Friday, November 2, 2012

Image of Santa Muerte appears in Los Santos

William Fuentes, the fisherman that found the image.

PANAMA. On 31, october (2012), a fisherman, William Fuentes, has found - around 2 pm, in the Guayaberos beach, in the city of Santa Ana del los Santos, Los Santos's province - amid the fishes captured in his net, an image (figurine) of the polemic entity known as the Santa Muerte (Holy Death), venerated at Mexico, for example, but considered an object of negative cult by the Catholic Church - and with fear by Panama population.

Three days before - in october, 27 - others fishermen had found, in the same local a necklace composed with 26 small skulls and one in natural size - made of plastic matter. The dwellers of Santa Ana city are scared and belive that the two founds are related and are a presage of bad things that would can be by happen.


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Santa Muerte, en Los Santos.
EL SIGLO, published in 01/11/2012.
Pescadores de Los Santos encuentran imagen de la Santa Muerte.
ENAZUERO, published in 31/10/2012.

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