Saturday, November 21, 2009

Foo Fighters ─ The Mother of The Gold

MINAS GERAIS ─ Brazil Southwest. Folklore ou Technology? The misterious light that the people call Golden's Mother is a frequent phenomena registrated at Minas Gerais state. At Itauna city, folkoric tradition call the attention of the ufologists. For many generations they have been described like light balls, fire in the sky or lights, simply. The secular apparition is like a luminous sphere or a luminous globe. There are many testemonies. It has a small diameter. The sightings are common, especially in deserted areas, rural areas.

At these localities the sky is more clean than at urban zone. The color golden-yellow of this light, created the relation with the precious gold. This mineral, had a fundamental role on the cultural e politic evolution of this region of Brazil Colônia.Several researchers cogitate that the Mother of The Gold is a kind probe sent by alien civilizations that could be both intraterrestres as extraterrestrials. READ MORE

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