Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fireball of Yucatan causes nausea and headache in rescuers

YUCATAN FIREBALL Experts have arrive to Ichmul to analyze 'UFO fragments, Oct/03/2013 NEWS TODAY

Place of the Fall. Eight men who rescued the fragments of the Yucatan Fireball felt nausea and headaches.

MEXICO. The fragments of unidentified object that, on Sunday night (september 22) lit up the nightly sky falling with a great noise, in the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) - besides causing a blackout in the region, because it struck power cables of CFE (Comision federal de Electricidad) - a posteriori (after), caused unease in the men who went to the crash site in order to investigate the occurrence.

Among them, Juan Coyoc Chí, Juan Alfredo Moo Pool. Cecilio Couoh Heredia, municipal police officer in Ichmul also went to the local. 

Still in those Sunday night, the group went up the mountain in search of the object. On Monday morning - September 23 - they found the fragments there  300 meters from a small maya village located near the city of Ichmul - scattered around the perimeter of 10 meters.

Cecilio Couoh Heredia reported: Still was hot. We do not know what actually went down but we are almost certain that that thing is not a meteorite.  

Coyoc Chí Juan and Juan Alfredo Moo also commented that, arriving in place of the impact, they saw that large chunks of the material was consumed in the heat but without burn anything around you.

In Ichmul area, people are still scared. Fear that the object has brought some kind of bacteria or virus. This possibility is being considered because - according to witnesses - after the fall of the fireball, a strange odor, unpleasant, was felt in the region.

Some people, like the commissioner Cecilio Cohuo Heredia (quoted above), who came into direct contact with the fragments, complained of malaise, nausea and headache.

However, the Fireball can become something positive. The Police Department has determined that Ichmul has custody of the fragments and these may only be removed from the town with special authorization. Some come in these pieces commercial potential: its public display can stimulate tourism, warming the poor economy of the place.

YUCATAN FIREBALL Experts have arrive to Ichmul to analyze 'UFO fragments, Oct/03/2013 NEWS TODAY

MOO GONGORA, Miguel Angelo. Más testigos de un fenómeno.
Explosión de enorme bola de fuego provoca Apagón en Yucatán, México 
INDAGADORES, sep/30/2013

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