Monday, May 14, 2012

The Evil in The Nighclub

ARGENTINA. In the city of Oberá, in a local nightclub, a place full of young people on a night that had like one of its attractions a show of stripers, someone took a picture. 

As usual in such cases, in the moment, nothing abnormal was perceived in the environment. This picture was posted on Facebook and - months later, someone noticed the traces of a malign face in the smoky atmosphere of the place.

The image is causing commotion and controversy. Some people claim that, in this same nightclub, were taken other photographs, in which, similar apparitions were reveled.

Kardecists Spiritists say that environments saturated with heady substances toxic and / or hallucinogenic and - also - places where there are many people taken by emotions of sexual excitation and unbridled euphoria, for example, these places attract spirits who sympathize with this atmosphere.

They are evil spirits, disembodied beings that are slaved to the worst vices of the animal that exists in each person, true demons that gather in legions, reinforcing trends of fall in all type of excesses that destroy the human dignity.

SOURCE: Conmoción en Oberá por imagen diabólica que se ve en un boliche.
Territorio Digital, published in 12/05/2012


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