Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Humbug of the Humbug of the Ghost of the Dragon Stadium

The photo of the old lady that supposedly has haunted the Dragon Stadium.

WORLD. ABOUT THE GHOST OF THE DRAGON STADIUM. The incident occurred on October 03. The disclosure of the fact started just over a week (between 14 and 23 October 2012). 

The headlines were reproduced in numerous newspapers in Portuguese and Spanish: a ghost celebrated the goal by Colombian James Rodríguez that decided a game of the Champions League between the teams of Porto and Paris Saint Germain in 1x0 for Porto.

The news don't called much attention in world level. So, "a Blog" ... (this one even) published the news in English. The site Fortean Times did put the headline on its list of breaking news (on 10.22.2012) and voila! The subject has become "viral" in the internet.

Many netizens claimed that the photograph, taken from the sequence of a TV camera - was a farse. Others even said they was not only fake but as it was a farce mounted deliberately to attract the public..

The photo, source of controversy.

Then, between 23 and 24 October, arises the owner of the Truth: a photographer, Eugenio Queiroz, claiming that, after an exhaustive search in his files, he discovered ALL!. A photograph taken by "another angle" would prove that the ghost was, in true, a lady of advanced age who "had trouble to get up" and celebrate the goal.

After this, the mass midia * who published the first version of the story were offensively called liars and opportunists.                                                  

* midia (Latin) = plural of media

Occurs that the photographer Eugenio Queiroz spent more than a week unearthing files to find the photo that able to "fit itself" in his theory. A photo of an event that happened recently. After this, publishes his theory of a "granny" fanatical and even speculates that this lady "took trouble to get up" (where's the DVD? where is the real prove?).

It would be nice Mr. Queiroz, the super-investigative journalist, unveil - also - the identity of the "granny" and prove that his picture is, in fact aphoto obtained in the specific game. Because the numerous games of the Port team have been held in the Stadium of the Dragon and the clothes of many fans - supporters, are standardized, such as jacket and fringed stole. Who knows the old lady earns some money with all this... She don't seems to be rich...

But - looking well, the "ghost" that appears in the first photo, is bald and, especially, for more that the image be enlarged, the glasses - that the granny uses in the photo presented by Queiroz, not appear. 

Thus, let's speculated more: the Grandma, possessing appreciable hair, sees the game without glasses but puts her glasses - after to get up. In fact, she does not seems to has get up. Seems leaning over the back of the chair in front of her.

Opportunism by opportunism, photshop for photoshop, this photographer is not better than anyone. He don't proven anything and the photo of the woman, in "another angle" and undated, appears only in the midia in a cropped version that decontextualizes the space around and does not allow a detailed comparison.

Moreover, with his "Granny", Mr. Queiroz, "the hero of Truth" - undoubtedly, took hitchhiked on the "fake ghost", in the farce of "the liars", and gave place to think that he wanted to release his own name since that his "discovery" led to a new wave of headlines in which the journalist became the news. Considering all this, now, who will go throw the first stone?

* Note: this blog like others of this genre works mainly with the fortean journalism, strange events or curious and amazing discoveries of Sciences. They are, in majority, events Chales Roy Fort called Damned (or "cursed facts", marginals). 

So the news of the "ghost of Estadio Dragon" was published here because as a disciple of Charles Fort, this editor does not despise easily what is considered absurd. Yet this editor was observing the headlines about the football's ghost during two days before disclosing the case. 

But the news was originally published by vehicles that claim the status of be serious and orthodox, however, when this ghost story appeared in these vehicles, about a week after the game, few gave the information of the day and location of the event.


SOURCE: Se resulelve el misteri del gol "fantasma"de JamesRodrigues.
LA REPUBLICA/PERU, published in 23/10/2012.


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