Thursday, September 26, 2013

The weird mystery of the Colorado's stone

The Stone of Colorado was displayed in the Ozark UFO Conference * - Ozark mountain, between 12 and 14 April 2013, in the town of Eureka Springs - Arkansas State, USA.


IT HAPPENED IN THE UNITED STATE IN 1985. It was dawn, 3 am. Robert White or Bob, told the program Tercer Milenio (Jaime Maussan) who drove his car on the highway between the states of Utah and Colorado when was faced with a strong light on the track.  The source of light was a huge object, the size of three urban blocks.

It was a strange vehicle - alien. An aircraft flying low right, almost unmoved the air, in the middle of a highway of  U.S..

Suddenly took flight and joined the other lights that were hovering in the sky. However, White could see that something flew off or was, perhaps, thrown from one of the ufos or from one of the points of light.

The fact was that something had fallen on the ground and Bob decided to rescue that thing, even without know what it could be. Locate the thing was not difficult because it had left a track of burned vegetation.


Robert White, the man who rescued the Stone of Colorado in 1985. In the photo, attending the Ozark UFO Conference, interviewed by journalist and researcher of ufology and the paranormal phenomenons, the Mexican  Jaime Maussan.

It was an object or fragment object made ​​of some unknown metal material. Bob White sold his discovery.

The current owner of the Colorado Stone (as it will be called here), Larry Cekander, UFO researcher, says that the "piece" was subjected to nine different analyzes generating 19 awards, being recognized  as made with a kind of unknown material, composed of a alloy of metals that scientists could not explain how could be forged with the earthly technology.

The analyzes were done in reputable institutions, at university laboratories, as in Los Alamos (in the U.S. state of New Mexico), University of California (UCLA), for example.

YOUTUBE, 3013 

For over a decade, between 1985 and 2009, one fragment remained pure mystery. It was in 2009 that, thanks to the emergence of new technology research, could be detected the first evidence that, in fact, the object was made of a non-earthly matter, of an unknown substance  - or never before seen by geologists or mineralogists in the context of academic science.

When exposed to light the Stone emits a scintillating light. And more,  in the Stone - which also emanates strong electromagnetic radiation - have been identified 33 chemical elements among which, are predominant, aluminum and silver. The material was classified as a superconductor.

The team of the Tercer Milenio's reportage found that magnetic cards of hotel's rooms and locks of Electronic Safes simply cease to work with the proximity of the Stone. The fact was discovered when Bob White tried, for the first time - take out the object from inside a hotel coffer and the electronics system had failed.
Evidencia física de material extraterrestre - Larry Cekander
YOUTUBE/tercermilenio. Published on Jul 2, 2013.
T3rcer Milenio TV 
Pesquisa, tradução & texto: L. Cabus

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