at northern - and Aksai Chin - at east, occupied by China. A land that has been the subject of a long dispute in geopolitics that remains with no solution on for decades.

Kashmir. The disputed territories: Green: Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas under Pakistani control; dark brown: Jammu and Kashmir under Indian control, Aksai Chin, under occupation of China. Situation of the people: a Hell! Specially, one more of the muslims Hells!

Kashmir is one of the states of India despite its territory have been divided by geopolitics disputes that started since the end of British colonization and recrudescreram from the creation of the Muslim state of Pakistan.

The Pakistani claim is based on the fact that, there, the majority of the population is Muslim, which entered, in India's territory, trough this border north, They were refugees and migrants in general but, over time, they began to promote the customary Islamic terror to impose their religion, in true, a pretext to obtain the economical control, how always has made, when they find opportunity, in all the countries which receive them.

Since 1980, muslim separatist guerrillas, began to terrorize the Indian Kashmir. There, is located the known and mythical supposed tomb of Jesus, the Christ Jew who, according to theories, after his resurrection, had taken refuge in that region, in Srinagar - capital of the state, where he became a master revered even today.

The mystery of these UFOs or ULOs raises yet another speculation: that the spheres are holographic images projected by China as a strategy of intimidation and psychological warfare and a probing in order to assess the capabilities of the Indian state in a situation of alert. (A combat technique of the ancient Chinese and Japanese warriors - (these, the samurai) - the so called "fake attack" or the attack of the shadow).


中印邊境頻現UFO讓印軍尷尬 擔憂中國搞心理戰
ET-TODAY NET/CHINA, published in 08/11/2012.
中印邊境頻現UFO讓印軍尷尬 擔憂中國搞心理戰
CRI, published in 09/11/2012.
中印边境近期出现百余例UFO目击案 难倒军方(图)
(Militares na Fronteira Sino-Indiana Perplexos com mais de 100 casos de Avistamentos de OVNIs).
TECH-XINMIN/CHINA (新民网), published in 10/11/2012.
(Exército indiano registra alta freqüência de OVNIs no lado chinês da fronteira).
SING TAO NET/STNN (星 岛环球 网), published in 07/11/2012.
Soldiers report 100+ UFOs along Chinese border
OPEN MINDS, published in 05/11/2012.
UNNITHAN, Sandeep. UFO sightings in Ladakh spook soldiers.
INDIA TODAY, published in 02/11/2012.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 in Previsions of... The Oracle of Shambahla


Like many ancient civilizations of the world, the phenomenon of oracles is an important element of the Tibetan buddhism. The purpose of the oracles is not just to foretell the future. They are called upon as protectors and sometimes used as healers. 

In the Tibetan tradition, the word oracle is used for a spirit which can enters in men and women who act as mediums between this world and the spiritual realms. The mediums are, therefore, known as kuten, which literally means, "the physical basis". Thus, a tibetan buddhist oracle doesn't need to be a monk. Some are, other, not.

IMAGES ABOVE: The Nechung Oracle is the State Oracle of Tibet. The medium of the State Oracle currently resides with the current Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. Prior to the Himalayan diaspora resulting from the annexation of Tibet by the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Nechung Oracle was the designated head of the Nechung monastery in Tibet. 

Through him manifests Dorje Drak-den (Nechung), the principal protector divinity of the Tibetan government and the Dalai Lama. It is because of this that Nechung Kuten is given the rank of a deputy minister in the exiled Tibetan government hierarchy.

Nechung Oracle. 

This is a controversial news and, at the same time. The information are not enough but, however, the same text, word by word is repeated in the few pages of the internet where it is found. But, how this is a fortean blog, even thus, the information is published here, like a piece of a collection.

TIBET/RUSSIA. A monk, known as the "Oracle of Shambhala" - lama of the Gyangdak monastery, located in the Kailash mountain, in a message sent to NASA, made ​​revelations about a possible nearby Apocalypse and how to survive to these events, that - according the majority of the texts published, should last by two weeks. 

* This editor, search exhaustively identity of this monk, without results but, is good to clarify that, a tibetan buddist oracle is not necessarily a monk or the lama in question. In true, the lamas has their own "oracles", monks or not but that are devotees that has the capacity of trance and vidence. 

