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2012 in the Prophecies... of the Chineses

 translation, search & final text: Lygia Cabus

2012 - The board of Liu Bowen: A future of hope. However, this period will be preceded by a great disaster

PROPHECIES. The "Mayan Prophecy" is a bestseller. The mass media have found in this page of history a extraordinary source of sales. 

Although numerous texts and videos that explore the theme, the Mayan End of the World does not mean - really, the complete annihilation of mankind but the end of an Era, of a period, changes - despite of that these changes to have a price: pain. Global catastrophes. 

At the same time, the popularity of the End of world seems to indicate that humanity suffers a kind of fever of terror and fascination, fear and desire - for their own Apocalypse. Like a very old man, that already saw and passed for many things and is tired of the existence, he feels, into himself, the division of the will, among the anxiety of to live and to die.

But the "Mayan prophecy" is more of a prediction End of the World. It is one more evidence of a fact inexplicable: the advanced knowledge of ancient peoples in the field of the sciences: the exact sciences as mathematics applied to engineering, for example, and also the astrophysics, geology, geography, chemistry, among others.

With astonishing accuracy, the Mayans were were able to anticipate events that occur once every 26,000 years, when Earth and Sun align with the center of the Milky Way.

The prophecy mentions also a heat wave that will cause the melting of the poles and the passage of an orb with a size sufficiently significative to interfere with the gravitational and environmental balance of the Earth. The message emphasizes the beginning of a new cycle and defines the disaster as a process of purification of Humanity.

However, the Mayans were not the only ones capable of conceiving "prophecies" or, perhaps be more appropriate to say, accurate scientific predictions. Other Ancient nations, wise men of other cultures, they also did it: Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and, even - the few known prophecies of the Chineses.


The Prophecies of Shao Yong: Shao Yong (or Yung, or Shao Kangjie, 1011-1077) was a philosopher, cosmologist, poet and historian of the Song Dynasty (from 960 to 1279 AD). Considered one of the most learned men of his time, Shao wrote a poem in the form of prophecy, the Huangji Jingshi or Plum Bossom Poem. He also predicted the End of a Time in 2012 AD.

The Chinese prophecies are numerous. Most of them is elaborated through metaphors, riddles (koans), paintings, legends, stories, accounts of dreams etc.. This is a characteristic of culture noetic (spiritual metafísca) of China. The Chinese believe that human life, the human being has its origins in the cosmos, in other existential spheres in which current Men were superior creatures, Enlightened.

Evidencing an idea that has been shown as part of a global cultural heritage, these superior creatures "fell" morally degraded and thus were living in the midst of confusion and illusion (Maya Indian state of) the earthly world imprisoned in fleshly bodies.

However, there is still, in the core of the fragility of the incarnated man the spark of wisdom that can be developed and cultivated. Through freedom of choose, the men can get a return to the orignal state and even elevated, thanks to the experiences of intense suffering imposed by life in planetaries conditions - similar to these, that are faced on Earth.

The Chineses say: Is need to believe without seeing and see is only possible after to believe. (Said Jesus, the Christ: Blessed are those who believe without see...)


The Chineses say - with much propriety, that the prophecies are not revealed ​​to anticipate the inevitable. Unlike this - the prophecies, which are a form of science, knowledge, conscious or unconscious, are granted to human knowledge because, certain events - unwanted, can be prevented from the observation of the signs prophesied.

Unfortunately, generations have ignored, always, this truth, surrendering to despair of the fatalistic blind thought. Among the Chinese, the prophecies are considered "ci bei" - * mercy of heaven. The heavenly or divine mercy gives men the opportunity (which has always been neglected) - to prevent the advance of corruption of morals and disasters resulting from that conduct. The misfortune isn't the inevitable: Men are choosing their destiny.

* MERCY: (Source: Latin). It is the virtue of to be sensitive to misery or misfortune of others. Derived Misere-RE, "pity, compassion", more COR, of CORDIUS, "heart". 


At Nepal and India, places where the Buddha Shakyamuni lived, there more than 2 000 and 500 years, he taught that Fa or Dharma (Law) only would continue to be transmitted to mankind for about more 500 years. 

Then it would be finished the "Age of Law" (and, here, Law has the meaning of the correct orientation). Then, despite all the education received, the global civilization would come to a stage where no more education would help save people (of the consequences of their own mistakes or violations, deviations of Law).

