Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Archaeologists Found the Oldest Package of Marijuana of History

A "berlota" - a raceme, bunch from the marijuana's package found in the tomb of the shaman.

CHINA. The oldest package of marijuana of the world  - "berlotas", bunches - totaling 789 grams - was found in a tomb in Turpan,  China's northwest, buried next to a shaman. 

(Today, at Brasil, usually a decent minimal amount to buy is of 50 grams and berlotas is the local name to call the bunches).

The researchers of the Journal of Experimental Botany - that informed the reportage - they ensure that the batch has over 2 thousands and 700 years and its good conservation condition is due to alkaline soil and the low level of humidity in the tomb.

The tomb of the chinese shaman where was found the oldest package of marijuana of history.

It is speculated that the "tea", the "herb" has been placed in the tomb for use in future life beyond the grave. The neurologist Ethan B. Russo explained:

It was a common practice in burials (in whole Ancient world): to deposit (in the graves) objects and provisions (of all kinds) that - (supposedly) - will be needed to the disembodied in another world (or another dimension of life).

It remains to zealous researchers make all laboratory tests required for discover if this marijuana, after so much time saved - still retains its principles actives.

Not will be too much to imagine that, a devoted a scientist will expose himself of the risk of even personally experience the material,  burning a cigarette of this historic ganja  to confirm its potential narcotic. After all, at 789 grams - who will notice the lack of a thin? 

Let's meditate ...


En China, encuentran un cogollo con 27 siglos de antigüedad.
MINUTO-UNO, published in 25/04/2013.

Reportage of a TV channel Gets Film of a Disembodied Spirit in Car Accident

ABOVE: A frozen image with contrast enhancement and color applied for highlight the spectrum.
YOUTUBE, posted on 10/12/2012.

SPAIN. This happened in the first fortnight of December 2012. A car accident at a road of central Spain. One person, a man died - and two others victims were injured.

Within minutes, the habitual movement was established at the place. Came the transit authorities (road police), the perimeter was isolated. The press,arrived.  Journalists - of a local TV news - began their work: filming the scene and  interviewing people. Of course, lots of pictures were taken at the crash site.

Returning to the TV station, the team of the reportage, in edition island, making the reviewing the images to edit the news, they noticed something unusual: a figure, the specter of a transparent man walking in the site of the tragedy.

This "ghostly humanoid thing" moves itself, almost slides in front of the camera.

The video - edited - a sequence very short, 37 seconds - was posted on YouTube where it was copied, reproduced, and in the epoch of event, only in Spain, has been seen by over two million people. The controversy arose between three opinions:

1. is a trick of image. The video is a fake.
2. It is a reflection in the glass of the camera lens itself.
3. The video is genuine and, indeed - is a registry of a disembodied spirit of a man,  probally, the man who died in the accident.

Many people who commented this video, the question or doubt about its veracity argue that the "ghost" is dressed and that it seems (to them) obvious that "souls" desincarnated should not use not  clothes because clothes are material artifacts  that don't make part of a soul.

However, these people do not know that, according the theory of the Spiritist Doctrine, immediatily after leaving the body, especially in unexpected circumstances, the spirits still maintaining their physical appearance, including clothes because they still believe, they think - still be incarnates. In Spiritual Dimension of the Existence, ALL APPEARANCES are reflecting - objectively - the thoughts of the Spirit.

FONTE: FUENTES, Héctor. Graban a fantasma después de fatal accidente de auto.
GUIOTECA, published in 26/12/2012.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Unknown Entity Terrorizes Neighborhood of La Banda

IMAGE: School 646 Los Pinos - at the city of La Banda, seems to be the epicenter of the phenomenons.

ARGENTINA. In the city of La Banda, pronvíncia San Tiago del Estero, a strange "entity" is disturbing the neighborhood of Villa Raquel. There, residents, especially those living in the vicinity of the School 646 Los Pinos, are daunted by the apparitions of a bizarre small creature.

The occurrences and the fears of the local population began after that debris (objects) of rituals, that seem to be satanists or umbandists, appeared on the streets of the neighborhood. Supposedly, there may be a link between the rituals and apparitions of strange being who, it seems, installed himself, mainly, in the building of the School.

