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Mistery - The beast of the full moon's nights

Rio Grande do Sul [Brazil Southern] ─ At the Region of Branquinha, Viamão city, an animal unknown is causing fear among the population. The creature is a predator. Domestic animals and lambs began to appear dead. One belga dog pastor don't resisted. Boris had a deep and mortal wound in his body. Seemed to have been attacked with a machete.

Mrs. Angelica Montano Fritz was dog owner and lives on a little local farm 20 years ago. She was shocked.Not far from there, in Sertão Santana, a peasant, Mr. Inácio de Souza, was in alert. Eight months ago the lambs were the attacked for the first time. During the period were lost 10 sheep and many rabbits giants.

In face of the facts Inácio took his providences: more lighting. He passed to use a knife in his belt and started doing night surveillance in the company of several dogs. None of this helped. In August [2009] in the early hours of the morning, the foreman dicovered the bodies of three dead sheep.

Two of the lambs had the entrails devoured. Necks were cut, the skin was torn. The shoulders presented deep wounds. The skins were torn. Only the third of the lambs was simply dead.

Inácio calls the creature "bicho-fera" (something like monster beast, a language figure of redundance). And he realy tried. But never saw his enemy. 

At a one rainy night in certain moment the dogs began to stay restless. There was something close to the fence. Speaking with the leader of the dogs, Inácio ordered, Go! And Saddam, this is the name of the dog, Saddam went. And returned running, whining, full of fear, with the tail between the legs.

Finally, the beast disappeared of the region. Not for much time. Just changed of environment but was near - and began to attack in small farms, closer to the urban area. But a one thing Inacio had learned: this monster only attacks at the crescent and at the full moon.


The dog of Mrs. Amalia, the pastor Belga Boris [quoted above] was victim at the new territory of the beast at the first period of big moon. 

The terrible creature passed to attack at the at the alley Refugio do Guerreiro, near to Branquinha road, Viamão. The place is very suitable for a predator. Quiet, isolated. 

The region has many small farms connected by small roads, dirt roads - as this alley, called Refúgio do Guerreiro (Refuge Warrior). The houses and the fields are surrounded by a dense forest.

There is also a village with streets of beaten earth. The little town has their municipal school, Westphalen Weissheimer [of Germanic tradition]. This bucolic landscape, where it can be hear the singing of birds is, now, haunted by a bloodthirsty beast.

Two months after Boris death, at the same farm, the farm of Mrs. Angelica, another dog was attacked. A weeping. The Lamentations of pain. And then, the silence. Was all that Mrs. Angelica had heard. The female dog was found the next morning. She was dead. Had a cut on his head and another in the neck. Was lying in a circle of crushed vegetation.

The case of the deaths of dogs, quickly, was in the mouth of the people. People frightened begun to close the homes's doors and windows at the sunset. 

The Children are watched all the time. Rumors circulate: the neighbor of Mrs. Angelica saw the silhouette of a shadow at the shed of his backyard. But what he saw? One head ...

The region entered in alert. Theories appear. It should exist a explanation for the phenomena. Some think that the beast is a puma or an onça pintada. In the past these big cats were very common in the region. Today they are more rare but still exist there. Maybe, but the theory of the big feline does not explain everything.

The fact is that on the eve of full moon, the home of Mrs. Angelica begins to be haunted by strange noises, sounds of steps. She feels like she was being observed by a malign something. 

The terror continues. In another night of fear, realizing something undefined, the woman let out a female dog that has been trained for protection. Her name: Brisa. The female dog ran through the open door. Never came back. At sunrise she was found. The worst had happened: she was dead.

The enigma have no solution - yet. Authorities were called and are investigating. Meanwhile, the moon grows at the sky and nobody knows what kind of horrible things can happen.


Despite the emergence and strengthening of a global folklore, of the establishment of the mythology of the urban legends, most primitive beliefs are still have their place in the most remote areas of all countries in the world. 

The beast of Viamão is a classic case of mysterious predator. The story brings to the mind the legends of werewolves that are present in almost all cultures of the world.

The idea of the big feline is rational but the mode of action of this unknown creature is strange. Transcends the common animal savagery. 

Its uncontrolled aggression, the power of their prey and their claws seem to supplant the power and instinct of a puma or an onça. Would be possible an animal stand crazy? Become itself a psychopath?

Who saw the victims says the killer may have used a machete. Maybe it even a machete. The beast could be even a man animalized. A cursed that carries the stigma of the lycanthropy.

A werewolf who even transformed retains a spark of humanity. That would explain why this monster only kills animals. The beast rejects children on the menu of the dinner. Let's meditate...

Fonte: TORALLES, Mauro. O mistério das luas grandes
In Zero Hora published in 10/25/2009

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