Monday, September 2, 2013

Strange and shining vaporous rocks appear at Mexico

July 2, 2013 

MEXICO. State of Sonora. On Federal Highway 15, near the company Kowi, exit north of the Mexican city of Navojoa, were found strange rocks that emit vapors with chlorine odor. These vapors produce color change in materials such as paper or cardboard.

The Technical Secretary of Novojoa's Civil Defense, Juan Manuel Ramirez Sandoval commented: We don't know what are these rocks but mining companies operating in the region are interested in analyzing them in their laboratories.

Samples of the material already been sent, for example, to be examined by the metallurgical laboratory of Copper del Mayo, located in Alamos (Mexico).

Agents of Firemen Department of Novojoa collect samples for analysis

The commander of the Fire Department admitted that the population is concerned about the strange vaporous rocks and their possible harmful effects to the health of people and animals and added:

We do not know where they came from these stones.  They can have fallen from some truck, perhaps. We also don't know if the gas is something like a toxic substance or if the stones are radioactive. Only a careful study can determine their origin, if these rocks are of the earth... or not. 

July 2, 2013 


SOURCE: Pร‰REZ, Fabian. Hallan en Navojoa extraรฑas rocas que emiten vapores.
EXPRESO/MEXICO, published in 24/08/2013


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