The situation of tension is such that that some of the police who make round at the streets near the school - are asking to be transferred after the events. These men do not hide who are terrified by the frequent manifestations of the mysterious "spectrum" and other scary phenomena they see happening overnight.

Dina Gómes, a resident of the street Laprida and Andrea Herrera, owner of a shop situated in front of the school, reported that students comment that a boy, appears seated sitting on the toilet in the bathroom of the institution.

But the "intruder" is not confined to the bathroom, he moves by other luagares in school, and neighborhood. As students have reported, the "alien" when seen, has the appearance and size of a small child but the thing manifests itself invisibly too.

Andrea Herrera (the neighbor), referring to rumors among students reveals: They told us that the lights go out and feel the presence of someone beside you, hear the steps but when you look, there's nobody ... sometimes hear screams or a confusion of sounds.

Herrera also explained that ...parents of students questioned teachers but they do not believe us ... because, they say, do not hear or see nothing. Let's talk again ... with professsores for something to be done because it can not continue.

This image, poorly identified, appears in one of the numerous reports in Spanish that have been published about this case. Specifically, the online newspaper EL SIGLO. The text related says: The photo that caused disturbance. See below for enlarged detail of the supposed face of the creature.

Apparently obtained through the camera of a mobile phone, the record shows a place that seems a bus and, the photo shows  (right) - what seems to be the half of a humanoid face, spectral figure that resembles - not a ghost or an alien, but a demon.

Although the midia  be referring to the creature as a "ghost" or "ghost-boy" reports of residents in the streets around the school points to some other type of "entity." In addition to appear in the dependencies in the School, this "spectrum" also goes further afield and invades the nearby residences. 

A resident of the street Ing. Iturbe, mechanic, said he had some unexplainable experiences in recent months. He tells:

It all started when when I bought my house here on the corner, a few months ago. The first time was during a very hot night. I could not sleep and then I saw a figure seemingly human but very small, with about 40 cm or so. Was walking on the school wall ...

What happened ... then not have any kind of explanation: three times I saw the being - tiny, like a child of two or three years inside my house. Nothing makes. He don't try to attack me and I also don't make nothing  with it, but my kids no more want to stay in this house. Some say that this is a thing of practitioners of magic, but the truth, honestly, I do not know.


IMAGE: Priest Juan Castro Zavalía, Christ the King Parish, La Banda city.

Recapping the case history, Villa Raquel's residents highlight the fact that  the apparitions of the creature began after that  the satanic practices in the district were detected.

In fact, at the city of  La Banda, and - especially - the neighborhood of Villa Raquel recently, has been in the news precisely in function of  the episodes more or less related to black magic.

The Priest Juan Castro Zavalía, of the Christ the King Parish spoke on the subject in reportage to the newspaper LA UNION (Argentina), in the February 22 edition (2013) :

La Banda is a very important center of the province (San Tiago del Estero) and I believe is the largest in relation to such practices Satanism, the cult of Santa Muerte, the umbandas, everything is very mixed. Here, all these sects are very abundant. There are many witchcraft in La Banda, all kinds of meetings.

We are always dealing with witchcraft. The practioners leave offerings (profane) in the door of the parish's church, make animal sacrifices. Many people get upset when find these sacrifices on the doors of their homes. People are superstitious ...

HUMAN SACRIFICES. There are strange practices: There are people who constantly ask me to bless bottles with holy water; bottles of 3 liter. These people are strange (here) in the church, do not know them, do not know what they will make with holy water ... There have been crimes, (ritual crimes) where human sacrifices were made.

BLACK MAGIC. On April 07 this year (2013), "works" or spells apparently umbandistas, were found nearby, precisely, of the School 646 Los Pinos, causing fears in the population of the neighborhoods  of Villa Raquel and Los Lagos. Moreover, from the early episodes, vandalism and theft also were practiced at that school.

The ritual offerings have been repeated since then. The case has been reported to the Police station 14, which has jurisdiction in that area but materials used in rituals profane (and primitive) were found at different points in the vicinity of the Mercy cemetery.

