Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saturn moon has the strange shape of a spacecraft

SATURN. The saturnian moon Pan was known but until now had not been photographed in detail. But a new photo, more recent, showed an astonishing image that reveals: Pan has a form of an UFO; a spacecraft.

The images from the Cassini probe are unprecedented. This moon, that was discovered in 1990, is one of the many moons that orbit within the rings of Saturn. It was more or least hidden, for the lens of the spacial camera, until few time ago.

Experts have believed that this moon had borned from the accumulation of ice particles that form the rings of Saturn. Now, the the nature of Pan became a matter open to speculations. A similar mystery surrounds one of the two moons of Mars that has an irregular shape and a strange orbit.

Pan, thus like other moon of Saturn named Atlas, measures about 20 kilometers of diameter. This strange moon takes about 14 hours to make a complete rotation.

SOURCE: Lua de Saturno em forma de ovni.
Diario de Notícias/Pt, published in 21/04/2012.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Arising of Sex

OCCULT SCIENCES. There are many, many ages, pre-historic and historic, sex does not existed. Humanities, individuals existed, but sex, no! There was no sex nor a system of sexual organs, nor a sexual practice or an intercourse of bodies, nor a sexual idea. In fact, at that time, so distant, the bodies were also very different than they are today.

At the dawn of the planet and of the anthropogenesis, the spirits animated biochemical structures devoid of bones, there were not bones. These beings were the without-bones. It seems strange but the Nature of those days was not as consistent as today, the earth also had no "bones" (rock formations and other solid beings)...

More of one Humanity evolved among the Androgynous and Hermaphrodite [the "Third human Race"], bisexual, asexual, and - finally the heterosexuals. All of these beings, they would lived and shared those different forms of procreation in the abyss of a forgotten time. The most eccentric exchanges and strange genetic phenomenons can have happened until it was developed the sex as is known nowadays...

The theosophical Anthropology, though be much complex and even fantastic, gets to explain the mystery and the an allegory of "original sin" through of a conception of biochemical evolution of living Beings which claims the origin of man on the planet in a epoch much more ancient and in Geophysical conditions very different from what contemporary science admits...

The Biblical Genesis speaks of an Adam made ​​from clay that during the "sleep" - a period of unconsciousness - suffers an "intervention" biophysics. "God," the Lord, or Nature [?] creates another human being using a rib [lateral part of the body] from Adam.

He "sleeps" Adam asexual and "wakes up" Adam-Eve, or agrees to a different physical condition. To Theosophy, the sleep of the divine Adam allegorizes a biological process of millions of years. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The narcotic air of Italy & the World

ITALY/EUROPE. A group of scientists from the Centre for the Study of Atmospheric Pollution, Rome, made an astonishing discovery: the air of the great Italian cities contains not only carbon dioxide and solid particles but also traces of narcotics - cocaine and marijuana.

The leader of the group of researchers, Professor Angelo Cecinato explained: The phenomenon was discovered while we were researching the ambiental pollution from various cities, particularly Rome.

Was then - that traces of cocaine were found in the atmosphere. The study more deep, extending the analysis area, geographically, and the more specific exams, including in other countries, revealed, in addition to cocaine, traces of cannabinoids (marijuana), nicotine and caffeine.

The main factor determining this type of pollution is the use of drugs, both banned and those released. The detection of these substances reflects a significant consumption in the regions where this occurred. The number of traces increases with the increase in population density in a territory.

In Italy, for example, concentration, not surprisingly, is higher in cities where the population consumes more of these drugs, as in the north of the country but - also, in the capital Rome and in the city of Naples. At Spain the situation is similar. Angelo Cecinato believes that, in South America the level of these pollutants in the atmosphere is, possibly - even higher.

SOURCE: O ar narcótico da Itália.
Voz da Russia, published in 16/04/2012

Magic, Sex and Love

by Lygia Cabus

In the Völsunga saga, Kriemhild (or Gudrun) uses a love potion to seduce
Sigurd (Siegfried). However, the love obtained by this way had a bad end.

OCCULT SCIENCES. Love and magic: here are two words that bring the popular imagination classical relates with fantastic and sugary novels. The figure of the reader of cards, the fortuneteller, who attends the woman worried and jealous, is a literary tradition of the serials...

Also, love manifests itself in many ways, may be love by the parents (filial love), by the children (maternal love and paternal), friends and brothers (fraternal love), love of country, love of work, by the art, nature, universal love, and finally, the most controversial of all, sexual love, that is the love of couples...

The sensual love is a feeling so confused that, often the persons nor know if what they are feeling is, in fact, love and - thus, emerges the classic question of the difference between love and passion...

