Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gargoyles at Chile e Puerto Rico - New sightings and photos


BELOW: Aqui, com +100% contrast  and +17% bright, defining a few more, the silhouette of the figure. The photo was a register of the recent episode and the fact ocurred at Chile - reported in this text.

CHILE.  On September 29 at 21:00 pm - Near the Parque Santiago Bustamante,  a strange creature was spotted flying  from tree to tree. As explained by the witnesses, the creature had  a size about 2 feet high. For its shape, the critter seemed to be like a flying stingray.

Ignacio, a young man who was a privileged witness of the sighting, reported that the mysterious entity had wings. The wings were large, enormous.

Another witness reported: My wife and I saw this creature in one of the towers of the Church of San Francisco in Santa Isabel. It was eating something, I think it was a dog. But if someone examine the church tower maybe remains of the prey - still could be found.

Known ufologist, the puerto-rican Reinaldo Rios has offered to Chile his expertise and assistance to aid in the capture of the 'gargoyle and added that  what is ocurring at Chile and the creature sighted is, in all, similar to sightings registered at Puerto Rico in this same epoch in past years.

All caracteristics are similar, from his height of over 6 feet (more that 1,83 m), huge wings, like a giant bird but, most looking like something between animal and human.

The Gargoyles sightings are reported by Reinaldo Rios and by the Guanica police, of Puerto Rico,  since 2010.

Rios commented: Many believe that the Gargoyles are like the famous Mothman, as a relative. But the Mothman sightings occur - and have occured - in cold countries. The Gargoyles could be a mutation or evolution of the specie, concludes Reinaldo Rios.


LORENZO ARAΓ‘A, Benjamin. Reportan avistamientos de Gargolas en Chile y Puerto Rico.

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