About the monastery quoted, exist doubts because there are more of one monastery in the vicinities of the Kailash mount. Even the duratIon ofthe darkness period, also exists divergences, that will be highlighted througout this article

A fact that draw attention is that the date of the happening is the same foreseen by the mayan calendar: 21/12/2012. The text say that the risk of the occurence of serious happening is a reality: in late December, on the very day marked on the Mayan calendar - December 21, 2012 - the Solar System planets will go be aligned in a unique configuration, extremely rare. 

This event is defined as the passage through the "zero band" or "zero line of the galaxy". Says the message of the mysterious monk:

The Autumn and winter, amid 2012/2013, in Tibet and the whole northern hemisphere will be warm.

As of December 21, 2012 the Earth will begin its passage through the Zero line of the Galaxy. This is a space [cosmic quadrant] where prevails a special state [condition] of interaction of forces, that is not subject that cancels [nullifies] any kind of energy. 

A place immersed in complete darkness and silence. This will deactivate all resources of distance communication that depend of modern transmission technologies, and all systems of production and distribution of electricity.

The darkness will be accompanied by flashes of light and shade moments. Sometimes, spectra will be seen to wandering, as deads that would left their graves. The earth will go shake a little, like a small earthquake. Some buildings will be destroyed.

Animals will feel the approaching of the darkness and the quakes. Before that happens, the "cosmic darkness" they will seek shelter on the ground [in the undergrounds, caves, etc]. In cities, people - who do not have the presentiment of these events [that will be caught off guard] might even get into a state of insanity - 10% of the population [global] may perish.


On December 21st in 2012 there will be a rare alignment, not only between the planets of this solar system, but between this solar system and their galaxy, the Milk Way. This event happens at the end and beginning of a grand cycle of 26.000 years. 


During this time the sun will be in zero degree of its galactic equator, alingned with the center of the galaxy. There is located a dark region, a massive black hole which sucks in and emits huge amounts of energy, this is known by many as the cosmic womb. 


Is necessary that the persons prepare themselves for this change, concluding everything that should be concluded in 2012. They must pay debts [refers also to the spiritual debts, karmic debts, repair their errors].

Go to the field, to the hinterlands. Take your family, your children, all your documents, money. Get out of town. Prepare food stock for two months because supply systems will linger a long time to be restored.

It is also essential to have a supply of water, firewood and candles for lighting because there will not be source of electricity or gas supply. [Means that the wood is required for heating and food preparation].

* This editor even would add, in addition to the first Aid Kit: cigarettes for the smokers, analgesics and anxiolytics.

During these "dark days", the persons should keep the windows darkened, closed curtains. Do not leave home [or of the shelter], don't look at the outside. If you look, don't must believe in all that your eyes will see and your ears will hear. If you must leave the shelter, don't go far away, you can get lost.

When the world "reappear" in, don't rush to return to the city, it is better live "the rebirth" in the field.

These frightening facts, according to majority of the texts published in internet, will last two weeks but their echoes [its environmental and economic impacts] will be felt intensely until February 7, 2013. 

Then, there will be a partial restoration of the transport and electricity distrubuição. Upon reaching the end of March, the world will be completely recovered. (But .... in the internet - there is at least one text, in Russian, published before all the others, which refers to a darkness period much minor than two weeks. Read more below).

Also according to the "oracle Sahmbahla" this "End of the World" will change radically the perspective of the people about the life and the world, their way of seeing reality. Mankind will become more spiritual.

At developed and developing countries will flourish the scientific and noetic teachings - [about spirituality and metaphysic], with special attention to the structures, institutions and practices related to health. This will be a major boost to the progress of humanity for a long time - concludes the message of the Oracle of Shambhala. 


The informations of the text above is the most published in the internet and dates of october, in different days of this month, this year (2012). But exists one website page, in Russian language that countain almost the same data of the others; almost. 

In this page, which belongs to the Centre for Indian and Tibetan practices Amitayus (Центр Индийских и Тибетских практик Амитаюс), found through the Google search engine with the key words "оракул Шамбалы" (shamballa oracle), begins the text saying: We received this information in July 2012 from Tibet.

The rest of the text is almost equal to the others except by few details: the NASA is not mentioned, the duration of cosmic darkness is minor, a period much more short. And the difference is quite significant. While the other websites say in two weeks, this page refers only to a few minutes. Here is the excerpt complete:

No light, electricity, communications, even the sound will not be able to exist. The electromagnetic fields (poles) of all objects will be annulled... Almost the whole earth, for a few minutes around 10 am Moscow time on 12/21/2012 comes complete darkness and silence. 