The "Buddha's prophecy" is coming true. The Law was eclipsed. It is being ignored in the "heart" of Men. Actual generation prefers the deviation, surrenders to the chaos and disorientation. This degradation is the end of the Age of the Law.

One of the Chinese prophecies that refer to the end of the "Age of Law" and to the great catastrophe decorrent is called the table of Liu Bowen of Mountain Taibai - Province of Shanxi, also called Liu Ji, someone about who is said have reached "the Dao" (or Tao - the spiritual path and the gift of be able to transmit the instruction). He was councilor and prime minister of the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). This emperor who was named Zhu Yuanzhang (or Ming Taizu), unified China.

The predictions of the table of Liu Bowen are very accurate with regard to the dates mentioned. This table was found relatively recently, 700 years after it was written, after a huge earthquake.
The message speaks of a hope future. 

However, this period will be preceded by a major disaster when major changes will occur - many of them will be terrible - but necessary for purification of Humanity. As the Mayan prophecy and forecasts of the Spiritualists, the catastrophe will not determine the absolute end. But, a providential renewal.

The text says: Among the poor, will perish thousand in ten thousand, among the rich, two or three out of ten thousand. If the rich and poor, if they do not transform their hearts (the choices that they do in their lives - according to law), death will be imminent.


In the prophecy of the Mayan calendar Cuenta Larga (of The Long Periods), it was predicted that when the solar system reach the threshold of the Great Cycle, of 5 thousand and 125 years (from 3113 BC until the winter of 2012), the sun will align with the meridian of Ecuador, marking the advent of a new humanity more evolved than the current.

The last years of the Great Cycle will be a critical time that the Mayans called "The Time of No Time", a time of great learning, of great change, when the men will enter the great hall of the mirrors, where they will can look into within themselves, analyzing their behavior and - then, they will have to make decisive choices for your own destiny.

At the other side of the world, Liu Bowen prophesied: Who survive to the year of the great catastrophe, will be a divine being on earth and will remain young forever, will become a Luohan (one Arahat, in the wisdom of ancient Indian masters). Will be difficult to overcome the years of the dragon and of the serpent.

* ARAHAT. (Sanskrit) The worthy, literally "that which deserves praise divine." The Arahat is one who penetrated in the best and highest way (the path, of individual progress) free of rebirths. 

The Arahat is the Initiate of the higher grade, which reached the 4th - and last - level of the Initiation and became adept. 

Adept, from Latin Adeptus, means "one who reached", which became a Master in esoteric science (the Mysteries). Initiated, of the Latin initiatius, is someone that was admitted to learn the Mysteries, mysteries of Being - of the expansion of consciousness, the revelation Key of Knowledge. (BLAVATSKY, 1995)


The Great Dragon, one of the names of the destroyer orb. 

The Liu Bowen's prophecies are perfectly congruent with the Mayan Prophecies. The Year of the Dragon and the Year of the Serpent, to which refers Bowen are precisely 2012 and 2013.

The Chinese culture is considered by tradition that country as being of origin semi-divine, a heritage of gods who, one day, were incarnated on the Earth. Thus, the Chinese believe that the important events in China are determined by a celestial logic or - according to the own dynamics of the cosmos that is interacting with sentient beings who inhabit the dimensions of the universe and of the globes. The celestial changes have a correspondence with the Earth changes.

The same tradition calls the China, the country - with the name - Zhong Guo, which means country of the center. Thus, many scholars believe that China will be the last and final scenary of the confrontation of this Humanity (confrontation of the Humanity with itself).


Discipline also known as Chinese Yoga. Inner Meditation - method developed through movements and exercises practiced standing to promote circulation of vital energy. 


In 1989, in China, the massacre of students in Tiananmen Square (in the West - Celestial Peace Square). Since then, to cool the resulting social tensions, the Chinese government began awarding small cultural freedoms paving the way for the resumption of practice and teaching of the cultural chinese traditions, religious and spiritual called Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung).

Qigong dates back thousands of years - to the beginning of Chinese history. Today, much of this knowledge migrated to the West as the control techniques of Qi, vital energy, with applications in cares of health. However, improving the energy field can transform Men, restoring its original higher state - a state of be, not earthly - not merely physical or fleshly.