Candles, photographies, poultry offal, grains, fruits and other items are often used in witchcraft (it is believed, Afro-Brazilian origin) - rituals of a "religion" or sect that has instaled a temple in the neighborhood of  Mishqi Mayu. 


Eventos inexplicables generan temor en vecinos y vigilantes de la escuela de Villa Raquel.
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Niño fantasma atemoriza en una escuela.
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Padre Castro Zavalía: "La Banda es el centro más grande de las prácticas de satanismo".
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Encontraron restos de ritos umbanda en una escuela.
EL LIBERAL/ARGENTINA, published in 07/04/2013.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Djins Have Caused Outbreak of Fires in Egypt

Flames devouring homes and buildings in the district of Nag Saleni: The evil of the Djins.

EGYPT. At Qena province (or Kaine) *, in the rural zone and nearby the town of Farshout - in a place called Hag Saleni ** - (Upper Egypt, south of the country), since the begin of April, residents are frightened with an outbreak of fires that, to them, seems inexplicable.

* Kaine during the Greco-Roman period, and - before that, in antiquity, Cainepolis.

** The name of the town, "Hag Saleni" (phonetically, the pronounce) - was obtained by crossing data of dictionaries of translation with the audio from one of the TV reportages of an Egyptian channel  (at 11 seconds of the sequence) - which is  covering the events. Below the YOUTUBE link to this reportage.

Many people, the tongue of the folk - have commented that the episodes are the work of supernatural forces; spirits: the djinns, supernatural entities considered, in general, malign.

In addition to the fires, that have arise in rural areas, having already, wounded - at least, two farmers and killing tens of farm animals - only this month (April) 67 homes have burned in the flames (until 27/04/2013,  more that two per day/month - Shorouk NEWS, published 27/04/2013). Even now,  the Civil Defense - don't got point the cause of the incidents.

In this situation, people aren't calling, only, the firefighters. They are urging for the aid of God!, seeking the Mosques to make an especially Prayer (which the name is translated in english like Zoom, a word meaning an approaching to God or Allah) and a rogation for the djinn (or djinns) stay "calm" or be controlled.

In one of the sources of this news, the AL WATAN VOICE, the online edition of 01/05/2013 (timezone) - this source gives an idea of the environment in which these fires are happening. 

Reporting by an egyptian TV channel about the fires in at the region of Hag Saleni.

In another reportage, is possible to perceive that the city of Farshout and the "district", "metropolitan area" - the "neighborhood" of Hag Saleni aren't only dusty and precarious fields of the Middle East underdeveloped like some of the translated texts can to make imagine. And the fires are happening both in the old buildings - in the the narrow shady streets of the city - as in the Nag Saleni fields.

After all, in this urban "neighborhood", residential rural villages are housed kings. Yes, indeed, these djinn are attacking the neighborhood of the local aristocracy.

Families of Kings like the: Ibrahim Moussa Mohammadein - Helmi Mohammed Mohammadein e Mohammed Mohammadein - also kings,  Mohammed and Ahmed Hussein Hassan, Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Abdul Hafeez and Hassan Hamed moram em Nag Haj, all them live in Nag Saleni as informs the EGYNEWS newspaper, in its online edition published on April 26, 2013.

The governor of Qena, Major General Adel Labib established a scientific committee of professors from South Valley University (South Valley) to investigate the causes of fires.

The Researchers concluded that the accumulation of large amounts of canes and straw, a material extremely dry in this season - inside the homes and on the roofs, in the terraces of the houses - very common in the region -  have entered into natural combustion due to high temperatures of a merciless sun. That is, the material had suffered a self-ignite.

But the people rejects the diagnosis of this report and insists that those who are responsible, that really are causing the fires are the djinns (demons, goblins).


مصر: الجنّ يحرقون 37 منزلاً في قرية واحدة / Egypt: Djin burning 37 houses in one village / Djin incendeia 37 casas em aldeia (em árabe)
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مصريون يهرعون للمسجد لإخماد حرائق الجن / Egípcios Procuram Mesquita Combater Djin Incendiário.
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