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Church prepares exorcists to help fight crime in Mexico

MEXICO – At Mexico, the Catholic Church is working spiritually to fight against the violence that is gripping in the country and killed more than 30 thousands of people in last four years.For the leaders of the institution some individuals influenced by the satanism are behind of the wave of crimes.

In trying to control the problem, the Archdiocese of Mexico City intends to instruct a major number of priests in the practice of the ritual exorcism. These priests will not go to the streets with the police. His strategy is to form prayer groups to rescue those who are being influenced by evil. Father Pedro Mendoza Pantoja, coordinator of the exorcists in the Mexican capital, explains: If you omit yourself before the actions of the devil you will be colaborates with the work of Evil.

The work of the exorcist priests in Mexico has increased so much in recent years. The church wants to have at least one of these specialists, exorcists, in every one of the parish in the country.

Rituals and witchcraft

Recently, the Archdiocese of capital has published a document with the demonic practices more common as spiritualistic rituals, occultism and witchcraft, according to Pantoja.The practices are increasingly common among drug dealers, thieves and kidnappers.

The church believes that such practices as the veneration of images pseudo-religiosas or pagans idols, lead to harm. Recently, the Archdiocese of capital has published a document with the demonic practices more common as spiritualistic rituals, occultism and witchcraft, according to Pantoja. The practices are increasingly common among drug dealers, thieves and kidnappers.

In addition, a few days ago, David Romo, leader of the National Shrine of Saint Death, was arrested by the General Attorneyship of Justice. He is accused of kidnapping.

Loss of Faith

Beheadings, multiple murder, torture and mutilation are practices that have been appearing frequently in Mexico, especially in regions where there are disputes between cartels. According to the church, this is part of a social conflict that arises from the loss of faith and family values. This creates a fertile ground for the devil influence, according to the coordinator of the exorcists.

There are people who turn away from God. They think that can obtain an easy way to solve their problems through the magic. Pantoja says: Many persons may be victims of the influence of Satan, whose can force them to commit violent acts against their own will .

According to Pantoja, the church aided in tens of cases in recent years. Ocurrences like obsessions, paranoia and others diseases caused by the influence of Evil. The work of the exorcists consist in organizing prayer groups and evangelization of the victims, only way to liberate and protect those people. And priest concludes: Promoting faith is the best remedy against violence.

LEFT: Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of death. RIGHT: Saint Death, today.

Lady of Death

At Mexico, (like in others countries of the Americas) the religious syncretism produces exotic cults. One of them is the cult to the Lady of the Death, she is the "Saint Death".
This entity has her origin in much ancient times, heritage of the pre-Colombian age. The people of region has reverence for the death and, at Mexico there is an oficial celebration: The day of the Death. The cerimonies include the exibition of the Saint, that is represented like a skeleton wearing the classic clothes of catholic saints.Her characteristic attributes are the sickle and the terrestrial globe.

During many centuries, since the spanish conquers and the evangelization of the natives, the gods associated with the death were banned by the Catholic church. An example of this is Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of death.

Until recently, the devotion of the Santa Muerte was clandestine but in the last ten years the cult became a public thing, especialy in the Mexico city. However, the Catholic Church condemn this veneration.

Sorcery rituals in the Evangelical Churches of Brazil

Is possible say that, what is happening at Mexico is very similar to de crime scenary in Brazil. This, in the spirituals aspects, of course. In the major country of Latin America, beheadings, multiple murder, torture, mutilation, are also increasing. Many times the crimes occur into the families. This kind of horror have been each time more often in the headlines of the midia. Sad news...

At the same time, the number of new churchs, evangelical denominations, there are many years, yet, are rescuing the exorcism. The religious ministers call their exorcism ritual sessions for unload ("descarrego" – something like make a download of the evil spirit). Paradoxically, the term "descarrego" was taken from the vocabulary of Brazilian-afro religions such as Candomble and Umbanda. These religions are usually publicly ostracized, by the pastors of the new evangelical churches.

In practice, the Evangelical pastors have appropriated of brazilian-afro rituals. It's a way to attract more adepts, speaking in terms that they understand but always in Christ's name!

In fact, the procedures are not rituals in themselves. They are more like sympathies. Formulas to impress the popular imagination. Recipes similars to so-called "magic of the fields".

These evangelical churches have flourished in Brazil for at least 50 years. They grew in the same proportion of the grew of the most poor and ignorant population of the country. (And nor always the ignorant are the poor.)

Today, there are evangelical churches for all social classes. The people, when they seek or are seduced by the theology of the Evangelicals, nearly all are in an existential state of desperation. A state described by the new believers, rich or poor, repeatedly, like being on the bottom of the pit. (Because there are deep wells for all social classes).

The torments are commons: love problems, financial problems, familiar problems, disturbances of the health, physical, mental or psychological, drugs, alcohol, violence, fear, depression, low self-esteem.

Whatever the issue, evangelical pastors emit the same diagnosis. Evil is the result of action of external negative energies. These energies are source of the all the misfortunes. Its origin can be the devil in person or demons of the hell. They act directly on the victims or through other people who cultivate feelings like envy, greed or hate

To defeat the devil and his followers, Evangelical pastors have promoted campaigns aimed at different evils. However, the prayers currents, the sessions for unload are not enough. Therefore, to strengthen faith, the churches offer objects that are supposedly consacrated: roses that suck the evil, pet bottles with grape juice, medals of prosperity, ampoules with oil from the Holy Land (which is doubtful), and breads.

To complete the ministers claim that the power to consecrate people and objects was given to them by the same source that gave this power to the early apostles of Jesus: the Holy Spirit!The christianity of brazilians evangelicals became a reedition the old beliefs in amulets. They are marching backward toward the spiritual barbarism of the ancient and medieval pagans.

SOURCE: Igreja mexicana quer combater crime com exorcismoIN O Globo published in 01/06/2011
[http://oglobo.globo.com/mundo/mat/2011/01/06/igreja-mexicana-quer-combater-crime-com-exorcismo-923432628.asp]. Translation and complementary texts, L. Cabus.

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