Sunday, January 16, 2011

The changes of the brazilian climate

ITATIAIA city, Parque Nacional de Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro state.
Montains covered by snow, 1985. The event happens again in 2008.

The frozen dew in the early hours of the morning.

ALAGOAS state – It's no more possible ignore that something in Nature of Brazil is changing. The facts show that the phenomenon is global. At Brazil, the headlines that nobody never thought to read. At Brazil, the headlines that nobody never thought to read. At the country where never existed earthquakes, now, there are.

The authorities say that the tremors are normal and not offer danger to the population but, the true is that these tremors are extruding families of their houses that are seriously damaged. This problem is occurring at Ceará state eand others states og Northest region, for example.

Hail in brazilian hinterland

ALAGOAS state, january 2010.

More recently is the rainfall that is causing disasters of dramatic proportions. 2011 began with floods and mudslides that have killed hundreds of people in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. In the same time, at Alagoas, a state of a Brazilian northeastern region, of typical tropical climate, strong winds and rain of hail are surprising the population of Palmeira dos Índios city.

The storm toppled trees, marquees of shops and flooded streets in many districts of the city. In few minutes the rain and winds destroyed the roofs of houses. Trees were plucked by the roots. Some of the trees fell on power lines. Residents of the rural area in a community radio station reported that it rained hail.

GUARULHOS, São Paulo state, september, 2010.

There isn't the first time in recent times, that the ice falls from the sky in the states of warmer weather and dry of Brazil. In March 2010, the hail appeared in the city of Santo Domingo do Cariri in the state of Paraiba

These changes in the climate of Brazil are making itself felt with more frequently each year. The anomalies have been notable since the beginning of the second millennium. News about cyclones or snowfall in the southeast region of Brazil make think that the tropical country is no more so tropical. Someday, someone can wake at Rio de Janeiro and think that is at Norway, feeling the freezing winds on the face, looking a gray sky or, who knows, at Venice with the waters of a flood almost reaching the level of the window.
by L. Cabus

Chuva forte atinge Palmeira dos Índios e assusta moradores
IN Alagoas 24 Horas – published in 01/11/2011
Temporal que atingiu o Agreste pode se repetir no Sertão, alerta meteorologista.
IN Gazeta Web – publiseh in 01/12/2011

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