Friday, July 2, 2010

Fossils of prehistoric reptiles found in the state of Santa Catarina

SANTA CATARINA – At the Alto Vale do Itajaí [Itajaí Valley], the Museu Paleoarqueológico e Histórico [Paleo-Archeological and Historic Museum], in the city of Taió, received some rarities. The newest findings are fossils that may be older than the dinosaurs.

The samples were found by the small farmer Mr. Rafael Cichoki, in Santa Terezinha, hinterland of Taió. According Mr. Cichoki, his son was walking cycling at the neighborhoods when began to pay attention in certain rocks. The boy noticed that the stones had marks: remains of petrified animals. He collected some of these stones.

For the geologist Mr. Douglas Fernando Silva, fossils can be of mesossauros, prehistoric marine reptiles. The findings support the hypothesis that the region, one day in the remote past, was a sea. The material will be sent to Rio Grande do Sul for analysis.

SOURCE: Fósseis que podem ser de répteis marinhos pré-históricos são encontrados no Alto Vale do Itajaí.
IN CLIRBS – published in 06/30/2010.