Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BRAZIL. Bloody Militancy. Artist suffers threat of death on the internet because speaks what thinks

The content of this page was removed by the editor and archived in a specific Web Archive due to the current political situation in Brazil. 

We, the Brazilian people and, mainly, journalists, are prohibited from commenting, criticizing or publicizing publicly, whether on the internet or in even in private spaces, any content that displeases established authorities.

Publications against the establishment, even if substantiated, documented and proven, here, IN communist BRAZIL, can mean from losing a page, channel, social network to imprisonment without due legal process. 

A simple conversation in a cafe, recorded on the cell phone of some swine spirit, could land an innocent person in prison by direct order of the supreme courts that currently govern the country, at the request of any friend of the king. Furthermore, lawyers here have also lost their prerogatives recently. We're sorry.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

White spume pollutes Mexican Coastline

MEXICO. State of Tamaulipas, Ciudad Madero. On September 29 (2014) morning,  beaches, bathed by the Gulf of Mexico were covered by a strange foam whose origin and nature are completely unknown. The wide foam layer, was concentrated mainly in northern maderense coast in Miramar Beach, compromising local tourism.

Still on Monday (29/09/2014), a team of State Comisión for the Prevention of Riesgos Sanitarios (Coepris, state body) has reached the place of occurrence to begin the diagnostic work of the phenomenon.

Among their firsts speculations, the technicians suggest that the foam can be the result of a "natural process of sea purification" (?). Or, even, pollution, pollution by chemical. Only laboratory analysis of samples collected may determine the nature and origin of the substance.



Extraña espuma cubre la playa de Miramar 
O MEXICANO, 30/Sept/2014