Friday, November 2, 2012

UFOs at Tierra del Fuego

Green lights over mountain: UFOs.

CHILE. In october, 17 - 11:30 pm, at the so called Tierra do Fuego, the professional photographer Oscar Heredia captured the image of a spacecraft, an UFO - that, according local dwellers, always appears in the region moving itself between the mountain Mich (Cerro Michi) and the Fangnano lake (or Cami lake, located in Antártica Chilena Region). The object remains a time at the sky e after, disappears returning to the mountain.

The community of the city of Tolhuin (at Isla Grande of Tierra del Fuego, Río Grande department), that has around 3,000 inhabitants (in 2010), assures that, there decades strange things and UFOs - have been seen nearby the lake. In that night, Heredia would intend to photograph the lights of the resort (Kaiken resort - reflecting on the lake waters using his SLR digital camera, specially prepared for this objective, at night.

Conmoción en Tierra del Fuego por OVNI sobre Lago Fagnano.
EL DIARIO-24/ARGENTINA, úblicado em 30/10/2012.
¿Naves extraterrestres en Tierra del Fuego?.
TIEMPO DE SAN JUAN, 31/10/2012.

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