Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Arising of Sex

OCCULT SCIENCES. There are many, many ages, pre-historic and historic, sex does not existed. Humanities, individuals existed, but sex, no! There was no sex nor a system of sexual organs, nor a sexual practice or an intercourse of bodies, nor a sexual idea. In fact, at that time, so distant, the bodies were also very different than they are today.

At the dawn of the planet and of the anthropogenesis, the spirits animated biochemical structures devoid of bones, there were not bones. These beings were the without-bones. It seems strange but the Nature of those days was not as consistent as today, the earth also had no "bones" (rock formations and other solid beings)...

More of one Humanity evolved among the Androgynous and Hermaphrodite [the "Third human Race"], bisexual, asexual, and - finally the heterosexuals. All of these beings, they would lived and shared those different forms of procreation in the abyss of a forgotten time. The most eccentric exchanges and strange genetic phenomenons can have happened until it was developed the sex as is known nowadays...

The theosophical Anthropology, though be much complex and even fantastic, gets to explain the mystery and the an allegory of "original sin" through of a conception of biochemical evolution of living Beings which claims the origin of man on the planet in a epoch much more ancient and in Geophysical conditions very different from what contemporary science admits...

The Biblical Genesis speaks of an Adam made ​​from clay that during the "sleep" - a period of unconsciousness - suffers an "intervention" biophysics. "God," the Lord, or Nature [?] creates another human being using a rib [lateral part of the body] from Adam.

He "sleeps" Adam asexual and "wakes up" Adam-Eve, or agrees to a different physical condition. To Theosophy, the sleep of the divine Adam allegorizes a biological process of millions of years. 

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