Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Miracle of the Cross of Blessed Water

ARGENTINA. Saturday, May 18, 2012. In the church of Carmo de Villa Carlos Paz, municipality of the province of Cordoba (or Cordova, Argentina, not must be confused with Códova, Spain), a newborn, Octavio Angelo Arnoldt Bay or Angelito - was baptized by Pastor Mario Barnabe.

The religious ceremony was recorded in photos. In the moments in which the images were taken, among the photographer, family and friends present in the event, nobody observed nothing different in the scenes.

But late on Monday (May 19), the baby's parents, Gaston and Gabriela, looking the photos, saw, with surprise, that the holy water which the priest poured over the head of the child, in a fleeting moment that was captured through the lens of camera, had assumed the shape of a cross.

The boy, who has been called "Angel" or "Angelito," was born on December 26, premature, with only six months, weighing 1.100 kg, in the Sanatorium Allende (Cordoba) after a problematic pregnancy that threatened the life of the infant and mother.

The Meaning of extreme unction

After birth, the state's health care nasciturno inspired a stringent care. In the first few weeks he received the holy water, a christian catholic providence, to aid to save the baby or, in case of death, for that he would not die pagan.

This procedure is an extreme unction that, contrary to popular belief, isn't a final blessing given to those who are condemned to certain death, isn't the end of hope, instead, is an affirmation of hope. The extreme blessing aims to rescue the health, the life that fades, avoid death, if this is the Will of God.

The boy resisted and - in February 22, was discharged from the hospital. This fact was then already regarded as a miracle. Now, with the record of the cross of holy water in the photography, the idea of ​​the miracle, of a prodigy of faith acting in the life of Angelito became a certainty for the family.

SOURCE: Milagro: se formó una cruz con el agua bendita con la que bautizaron a un niño.
26-NOTÍCIAS/Argentina, published in 25/05/2012.

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