Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Skyquakes

MÉXICO. At Tamaluipas, (state of Mexico), in the city of Victoria, on the night of 16/04/2012, residents reported, by twitter, have heard a blustering noise that shook the city's sky.

The noise, frightening, heard at around 22:30 am was identified as a "cielomotor" or skyquake in English. The skyquake phenomenon - is still unexplained for the science. It can not to be confused with a thunder but looks like a big explosion or implosion in the sky, remembering the sound of passing a plane, being - however, much more powerful.

The skyquakes have been reported since the nineteenth century in places like the UK, USA, Australia, Uruguay and more recently, Montevideo (capital of Paraguay).

SOURCE: Tuiteros de Ciudad Victoria reportaron ruido en el cielo.
El manana?Mexico, published in 17/04/2012

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