Saturday, October 24, 2009

Globalized Halloween

Santo André, São Paulo ─ The Halloween, a european tradition celebrated on October 31, migrated from the old world to the globalized world. At the countries of portuguese language the date is marked by thematic parties. At Brazil, the Witche House Holistic Free University prepared an special event for the happening. The invitations are accompanied by a kit magic and the unique recomendation is wear black clothes, what supposedly offers energetic protection.

The editor of this blog doesn't agree with this idea. According studies and evidences, the black favors the silhouette because it gives the impression that the person is thin. However, in terms of magical protection, the black, which is known to absorb light, also picks up vibrations obscure. In fact, there aren't witches as in ancient times, no more. Let's meditate.

Meanwhile, at Lisboa, Portugal, the space of events Santiago Alquimista, near of São Jorge castle promises a creepy night. The feast is a invitation for strange creatures: vampires, ghosts, fairies, elves and witches, of course.


Casa de Bruxa celebra Halloween
In Reporter Diário ─ published in 10/13/2009

Festa das Bruxas no Santiago Alquimista
In Musica Total ─ published in 10/14/2009

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