Thursday, January 27, 2011

The UFOs and dead fishes

COLOMBIA – In Llanitos neighborhood, north of the city of Barrancabermeja, the collective death of two thousand fish is being attributed by the locals, to aliens. Witnesses said that saw an unidentified object that was hovering above the waters of a mangrove. The UFO emited a bright light and then, in few seconds disappeared. After that, the fish began to appear floating dead in the water. These fish showed signs of burns on the scales and gills.

A woman that is community leader from El Llanitos reported that the apparition of UFO phenomenon's lasted about 20 seconds. In the district of Puente Sogamoso, Puerto Wilches city, others people reported that they also saw the object, which was round and flew over the area with lateral movements.

The Municipal Department of Environment says the deaths are related to lack of oxygen in the waters of the swamp but the Fishermen's Association has rejected this hypothesis claiming that there was never a fish kills like was registered, now, in Barrancabermeja.

Furthermore, there is no known reason for this supposed lack of oxygen in the water. A committee headed by Environment Secretary, Isaac Lopez will inspect the marsh in order to ascertain the real causes of the phenomenon.

Mortandad de Peces en Barrancabermeja es atribuida a fenómeno sobrenatural.
IN RCN Rádio – published in 25/01/2011
Muerte de peces en Colombia es atribuida a "fenómeno sobrenatural".
IN El Universal – published in 25/01/2011.


  1. The name of the site/blog is Brazil Weird News but, the news are of all South America, Africa and countries of spanish and brazilian language. Am I who write all texts of the site. I translate the texts. All stories begin with an indication of the country of occurrence. The news of dead fish, is very clear, happened in COLOMBIA! But the writers that do the re-edition of the text, they not have enough care with they read. The information is clear. It's necessary to study more geography. I recommend back to school, by the beards of the devil! The fishes appear dead at COLÔMBIA!!! Now, all press in english language of the world say that the fishes appear dead at Brazil!!!?

  2. Who ever wrote this article lacks grammar.
    Turn spell checker on.

  3. No evidence is adduced to the arrival of alien spacecraft. It is simply holograms, either directed gear since Gakona scalar weapons including travel ultra fast beyond all laws of physics.


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