Make a "sympathy", a spell in order to obtain an affect and (or) sex interest means putting the reason the service of madness, an attitude which in itself only represents a failure of intelligence and a distortion of love in its pure phenomenological essence that translates into the spontaneity of occurrence and - love, or happens or not happens and when happens, even thus, the magician should to consider if it is appropriate, if should or should not, yield to the allurements of love... READ THE COMPLETE MATTER

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Skyquakes

MÉXICO. At Tamaluipas, (state of Mexico), in the city of Victoria, on the night of 16/04/2012, residents reported, by twitter, have heard a blustering noise that shook the city's sky.

The noise, frightening, heard at around 22:30 am was identified as a "cielomotor" or skyquake in English. The skyquake phenomenon - is still unexplained for the science. It can not to be confused with a thunder but looks like a big explosion or implosion in the sky, remembering the sound of passing a plane, being - however, much more powerful.

The skyquakes have been reported since the nineteenth century in places like the UK, USA, Australia, Uruguay and more recently, Montevideo (capital of Paraguay).

SOURCE: Tuiteros de Ciudad Victoria reportaron ruido en el cielo.
El manana?Mexico, published in 17/04/2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Magic Mirror - The Light Secret

ARTICLE, by Lygia Cabus

OCCULTISM. The mirrors are, in themselves, magical objects for a vocation that emerges from its own physical nature. Mirrors reflect light! And the light has many dimensions and meanings. The mirror that speaks awakens in the Queen of a malignant vanity, first, the envy and after, the desire for revenge against the beautiful Snow White...

The Initiated uses the magic mirror for different purposes. The first is the development of the will by of the look training, of the sight while like expression of the will...

The fascination produced by the look is obtained not only because the iris reflects the light but also because condense the light of the own magician, that, by this way, by the fixed look, can send their own light (energy) through the eyes. Thus, the eyes are, in themselves, magic mirrors. READ MORE 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jah-hovah, the hermaphrodite god of the Jews

ARTICLE - Occultism by Lygia Cabus

Jahovah was a hermaphrodite. For many, the information may seem strange or even shocking but it is the truth that emerges from the study of the mythology of "God of Israel." It is a title just because Jehovah was indeed the specific God of that ancient nation. Or, better said, a tribal god...

The name Jahovah is the simplification from original word, that in hebrew (hebraic), is a composed word - Jah-hovah: JAH or JOD or - even - YOD, that means phallus, penis, male: "The Hebrew letter Jod membrum represented the virile"... 

Hovah means vessel (container, receptacle), cavity, a shell - (like a marine shell, a conch). It is female (and, later, it gained another synonimous, the word "vagina", from Latin - that means sheath. 

Thus, It is a metaphor related to the fact or gestual of the warriors of keeping or put his sword in the sheath or in vagina, (a case, a holster). READ MORE ✅ REPLACED LINK

Friday, April 6, 2012

Marine abyss swallows beach in Mexico

MEXICO. In Los Frailes, a town in the region of Baja California South, an area of ​​13,000 meters of beach disappeared. The strange phenomenon was caused by specific geological event called the "cascade of sand into the sea" or "marine cascading" which are micro-earthquake and its aftershocks (tremors).

Access to the place - which is part of the polygon Cabo Pulmo National Park, environmental preservation area - was closed to residents and tourists as a security measure.

The phenomenon is a real danger for people - who can be swallowed by the sea in the event that new manifestations that simply, suddenly, can suck, to the depths, extensive portions along of the bed of beaches, draging the living beings that can, eventually - be there.

The situation is being assessed by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources with the assistance of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONAP) and the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa). A preliminary inspection revealed that occurred a slip of sand in the proportion of 75 meters to the bottom of the coastline.

The head of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada said: [in this place, exist] oceanic canyon in a permanent formation. The cliff has already reached 100 meters deep and there, strong marine currents can drag anything to the bottom of the sea.

The functionary of the Fund for the Protection of Marine Resources (Fonmar) Mackaliz Juan Diego, said yet that the phenomenon on the beach at Los Frailes, in these proportions, already happened in the past, in the years 1947 and 1965.

Desaparecieron 811 metros de playa en México e intentan dar explicación al fenómeno.
EL SOL, published in 04/04/2012.
Desaparecen 13.000 metros de playa en Baja California, México.
People Daily/spanish/Ch-Xinhua, published in 05/04/2012.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

CHILE. Lake vanishes for the second time this year

CHILE. Saturday, 31 - 2012. In the Chilean Patagonia, the lake Cachet II, lost its 2,000 millions liters of water or 31 meters of its level - in less than 48 hours causing an increase in the flow of the river Baker, the major river of the country.

