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In the last two or three months, some edited videos of a "religious" relic discoveries have appeared on social networks, mainly showing a scroll made of snake skin with mystical illustrations and texts engraved on it .

Those who post, are marking the videos with horrendous yellow subtitles with intention of take for themselves the images, put flashy texts but none informs what is actually the material or where and when the material was found.

In this sense, Jerusalem and Baghdad already were pointed out as the location of the finding. Lies, inventions of hunters of social network followers. A shame! Let's go to documented truth.

Türkiye. In Şanlıurfa or Xanleurfa, often called  Urfa, city and capital of the homonymous province located in the southeastern region of Anatolia, in a police operation undertaken by teams from the city's Gendarmeria (Department of Combating to Contraband and Organized Crime of the Provincial Command of Gendararia ), on February 2, 2021, in the central district of Haliliye, were seized:

1. A long python skin 4 meters in length covered with scriptures, pictures of figures, and hand embroidered demonic symbols with "teachings" to ward off evil spirits and make amulets. This "snake scroll" is of Egyptian origin.

2. Two "religious" texts handwritten in leather.

3. Two boxes of books.

4. A scroll (with more "religious" writings)

All available images in the video without blah blah blah. This video is not hosted on Youtrick. The images are from the Turkish police. (VIDEO LANGUAGE: PORTUGUESE BUT THE TEXT IS THE SAME THAT IS IN THIS MATTER)

During the operation, result of a two -month technical and physical persecution in search of historical artifacts, two people were arrested.

This seizure was widely publicized in Turkish media in February, 2021.

The Gendarmeria received a denouncing that the suspect, identified with the initials M E, was hidding the artifacts in a car, reported news agency Demirören (DHA).

Police were able to identify the car and, when researching, discovered the material.

Trafficking from the old Hebrew books has been common in Türkiye in recent years. Two rare copies of Torah (Old Testament) covered with  gold were found in the city of Bilecik, in the west of the country, in 2018, in another control operation.
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06 Şubat 2021
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