...Is best to meditate, pray, and strengthen yourself, go to bed... due to the lack of light, the objects' focus will be completely lost and (out of the shelter, the things) will not be visible nor even your own hand. 

 ...The rulers of the Earth have received warnings about the "zero band" from various sources, but they not will help its citizens because they can't or don't want. [Even because - now, is too late]. The civil defense and evacuation would not work because of the lack of light, communication, electricity and transport.


Translation and free adaptation by L.C.

The russian page even says: The prediction is a true. Our planet, thus like other stars and elements of space, navigates smoothly, indefinitely, passing by different stages and levels of development.

Indeed, is nearby the time in what it will cross the zero Zone. This has a motive: the electromagnetic field, which protects the Earth from invading other negative civilizations, meteorites and other influences, also interacts with these elements.

At this cosmic moment, in this place of the space, it has to be disconnected to avoid serious wave oscillations that could destroy the planet and cause great damage to all living things.

But, at the same time of, in complete darkness and disconnected from the all forces that protect the planet, there is a danger of invasion by some other civilization no friendly that can have developed advanced technologies able to break the isolation. [Invasion that may occur by use, not of physics weapons - materials - but through psychic forces].

The most important thing that will help humanity at this time - is association, the union. For example, a large group of persons reunited around huge bonfires. The persons should spend this period in a circle around a center. Sing, dance, meditate, pray. The lights of thousands, millions of bonfires and minds glowing in the whole planet can protect it of any danger.

Who get to maintain the calm, the emotional balance, this will survive to the darkness, even alone.


In front of these two informations, for the persons who believe that something is to happen, in what to believe, this is the question.Two weeks? Few minutes? Can the entire solar system passes by the Zero Zone in few minutes? Will be that the Zero Zone is a so small space? And why in the historical records of more than five thousand years doesn't exist none reference to an event of this nature? Maybe because it only happens in a certain cosmic moment of a very long period.

Many people are asking to sages, to the oracles, to the newspapers of something really will go happen. Some of these people seems, even - want that something come to happen.Something that could change the currently state of things, the society, the way of live, something able to change the sad reality of the world.

Is curious to hear this question while these same people are in front of their screens of TV or computer without to perceive that something is already happening.

Every day, at every places, in their own houses, streets, vicinity, city, country, bad things, sad, strange things, horrible, are happening. But people are so accustomed, so accommodated that don't perceive the tragedy, the hell right now.

Can be a cosmic phenomenon. Can be a sociological phenomenon. Can be both - at the same time - considering valid the the synchronicity theory (Jung) but the fact is that something very dramatic is happening.

The apocalyptical prophecies give the impression that some kind of end simply occurs in few instants, suddenly but too probably it isn't so. There are some year that a process seems to be in course. Maybe, since 2001, when the twin towers, USA - were destroyed. Like kind of start, or alert. A message saying to Humanity: stop now! Change now!

Since then, the worldly scenery is, each time, more and more scary. A growing state of convulsions: cosmics, sociological, naturals. Solar storms, meteors crossing the sky or threats of impacts, drastic climate changes, mass death of animals, strange illnesses afecting humans, the increase of the vices in mortal drugs.

The zombies already are here there more than a decade. They are the crack users wandering in the streets like living dead. They are the most evident zombies. But there are many others, living their lives mechanically - insensible to the pain - the own and of the others.

This civilization will go not fail. This civilization already failed. In the past, others civilizations fail too but, this is the globalized civilization. Never before - the world was only one like is now. Thus, the fail of this civilization is the fail of all Humanity. 

There is food, but millions are hungry. There is water, but million are thisty. There is advanced medicine, but millions are sick. There are garment, but millions are naked. It is a big shame. Everybody has access the information, but nobody wants to give attention, nobody can nothing. Nobody has time. All are much busy.

Who needs oracles, prophets to know that the building will fall? It is obvious.The equation is elementar. Superpopulation, super-problems without any solution. The question isn't the equation, that grew so much. The real error is the incompetence of the mathematicians. 

Then, now - this monstruous problem only can will resolved by itself, according the nature laws. And Nature simply kills the realities that failed. Means that somebody has to die... Yes, is too late to run in search of the own salvation. Sit down, try to breathe. Pray - if you know how to pray. Alea jacta est - (The sort is thrown)... 

