Sunday, April 15, 2012

Magic Mirror - The Light Secret

ARTICLE, by Lygia Cabus

OCCULTISM. The mirrors are, in themselves, magical objects for a vocation that emerges from its own physical nature. Mirrors reflect light! And the light has many dimensions and meanings. The mirror that speaks awakens in the Queen of a malignant vanity, first, the envy and after, the desire for revenge against the beautiful Snow White...

The Initiated uses the magic mirror for different purposes. The first is the development of the will by of the look training, of the sight while like expression of the will...

The fascination produced by the look is obtained not only because the iris reflects the light but also because condense the light of the own magician, that, by this way, by the fixed look, can send their own light (energy) through the eyes. Thus, the eyes are, in themselves, magic mirrors. READ MORE 

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