Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jah-hovah, the hermaphrodite god of the Jews

ARTICLE - Occultism by Lygia Cabus

Jahovah was a hermaphrodite. For many, the information may seem strange or even shocking but it is the truth that emerges from the study of the mythology of "God of Israel." It is a title just because Jehovah was indeed the specific God of that ancient nation. Or, better said, a tribal god...

The name Jahovah is the simplification from original word, that in hebrew (hebraic), is a composed word - Jah-hovah: JAH or JOD or - even - YOD, that means phallus, penis, male: "The Hebrew letter Jod membrum represented the virile"... 

Hovah means vessel (container, receptacle), cavity, a shell - (like a marine shell, a conch). It is female (and, later, it gained another synonimous, the word "vagina", from Latin - that means sheath. 

Thus, It is a metaphor related to the fact or gestual of the warriors of keeping or put his sword in the sheath or in vagina, (a case, a holster). READ MORE ✅ REPLACED LINK

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