Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brazil: Extraterrestrial signals at Paraiba hinterland

You can see the marks on the video

PARAIBA (state, Brazil) - At a place called Lagoa do Forno, on the rural zone of the city of Souza, hinterland of the Paraiba state - the paleontologist Luiz Carlos da Silva Gomes, that was in the local looking for dinosaurs steps, common ocurrence on the rocks of the region, found another thing. A strange thing. He encountered marks unexpected and astonishing that not belong to those great jurassic animals.

The marks on the soil are very diferent of dinossaurs footprints. They seem more with trails or, still - signals left there by some devices that were impossible to exist on the epoch when probaly they were made, around 120 millions of years ago, according the dating of the discovery.

Despite the region - that circulates the city of Souza - be one of the more important sites of paleontological research of Brazil, where are recorded the more numerous incidences of dinosaurs footprints, without doubt, these new discoveries are not of this type, said Silva Gomes.

Front to this mystery the researcher ponders that the marks could have been produced by the presence of aliens in very much remote times. Maybe, extraterrestrial beings. To investigated the matter will be need the colaborative presence of experts Ufologists.

SOURCE: Alienígenas? Pesquisador encontra Rastros Misteriosos em rochas em Sousa
Folha do Sertão, published In 26/01/2012

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