Thursday, April 19, 2012

Magic, Sex and Love

by Lygia Cabus

In the Vรถlsunga saga, Kriemhild (or Gudrun) uses a love potion to seduce
Sigurd (Siegfried). However, the love obtained by this way had a bad end.

OCCULT SCIENCES. Love and magic: here are two words that bring the popular imagination classical relates with fantastic and sugary novels. The figure of the reader of cards, the fortuneteller, who attends the woman worried and jealous, is a literary tradition of the serials...

Also, love manifests itself in many ways, may be love by the parents (filial love), by the children (maternal love and paternal), friends and brothers (fraternal love), love of country, love of work, by the art, nature, universal love, and finally, the most controversial of all, sexual love, that is the love of couples...

The sensual love is a feeling so confused that, often the persons nor know if what they are feeling is, in fact, love and - thus, emerges the classic question of the difference between love and passion...

Make a "sympathy", a spell in order to obtain an affect and (or) sex interest means putting the reason the service of madness, an attitude which in itself only represents a failure of intelligence and a distortion of love in its pure phenomenological essence that translates into the spontaneity of occurrence and - love, or happens or not happens and when happens, even thus, the magician should to consider if it is appropriate, if should or should not, yield to the allurements of love... READ THE COMPLETE MATTER

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