This is the second time only in this year, that this phenomenon occurs. The first time - that it happened, was in 2008. This is 11ª time that the fact is registrated in these proportions. According to the Chilean authorities, in 27 of january (2012) the lake stood empty but back to full some time later.

The rapid depletion of water levels the lake Cachet II produces the correspondent increased of waters flow in the Baker River, the longest river in the country as well the level of another lake, situated in La Cologne. The flow tripled, increasing from 1100 to 3511 meters per second cubic. The level of the lake in La Colonia grew by 6.6 meters.

Population has fear of damages to property

The Chilean authorities have stated that due to the emptying of the lake, the flow of river Baker waters will continue to increase. It is necessary to take precautions. Residents fear that increases of the flow, the rise of the waters cause damages to properties closest, like floods on fields.

Scientists are investigating this phenomenon - the emptying process that occurs in some lakes in the Chilean Patagonia. The Direction General of Waters, through the hydrometeorological stations belonging to the Ministry of Public Works, constantly monitors the situation and, in such cases, the oficial organs are informed to emit the necessary alerts.

According to Spanish press reports, the director general of the Regional Water Questions, Matías Desmadryl, explained that: this has happened in recent years, the emptied of the lake, so - this is an event more or least waited.

An underground tunnel ice

The causes of the process of emptying of Lake Cachet II, located in the Aysen region, about two thousand kilometers south of Santiago (capital of Chile) - these causes still aren't completely explained. It is assumed that the global warming is related to the event.

Two glaciologists, Andrés Rivera and Gino Casassa, are studying the hypothesis of the occurrence of a "GLOF" - Glacial Lake Outburst Flood - which is a collapse of a glacial lake.

The glacier Colonia - Chile, where where is located the lake Cachet II, serves as a natural dam containing the lake water. In recent years, heatexcessive, unusual about the glacier has caused the rupture of the ice. When one of the fissures of the glacier don't resists to the pression of the liquid mass, when the lake is full, a strong course of water runs through an underground tunnel emptying the place in a few hours.

Scientists think that in the case of Lake Cachet II, the tunnel stretches for eight kilometers, reaching to the nearest lake, that is the lake of La Colonia.

The two scientists argue that deflation - that is a natural phenomenon in glaciers - is favored by the high temperatures that have increasingly occur in Patagonia. During the last summers the temperature can reach over 30 degrees Celsius for several days.

The phenomenon is known in Chile and South America since the years of 1950 but there isn't evidence of similar processes have happened, in these proportions - in the past. Scholars believe that the occurrences - of this kind - could be - each time more frequent as a result of climate change. A. Rivera and Gino Casassa explained that the water does not disappear, just change your cycle.

The General Directorate of Water has announced it will make continuous monitoring of the phenomenon through the stations of the hydrometeorological network to registrate any change in behavior of the lakes and rivers.

SOURCE: Lago no Chile desaparece pela segunda vez este ano.
Jornal de Notícias/Pt, published in 04/04/2012.

Discovered: Altar of Human Sacrifice of Inca Culture


. Peruvian archaeologists have found an altar for human sacrifices belonging to the mochica Inca culture. The utilization of the place has around 1600 years of age.The altar is located at the top of a mountain, a magnific scenary in the region of La Libertad.

On Tuesday (03/04/2012), on the city of Trujillo, situated about 500 km north of Lima (capital of the country), in a interview - the archaeologist Regulus Franco explained: We found the altar where the men were killed, beheaded and then thrown into the abyss, as part of the rituals practiced - 1600 years ago by the Mochica people.

The place, prepared in carved stone was found a month ago, located in the center of the peak of the Campana mountain, 1000 m above sea level, said the expert. The structure - which has approximately 1.5 m high, consists of three blocs of 50 cm in length and has a stone table on top, similar to the called - Intihuatana (a sun-dial) of the Inca city of Machu Picchu in Cusco.

Regulo adds: The altar is on the brink of an abyss, which coincides with the representations that appear on the Mochica ceramics, in which are depicted scenes of beheads where the victims are held with heads down, said the director of The El Brujo archaeological project.

This ancient nation, the Mochicas - have always loved this God of the mountain and, apparently, the sacrifices were made ​​during the summer solstice, a time at which the water from the mountains runs down, irrigating the fields.

Mochica is a culture of the pre-colombian America which reached its splendor between the centuries I and VI AD. This nation occupied a territory that stretched the lands of the northern coast of Peru.

SOURCE: Altar de 1.600 anos é encontrado no Peru. BAND, published in 04/04/2012.