The practice of Qigong began to intensify in China, precisely in 1992, when reappeared the discipline called Falun Dafa or Falun Gong, reaching unprecedented a popularity. Currently, is practiced by about a hundred million people. The Falun Gong is focused on three universal virtues: Truth, Compassion (benevolence) and Tolerance.


Another highlighted date during the Time of No Time is August 11, 1999. To this day, the Mayans prophesied the entry of the Men in the Hall of Mirrors, marked by astronomical eclipses, intense sociological turbulences and growing tensions of nature political, economic and cultural. 

The main feature of this period is the resurgence of intolerance expressions, triggering the hatred, different types of agressions on individual and collective levels, dissolution of families, violent international conflicts, wars that motivated by questions religious and ideological as pretext amid the collapse of moral and ethics.

In China in 1999, after nearly ten years of economic openness and government tolerance in relation to certain civil liberties, on July 20, the state banned the practice of the ancient spiritual disciplines including Falun Dafa (Falun Gong), the most widespread. In fact, the ban has become a veritable persecution of Falun Gong criminalized the freedom of Chineses to seek spiritual development and to conceive an individual thinking about their own lives.

These facts do not differ from those predicted by the Mayans. Humanity is in the Hall of Mirrors but many, and among these numerous that belong to cupule of the mighty of the world, they want to leave of this hall or remove people by force, lest they should see their true face and the true face of their similars, so that nobody can to distinguish the good of the evil, angels of devils.

Today, in China (but not only in China), it is difficult for a citizen disobey orders (or, in other countries, customs, fashions, patterns of behavior) that contradict his consciousness of right and wrong. It is a moment of positioning, a moment to do choices that - often will require personal sacrifice, acts of courage, a radical refusal of evil. Moments to say "no"!

Other excerpts from the great prophecy of Liu Bowen describe an apocalyptic period with the occurrence of wars, plagues, natural disasters, spread of "dark energy".


Horseman of the Apocalypse: an appropriate allegory to represent a Destroyer Planet.

The Mayan Prophecy also mentions the passage of a strange celestial body. Some call it Nibiru,another - Hercóbulos among more than a dozen names attributed to it by different cultures.

The description of this globe is an anomaly to the present human astrophysics. About Nibiru, its re-discoverer, Zecharia Sitchin, who defines it as a planet known to the ancient Sumerians, says his orbit and regular passage on Earth occurs every 3 thousand and 600 years. This information Nibiru dismiss the orb as mentioned by the Maya.

The description of this globe is an anomaly to the astrophysics of nowadays. About Nibiru - its re-discoverer, Zecharia Sitchin, who defines it as a planet known to the ancient Sumerians, says his orbit and regular passage on Earth occurs every 3 thousand and 600 years. 

This information eliminates Nibiru like being the orb mentioned by the Maya calendar Cuenta Larga. In the calendar Cuenta Larga, the Destroyer is returning to the vicinity of the earth after his last appearance, there 25,000 years ago. 

It's weird because it has a body of a comet but is not a comet. Moves like a comet but is a planet with comet tail. A formation like this is completly unknown by the astronomers of the postmodernity.

Hercóbulos (or Nibiru, or Planet X etc.) already was detected by science but this knowledge is being hidden because scientists can not explain its nature and its errant behavior. 

The esoterics, occultists - however, explain that this anomaly is due to the fact that the apparent erraticity of this globe is related to the behavior of men, with the elevation or decline of the Humanity's spirituality. The Destroyer is related with virtues and vices, love and hate.

Nemesis (or Vengeance, or Reparation - another name of this globe) keeps itself away when the positive energies predominate on earth, but begins to approach when happens the contrary. 

This is a phenomenon inconceivable to orthodox science, academic. Currently, Hercóbulos can be seen practically with the naked eye but his appearances and captured images are explained as refractions of sunlight, possible visions of other giant planets of this system, photographic tricks etc..

The chineses, as many wise men of all time, they believe that everything is alive and all beings have consciousness in varying degrees. The planets also. Hercobulus maybe not be a fatality.

Time is running out but it is still possible to reverse its trajectory. However, mankind would have to run, run far to reverse the polarity of the power, currently very negative, that emanates from the Earth. If the humanity get this, change the dark polarity of its aura, today so gloomy - perhaps, Hercóbulos can change your mind and get away from the vicinities of Men's planet.


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