And now, in who believe? Believe in the facts and if you die, in the next time, if exist one next time, try to make better.

And on the top of the hill, Khisna said to Arjuna: 
Go there. Kill them because they already are dead. 
I killed them. Bhagavad Gita

21/12/12 – Tibetan monks make a statement for NASA Doomsday.  
INFO PEREGUD/RUSSIA, published in 29/october/2012.

ORIGINAL SOURCE IN RUSSIAN: Предсказание о 21 декабре 2012 от Оракула Шамбалы. 
Centre for Indian and Tibetan practices Amitayus
(Prevision from Oracle of Shambahala for December 21, 2012)
Published in 07/september/2012[,hm.html]

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The cannibal leopard of Nepal

Another case: at India, a leopard in full attack to a police officer. Deprived of the forests, their natural habitats, large predators are vying for space with humans in the vicinities of the new urban areas.

NEPAL. Saturday, November 3, 2012. The head of a child of 4 years old that had disappeared on Friday (02/11/2012), was found in western of Nepal. The boy was attacked and eaten by a mysterious and ruthless leopard that is terrorizing to the people at the country.

The police chief of the district of Baitadi - Kamal Prasad Khael, told EFE news agency that the head was found about a mile from the house where the child lived, near to a forest.

In three months, there are already 16 - the fatal victims of feline, 11 children and five women, of whom the oldest was 29. Police suspect it is the same animal that is hunting humans ... because this kind of predator always hunts alone.

In Baitadi district, the population is alarmed. Experts were called in to try to locate the leopard and a reward of 25,000 rupees (about $ 300) is been offered for the capture of the beast.

According to experts, the attacks of big cats to humans are proliferating in the Indian subcontinent because of the process of industrialization and urban expansion that every day is exterminating the forest enviroments that are the natural habitat of these predators.


SOURCE: El misterioso e implacable leopardo que se ha comido ya a 16 personas.
PERIODISTA DIGITAL, published in 03/11/2012.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Image of Santa Muerte appears in Los Santos

William Fuentes, the fisherman that found the image.

PANAMA. On 31, october (2012), a fisherman, William Fuentes, has found - around 2 pm, in the Guayaberos beach, in the city of Santa Ana del los Santos, Los Santos's province - amid the fishes captured in his net, an image (figurine) of the polemic entity known as the Santa Muerte (Holy Death), venerated at Mexico, for example, but considered an object of negative cult by the Catholic Church - and with fear by Panama population.

Three days before - in october, 27 - others fishermen had found, in the same local a necklace composed with 26 small skulls and one in natural size - made of plastic matter. The dwellers of Santa Ana city are scared and belive that the two founds are related and are a presage of bad things that would can be by happen.


ARGENTINA. Supernatural Phenomenon Expelled Family from Home, 27/10/2012

VENZUELA. Spiritist Phenomenon closes school at Venezuela, 09/06/2012

MEXICO. Church prepares exorcists to help fight crime in Mexico, 11/11/2011

Santa Muerte, en Los Santos.
EL SIGLO, published in 01/11/2012.
Pescadores de Los Santos encuentran imagen de la Santa Muerte.
ENAZUERO, published in 31/10/2012.

UFOs at Tierra del Fuego

Green lights over mountain: UFOs.

CHILE. In october, 17 - 11:30 pm, at the so called Tierra do Fuego, the professional photographer Oscar Heredia captured the image of a spacecraft, an UFO - that, according local dwellers, always appears in the region moving itself between the mountain Mich (Cerro Michi) and the Fangnano lake (or Cami lake, located in Antártica Chilena Region). The object remains a time at the sky e after, disappears returning to the mountain.

The community of the city of Tolhuin (at Isla Grande of Tierra del Fuego, Río Grande department), that has around 3,000 inhabitants (in 2010), assures that, there decades strange things and UFOs - have been seen nearby the lake. In that night, Heredia would intend to photograph the lights of the resort (Kaiken resort - reflecting on the lake waters using his SLR digital camera, specially prepared for this objective, at night.

Conmoción en Tierra del Fuego por OVNI sobre Lago Fagnano.
EL DIARIO-24/ARGENTINA, úblicado em 30/10/2012.
¿Naves extraterrestres en Tierra del Fuego?.
TIEMPO DE SAN JUAN, 31/10/2012.