Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The sons of the Sun

CHINA. The video from China was posted in YouTube in january, 31 of 2012. In the footage four little bright spheres appear beside the Sun. Although stranger or even something apocalyptic (as a metaphor for Christ and the four horsemen of the end times), the phenomenon already has its scientific explanation. It would be an optical effect (as always), an illusion called Parahelio, solar reflections - produced by the combination of certain atmospheric conditions.

According Master Wiki...pedia: the Parahelios are spots of colored light. They are seen on the left and right of the Sun at a distance of approximately 22 ° between them - and can occur anywhere in the world and at any season (in this Chinese video, it was winter). The spheres are not always visible or as bright as in this case and the best times to observe the phenomenon are at dusk or at dawn, when the sun is low on the horizon.

SOURCE: Extraño efecto: 5 soles en el firmamento
IN Urgente24, publicado em 31/01/2012

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